Obama’s Now Story on Unrepentant Terrorist Bill Ayers: ‘I assumed that he had been rehabilitated’



Obama now has yet another story to explain away his association with domestic terrorist former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers. If Obama did not find the notion of his relationship with Ayers so troubling to his political campaign, why does “The Chosen One” keep changing his story?  Can America afford to elect a President who either assumes or lies?


Barack Obama, how could you have misread the signs that Ayers was rehabilitated? That appears to be an American flag he is standing on in a Chicago Magazine 2001 article titled “No Regrets.”

The MSM claims the two do not know each other. In the past Obama has stated that Bill Ayers was just a person he served on a board, then he was some one who just lived in his neighborhood and then it was ok, he was someone who hosted an event for Obama when the Democratic presidential nominee first launched his political career in Chicago in 2001. Now there is yet another version, “I assumed that he had been rehabilitated.” As Town Hall states, Rehabilitated?  Is the MSM so in the bag that they won’t notice this tissue-paper thin dodge?

Barack Obama now says about his relationship with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, “I assumed that he had been rehabilitated.”ASSUMED? Obama you know what happens when one assumes … You make an ASS out of U and ME! America, the time line of events does not lie; however, it would appear that Obama is when he discusses his relationship with Ayers.

In an interview with the sympathetic conservative talk radio host this afternoon, Obama offered the clearest explanation yet of how an extremely careful politician allowed himself anywhere near a former ’60s radical who would become a Republican target in this year’s presidential campaign.

Obama “had assumed” from Bill Ayers’ stature in Chicago, he told the Philadelphia-based Michael Smerconish, that Ayers had been “rehabilitated” since his 1960s crimes.

As The Gateway Pundit points out, how could Obama have assumed that Bill Ayers had been rehabilitated when in 2001 at the same time that Ayers launched Obama’s political career Ayers and at the same time promoting the fact that Ayers was proud of his terrorism days. There is no way that anyone who should be a candidate for the President of the United States would have had such poor judgment. Obama knew.

  • On September 11, 2001, The New York Times published, “No Regrets for a Love Of Explosives; In a Memoir of Sorts, a War Protester Talks of Life With the Weathermen” on the life of Bill Ayers.
  • Also in 2001, Bill Ayers also wrote about his terrorist bombings in his memoir, “Fugitive Days.” It was not an apology.
  • Now get this… Bill Ayers was serving with Barack Obama on the Woods Fund Board in 2001.

Barack Obama has presented to the American voter that he is an informed Ivy League intellectual who can solve all of our problems yet when it comes to Bill Ayers, it seems that Obama does not read newspapers.

Red State: In 1996, Media Coverage of Bill Ayers Was Too Extensive to Believe Obama Did Not Know Who Ayers Was

Was Obama Ignorant About Bill Ayers? Of Course Not… (Videos)

How is it that every time a questionable issue come up with Barack Obama that he is allowed to just plead ignorance? Is this what the American people want for judgment as their President in a post 9–11 and economically troubled world? Can the USA afford a president that ASSUMES!!! You are the company that you keep and water seeks its own level. How many questionable far left associations, terrorists, felons, Marxist and hate America individuals must come out of the wood work before the American people realize the dangers of Barack Obama.


Obama and the MSM have an excuse for every radical that The Chosen One keeps.

Ayers hosted an event for Obama when the Democratic presidential nominee first launched his political career in Chicago. In 2001, he made a $200 donation to Obama’s state Senate campaign. Obama, for his part, has condemned the crimes committed by Ayers and the Weathermen.

Like others, I’m troubled by Ayers. If he were indeed a close friend of Obama, it would be a deal breaker. I couldn’t cast my presidential vote for a man who befriended a bomber. It’s bad enough for Obama to sit passively through the ravings of a guy like Rev. Wright. But to befriend – or even associate with for the purpose of political advancement – a man who actually attacked the country is entirely another.

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    46 Responses to “Obama’s Now Story on Unrepentant Terrorist Bill Ayers: ‘I assumed that he had been rehabilitated’”

    1. Rob on October 10th, 2008 7:37 am

      This all depends on what your definition of the word “terrorist” is.

