Obama’s Kumbaya Foreign Policy Yet Another Disaster … Ahmadinejad Accuses Obama of Interference When Barack has Done Nothing


Priceless: Ahmadinejad accuses Obama of interference in Iran when “The One” has not even Obama_inexperiencedlifted a finger in any meaningful manner to help the Iranian protestors. BTW, Obama gets no points for the lack of support to freedom. Just more useless words as Iranians are gunned down in the streets wanting liberty and freedom. Obama, enemies of the United States hate America no matter who the President is.

Remember during the 2008 Presidential campaign when Barack Obama stated that we needed a change in how we dealt with Iran? Obama stated  that he would meet with any foreign dictator who was an enemy of the United States without preconditions. John McCain called such foreign policy dangerous and naive. The Obamamessiah actually believed he could improve relations with Iran just by talking nicely. Guess what, John McCain was correct. Unbelievable.

It was a kindler, gentler and weaker American foreign policy that would make the US the laughing stock of the world and serve no useful purpose. Never was that more evident than with Obama’s “hot dog” foreign policy where even Obama was finally shamed into stopping the slap in the face July 4th Iranian diplomat invitation.

Following the 2008 Presidential election Iran was giddy that Barack Hussein Obama won, which should have been the first sign to all that it was a bad choice.  Fast forward to one day after the day Obama took office, Iranians protested America and Barack. present day.

So what did all of this weak, apologetic foreign policy get Barack Obama? The answer is nothing. Without having taken a firm and immediate stance on the Iran regimes brutal crack down on its people who were protesting the corrupt elections, Obama still got the same rhetoric from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Iran’s hardline president lashed out anew at the United States and President Barack Obama on Saturday, accusing him of interference and suggesting that Washington’s stance on Iran’s postelection turmoil could imperil Obama’s aim of improving relations.

“We are surprised at Mr. Obama,” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in remarks to judiciary officials broadcast on state television. “Didn’t he say that he was after change? Why did he interfere?”

“They keep saying that they want to hold talks with Iran … but is this the correct way? Definitely, they have made a mistake,” Ahmadinejad said.

In the end Barack Obama learns that not everyone is impressed with him and wants to be his friend. Whether it be GWB or Barack Hussein Obama, the present regime in Iran hates the United States and no form of weak, apologetic foreign policy is going to change that.

Please watch the follwoind videos at The Gateway Pundit HERE and HERE and ask yourself if this is the regime and leaders that Barack Obama should be having talks with. How could any country trat their people in this manner and a President of the USA want to have talks with them? Mutual respect? Iranian leaders have no respect for their own people, let alone us.

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    10 Responses to “Obama’s Kumbaya Foreign Policy Yet Another Disaster … Ahmadinejad Accuses Obama of Interference When Barack has Done Nothing”

    1. dotratc on June 29th, 2009 4:42 pm

      May I remind you that the Iranian protestors that you think that American should be supporting are rallying in favor of a candidate that supported the taking of the US embassy in 1980; is profoundly anti-American; and is in favor of maintaining a hard-line Islamic rule in Iran. The battle in Iran is not between freedom and oppression; it is between two rival factions of Islamic hard-liners. If ever there were an internal matter in another country that we should stay the heck out of, this is it.

    2. Vote Present For the Stimulus on June 29th, 2009 5:15 pm

      Now ‘the One’ is meddling with Hondurus…..even after the Hond. Supreme Court and Congress voted to remove their President.

      One foreign relations blunder after another. God help us!

    3. buster on June 29th, 2009 7:47 pm

      I think Ahmadinejad is just stirring the pot to stir attention away from his rigged election !!! And what better way to blame the USA for something !!!

    4. katablog.com on June 29th, 2009 9:11 pm

      Note though that O didn’t have a bit of problem interfering in Honduras foreign policy! See he has a problem when an elected official who tries to supersede the Constitution gets put out of office, but no problems with a obviously rigged election where the protesters are murdered in the streets.

    5. St Stephen on June 29th, 2009 10:39 pm

      For an interesting analysis on the Iranian election and its aftermath, read the following link:


    6. St Stephen on June 29th, 2009 11:01 pm

      I understand this post is not related to the thread, I felt it needs to be posted.

      The fire-fighters won a hard fought victory, but…

      Also lost in the shuffle and not heard on MSM, the “other” Supreme Court ruling.

      And this ruling was given WITHOUT COMMENT!


    7. Dolf on June 30th, 2009 1:30 am

      100% buster!

    8. SUPER DAVE on June 30th, 2009 7:39 am

      where’s the birth certificate ? you will see this billboard on several interstates soon.

    9. buster on June 30th, 2009 8:39 am

      Iran is all about Nuclear Development so NO outside newcomer is going to curb irans progress

    10. Dolf on July 1st, 2009 9:30 am

      Dave, again, dont you think that the Clintons would have used that to get rid of him during the primairies?

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