Jennifer Buchanan, Mom of Missing & Murdered Nevaeh Buchanan Says She Is ‘Completely Innocent’ After Body Found


Jennifer Buchanan … I think thou dost protest too much. No one who associates with sex offenders when they have a 5 year old daughter is innocent.

Neveah Buchanan_POI

What parent allows their child around convicted sex offender?

5 year old Nevaeh Buchanan had been missing Sunday night, May 24, 2009 when she went missing from the parking lot where she lived at the Charlotte Arms Apartments at 1166 N. Macomb Street in Monroe, MI.

Sadly, it appears that the body of 5 year old Nevaeh Buchanan was found recovered from a cement covered grave on the banks of a Michigan river. Blink on Crime had also reported that the body found was also most likely that of missing Nevaeh Buchanan. Once discovered, the mother of Nevaeh Buchanan was told and she reportedly broke down. Sounds like another one of the many sad missing persons cases that goes horribly bad.

When Nevaeh’s mother, Jennifer Buchanan, was told about the body, “she broke down, and broke down hard,” Michael Buchanan, her brother, told the Associated Press.


What mother of any missing and murdered child, says the following upon learning that a body found might be that of your child … “Missing Michigan Girl’s Mother Says She Is ‘Completely Innocent’ After Body Found”.

Jennifer Buchanan tells the Detroit Free Press she “didn’t have anything to do with” her daughter’s disappearance and doesn’t know who would want to harm her child.

Really, you can’t think of anyone who would want to hard a child? As reported at Blink on Crime, the mother of murdered Nevaeh Amyah Buchanan had a previously convicted sex offender boyfriend named George Kennedy.

Jennifer Buchanan has denied killing daughter Nevaeh. However, how many mothers of 5 year old little girls have relationships with not one sex offender, but two! That’s correct, the mother of murdered Nevaeh Amyah Buchanan allowed not only George Kennedy near her daughter but also Roy Smith.  Are you joking!!! Who the hell in their right mind exposes their children to convicted sex offenders.

While Crutchfield would not comment on specifics, he also declined to answer whether Nevaeh’s mother, Jennifer Buchanan, was considered a POI at this time. Late this afternoon, Michigan Department of Corrections spokesperson Russ Marlan, confirmed a friend of Jennifer Buchanan, Roy Smith, 48, ALSO a convicted sex offender, is in jail. He has been there since Monday while Parole agents decide if he has violated his parole.

Roy Smith is actually one of 2 sex offenders by the same name,associated with Kennedy. The other, is one of 6 other sex offenders living at Motel 7 alongside him. It is not known if they are related.

When one knowingly puts their child in harms way like exposing them to previously convicted sex offenders, it is like pulling the trigger yourself. As Robin Sax, LA County DA, was quoted as saying he following:

Parents have a duty to protect their children once they learn or suspect that a child has experienced some form of sexual abuse. And that means telling local law enforcement of these acts, even if the offender is a husband or boyfriend. Although this is not a parenting book, it seems a simple truth that a parent’s obligation to protect a child’s health and safety should always take precedence over protecting an abuser from exposure or prosecution – no matter who it is.

More to follow …


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    21 Responses to “Jennifer Buchanan, Mom of Missing & Murdered Nevaeh Buchanan Says She Is ‘Completely Innocent’ After Body Found”

    1. lotusjani on June 8th, 2009 9:37 am

      Seems that this “mother” was exculpating herself from the very beginning, and defending these guys? Does she have any morals or brains for that matter? No matter what age the kids are, no matter if is boys or girls, a mother should always be alert and watch their kids and don’t let them go outside withtout an adult supervision.
      This “mother” might cry and defend herself all she wants, but its obvious that she put her child in harm’s way, and look what happened? Why hasn’t she been on camera anymore? what an idiot!