      For instance if the letters are ELF – Earth Liberation Front, than you can torch all the homes and car dealerships you want. After-all that’s “good” terrorism to the left. It furthers the “cause” and gives the enviro-whackos a cause to celebrate.

      It’s for the greater “cause”.

      If your name is McVeigh, then you are attacking the “left” and all it stands for. That is the type of terrorism that can not be allowed.

      What part of the word “TERRORISM” does the “left” not understand?

      Terrorism as defined by Mr. Webster -

      1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
      2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
      3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

      All terrorism is wrong and no innocent person should be used as a pawn in a political coup d’état. Which is exactly what Mr. Ayers and his group of TERRORISTS did.

      Without innocent people as pawns, there would be no terrorism.

      Barry Hussein Obama can’t even identify a terrorist. How will he ever stabilize the Middle East and hunt down Al Qaida?

      Iran is the chief sponsor of terrorism worldwide and everyone knows it.

      Time for Barry to go on with his life’s work along side of James Carter.

    2. Steve Holloway on October 10th, 2008 7:54 am

      When the gasoline prices were climbing higher and higher most every one was screaming to DRILL, Obama’s reason was simple, just air your tires up on your car and get a tune up. That will solve the oil problem….

      Now he wants to drill (I don’t believe he will if elected) and follow what McCain wants to do (wind solar, nuclear)

      He knew he had to change his policy from NOT DRILLING to one that sounded like he would drill or he would not be elected.

      So Obama is about CHANGE. And he changes his story like this article implies because he is getting painted into a corner with a terrorist. He wants a way out. If people only take the time and put all the little pieces of the puzzle together they will see the REAL OBAMA. A very dangerous man for America

      Funny how all the terrorist groups around the world ALL WANT Obama elected. That alone should tell you something.

      I hope God will open our eyes to the ways of all the candidates running.

    3. Richard on October 10th, 2008 7:57 am

      Of course Obama knew … but like any other politician, he figured that you can fool all of the people some of the time. And he never imagined that anyone would be digging deeply into his life before he became prominent.

      Unfortunately for us, the state of the economy (the Dow went below 8,000 Friday morning, for the first time since March 2003 after worldwide plunges overnight; I read that stock markets in Russia and a few other countries didn’t even open today) is going to induce many Americans to figure that the tax-and-spend Democrats will be looking after their interests.

      And more government spending programs are likely to be in our future. What industries won’t be getting infusions of billions of dollars?

      Hang on; looks like the world is heading for a pretty bumpy ride.

    4. Richard on October 10th, 2008 8:04 am

      Meanwhile, of course, Hollywood and the TV crowd will continue to fawn over Obama. Americans, are these the people who you want to see as the idols of our culture? Not me!

    5. Cinderella on October 10th, 2008 8:07 am


      So Obama now admits there was something Ayers needed to be “rehabilitated” from?

    6. A New Girl on October 10th, 2008 8:08 am

      Oh, Give me a freakin’ break, OBAMA !!!!!

      WTF ?!



      McCain/Palin ’08

    7. Cinderella on October 10th, 2008 8:11 am


      If the Federal Government is going to control a large interest in our economy (i.e. the new bail-out)

      Then Americans need to have FULL CONFIDENCE that the person(s) controlling the government and economy are people of CHARACTER!

    8. Steve Holloway on October 10th, 2008 8:20 am

      Here’s a story about Obama. (Farrakhan is islam, and big time for Obama) If Obama is not elected for want ever reason could we have Race wars in our future because of this man?

      Farrakhan on Obama: ‘The Messiah is absolutely speaking’


    9. Brenda in Virginia on October 10th, 2008 8:37 am

      Read an article this morning that Obama could NOT pass a background check to be an FBI or secret service agent due to his cocaine use and “anti-government group” ties/associations.

      Wish McCain would jump on that one NOW! Not good enough for FBI, but wants to be president. Great!

    10. Steve Holloway on October 10th, 2008 8:45 am

      Another piece of the puzzle to show who Obama really is!!!

