Exaggerated Global Warming Claims … More Global Warming in Denver, Colorado … Biggest October Snow in 12 Years


That Pesky October Snow, Global Warming and Exaggerated Claims … Oh my!

And once again we are presented with more Global Warming and question why a Democrats are trying to force “Cap & Tax” down the throats of Americans. What, exaggerated claims from the global warming crowd with an agenda undermine the cause? Say it isn’t so! The global warming claims are exaggerated?


Excessive statements about the decline of Arctic sea ice, severe weather events and the probability of extreme warming in the next century detract from the credibility of robust findings about climate change, they said.

Such claims can easily be rebutted by critics of global warming science to cast doubt on the whole field. They also confuse the public about what has been established as fact, and what is conjecture.

It’s still October and Denver, CO is baring witness to all types of global warming as the Denver metro area have more than two-feet of snow on the ground and while major roadways are drivable.

Many areas in the southern and western parts of the metro area have more than two-feet of snow on the ground and while major roadways are drivable, side streets are a lower priority for plow crews and getting into and out of neighborhoods is presenting a lot of challenges.

Schools are closed; so many parents are putting their kids to work clearing walkways, sidewalks and driveways of all the snow that has piled up.

Climatologists at Colorado State University in Fort Collins say these types of storms, packing this much snow, in October are rare, but they do happen. Those same climatologists say in an average year parts of eastern Colorado will see about 56-inches of snow. So far, this year about 25-inches of recordable snow has fallen.

Colorado Global Warming shifts to the Plains

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    2 Responses to “Exaggerated Global Warming Claims … More Global Warming in Denver, Colorado … Biggest October Snow in 12 Years”

    1. Greg the Mongoose on October 31st, 2009 9:56 pm

      Welcome to ice station ZEBRA.

    2. tuyvnsurvivor on November 1st, 2009 11:41 am

      In the mid nineties geology was only my minor, and more than one geologist professor told me “you are no geologist”. But for free, I did tutor the subject to multiple students at a time.

      In our studies of charts, back then, using fairly dependable geological chart dating, predictions of a shorter term polar melts presented itself. (oil and gas finds also with similiar chating…I bought land gainfully) And with this in mind, it might be expected that during that time of melt, cold being part of the melt something like a snowroller deposed down the mountain side might transition cold a few more percentages from the poles. Though in it all I think the temporary warming is far more a natural cycle, part of a good number of natural phenom’s, than that of man’s doing. But: air polution, particularly on local basis’, ground polution, and huge species extermination (bigtgest ingeological record) for varrious reasons attributed to man — are obvious to me. Over population of humans stiffels us, and will continue to. Because we do not address it at all.

      I find that most qouted remarks or that is pronouncements, science related…come not from science minded people, but from belief or agenda. Gore included. Or my own super fantastic wife.

      My beautiful wife a most traditionally religeous person. Amuses me when she sees something I am interested in of science, and she will say, “and see, I just do not believe that.” With more dispute she will say, “how can you know that?” To her the brilliant accountant I try to give my “no geologist/scientist” best pitch and detail. And she says, “that is boring and complicated, how do I know you know what you are talking about?” ANd the conversation is over…nor do I want to know much more about accounting than I do, since I can merely look in my wallet.

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