Halloween Trick or Treaters Beware … No Candy at This Residence = Sex Offender


Halloween can be a fun times for kids; however, in this day and age of predators and sex offenders … its “Trick or Treaters” beware. These days, a simple knock on a strangers door has far more consequences than in years past. The creatures and boogymen/women that answer the door may just not be wearing a costume but instead be real life predators. In Maryland, sex offenders homes will be marked by the use of the following pumpkin. Maryland, which began the program in 2005, is among a number of states placing Halloween restrictions on sex offenders. Of course as expected, the ACLU  is defending sex offenders and challenging it. I guess the ACLU feels the need for sex offenders to pass out candy to little children.

Pumpkin_sex offender

Sex offenders in Maryland have begun receiving paper signs in the mail that read “No candy at this residence,” which they must post on their front doors or possibly face a parole violation.

The signs began arriving last week in the mailboxes of the about 1,200 violent and child-sex offenders across Maryland. The signs were accompanied by a letter explaining they must stay at home, turn off outside lights and not answer the door on Halloween.

Maryland is also distributing pamphlets statewide to warn families to stay away from homes with the pumpkin signs.

We say, the hell with the PC pumpkin sign above … this is the sign that needs to be placed out in front of a child molesters home to get rid of all the ambiguity.


Or this one.


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    4 Responses to “Halloween Trick or Treaters Beware … No Candy at This Residence = Sex Offender”

    1. Ted on October 18th, 2008 4:52 pm


    2. Richard on October 18th, 2008 7:21 pm

      Who will monitor these people to make certain that the signs are put up? Or will it be left up to them?

      I think using the pumpkin is the wrong symbol entirely … it might be seen as a ‘welcoming’ emblem. For that matter, will children be able to see the words?

    3. Melissa on January 13th, 2009 5:55 pm

      It would require some sort of monitoring by a parole or probation officer so why is it that they can’t just make sure that the offender is not handing out candy, does not have their light on, is home or at work (if necessary). Why does it need to be brought to everyone’s attention?

      In the state I reside, registered sex offenders are not always child molestors! Sometimes they are found guilty of crimes that did not put anyone in danger.

      I get the scare. I understand the need to want to know. But where does it stop? Why don’t we have other felons post their crimes in their front yard? Why do we not have those convicted of DUI’s drive around with a sign on their car informing everyone that they have been convicted of a crime? DUI’s are not a victimless crime.

      I just want to know where we draw the line?

    4. Jo Ann on June 30th, 2009 7:59 pm

      Do we think we have a perfic system here? I have friends that have gone through a diviorce. and have been charge with rape and Statory Rape of babysetter under age sex. And found not guilty of all of the above. then yet they have got to register for life because of a minor. you can not put a minor on the stand to queston. I thought you have a right to question the person at had no matter what age but then yet you dont so tell me all of the people that justifie their action when a person can not even question the one that say rape to start with?? Maybe you will be next Myself I will not judge any one I will let god do that .


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