      Barack Obama & Raila Odinga


    11. Sharon Chicago on October 10th, 2008 9:25 am

      #9 Brenda…. Yes I agree with you…I would like to know exactly what the decline statement to O’Bama said/how it read…. especially the part of:“anti-government group” ties/associations.

      I believe O’Bama will definately loose this
      election. The cat is out of the bag and screeching because it’s tail is caught in
      it’s own mouse trap!!!!

    12. TinkerB on October 10th, 2008 11:05 am

      #11 I hope you’re right. A candidate for President of the United States who has served as senator for 143 days and never had a job that didn’t come from a government payroll makes me ver-r-r-r-y uncomfortable. It’s downright scary. Could someone please tell me how or who paid his Harvard tuition – it happents to be one of the MOST expensive universities in America. What was his grade point average?? He’s an attorney? How many times did it take before he passed the bar examination? The public has a right to know.

    13. Brenda in Virginia on October 10th, 2008 12:19 pm

      #11 & #12

      I pray Obama does not win, but reading another article on Free Republic today, I was reminded Gore was 11 pts ahead the week of the 2000 election in the national polls…yet he still LOST! Let us remember that. The polls IMO are meant to discourage Republican voters from going to the polls.

      America will fall to socialism should Obama be at the helm. Everyone who desires the government to be their mommy rather than to be a productive member of society is going to vote Obama. You know, those who hate the “haves” because they have led a life that PUT THEMSELVES in the position of being a “have not”. It’s almost always the case. Lifestyle choices or spending habits have put many where they are, so I have little pity for their crying now they cannot afford all the luxuries they are used to clinging to.

    14. Diane on October 10th, 2008 12:52 pm

      Perhaps some of you should investigate Sarah Palin’s longstanding relationship with the Alaskan Independence Party.
      I’m sure you will dismiss this as a liberal rag, but it is well researched.
      I now most of you hate Obama and I cannot understand the HATE.
      It is one thing to disagree with somebodies politics but the visceral hate on this site is disturbing.

      Anyway, since I have read over and over again how important it is that Obama knows AYERS, I have serious reservations about a woman who accepts support from a party like this.
      She appears to have more problematic ties then obama.
      Sarah Palin has several sides that are not pretty.
      Please research and do your homework.
      Read Alaskan newspapers and see how they feel about their governor. SHe has been with them alot longer then the 5 weeks she has been onstage.
      See what she did to her hometown some of it was great, some of it was not so great.

      But please, read both sides and then make up your minds!
      McCain graduated 3rd from the bottom of his class at Annapolis and crashed 3 jets. Does this make him qualified to be President

    15. Steve Holloway on October 10th, 2008 1:36 pm

      #14 Diane
      Its not hate…..we are SCARED of this man Obama, the more we know the more we will sound the alarm.

      What in the world does flying jets have to do with any office?

    16. katablog.com on October 10th, 2008 2:05 pm

      Diane: Let’s pretend for a minute that the Salon article is correct. Okay, what did the Alaskan Independence Party stand for? Bombing the Pentagon? Killing Judges they don’t agree with? Causing Mayhem in the country to get their political way? No? Okay, let’s hear from the guy Salon got their story from:

      The stocky, gray-haired computer technician waxed nostalgic about quixotic battles to eliminate taxes, support the “traditional family” and secede from the United States.

      Oh My! How dangerous! Oh dear, if this became the law of the USA, what on earth would we do? Become moral? Care about family values? Get the government out of our pocket books? The horrors of it all!

      BTW, in case you haven’t read, Sarah Palin is the Vice Presidential candidate and she is not, nor has she ever been a member of the Alaska Independence Party.

      If my only choice was between a candidate that actually was a member of the Alaska Independence Party or even associated with members of that party OR a candidate who owes his political career to Rev. Wright, Tony Resko and William Ayers, I’d go with the first candidate every time.

    17. katablog.com on October 10th, 2008 2:11 pm

      Read Alaskan newspapers and see how they feel about their governor. SHe has been with them alot longer then the 5 weeks she has been onstage.

