Obama’s Approval Ratings Heading Down as GOP Now Leads in Health Care Debate … Obamacare meets its Vietnam, Now the One Blames the Media


Democrats so love to make references to Vietnam. Well Barack Obama and the Democrats Obama_epicfailhave just met his own political Vietnam called Obamacare. How does “The One” feel that his socialized Obamacare has hit a quagmire and protests from the American people?

President Obama continues to live in a world of denial and cannot comprehend or admit that his health care plan for socialized, government control is a failure. In Obamaland everything is all Obama all the time and no one dare say no to Barack. Welcome to a place I like to call Earth Mr. President, where the will of the people and their right to dissent and freedom of speech is guaranteed under that little document that you seem to have little regard to called the US Constitution.

A desperate President now lashes out at the media for the coverage of Town Hall meetings as to the reason why what, people are against his plan? The very institution who got Obama elected by carrying his water and refusing to vet the candidate is now responsible for America being against Obamacare? Obama cannot sell his plan, because it is unsellable.

Obama cannot shake his own words where he stated he supported a single payer health care system that would be a systematic process.

How bad a concept is Obamacare? It has systematically in less than two months transformed the entire political landscape in the United States. Think that is not the case, look at the polling numbers of Democrats across the board and specifically PA Senator Arlen Specter.

The once though of invincible Obamamessiah has been transformed into a defensive and partisan President hiding from his past comments of supporting a single government payer system and hiding behind planted questions at town hall meeting by 11 year old children of Obama supporters.

The end result is Barack Obama’s Daily Presidential Tracking index is at -8 according to a most recent Rasmussen poll. The trend is remarkable since Obama’s inauguration on January 21, 2009 when Obama was a rating of +28. More to the point the Rasmussen polls have shown that the Presidents overall approval rating is down to 47% & 48% while his disapproval rate is at an all time high of 52%.

Not only has Obamacare hit an all-time low in the polls, but the situation is so bad that Americans now favor Republicans to handle health care by a 44% to 41%. This is an astonishing turn of events as a Democratic 10 point lead last month on handling health care has fallen to a Republican lead by +3%. It is not surprising that the public support for Obama in handling health care, the economy and the budget has fallen as well. The more “We the People” are learning about Obamacare, the more the people are turning away from socialized, government controlled Obamacare.

For the first time in over two years of polling, voters trust Republicans slightly more than Democrats on the handling of the issue of health care. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that voters favor the GOP on the issue 44% to 41%.

Democrats held a four-point lead on the issue last month and a 10-point lead in June. For most of the past two years, more than 50% of voters said they trusted Democrats on health care. The latest results mark the lowest level of support measured for the party on the now-contentious issue.

What has been the Democrats response to “We the People” standing up against socialized medicine? Democratic leaders in the House and Senate have hurled insults at the voters.

Sadly, Barack Obama himself has remained in his own glass bubble refusing to understand or admit that opposition to his plan is real. As Independents support and sympathize with Town Hall protesters, Obama makes more excuses.  Instead Obama blamed the media in a Town Hall meeting in Montana that TV loves a ruckus. As stated at the Politico, Obama embraces the new “exception not the rule” strategy on town halls. What world does this man live in, Obamaland?

Now, that also makes this debate an emotional one. I know there’s been a lot of attention paid to some of the town hall meetings that are going on around the country, especially when tempers flare — TV loves a ruckus.

What you haven’t seen on TV — and what makes me proud — are the many constructive meetings going on all over the country. Everywhere — everywhere across the country, you’re seeing people who are coming together and having a civil, honest — often difficult — conversation about how we can improve the system. That’s how democracy is supposed to work.

So the town hall meetings that have been volatile and in opposition to Obamacare are the exception? You mean like that phony, astro-turfed, contrived Democratic Town Hall meeting in NH? Come back to Earth Mr. President long enough to look at the polls. Instead as Blue Crab Boulevard states, those who disagree with Obama are “unpersons” and do not exist. I guess Rasmussen must be polling an awful lot of people who do not exist then?