    2. fboilly on June 8th, 2009 10:28 am

      Well, let’s be real here. Jennifer Buchanan has never really been a mother to Nevaeh and shouldn’t try and assume the role now. Didn’t she lose custody because of a drug habit? And that’s why she was living with her daughter and her mother (Nevaeh’s grandmother)? If she had cared so much about this little girl from the time she was born we wouldn’t be discussing the murder now. I feel very dismissive towards Jennifer Buchanan and I don’t care what she has to say. I think we know all we need to know about Jennifer Buchanan – she was a selfish, stupid woman who didn’t really care about her child. This left little Nevaeh a very easy target for predators and one eventually got to her. I feel sorry for the few people in Nevaeh’s life that actually did care for her. I just wish they had been more protective of her. It’s odd to me how careless some people are with their children. I would never put my computer or my cell phone or my television (things that I value) out on the sidewalk and expect them to be there when I got back. Yet people leave their very young children out on the sidewalk all the time. Aren’t children even more valuable than those other things? I guess in Nevaeh’s case no one really cared enough to make sure she was safe.

    3. Dsusan Sweeney on June 8th, 2009 5:10 pm

      With all the anger directed at Nevaeh’s mother, I wonder if anyone has looked at the father of Nevaeh’s ‘best friend’ who spoke on TV yesterday. Something about that situation did not feel right. Later on the same report I heard the mothers testomony regarding the inital report of her daughter playing in the street called into question based on the report of an 8 yr old boys father. Again, alarm bells sounded. If in fact the 8 year old boy is the best friend of Nevaeh’s I begin to fear for the boy as well. I hope someone checks this out. When I get a feeling this strong about something it is often proved right on in a very short time.

    4. Dan on June 8th, 2009 6:38 pm

      When her daughter was missing she seemed very disconnected. Then defending her molester friend. I think she’s in big trouble. The break down she had is probably guilt!

    5. deenie on June 9th, 2009 12:58 am

      Mom has woven herself into a corner. She has been talking for sure ..this morning she started out calling a local Detroit radio station. 95.5 Mojo in the Morning Show.

      So she could gain Pity I guess. She gave a 11 min interview and Not Once did she say Neveah. Never did she speak her Daughters Name. She did say that she is now Monroe’s Angel.
      You can listen to the full interview and commentary here.

      She/MOM then rounded out her Evening Live on Nancy Grace. Where evidently should could not take the Heat from Nancy .. she waited for a commercial break ” ripped her Mic off” it was shown on camera and skipped out of the room ..with her girl friend in tow. Nancy grilled her hard. It was good because NG was using the Interview with Mojo as her backup. And Everything that came out of Jennifer’s mouth was quite the contrary of what she said hours earlier live on the radio.
      Tsk Tsk Jennifer ..I thinks your tangled in your Weave of Tales.
      As Marc Klaas Says “Truth has only ONE Version”.

      Justice for Neveah

    6. Abbey on June 9th, 2009 7:03 am

      When I was growing up babies were a gift from God and were treated as such, then we got rid of God and banished him from public places. Then some women decided that babies were only a group of cells so we could have them removed if we didn’t feel we wanted to carry it to term. So really society (some sectors anyway) have sent a hidden message that babies aren’t really important. Sadly some people put more thought into getting a pet than they do having a child, and treat their pet better than some parents treat their children. It’s so very sad.

    7. Michelle Smith on June 9th, 2009 8:52 am

      #6 So true. As you stated, God has been taken out of every aspect of our lives and then people question why such things happen. These kind of things happen because people have stopped turning to God and have let evil run rampant.

    8. chica on June 9th, 2009 11:45 am

      This mother is a poor excuse of a mother. Mother’s are supposed to think of the needs of their children before their own needs.
      dispicable and disgusting! I seen her on nancy grace last night and was not convinced that she did all she could.
      there are men that groom women to get to their children.