      Okay, here’s a little research from Alaska for you. Sarah Palin is the proud owner of the highest public approval rating by the citizens of Alaska than any Governor in the history of the USA! Wow! That’s a detractor! Well- uh, I guess only if you are from Alaska because it would mean you don’t want to lose your governor. 85% approval rating after 2 years as governor, gee, that is a deep dark secret. You better spread that one around so everyone knows.

      Do I care that there are a few good ole boys in the Alaska press that don’t like Palin? Not when her constituents (you know, the people who elected her and she promised to serve) love her!

    18. katablog.com on October 10th, 2008 2:14 pm

      Diane: I apologize. I misstated Sarah Palin’s approval rating – it’s 86%!

    19. A New Girl on October 10th, 2008 2:34 pm

      #13- Brenda…

      Excellent Post! I agree 100%, and I feel EXACTLY the same as you do. Let’s hope many others can see through the smoke and mirrors of the “Chosen One” as well.

      McCain/Palin ’08

    20. katablog.com on October 10th, 2008 2:38 pm

      Sorry to keep posting, but I did a little more research for Diane:

      We all heard Barack Obama say that he would sit down with leaders of America’s enemies without precondition – even though Obama has tried to backtrack on this (and many other) statements.

      Now read this:

      The Obama campaign’s Muslim outreach director participated in a meeting in mid September that was attended by several controversial Muslim activists, NBC News has learned. The Obama campaign now concedes that was a misjudgment, and that its top Muslim staffer would not have attended the meeting if she had known the full participant list beforehand….

      One meeting attendee was Mahdi Bray of the Muslim American Society, several of the participants said. The MAS website describes Bray as an imam and long time civil and human rights activist. Bray’s critics say he has a history of defending terrorists. They point to a video of Bray at a rally in 2000, for example, in which he can be seen pumping his fist in the air in support of the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. In a 2004 interview, he called the Israeli assassination of a Hamas spiritual leader an “unlawful, cowardly and dangerous act of state-sponsored terrorism.”

      If anyone is left with doubts about Barack Obama, they need to only look at his relationships over and over. Even if a “mistake”, what does this type of meeting (along with Obama’s relationship with William Ayers) say about Obama’s judgment.

    21. InTheKNow on October 10th, 2008 2:58 pm

      #14 Diane….ARE YOU ON DOPE????

      Ties to radical Muslims are the issue here not ties to a more traditional lifestyle that has clearly served this country a heck of a lot better than today’s self serving “it’s all about me” attitudes and philosophies.

      I suppose you’d like to wear a burka and never show your face in public while you swing by Starbucks for your latte huh?

    22. InTheKNow on October 10th, 2008 3:10 pm

      #14 Diane – Here’s another one…

      Comment by Drama Queen
      October 9th, 2008 at 6:34 pm
      Question: What is America ’s first line of missile
      interceptor defense that protects the entire United States ?

      Answer: 49th Missile Defense Battalion of Alaska National

      Question: What is the ONLY National Guard unit on
      permanent active duty?

      Answer: 49th Missile Defense Battalion of Alaska National Guard?

      Question: Who is the Commander in Chief of the 49th Missile
      Defense Battalion of Alaska National Guard?

      Answer: Governor Sarah Palin, Alaska

      Question: What U.S. governor is routinely briefed on
      highly classified military issues, homeland security, and
      counter terrorism?

      Answer: Governor Sarah Palin, Alaska

      Question: What U.S. governor has a higher classified
      security rating than either candidate of the Democrat Party?

      Answer: Governor Sarah Palin, Alaska

      According to the Washington Post, she first met with McCain in February, but nobody ever found out. This is a woman used to keeping secrets. She can be entrusted with our national security, because she already is.

      Now you DO know!

    23. da_wench on October 10th, 2008 3:25 pm

      Right-wing smear groups have tried using guilt-by-association to connect Barack Obama to Professor William Ayers.

      Smears like this often spread as part of a broader, shadowy strategy to scare people who aren’t very familiar with Barack by spreading false information.

      Here’s the truth: the smear associating Barack to Ayers is “phony,” “tenuous,“ – even “exaggerated at best if not outright false.” Ayers and Barack barely know each other. They served together on the boards of local charities, but do not know each other well.

