Caylee Anthony Search of the Century Over as Texas EquuSearch Suspends Operations (“I don’t think Caylee will ever be found”) … However, Bounty Hunter Padilla Continues Searches




The massive search this weekend for missing 3 year old Caylee Anthony started with all the energy, hope and optimism necessary to create the dream that 3 year old missing Caylee Anthony would be found. The search was expected to get thousands of volunteers in the Orlando, FL area for Caylee Anthony’s search.  However, after what was billed as the “search of the century”, it appears the search for missing Caylee Anthony as been suspended by Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch after just 2 – 1/2 days of searching. Sadly the search has ended as quickly as it began. Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearrch was quoted as follows:

“I don’t think Caylee will ever be found. We have done all that we can do. We have thoroughly searched every inch of the targeted areas. Unfortunately, there is only one person who can bring this to an end and she’s not talking.”

Texas EquuSearch has suspended the search following Monday’s searches and has put the case on hold. According to reports 1500 volunteers showed on Saturday and 750 volunteers on Sunday to search for missing 3 year old Caylee Anthony

2008_1108 006

Miller says he doesn’t think Caylee’s body will ever be found. He told Channel 9 his donors and the families of other missing people have been pressuring him to end his massive search in Orlando and start helping with other cases in North Carolina.

“We are literally, because of this case, neglecting other families that really want our help” said Miller.

Miller also says EquuSearch is in debt. After the group’s two searches in Orlando, EquuSearch has spent more than $75,000 on equipment and staff.

The entire weekend turned out to be a disappointment. Not only were searchers unable to find Caylee, the turnout was much smaller than expected. Organizers had predicted up to 5,000 volunteers would show up for the weekend search, but only 1,500 showed up Saturday, and even less on Sunday.

Media Circus to continue today at Blanchard Park …

2008_1108 008

However, bounty hunter Leonard Padilla will be putting his own plan into action into place and doing his own search. Bounty hunter Padilla, now turned missing persons searcher plans to search the Little Econ River in Blanchard Park where Cross was found.

Sunday morning, Padilla took a photograph of the cross and found the place where searchers discovered it. Padilla says the tree where searchers found the cross hanging is near water.

Now, Padilla has assembled a team of divers to search a nearby part of the Little Econ River.

“We feel confident enough, we have to, we have to check it out” said Padilla.

To discuss case and provide opinion, go to Scared Missing Persons Forum; Caylee Anthony.

UPDATE I: Gag Order May Be Issued In Casey Case; Divers Search For Caylee

In an effort to stop the 3 Ring Circus  …. Judge may issue gag order.

A judge could rule as early as Monday on a sweeping gag order in the case against Casey Anthony, who has been charged with first-degree murder in the disappearance of her 3-year-old daughter, Caylee.

The order would restrict attorneys, witnesses, law enforcement and the Anthony family from commenting publicly about the case, which has made worldwide headlines. The purpose of the order would be to protect potential jurors from being influenced by pretrial publicity, Local 6 News reported.

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    19 Responses to “Caylee Anthony Search of the Century Over as Texas EquuSearch Suspends Operations (“I don’t think Caylee will ever be found”) … However, Bounty Hunter Padilla Continues Searches”

    1. Sharon Chicago on November 10th, 2008 9:44 am

      I am wondering if they could possibly do fingerprint test on the necklace cross probably not ? Or any DNA on it?

    2. Carol on November 10th, 2008 1:11 pm

      Where are all the mediums you hear and read about that solve all these cases???? Wouldn’t you think if they were really as good as they are protrayed they would be out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Susy Q on November 10th, 2008 1:55 pm

      Oh no…..too bad I heard some mention that the pool gate was open at the Anthony house….the defence will probably float a story that Casey was guilty of neglegence and Caylee accidentally drowned and Casey just tried to cover that up and hid the body. Without a body it will be hard to disprove accidental drowning….on the other hand…Casey could have tossed little Caylee into the pool and let her drown…I wouldn’t put it past her, though she will say it was all an accident. I don’t buy accident but it may be hard to disprove it.

    4. Carol Armstrong on November 10th, 2008 5:42 pm

      Scared Monkeys:

      Has there been a composite sketch of Zanny the Nanny? I’ve never seen one.

      Surely, if Cindy Anthony really believes that Zanny took Caylee, this mother (and grandmother) would have had enough sense to ask for a description from her lying daughter?

      Has anyone asked the Anthony’s about a description. Seems like Cindy would want the general public to know what the so called abductor looks like? I find that very strange.

    5. Brenda from Virginia on November 10th, 2008 6:44 pm

      Sharon, they could try and probably will. I didn’t see anything about the type of material it was made from or size.

      Carol, there have been many, hundreds of pages of documents released and one set was just on psychic tips. Been in the news for weeks. You need to research.

      Suzy, was no pool gate as it is an above ground pool. Casey placed the ladder back up against the pool the day she borrowed the shovel. The parents testified they knew they’d placed it where it was stored and couldn’t explain how it got there back to the pool.