    9. Brenda in Virginia on June 9th, 2009 12:28 pm

      I believe Casey Anthony is known to barely speak Caylee’s name…if at all! Oh yes, and she DID have a panic attack and requested a tranquilizer, did she not? Discovery of one’s misdeeds no doubt has the same effect as discovery of the body of a loved one (if they are truly loved that is).

      If either of my kids (now grown) were found to have been murdered, MY first thing I believe I’d spout out after I could actually speak again would be “whoever did this to my child…pray that LE or God gets you first cuz you’ll be better off!!!!”

    10. Brenda in Virginia on June 9th, 2009 12:30 pm

      Also, the only fighting in my family would be if my husband and I found the monster at the same time…who would get to kill them. Yeah, he and I may have an competition on that one.

    11. PA Mom on June 9th, 2009 1:45 pm

      This is repulsive, and it happens all the time. Our children are forced to bear the brunt of the molestor. When I was a child about one third of my girl friends were sexually molested at home. This is where their Mother’s and Father’s lived. They were never protected by their parents; they were the victims of the parents. I don’t know the solution to this problem, and we need one desperately. It has to be faced and confronted. What should I say, “Ignorance is not bliss Parents. God gives you a job and a responsibility when he gives you a child. That is to raise that child to the best of your ability and not to let your lover’s have sex with your children.” I am sorry if this is offensive, but when is this disgusting behavior going to end. We need laws that lock these people up for ever. Child molestors do not recover ever. If you believe they do, you’re a greater fool than Jennifer.

    12. Rose on June 9th, 2009 5:30 pm

      My heart goes out to Neaveh, NOT to the person that gave birth to this poor baby and not to the grandmother or father……the grandmother, father and mother had just as much to do with the death of this baby as the person that did the actual crime, they knew what harm they had put this baby in when they allowed the teo perverts around her….NO right parent would let such a monster around the precious gift that they say they love around her…..but then again none of them seem to be normal………POOR NAEVEH…..

    13. Brenda in Virginia on June 9th, 2009 7:47 pm

      PA Mom, where on earth did you live? Did you know this when you were small? I only knew one girl who was molested…found out later in my 20′s…but then I understood why she refused to allow us into her home. The dad. At least this girl was trying to protect her friends, but she had younger sisters so I can only imagine the real goings on of that home. The mother had run off. Nice. Leave the girls and take care of herself.

      I’ve often wondered about that girl and how her life turned out. I wish she’d confided in us back then. I’d have told someone for sure.

    14. ANewGirl on June 9th, 2009 8:05 pm

      Agree with #2.

      There is no pity for any Mother or Father who knowingly subjects and exposes their child to imminent danger—especially of this type!

      Navaeh’s Mother was a desperate, insecure LOSER who obviously was unfit to be a parent in the first place and it cost her own daughter her life for her Mother’s negligence.

      Also–what is WRONG with our own Criminal Justice System that a REPEAT OFFENDER like this was set free in the first place?? Pedophiles cannot be cured or rehabilitated, IMO. Even looking at the photos of these types of men makes your skin crawl. I’m sure no one would give a damn if he were to mysteriously disappear off of the face of the Earth…..what about Nevaeh’s biological Father or any siblings? How awful for them.

      RIP Sweet Child—you don’t have to suffer anymore.



    15. carrie on June 10th, 2009 7:42 pm

      a monroe mi resident here, thought i add something. not only did jennifer buchanan expose her daughter to sex offenders, she exposed neveahs preschool class to george as well. jennifer took george to neveahs’ preschool graduation

    16. ANewGirl on June 11th, 2009 2:16 pm

      #15- Hi, Carrie…. Well, thanks for posting.

      So, let’s add BRAIN DEAD to the list as well for Jennifer. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING???? Oh, that’s right- she has no brain! God, stories like these are just absoltely maddening! I hope Jennifer has learned her lesson. It cost Jennifer Buchanon the life of her own child, which it’s obvious—she had no care or concern for in the first place!