      Ayers is now a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Barack has publicly denounced the acts Ayers committed in the 1960’s (when Barack was only 8 years old).

      You can get more details and help spread the truth about these shameful attacks:


    24. InTheKNow on October 10th, 2008 3:52 pm


      I would rather a non biased opinion however you go right on drinking that socialist kool aid. Maybe while your drinking the kool aid you can get fitted for your burka too.

    25. Brad on October 10th, 2008 4:26 pm

      Really what worries me is, why is this Video not enough to stop all chances of Mc Cain becomming the most powerful man it the world ?
      I know its from last year, but anyone with such a view shold not be that man.
      “Air mail message”

    26. da_wench on October 10th, 2008 4:49 pm

      #24 hahahahaha too bad you can’t see how ridiculous your comment is.

    27. Maggie on October 10th, 2008 6:04 pm

      Yep barely knew him , just a guy in the neighborhood… according to Cnn they worked together for 7 years on a board…and another board..some of the funding from that board went to Jeremiah Wright, other parts went to Ayres wife and her group.. Ayres wife at one time was on the most wanted list. Watch the CNN video..


      but you know that isn’t as bad as man who cheats on his wife..just ask Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, and John Edwards. I am sure they will agree they are worse than unrepenting domestic terrorists. (rolls eyes)

    28. Maggie on October 10th, 2008 6:21 pm

      Voter fraud all made up..


      The March 2008 Primary was no exception. Voting records show Alexis’ mom, Gloria Guidry, cast her ballot in person near her South Houston home.

      “It was just very shocking, a little unsettling,” said Alexis Guidry.

      It’s unsettling because Gloria Guidry died of cancer 10 months before the March Primary.

      “She’d be very upset,” Guidry said when asked what her mom would think.

      Trent Seibert, of Texas Watchdog, says you should be too.

      “This is really disquieting. It’s concerning. It’s worrisome,” said Seibert.

      He heads up the non-partisan news group on the web.

      Texas Watchdog compared Harris County’s voter registration roll with the Social Security death index and found more than 4,000 matches — registered voters that, it appears, are already dead.Auditors identified 49,049 registered voters state-wide who may have been ineligible to vote. Approximately 23,576 may have been deceased and another 23,114 were possible felons. And they found more than 2,359 duplicate records.

      The auditor did not find any instances in which potentially ineligible voters actually voted, but they wrote, “Although the Secretary of State’s office has processes to identify many ineligible voters and remove them from the State’s voter registration list, improvements can be made.”


      Missouri- Acorn

      I don’t even know the entire scope of it because registrations are coming in so heavy,” Davis said. “We have identified about 100 duplicates, and probably 280 addresses that don’t exist, people who have driver’s license numbers that won’t verify or Social Security numbers that won’t verify. Some have no address at all.”


      CLEVELAND – A man at the center of a voter-registration scandal told The Post yesterday he was given cash and cigarettes by aggressive ACORN activists in exchange for registering an astonishing 72 times, in apparent violation of Ohio laws.

      “Sometimes, they come up and bribe me with a cigarette, or they’ll give me a dollar to sign up,” said Freddie Johnson, 19, who filled out 72 separate voter-registration cards over an 18-month period at the behest of the left-leaning Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

      “The ACORN people are everywhere, looking to sign people up. I tell them I am already registered. The girl said, ‘You are?’ I say, ‘Yup,’ and then they say, ‘Can you just sign up again?’ ” he said.

      Johnson used the same information on all of his registration cards, and officials say they usually catch and toss out duplicate registrations. But the practice sparks fear that some multiple registrants could provide different information and vote more than once by absentee ballot.

      ACORN is under investigation in Ohio and at least eight other states – including Missouri, where the FBI said it’s planning to look into potential voter fraud – for over-the-top efforts to get as many names as possible on the voter rolls regardless of whether a person is registered or eligible.

      It’s even under investigation in Bridgeport, Conn., for allegedly registering a 7-year-old girl to vote, according to the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

      The nonpartisan group works to recruit low-income voters, who tend to lean Democratic.

