Former President Bill Clinton Says on Meet the Press … “… what’s the best way to get to universal coverage”


Once again with Bill Clinton and now Barack Obama, it all depends on what the definition of is, is.

Did every one catch what former President Bill Clinton said this morning on “Meet the Press”? Check out the video below (1:00 mark) where Clinton brings up that a debate needed to get the discussion to what their ultimate goal is, universal health care. This is a nuanced code for single payer healthcare.

“We need a credible debate about what’s the best way to get to universal coverage.”

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Universal coverage? Did you really mean universal single payer healthcare? It failed under Bill Clinton and now liberals are trying it again under Barack Hussein Obama. Make no mistake what this so-called healthcare reform is really about. It is about government control of healthcare. If it were really about the coverage of uninsured, we would be passing specific bills that strictly targeted this issue like tort reform, previous condition exclusions, competition between states and catastrophic coverage, not jailing people who did not purchase insurance.
Do not ever forget what Barack Obama has stated in the past that he is a proponent of single payer government universal healthcare.
Barack Obama is a proponent of a single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. But as Obama has stated in the past, that may not happen immediately. First we have to take back the White House, the Senate and the House. Obama’s plan was to take control of both the Senate and the House, pass through a public health care option that will eventually undermine private insurance in the United States and thus get his single payer health care plan by default. How obvious could this possibly be?
Full transcript can be read HERE.
I mean, they may be hurting President Obama.  They can take his numbers down, they can run his opposition up.  But fundamentally, he and his team have a positive agenda for America.  Their agenda seems to be wanting him to fail, and that’s not a prescription for a good America.  We actually need a credible debate about what’s the right balance between continuing to expand the economy through stimulus and beginning to move back to fiscal balance.  We need a credible debate about what’s the best way to get to universal coverage.

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    10 Responses to “Former President Bill Clinton Says on Meet the Press … “… what’s the best way to get to universal coverage””

    1. kk on September 27th, 2009 1:51 pm

      Bill Clinton Lied to All of Us about having an Affair with Monica.This is not about Monica this is about Him. When the Peace Talks * Middle East were going down within the White House within the ?? of Him AFTER he Stated to All America that I am Telling you the TRUTH – I DID NOT have An Affair.Within the Webs unraveling Yasser Arafat as he sat waiting for Bill .. in the White House. Said Gas up my Aircraft I am out of here. Americans are more concerned with Bills Zipper than World Policy. Bill’s famous Last Words on Lying – Because I could. I can’t stand him nor trust a word out of his mouth.

    2. NoList on September 27th, 2009 3:39 pm

      Not only can I not stand Bill, we have learned he cannot be trusted. Bill wanted to Fundamentally Change the system of government in our Country, but at least Obama was careless or dumb enough to admit to(and begin to implement) the Fuindamental Change to another system of government. Since all Obama’s buddies are Marxists and Communists, we can guess what the Fundamental Change will be.
      Single Payer and most of the other changes the “Czars” have in mind make it crystal clear.

    3. kk on September 27th, 2009 6:51 pm

      Re: Bill on Gays which was last night in the News he professes that he Was in his youth against “People such as Gays or were noted to Be not within his Kinship nor religion” him chestering his words as now I am older and have become mellowed..and finds Gays to require equal rights or he is enabling this new found thought.. I find it funny that he is now coming on board to the Obama train more than anyone. When he says and is known as the cliche “the 1st Black President” Bill Clinton. My post is not about Gays, Nor Blacks or racism. I am pointing out the Tactics that Bill Clinton has used and ensued to keep the Millions flowing into his pockets .. Can we say Mr Haney. Green acres. Bill and Hill are a Tag team and I worry too about her in her Position. She is never seen on the news. She is to replace Condi Rice. Its 9 mons in – Where is Hillary? Oh she is defending her skirt .. I am not my Husband.

    4. Carpe on September 27th, 2009 11:43 pm

      How are we supposed to ever believe Bill Clinton again after getting his sausage smoked while in office… and then lying about it?

      Bubba was finally impeached, thankfully. (finally)

      Unfortunately, old Clintons never go away. They
      just continue to recycle them like garbage.

    5. Buster on September 28th, 2009 8:54 am

      Last time silly Bill was in the white house he commented on how much he liked this one carpet

    6. White Water on September 28th, 2009 9:23 am

      Look up White Water!