      Carol, Zanaida Gonzales (the one who toured Saw Grass Apartments) has given numerous TV interviews. We know from the latest release of documents on the case a close friend of Casey’s lived in those apts right near the apt in question. She already testified she never say Casey go there…not once…and Casey had been coming by HER apt for 2 1/2 yrs!

      Ok all…can you tell I’ve been following each and every news story from the Orlando sites and read a majority of the hundreds of pages of evidence? Yup. Here’s my theory. And to start off…I always though Casey tossed Caylee’s body off an overpass into one of the many, thousands of canals (gators) in Florda….

      June 16th. Casey leaves parents’ home with Caylee. According to pings on her phone, never leaves the immediate area. Makes phone calls from 1pm until she starts calling her mom frantically (4 times in a row) shortly after 4pm. By 7pm or so, she is captured on video with her boyfriend at a movie store renting videos. One in particular has a scene of a dead, rotton body in a car. Telling! I believe at this point Casey was already dead in the trunk of the car from choloform overdose (purposeful or not), and the calls to Cindy were because Casey wanted a babysitter to go out that night.

      July 17th. This is the day Casey drives all over the place. Near airport, etc. While near the most recent place Equusearch looked, she had no cell activity for like 2 1/2 hrs. I believe she was looking for a place to put the body, but did not find a suitable area…so abandonded this idea for the moment. I believe Caylee was still in the trunk at this point. Had to be as forensics found the body HAD TO HAVE BEEN at least 2-3 days in trunk. Body was still there.

      June 18th. Casey backs into parents’ driveway while they are not home. She never does that. Borrows shovel from next door. Here’s what I think is why…She was NOW going to try and stage that drowning. She places the ladder next to the pool and doesn’t wish to touch the dead body, so she trots next door and borrows the shovel to move it and dump it in the pool. She then realized (the body had to be looking not so good and stiff) that this was a poor plan and will not work as it’s too obviously not cause of death. She then used the shovel again to get the body out of the pool where it fell to the ground next to the pool…exactly where 2 sniffer dogs hit. She places body back into trunk and leaves.

      OK…now I am sure the body is finally disposed of at this point. I have felt for a long time (being a Florida native and remembering how many bodies are found in canals) that Caylee’s body was tossed off an overpass into a canal.

      Remember, the stole her friend Amy’s money from that checking acct and had been able to use Amy’s car while she was in the Bahama’s or wherever. Casey’s car already stunk…so she did not wish to drive it and Amy didn’t mind letter her use it for whatever was her reasoning to need it. When she abandonded the car at Amscott…no way she tossed the body into the dumpster. Too long…forensics said 2 1/2 days in there, don’t forget that.

      Casey did research how to make choloform from household items on her home computer. Also had strange and morbid pics about death on her myspace pages. Such a sociopath I am certain she’d probably outdo Joran. He’s stupid enough to brag. Casey/sociopath like Scott Peterson will NEVER say a word. I am CERTAIN the body is not where Equusearch looked because no emotion from Casey.

      Remember she cried when anything bad happens to her. She’s not worried about the searches. Tim knows this…so does Padilla.

      I hope they fry her!!!!

    6. Brenda from Virginia on November 10th, 2008 6:47 pm

      Clarification!!! Amy was away and Casey using her car immediately after the time Caylee disappeared….that is why it’s so relevant. She couldn’t stand the smell in her car and couldn’t drive it. George Anthony testified the smell was so bad he “almost couldn’t drive it home”.

    7. Bobbie from Maryland on November 10th, 2008 8:31 pm

      All of these theories make sense especially Brenda from Virgina, you actually answered many of my head scratching whys with your timeline, dogs and pool use. My guess is also gators, how sick it sounds to say this but decaying food is the choice of these animals so how easy it would be for a detached pycopath to place the little one at the waters edge and the cross necklace in the tree as a marker then skip out letting nature destroy all evidence. Oh, she will fry alright, hopefully twice, once by our system and again on her day of judgement.

    8. Susy Q on November 10th, 2008 9:44 pm

      Gators !!!!! I’ve heard that gators do not like fresh meat…they kill and then they wait til decompensation sets in…sometimes they keep thier kill under water for awhile….sounds gross I know….saw it on one of the wildlife shows on the animal channel….

    9. Kayte on November 11th, 2008 12:15 am


      I want to know where is the “SCRIPT” Zenaida supposedly gave Casey to read from for “the next 30 days,” when Casey said “Z” and her sister, Samantha, took Caylee from Blanchard Park??? Did I dream that, or wasn’t that what Casey said? Also, Zenaida Gonzalez has filed a “defamation suit” against Casey. She says she’s never met Casey Anthony. For some strange reason I believe that!

      Casey’s plan began to “unravel” when Amy apparently showed up at the Anthony home, looking for Casey because of the money she’d stolen from her, Cindy was furious! That’s when she and Amy showed up at Lazzaro’s door, looking for Casey, that was the end of “la bella vida,” Casey’d planned for herself. So much for her “beautiful life…”

      My theory, simply speculation here, folks, is killing Caylee was the ultimate “punishment” Casey could mete out to her own mother, Cindy.

      A lot of wonderful people have put time, money, effort and LOVE into searching for Caylee. I pray there will be a resolution to this case very soon, and Caylee will come home.