      Bribing citizens with gifts, property or anything of value is a fourth-degree felony in Ohio, punishable by up to 18 months in prison. And it’s a fifth-degree felony – punishable by 12 months in jail – for a person to pay “compensation on a fee-per-registration” system when signing up someone to vote.

      Johnson, who works at a cellphone kiosk in downtown Cleveland, said he was a sitting duck for the signature hunters, but was always happy to help them out in exchange for a smoke or a little scratch. He’d collected 10 to 20 cigarettes and anywhere from $10 to $15, he said.

      The Cleveland voting probe, first reported by The Post yesterday, also focused on Lateala Goins, who said she put her name on multiple voter registrations. She guessed ACORN canvassers then put fake addresses on them. “You can tell them you’re registered as many times as you want – they do not care,” she said.

      ACORN spokesman Kris Harsh said the group does not tolerate its workers paying people to sign the voter-registration cards.

      ACORN’s political wing has endorsed Barack Obama for president, but Ben LaBolt, a spokesman for the Obama campaign in Ohio, said ACORN has no role in its get-out-the-vote drive.

      During the primary season, however, the Obama camp paid another group, Citizen Service Inc., $832,598 for various political services, according to Federal Elections Commission filings. That group and ACORN share the same board of directors.



    29. super dave on October 10th, 2008 7:41 pm

      if barry osama bin biden wins this election it will be done by lying and cheating. nothing else.

    30. Steve Holloway on October 10th, 2008 8:26 pm

      I can’t beleive my ears……We are in deep trouble folks concerning ACORN. ACORN is in the Obama boat that is funded with OUR TAX payer money, trying to steal the election.

      Shocking!—Democrats Trying to Give Bailout Money to Obama’s Owner ACORN


    31. A New Girl on October 10th, 2008 9:57 pm

      #14-Diane…ROTFL ! Your post is somewhat assinine. Who cares if McCain graduated 3rd from the bottom of his class ? Are you aware of what he sacrificed during his service? How can you even come up with a statement like that?

      Perhaps you are the one who needs to pay closer attention during your reading and research on “both sides.”

      You also are overly assumptive and completely incorrect to say that most on here “hate” Obama.
      I certainly do not, and think he is a fine enough man. I am, however deathly afraid of what will happen to our Country should he become our next President.

      Not enough experience, Anti-American, no substance, character issues and just really, really green behind the ears. He’s an empty suit, Diane—and even after all this time on the campaign trial…I’m still confused by his own words and actions and don’t really know what he stands for.

      During the current economic turmoil and in these modern times where terrorisim is a daily threat which we must live with, Barack Obama does NOT give me that warm, fuzzy feeling..sorry!

      **McCain/Palin ’08***

    32. caesu on October 10th, 2008 10:26 pm

      McCain just rehabilitated Obama.

      McCain: “We have to fight and I will fight but we will be respectful. I admire Sen. Obama and his accomplishments and I respect him.”

      McCain: “He is a decent person, a person you don’t have to be scared of as President of the United States.”

      Woman: “I’m scared of Barack Obama… he’s an Arab…”

      McCain: “No, no ma’am, he’s a decent family man with whom I happen to have some disagreements.”


      realizing his defeat, i think McCain doesn’t want to go down in history losing with the most negative campaign ever.
      so McCain threw the wingnuts under the bus.
      that was his largest electoral block.

    33. Ray on October 10th, 2008 11:15 pm

      #30 Steve Holloway
      Steve I would like extend to you and rest of Natalee’s family My Best Wishes.
      I am also concerned about this election. I cant bring myself to vote for anyone from Chicago. You remember mayor Daily and his machine?


    34. Diane on October 11th, 2008 1:15 am

      Not on dope, in my 50′s, have raised 3 children and attend church every week.
      Never felt the need to wear a burka or drink kool aid.
      And honestly, to even say that has to show a sense of unreasonableness.

      I feel sorry for some of you. Your unwillingness to be open to a new idea or even entertain a thought that you may be wrong is very sad. If I am wrong or in error, I admit it.
      The anger and hostility is clear and maybe some of you are honestly scared about Obama.
      I am scared to have more of the same with mcCain and the thought of Sarah Palin near the White House, well I don’t even want to think about it.
      Good Luck!