      Also, just look at the deaths of Jett Travolta and Anna Nicole Smiths son etc. If they were here in the USA you wonder if things would’ve turned out different. Many deaths in the Bahama’s and this is the type of care we’d be getting her if passed

    7. Whitewater on September 28th, 2009 9:52 am

      A Writ of Complaint by a Class Action

      Now comes the people of the United States in a Class Action, and make the following
      Complaint against fellow citizen William Jefferson Clinton, formerly governor of
      Arkansas, former president of the United States, his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton, and
      the former attorney general of the United States of America, Janet Reno, and others.
      The charges we make are:

      (1) that William Jefferson Clinton did as the head of his branch of government order
      and/or approve, but did not avert, the execution of the wrongful deaths of some 90
      persons groundlessly slaughtered, massacred, in Waco Texas in 1993, orders which
      were carried out by then Attorney General Janet Reno, who was responsible to him,
      and shares his guilt, and the guilt of all the agents of the senseless slaughter of
      those innocent victims. Now that no government operations are any longer possibly
      jeopardized by this action, immunity for their immoral, inhuman mass murder can no
      longer be maintained;

      (2) that William Jefferson Clinton with his wife Hillary, with other accomplices,
      wrongfully deprived the United States taxpayers by reparations paid out through the
      Resolution Trust Corporation, by robbing the Morgan Guarantee Bank of some $60
      million dollars;

      (3) that William Jefferson Clinton may be responsibly linked to the wrongful deaths by
      unlawful execution of some 38 or more persons associated with him formerly in one
      way or another in his ruthless climb to the presidency of the United States;

      (4) that William Jefferson Clinton did violate his Constitutional oath of office in lying
      before a grand jury (we do not charge him for following his genetic urges), and in
      setting a vile moral example for all Americans of a liar at the head of the government
      (even lying about his lying in his plea bargain with the Section 372 special
      prosecutor), and in trying to legislate like a dictator by issuing a spate of executive
      orders and government land grabs in his final days in office which are wholly
      anti-constitutional and violative of the separation of powers.

      Submitted by concerned American citizens. A jury trial is requested and is protected
      from Summary Judgment by non-Statutory Abatement.

      This man, Bill Clinton should be held accountable for the murder of our citizens in Waco Texas along with his wife etc. Now these people are in the Whitehouse again, makes you wonder why Obama would want them involved. If this can happen back in 93 what do you think could happen with a person such as Obama in the Whitehouse and asking yet another Clinton in his Administration? How can US citizens bash Bush for trying to protect and not see what happened on our own homeland, a President ordering the murder of our own women and children who were just studying the bible. These people are still in charge, why? Are people in the US so dumb to not see what is going on?

    8. rick g on September 28th, 2009 12:06 pm

      Let me see, the Democrats control the White House and the House and Senate by huge majorities. They can pass health care reform in any form they want this afternoon. No Republican can stop them.

      Where’s the vast right wing conspiracy?

    9. super dave on September 28th, 2009 4:53 pm

      there is squabbling amongst their own ranks and they need someone to blame that on. who else but a right wing organization made up by the ever so ignorant democrats.
      surely the same ignorant democrats will shoot down putting citizens in jail over this death care reform. then again, we are talking about democrats !

    10. ANewGirl on September 28th, 2009 6:14 pm

      Everything they claim about Obamacare is a lie. When has the estimated cost of a government program EVER been even remotely close to its actual cost? 7 trillion? I think it’ll be more like 30 trillion, because in the first place none of these imaginary “savings” will ever materialize. In the second place, this will drive costs UP, not down, so the skyrocketing price increases we’re seeing today will seem like the good old days by the time the government gets done screwing everything up. Third, since the metric will no longer be doing what’s sensible and desirable, but will instead be doing what’s politically correct, we’ll be forced to pay for all kinds of loony things like Nancy-boy Pelosi’s botox and Barney Frank’s reassignment surgery. The price will explode into levels we cannot possibly afford.

      But that’s the whole point. That’s why the Left wants to push it through. Every single Obama policy has had one aim: weaken America and give the rest of the world a chance to compete with us “fairly.” Remember, Obama, Clinton & Hillary and all his Leftist pals don’t even consider themselves Americans. They’re citizens of the world. To them, that’s justice.


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