US Economic Crisis & Obama/Geithner Cannot Staff Treasury Dept, Annette Nazareth & Caroline Atkinson Withdraw


Is Geithner really the man for the job? Geithner was portrayed by Obama as the only man for the Treasury Secretary job, now it appears he is just as much a novice as the rest of Obama’s choices.

The Chosen One does realize that this all is a reflection on his leadership, right?

As if Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is not struggling enough in his job of trying to help fix an ailing US economy and the Obama Bear Market, it appears that he cannot get the simple tasks done of staffing his department. After months of vetting, Geithner’s selection for his Chief Deputy, Annette Nazareth, has withdrawn her name.


He wants me to do what? I can’t even staff my department.

The person Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wanted as his chief deputy has withdrawn from consideration, dealing a setback to the understaffed agency as it struggles to address the worst financial crisis in decades.

Annette Nazareth, a former senior staffer and commissioner with the Securities and Exchange Commission, made “a personal decision” to withdraw from the process, according to a person familiar with her decision.

Annette Nazareth and Caroline Atkinson, Two candidates for top jobs at the Treasury have withdrawn their names from consideration. They are falling like flies. Could it possibly be that they want no connection to Obama’s economic policies?

As Michelle Malkin so aptly puts it with the aid of rock group Queen … Another One Bites the Dust.

Wasn’t it said that Timothy Geithner, Turbo Tax problems and all, was the only man in America that could do the job of Treasure Secretary? Of course it seems that every time Geithner speaks, when he is allowed to, it just makes matters worse. Fix the problems? Geithner cannot even seem to staff his department as not one of his 17 deputies has been named, let alone confirmed.

Geithner has been criticized for staffing his department too slowly as it grapples with a banking crisis that has crippled the economy. Uncertainty about Treasury staff also has unnerved financial markets.

Five weeks into his tenure, he has yet to name a single top deputy or assistant secretary. This has left Treasury with too few people authorized to make decisions or represent the department in meetings with stakeholders.

UPDATE I: Three more Obama nominees withdraw from running from the Good Ship Obama

The latest three to jump ship are Annette Nazareth, Caroline Atkinson and Dr Sanjay Gupta. As reported at Flopping Aces, of the 1,200 government appointees Obama gets to fill he has only filled 70 of them. Oh wait, nearly 50 days into the Obama Presidency in what has been decribes as the worst economic crisis in America since the Great Depression and Obama has nominated David S. Cohen, Alan B. Krueger and  Kim N. Wallace to the understaffed Treasury Department.

Obama nominated David S. Cohen to be Assistant Secretary of Treasury for Terrorist Financing, Alan B. Krueger as Assistant Secretary of Treasury for Economic Policy, and Kim N. Wallace as Assistant Secretary of Treasury for Legislative Affairs.

The Treasury Department has been notably understaffed amidst Geithner and the administration’s work to stabilize the U.S. financial industry.

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    8 Responses to “US Economic Crisis & Obama/Geithner Cannot Staff Treasury Dept, Annette Nazareth & Caroline Atkinson Withdraw”

    1. scott on March 6th, 2009 7:41 am

      They see the writing on the wall and the fact “the troll” has been working on this since his time on the NY Fed and still has no clue how to fix this!!!

      Dems and liberals like to play off the Dow and the effect it has on the economy because they are still drunk from the Obama-kool-aide. What Obama is doing to this country is something akin to Jonesboro; only without many dying…

    2. Michelle on March 6th, 2009 9:19 am

      Don’t you just love the incompetence of the current administration? Makes you feel all warm & fuzzy doesn’t it? I mean to know that these are the people in charge of fixing our economy and protecting our freedoms. Gives you that tingling feeling.

    3. super dave on March 6th, 2009 10:01 am

      obama boy’s stimulus package will give jobs to 300,000 illegal aliens attn: white males need not apply for construction jobs !
      racist fatherless bastard obama.

    4. wg on March 6th, 2009 10:06 am

      Just an idea, it may be a sign of micromanagement, control freak, keeping people in the dark, or perhaps these people find out that they will need to drink the Kool Aid big time and it’s something that does not fit with their moral and ethical values a “charade”. my opinions.

    5. super dave on March 6th, 2009 11:51 am

      they could get plenty of help from the nearest prison.

    6. john staton on March 7th, 2009 8:01 am

      We have most of the world’s highest rated graduate schools of business and economics in the US. What is taught in these schools indicates that the Obama program is a destruction of the US economy. Would anyone with the required education and ability want to be a part of this? JS

    7. kayjay on March 7th, 2009 9:09 am

      JS I have been worried for years about what is being taught in our schools, not just at the college level but right from kindergarten. Its very telling that the California Teachers Union were adamantly against Prop. 8 and spent money on the amendment. Parents need to wake up and demand that this political bs be kept out of school curriculums. The kids have been brainwashed long before they get to college. We are well on our way to being the Socialist Redpublic of America and its time to put the brakes on hard.

    8. Dukeameye on March 7th, 2009 9:15 am

      It almost seems that the plan here is the total distruction of the economy.. so as far as that goes this jerk is acomplishing what foreign entites have been trying to do for decades…

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