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    13 Responses to “Obama’s Approval Ratings Heading Down as GOP Now Leads in Health Care Debate … Obamacare meets its Vietnam, Now the One Blames the Media”

    1. Jayne on August 15th, 2009 1:36 pm

      Retired RN and for the ast ten years before retirement worked for Ins. in the employee health care division. What this fool is telling people about Ins. is pure lies. The main reason claims are denied is they are duplicates meaning they have already been covered, the second reason is there is info missing on the claim or it is not filled out and can’t be processed. Ins. companies have turn around time, meaning a claim must be covered or pended[needs more info] in X amount of days depending on the policy, if they fail to meet this turn around time they must pay money back to the Co they are insuring. No one looks thru the orginal paper work to find ways to deny coverage, every attempt is made to cover claims. Also pre-exsiting conditions are covered some have a waiting period, but you can be insured and get coverage for any other conditions. He is such a liar that not only are his pants a flame but he should be a pile of ashes by now. Sorry for the long post but I am very uspset with the crap he is spreading and there is so much more that I can fill a book.

    2. rightknight on August 15th, 2009 2:32 pm

      ObamaCare really cares for something, just not
      for very young, very old, Taxpayers, Constitutional
      Law, Fiscal Responsibility, Medicare, Medicaid, Private
      Insurance, Private Enterprise, Doctors, Services, and
      things along these lines. Otherwise, it’s not a bad
      scheme to socialize and control the population the
      way Barry wants to. We should all be grateful that it
      is Barry and not just some inexperienced Community
      Organizer turned President of the United States!

    3. Greg the Mongoose on August 15th, 2009 5:28 pm

      AARP lied to the public. Obama in his Colorado town hall meeting, stated again AARP support his plan. I suggest if you have a AARP membership get a refund.

    4. david r on August 15th, 2009 10:12 pm

      The Emperor wears no clothes.

    5. buster on August 15th, 2009 11:12 pm

      The Emperor wears no clothes.
      And with that Brave statement from the little boy the hole Kingdom started to laugh and then the King realized he was a fool.

    6. nurturer on August 16th, 2009 2:48 pm

      It was well announced, as well as, being well documented, that Obama was THE most left leaning senator in Illinois. But Mr. and Mrs. American Voter either decided to ignore that fact, or simply didn’t know what ‘most left leaning’ meant. What is more bothersome is that I’m sure many couldn’t even have cared to find out.

      Ask them if they care now!

    7. Michelle Smith on August 16th, 2009 5:25 pm

      A lot of people voted for a black man. They did not know nor did they care to know what he was/is. He promised the moon & stars and they ate it up. His whole campaign was based on lies, intimidation & buying votes.

      People that had never voted before in their lives and will probably never vote again, voted because a black man was on the ticket and they didn’t care about finding out what he was about.

      He had NO experience and it shows.

      So how many REALLY have buyers remorse? And how many will admit they were duped?

    8. SUPER DAVE on August 17th, 2009 7:22 am

      Jayne is absolutely right. my wife is a nurse and she says that if every i is not dotted, every t crossed and every code done correctly, your claim will be denied. she has to go back and correct these forms daily because her company hires incompetent employees who care more about cell phone conversations, nail appointments, and hair extensions than doing the job correctly.these are the people that get jobs now instead of those who want to work

    9. SUPER DAVE on August 17th, 2009 8:40 am

      i really can’t believe that obama could even show his face again after he and his sister Sheila Jackson Lee triede to pass off an illegal as a doctor to answer questions at a supposed town hall meeting. not to mention she was an El’ Che supporter.
      this tells me that the crats will stop at nothing to force their agenda on the taxpayers, lying, cheating,stealing. typical thugs.

    10. ANewGirl on August 17th, 2009 11:50 am


    11. david r on August 17th, 2009 3:43 pm

      #9 – Is this what you’re talking about ?


      Deplorable. Obama is behind all this, just like the ethics complaints against Palin.

    12. clott on August 17th, 2009 7:14 pm

      Obama claims he is out to help the middle class “working class” – well this plan is going to hurt the middle class who have full time jobs with private insurance. Many small business owners or indepent contractors who do not have private insurance is because they would rather spend their money on lavish items, rather than health insurance. The true uninsured who cannot afford health insurance are currently being taken care of at clinics with our tax dollars. As a physician who takes care of the uninsured, they many times get better care than the privately insured, so maybe I am missing how these people are not getting care. The supposed “rich” as per Obama, work 60 to 100 hour work weeks. What is their motivation to work hard and succeed? The dream of succeeding should not be taken away from our children. It will not allow our country to succeed.

    13. buster on August 18th, 2009 2:48 am

      #12 “Our Children” are already hosed !!!

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