    10. monkeyshine on November 11th, 2008 2:17 am

      I agree with with Kayte – it was the ultimate revenge against Cindy – remember when George said in the transcripts when Caylee was born she was given to Cindy, they always felt that Caysee held that against them . .

    11. ANewGirl on November 11th, 2008 3:17 am

      Saddened to hear Tim Miller/Equusearch has to pull out of the search, understand his reasoning. There are so many other families that desperately need his help and resources. Also agree that the remains of Caylee will never be found.

      My theory has been that Casey Anthony did not intentionally kill her daughter- but I believe either she was given sedatives and overdosed, or as Brenda from Virginia above speculates, chloroform was used to put the toddler to sleep so Casey could go out and party with no babysitter needed. I believe that when Casey discovered her poor Daughter was not going to wake up, that is when she panicked and then disposed of the body. All the fabricated stories about Nannies and kidnapping schemes are obviously lies.

      Either way, let’s hope there is enough forensic evidence without Caylee’s remains to give the DA what is legally required to convict Casey of her crimes. Perhaps she did intentionally murder her daughter- but Casey Anthony should spend her life behind bars or face the death penalty for her pre-meditated crimes against Casey. The last thing I wonder is what crazy story Baez & Company are going to try and get a judge and jury to believe!

      -Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony

    12. Fox Fire on November 11th, 2008 3:32 am

      I heard there were bones found.

      But, they need to test them.

      Any news about this?




      That’s a word I haven’t heard in a while.


      Justice for Caylee!

    13. Fox Fire on November 11th, 2008 4:00 am

      Please keep in mind that I heard that on the Nancy Grace show and am not sure of its’ authenticity.

      Good Luck, Tim and Equisearch!

      Thank you for all you do…


    14. ANewGirl on November 11th, 2008 5:03 am

      No morning coffee yet… Post # 10- Meant to type crimes against Caylee, not Casey. Sorry, Klaas for xtra post. =)

    15. Brenda from Virginia on November 11th, 2008 7:47 am

      Good morning all.

      To answer Fox’s question, Orlando Sentinal stated yesterday only dog bones were found.

      Kayte, the way Amy and Cindy wound up at Lazzaro’s apt was because when George and Cindy took possession of Casey’s car from the impound lot, they searched it @ home and found a piece of paper with Amy’s name and number. Cindy called and Amy met her…then yes…they went to Lazzaro’s, found Casey, and Cindy forced her to leave with her. Once home that is when Cindy finally realized Casey had not had Caylee for a month (31 days). If not mistaken, I think Amy DID tell Cindy all about the missing checks while they drove to that apt.

      I encourage the curious (like me) to go to and read some of the released docs and interviews. Chilling once you realize just how deceptive Casey is. Cindy told Amy in teh car that day her daughter was a “sociopath”. Interesting, huh? is another site that is following this story closely.

      Sad world we live in any more, isn’t it?

    16. Kayte on November 11th, 2008 2:17 pm


      I figured Casey stealing from Amy was one of the reasons Cindy was so furious with Casey when they showed up at Tony’s apartment. I agree that Casey is a sociopath and the only time she opens her mouth is to tell another lie. However, until that time, I truly believe she and George thought Casey had Caylee with her

      I’ve also been following along with articles in the Sentinel and have taped all of Nancy Grace’s show since this all began. I have 8 grandbabies and, just like everyone else, Caylee has reached out and grabbed hold of my heart. I don’t think she’ll ever let go, even after, if ever, she’s been found.

      Still, I don’t think anything has been said about the so called “script…” I don’t think Casey ever explained what she “did with it…”

      I think they should paper the walls of Casey’s cell with pictures of Caylee!

      Brenda, you’re most assuredly correct about it being a “sad world.” There are far too many beautiful children who’ve gone “missing!” After all, CHILDREN ARE NOT A DISPOSABLE COMMODITY!

      Wishing Good Blessings to All~


    17. MauraL on November 12th, 2008 12:19 am

      Thank you, Dana, for the work you do here on Scared Monkeys. I’ve never followed any case as closely as I’m following the Caylee Anthony story, so I was unaware of the existence of many websites that I’ve discovered in the last couple of months.

      Yours is a great site, and I appreciate its broader coverage of many cases. Your insights are terrific, not least because you keep your feet firmly on the ground when discussing the peculiar mysteries involved in so many unsolved crimes.

      I am fascinated with the Caylee Anthony mystery, but I’ve had it up to the roots of my hair with insane theories about what may have happened.

    18. Jim on November 12th, 2008 1:10 pm

      Casey Anthony did harm to her daughter and has bamboozled everyone including law enforcement,
      the media, etc. She’s going to get away with murder. Tim Miller….winners never quit, and
      quitters never win. Keep up the good work Leonard Padilla…you’re no quitter! Thanks also for helping to continue the search!

    19. Jim on November 12th, 2008 1:14 pm

      Law enforcement needs to contact the “Haunting Evidence” team of Carla Baron & John Oliver for some insight. This psychic team would be instrumental in locating Caylee.They only get involved when asked by law enforcement. CONTACT THEM! What is there to lose at this point!

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