      How DARE this woman claim she is “completely innocent”. Completely stupid & negligent, yes! Innocent, HELL NO! She knew. She knew what he was and yet she went ahead and exposed innocent children anyway! Disgusting and unforgivable. IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE!

    17. Louise on June 12th, 2009 1:35 pm

      Here is the thing where the MOTHER shows some sign of guilt. No-one has picked up on this yet that is, she was complaining that the people/media had been saying she was cold if she didn’t cry and over dramatic when she did cry. At one point she said to the effect of if I cry if I don’t cry and then she said “if I don’t feel REMORSE”, now that’s a statement of someone that has been involved in or knew of the crime. I find that verbage very much saying she is involved somehow…..

    18. mary on August 9th, 2009 1:48 pm

      iwas part of the search everday it was a scary feeling.

    19. mindmaze1001 on August 20th, 2009 10:41 am

      I try to put myself in her situation. What would make someone do something like this? Was she so messed up on drugs that she couldn’t see straight? She is extremely fragmented, running down roads trying to rationalize what she is doing. Where or when did she cross the line and believe it was okay to leave a lamb among wolves. Is it okay to do this if it was done to you, and your mom, and her mom…..? Is she just too stupid to even know she is stupid? I don’t think she understands what remorse is.
      But as she spends lots of time in jail, she will have time to reflect. There are lots of people like this in the foster care system. People use the system for money and treat the kids like property or slaves. How do we keep this from continuing to happen? Where was the parole officer in checking out the parolee and dating a woman with a child? What can I do to help be a part of making sure sure this doesn’t continue to happen? It’s so overwhelming…. but that doesn’t mean I should turn away.
      As for the mom, she should never be allowed to be around children again. She needs help. And she has to want it. She is dead inside. Makes me want to throw up.

    20. Renee on January 21st, 2010 1:52 am

      You all seriously need to get the facts straight.
      Do you even LIVE in Monroe, MI? If you did you would truly know the whole story.. and how the apartments are laid out. When she went to her friends house, she was still in side of the building. And she thought her daughter would be fine, because NOTHING ever happens in this tiny little town. And also she (the Mother) grew up here, she knows it in side and out. I truly believe she had nothing to do with it. Yea she was with the sex offenders, because well, most likely they became a sex offender for a stupid reason.. That is how Michigan is. And the Father, he hasn’t been in Nevaeh’s life for years.. He lived in Toledo, OH. And the Grandmother LOVED her granddaughter dearly. And when she noticed her daughter missing.. she looked everywhere for her.. she even went to a local store. From the beginning she was fearing the worst. That would explain her being ‘Distant’. And PLUS she wouldn’t have been able to take Nevaeh to where her body was found.. in the short amount of time that Nevaeh was last seen and when she started looking for her.

    21. just me on April 26th, 2014 11:33 am

      5 years later I look at my 6 year old and thank God every day, I am not that stupid mother that allows her child to roam where ever, when ever, and NOT CHECK ON HER. Her story changed, She was up stairs with a friend, Jennifer was watching John and 8 plus Kate, ALONE. Then she had a friend over and her friends child said Nevaeh was playing in the road. Which story is true? Then she “discovered” her missing and instead of calling the police at 6:15 (15 mins after she could not find her), she walks to Kmart looking for her. SERIOUSLY! She don’t report Nevaeh missing for 2 hours. Let me tell you when my children don’t answer me when I call them, in our own back yard, I panic. A switched is flipped and Scream their name, and that come out from behind the garage or what not. You cannot tell me that she was in panic mode, She didn’t even call her Mom to tell her. Jennifer is guilty and she had even if the times are wrong, it doesn’t mean she didn’t have help. This needs resolved… this little girl needs justice.. You see everyone running to Dr Phil or anyone else.. Date line, 20/20 to get their story out. Help find the murderer. They don’t have to they look at her every single day. she will have to answer to God, this is not forgivable.

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