    35. A New Girl on October 11th, 2008 6:03 am

      #32 Caesu: LOL Another post from the idiot LEFT.

      McCain just rehabilitated Obama? Where do you come up with this stuff? Let the American public judge for themselves, please.

      As far as Obama now retorting to the exposure of his past dangerous & criminal associates and inappropriate actions…..Obama is just handing voters another crock when he now claims McCain is attempting to “be divisive.” Oh, let me guess….what’s next? The race card again or some type of discrimination plea ?

      As McCain has been saying from day one…he views Obama as dangerously unprepared..and it’s about time McCain simply called him out as just “dangerous” with the constant linking of Obama to Ayers. Can’t believe that many Americans have not taken more notice of this fact before! Did you hear Obama’s response to his association with Ayers when Bill O’Rielly pinned him on it in his 9/04/08 interview ? Obama immediately stuttered, became nervous and couldn’t even give a straight answer if I recall correctly.

      It would appear to me that both campaigns are using words and images to perpetuate stereotypes with voters.

      Obama is just too risky for America. And as Sarah Palin pointed out he is “not a man who sees America as you see it”…. That’s a a truthful statement from all the research I have done on him. All you have to do is read the 2 books Obama wrote and published himself-it’s obvious! These are his own words, so to me anyways-that packs even a more powerful punch.

      **McCain/Palin ’08 **

    36. Dutch citizen on October 11th, 2008 6:05 am

      “Can America afford to elect a President who either assumes or lies?”

      Don’t they all? It seems like that’s all George W ever does….isn’t that how he won the elections?

      I’m sure that both candidates will just carry on with tradition! Nothing will ever change!

    37. JusticeforNatalee on October 11th, 2008 7:22 am

      McCain has to go negative because the MSM has failed to do its job of digging for the truth and informing the public.

      If the MSM had done its job of objective journalism, Obama would not even be a candidate.

      I am completely sick of Fraudbama.

      I plan to vote straight Republican and ditch the “Democratic” Party soon afterward.

    38. Kay Zee Ess on October 11th, 2008 7:24 am

      Sen McCain is a decent man as well and you do not have to be scared to have him as President of the United States.

      Both candidates should have relied on the issues at hand in these historically important times. The voting public is intelligent enough to know that both sides of the isle are going to have to work together to dig our way out of the mess that challenges the not only us but the entire world today.

      I hope that the last debate shows us both candidates at their very best in the platforms they offer. One can only hope, anyway.

    39. A New Girl on October 11th, 2008 8:39 am

      #34-Diane….perhaps much is lost when only reading words over a computer screen.

      I have to tell you, I for one, am not angry or harbor any ill will or hatred towards Democrats or Barack Obama…so please..don’t be so judgemental.

      I, like you AGREE that the past 8 years—there have been many mistakes made. I still don’t think that the cumulation of all the mistakes and dire straits of our economy can be blamed solely on GW Bush. Think about it! It certainly took a lot to get us to this point, and it will take many changes and much effort to restore America to it’s glorius former state. I do not think GW has been one of the best Presidents of all time, but History will be the judge. I can tell you this, there have been worse.

      So—with that being said, Diane- let’s just say we agree to disagree about many of your opinions and sentiments.

      I think Barrack Obama has just been plain lucky to be in the right place at the right time. I will admit-the very first time I laid eyes on him and heard him speak on the Oprah Winfrey show—I was impressed. “Who IS this man?”….Well, that changed over time for me as I chose to do research and find out more about him since I was so interested—and some of what I discovered was unsettling to me personally. That is just my own choice and beliefs—they don’t have to be yours.

      If you want to continue to be mesmerized because, Yes–we so desparately need a change–then feel free to do so. This is part of Obama’s mass appeal….folks are just so fed up with everything over the past 8 years—they’ll take anything other than “the same old”. I just believe, based upon facts (not rumours) that this will be a big mistake.

      Barack CANNOT do the job- I N E X P E R I E N C E
      First and foremost! Do you trust this Country’s future over the next 4 or 8 years to a man who uses incorrect judgement sometimes only because of his lack of experience? Is the White House the place for him to learn and get On-the-Job Training? Thanks, but I am ALL SET with that.

