Obama Stimulate This … Canada Adds 27,100 Jobs in August While US Loses 216,000 and Teen Unemployment at Record Number, 25.5%


Did Canada have a $787 billion stimulus package like passed in the US by the Obama Administration to help their economy? No they did not; however, Canada added 27,100 jobs in August while the unemployment numbers in the US were a much different story. More hope and change from Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Still, the addition of 27,100 jobs is well above the previous month’s 45,000 job retreat. The result also beat consensus expectations of a 15,000 job loss month.

The U.S.-equivalent based on labor market size would be 271,000 jobs gained. The U.S. labor market is about 10 times the size of Canada’s.

The employment numbers is the United States are a much different story as unemployment climbed to 9.7% and another nonfarm payrolls declined 216,000 in August. However, it could be worse. You could be a teenager in America trying to work.

How bad is unemployment is the US? Among teenagers we have reached record unemployment as it is the highest it has ever been at 25.5%.

This August, the teenage unemployment rate — that is, the percentage of teenagers who wanted a job who could not find one — was 25.5 percent, its highest level since the government began keeping track of such statistics in 1948. Likewise, the percentage of teenagers over all who were working was at its lowest level in recorded history…

This August found more than a quarter of the teenagers in the job market unable to find work, an unemployment rate nearly three times that of the nonteenage population (9 percent), and nearly four times that of workers over 55 (6.8 percent, also a record high for that age group). An estimated 1.64 million people ages 16-19 were unemployed…

Fantastic and appropriately sarcastic analogy from Sweetness & Light with regards to teen unemployment, when Democrats took control of Congress and global warming.

When did the Democrats take over Congress? And when did unemployment begin to skyrocket?

Luckily, there is no obvious direct correlation between the two. As there is, say, between carbon emissions and global warming. Or even minimum wage hikes and unemployment among teens.

What among other things might be the culprit to teen unemployment? How about minimum wage increases passed by Democrats?

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    4 Responses to “Obama Stimulate This … Canada Adds 27,100 Jobs in August While US Loses 216,000 and Teen Unemployment at Record Number, 25.5%”

    1. ANewGirl on September 5th, 2009 3:55 pm

      Guess who OWNS this statistic now?!? THE CHOSEN ONE—-Highest JOBLESS RATE IN 26 Years! Mr. Obama, you suck!


    2. Buster on September 5th, 2009 9:08 pm

      OMG we are falling behind the Canadians !!! This is bad obamanos is going to be remembered for a long long time !!! Obongo I thank you for making Bush look GOOD !!!

    3. kk on September 5th, 2009 9:44 pm

      Speaking of Canada ..within News and Govt.
      Which I have to comment that not all area’s of Canada are flourishing with employment/Jobs. I know for a fact that certain cities within our borders -such as Windsor is sinking fast with no jobs to even apply for. People are struggling period. All ages are struggling. The Canadian Economy is feeling the trickle down from the USA. Since Canada has depended on many USA corporations for their own people/employment/manufacturing/goods.

      I wanted though to offer up a link for anyone that finds this interest. That the Canadian Military will be in Washington DC this Month. Go to the Link and watch the video. From what I have read the comments are of Canadians that this is a Are you Kidding me. What I feel is this is going to cause more havoc than what “THEY” deem a learning experience.

      If you follow the above link get through the Washington DC vid – continue to watch it does follow with – Canada and its Economy, Jobs, lack there of and Stimulus ideals …..

    4. Remember When Obama Said (6/8/09) He would Create or Save 600,000 Jobs in the Next 100 Days | Scared Monkeys on September 6th, 2009 10:51 am

      [...] even referenced targeting summer jobs for youths. Really? Under Barack Obama teen unemployment, 25.5%, is at it’s highest rate ever since they have kept [...]

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