CBO Says Obamacare Will Raise Costs, Not Cut Them … Quick Notify Obama’s Nark Squad at flag@whitehouse.gov


More annoying facts from the CBO against Obamacare …

The CBO comes out with more damaging news for Obamacare stating that preventive care will raise the cost of health care, not lower it. This represents yet another blow to the claims that Obamacare, a government run, single payer system, and take over of health care in the US will result in cost savings.

“Although different types of preventive care have different effects on spending, the evidence suggests that for most preventive services, expanded utilization leads to higher, not lower, medical spending overall,” Elmendorf wrote. “That result may seem counterintuitive.

I guess the CBO report that Obamacare will raise costs and not cut them will be sent to the Obama White House snitch line. Or maybe it’s Obama’s spin that needs to be sent in to his own snitch line as misrepresented health care comments?

However, as the CBO cites facts and case study, the Democratic controlled Congress whines at the results as cites as their proof … nothing, nada, nil. What is it that “We the People” are supposed to believe that the Congress is correct? Obama’s promises that the stimulus would work? Maybe it was the brilliant and under allocation of money to the Cash for Clunkers program? Maybe we are supposed to just believe them, because they said so?


The concept is rather simple. No one can predict the future. A physician does not know what patient will become sick with a disease and which one will, thus all individuals will need preventive care screenings.

In such cases, an ounce of prevention improves health and reduces spending — for that individual,” Elmendorf wrote. “But when analyzing the effects of preventive care on total spending for health care, it is important to recognize that doctors do not know beforehand which patients are going to develop costly illnesses. To avert one case of acute illness, it is usually necessary to provide preventive care to many patients, most of whom would not have suffered that illness anyway. … Researchers who have examined the effects of preventive care generally find that the added costs of widespread use of preventive services tend to exceed the savings from averted illness.”

However, Linda Douglass, the White House communications director for Health Reform, responded that preventive care will save money because it will be targeted. Targeted??? How does one target preventive care? By it’s definitive, preventive care is just that … PREVENTIVE for all. Unless Obama is going to have a panel that decides who is worthy of what preventive care.

CBO Sent letter to Rep. Nathan Deal, R-Ga. Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr., D-N.J., Henry A. Waxman, D-Calif., and Joe Barton, R-Texas, were cc’ed. Of course the CBO letter falls on deaf ears because the Democrats do not want to listen to any thing that opposes their agenda. That’s what this is all about, an agenda!

As Flopping Aces stated, “the success of Obamacare is dependent upon every one doing the right thing 100% of the time.”

From The New England Journal of Medicine, Feb 14, 2008: Does Preventive Care Save Money? Health Economics and the Presidential Candidates

Sweeping statements about the cost-saving potential of prevention, however, are overreaching. Studies have concluded that preventing illness can in some cases save money but in other cases can add to health care costs.3 For example, screening costs will exceed the savings from avoided treatment in cases in which only a very small fraction of the population would have become ill in the absence of preventive measures. Preventive measures that do not save money may or may not represent cost-effective care (i.e., good value for the resources expended). Whether any preventive measure saves money or is a reasonable investment despite adding to costs depends entirely on the particular intervention and the specific population in question. For example, drugs used to treat high cholesterol yield much greater value for the money if the targeted population is at high risk for coronary heart disease, and the efficiency of cancer screening can depend heavily on both the frequency of the screening and the level of cancer risk in the screened population.4

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    7 Responses to “CBO Says Obamacare Will Raise Costs, Not Cut Them … Quick Notify Obama’s Nark Squad at flag@whitehouse.gov”

    1. tuyvnsurvivor on August 10th, 2009 7:57 am

      Great read, though I had to do a quick search for what “CBO” ‘is’…Congressional Budget Office. Whew…late learner. But a top pick on a story for SM.

      As soon as my doctors office opens I must try to squeeze in the office today. A cold gone to the cheast and just going far enough to risk heart damage. Prevention med? I can get in there or somewhere during this moment of misery. Because money works in the system; because of doctor loyalty, doctor professionalisum…because everyone gets seen as things are. There are too many rules by insurance companies, but I will get tests to see that I get only the needed meds. Insurance companies… Ones who operate a successful business.

      Pitty those with this sore throat and chest cough after the health system is Obama-ed. Putting treatment too far away, unapproved or stalled. Like my once waiting in line 3 days at a VA hospital for treatment, operated by the gov that brings you taxation written in its own full volume library…ran by gov employees everywhere whom — when you ask a question, without personality they answer with a phone click. Which seems to mean, “find the person whose job that is, you cannot get there in one phone call”.

    2. Greg the Mongoose on August 10th, 2009 8:40 am

      Remember Obama’s other famous promise. “I am going to end this war and bring our service people home”

      Our brave soldiers are dieing in Kuwait and Iraq in the last 24 hours. Not to mention Afghanistan.

      Our idiot commander in chief has a idiot general running the war in Afghanistan.
      “Gen. Stanley McChrystal warned that means U.S. casualties, already running at record levels, will remain high for months to come.”
      Afghanistan defeated the USSR!
      I suggest Obama and Gen. Stanley McChrystal read “the art of war” by sun tzu.


    3. Kommander-in-Thief on August 10th, 2009 10:13 am

      This reminds me of the time when Richard Nixon fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox from heading up the Watergate investigation. The bumper sticker of choice back then said:

      “Nixon is a Cox-sacker”

      Any bumber-sticker suggestions for when OlbysMessiah fires CBO head Elmendorf?

      how about:

      “Have you hugged your CBO chief lately?”


      Obama 56, America 1

    4. rightknight on August 10th, 2009 10:32 am

      [Maybe we are supposed to just believe them, because they said so?]

      Ans: Why yes, we believe whatever this new tangled ball of snakes
      rolling downhill religion tells us to believe. Remember, the ‘experts’
      that cannot run a successful Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Hospital,
      Social Security, Fanny or Freddy, Cash for Clunkers or anything else
      successfully have a Utopian Agenda in mind. Tho that agenda has
      failed consistently thru history due to conflicts with human nature
      itself, it is being re-foisted upon the Taxpayers. Once effected,
      the Agenda will give the Ruling Class intimate and total control
      of the People. Thus, things will be so wonderful,
      you can even eat the dishes!

      Please pass the dishes, thanks.

    5. SUPER DAVE on August 10th, 2009 10:59 am

      obama thought America was just going to bend over and take it. sorry afro, it ain’t happenin. hide behind nancy’s skirt while you can, she’s got one leg left to stand on before she goes to the state run nursing home.
      i hope she took her boy’s class on assisted suicide also.

    6. rightknight on August 10th, 2009 3:50 pm

      All these Congressional hacks have extended families out
      there that would be subject to ObamaCare. You know, aunts,
      uncles, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, parents, siblings,
      (did I leave too many out?). Wonder how these relatives and
      friends appreciate having the potential of this fascist fiasco
      rammed down their throats? Are they dreaming of getting
      special dispensations by being connected to the Ruling Class?
      How does it really work in the Old Soviet Union after all?

      Oh, what do these little white pills do?

    7. rightknight on August 12th, 2009 12:41 am

      Obowma is simply not at all concerned about
      costs. He reminds me of little Woody Allen in
      Midsummers Night Dream Sex Comedy, where
      Woody describes what he does as a broker of
      some sort: “Oh, I invest other people’s money
      until it’s all gone!”.

      Barry Soetoro-cum-Obowma goes well beyond
      that, spending us into bottomless debt as well
      (with the same irresponsible aplomb).

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