Michael Ireland Sues Cheetah Strip Club After Stripper Kicks Him in the Head & Permanently Injures Him


Let the following be nominated for the frivolous law suit of the week award. Let this be another Stilettoone of life’s lessons, nothing good comes of visiting a strip club.

Who knew, assault with a deadly stiletto? Michael Ireland is suing the Cheetah Strip Club after he was kicked in the head by a dancer, Sakeena “Suki” Shageer, without warning or provocation.  Sure she did. Because strippers normally just kick their patrons in the head. Normally, that would cost you extra

However, there are two sides to every story, the Cheetah Palm Beach manager Rod Kimbrough says that’s not quite the way they remember the night:

“A patron violently slapped the young woman on her buttocks and she was walking around the top of the bar and I guess out of a natural response she turned around and kicked him.  From what I’m told he refused medical attention and came back in the club after that and had beers,” says Kimbrough.

He also questions how Shageer, who dances by the stage name Suki, could have caused so much damage.

“She’s a very nice, young small girl, definitely did nothing in a malice way.”
“Small is the operative word?” asks Holmes.

“Yeah.  Five foot one,” says Kimbrough.

Michael Ireland is claiming permanent injuries.

Lytal said Ireland, a roofer, had a broken orbital bone, broken nose and has double-vision now after being struck Sept. 26, 2008. He’s had one surgery and will need another.

Unprovoked kick in the head or a reaction to a slap on the butt … one thing is for certain when it comes to this legal case, maybe the judge should just kick Michael Ireland in the butt and dismiss the case.

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    2 Responses to “Michael Ireland Sues Cheetah Strip Club After Stripper Kicks Him in the Head & Permanently Injures Him”

    1. Patti on June 4th, 2009 1:27 pm


    2. Carpe on June 5th, 2009 11:51 pm

      Isn’t that what is supposed to happen when you
      slap a hot mama in her love pillows and she doesn’t like it?

      That sounds like Jonny Fairplay reasoning to me.

      DOOZ you rememba when Danny Bonaduce pitched him
      up in the air like a sack of wheat and he landed
      right smack dab on his po-tater hole?

      Now he looks just like Bugs Bunny. Think BEFORE you DO!

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