Hey Clinton, You Had Your Chance Now SHUT UP


Bill Clinton never at a loss to criticize GWB’s policies who actually has the guts to take on the tough issues. Gee Bill, this is no Motor-voter bill here. I guess Bill feels slighted that Al Gore got some press coverage via MoveOn.org trashing the President while managing to sweat like a pig in the Georgia sun.

Hey Bill, you had 8 years to deal with these same issues. SHUT UP. No one cares what you think or your pathetic whining. You should be grateful that George W. has treated you with the respect of an ex-President and actually included you as an envoy along with his dad for tsunami relief and did not have the Justice department pursue your Presidental pardons.

One really has to wonder how on earth that Bill Clinton thinks that he can criticize anyone regarding energy and tax policy when during his 8 years he was AWOL on both issues.

Former President Clinton lashed out at the Bush administration’s energy policies Friday, criticizing them as “dumb economics” during a wide-ranging speech to a friendly crowd at Brown University.

Clinton – received enthusiastically by more than 4,000 students, politicians and top state Democratic fundraisers – called Bush’s energy policy selfish. “I also think it’s really dumb economics,” he said.

A Bush administration-backed bill passed by the House this month includes tax cuts and subsidies to energy companies, and would open a wildlife refuge in Alaska to oil exploration

It is pathetic to have an ex-President make these comments when he failed miserably to accomplish anything of any substance during his administration. I guess with such a failed legacy, and I do not want to hear from Libs about the fabulous dot.com economy that he had nothing to do with, that I guess Clinton feels the need to try and trash someone else’s administration. It is pretty remarkable if you think about it as George Bush has done nothing to go after Clinton, much to the dismay of many Republicans.

However, in perfect Clinton fashion his only hope is to raise himself by trying to bring others down. Just simply pathetic.

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    4 Responses to “Hey Clinton, You Had Your Chance Now SHUT UP”

    1. Tim on April 30th, 2005 1:36 am

      I propose an 8 year gag order on presidents once they are out of office. A former president may not speak in public concerning any political matter until 2 presidencies have passed.

      Oh…I also propose a no-spouses rule. Since Bill was already president, his wife cannot run. If she runs and is elected, consider me Canadian.

    2. Red on April 30th, 2005 11:49 am


      Its sad that we would even have to make a proposal dealing with Clinton. It used to be the former Presidents had the class to know to have respect for the Presidents that followed them and allow them to move their agenda.

      Oh wait did I use Clinton & Class in the same thought. My mistake.

    3. Tomahawk on April 30th, 2005 5:38 pm

      There is nothing more pathetic than an Ex-President…except of course, for an Ex-President who gets shown up by the guy after him!

    4. Stephen on September 29th, 2006 12:54 am

      Honestly, if I had a choice between serving in the military under Bush or Clinton as Commander, I sure as hell would choose Bush. Unfortunately, I served during Clinton’s “reign”. What a disgrace to our country, and people and the media continue to blow so much fluffy, cotton candy fragrance up his ass it just makes me wanna vomit. He really was a joke. All due respect, sir…you never deserved it to begin with…

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