      So, Diane—I really hear what you are saying and can relate to parts of your posts and ideas. It’s just that common sense tells me I have to vote for the person who is most capable of doing the best job at present. The person who puts the good of our Country first! The person whom I feel can be tough enough, smart enough and quick enough to make the right choices and take corrective action. Lastly, it is also obvious as has been predicted by many Financial/Economic/Global experts- that no matter WHO gets elected—this one President is not going to be able to completely turn everything around for the US in 4 short years. Perhaps 8, not four and even at 8–there will still always be more work to be done.


    40. katablog.com on October 11th, 2008 11:19 am

      #39 I agree – we do need change in Washington DC, but like you, I was originally attracted to Obama and like you, after some research, I knew he was not the man I ever wanted to see in the Whitehouse.

      Barack Obama does not represent the change he puts forth to his minions. He is, just like many other politicians, owned by those that helped him raise through the political ranks. Those that helped him rise to his current status are people like Tony Resko and William Ayers. Unlike you, THAT is what scares me.

      It is liberalism that put us in the economic crisis that we are in today and liberalism is NOT what will get us out of it.

      Another scary factor I’ve read today is that several sources, including Chairman Benacke, are now suggesting that the stock market is actually being systematically manipulated. They are now seeing patterns that suggest someone or some group is purposely scaring people through the market with the hopes that it will swing the election. Ask yourself which candidate seems to benefit.

      Why Obama benefits with the financial crisis is something beyond me. I personally would think that people would be smart enough to investigate how we got where we are and then run away from the Democrats, but apparently it’s not the way it’s working.

    41. Diane on October 11th, 2008 2:34 pm

      #’s39 and 40

      We can agree to disagree and your posts show thoughtful, research on the subjects.
      But if Obama is inexperienced, how can you tolerate Palin as VP and possibly president?
      She has no experience and I hope that you will be honest enough to say that if a Democratic VP said the things she is saying and claiming what she has for experience. The republicans would be merciless.
      She has no business being second in command.
      Talk about not knowing someone!

    42. A New Girl on October 12th, 2008 1:50 am

      #41-Diane! PALIN is NOT running for President! Think about what you just said. You would elect a completely INEXPERIENCED person for President, but not elect his opponent who has more experience than anyone combined?

      Yes, it’s true–either Biden or Palin could potentially become President—but I am a bit confused with your reasoning.

      Sarah Palin has more Executive experience than Obama as Governor, come on. Barrack has been a US Senator for how many days before he announced his candidcy? It’s less than 300 days in office, I am pretty sure. That is it, Diane. Yes, I know..educated man and politically active but that does not a President make.

      To me, it’s just common sense. I’m with Katablog above! The more I read, the more I fear and I definetly do not want my hard earned money and tax dollars being doled out to lazy Americans by a Socialist Government. Obama a Democrat…that’s just his chosen party—Read Obama’s Books! He is prone to Socialist ideology. In my mind, if elected he will govern as a Socialist 100%

    43. katablog.com on October 12th, 2008 10:12 am

      But if Obama is inexperienced, how can you tolerate Palin as VP and possibly president?
      She has no experience and I hope that you will be honest enough to say that if a Democratic VP said the things she is saying and claiming what she has for experience.

      Diane, as NewGirl said, Palin is running for VP not president, but truthfully, Obama’s lack of experience is not a huge factor with me. Sometimes I think a person with less experience (especially if they are NOT a Washington DC insider) can add common sense to the subject matters.

      I’m also not so concerned about experience because an administration (Pres and VP) have lots of experience at their side through their advisers.

      What DOES concern me is just who the candidate surrounds themselves with – because obviously these people will have an influence over them and indeed may become their advisers. Obama’s relationships trouble me greatly because Johnson and Raines are the very ones that were involved in bilking Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac of millions of dollars. Ayers is a radical and Obama’s relationships show he has spent a great deal of time with radicals.

      In addition, any person who refuses to admit his mistakes is bound to continue making them. Obama refuses to confess his mistakes, refuses to admit where he was wrong and back peddles while pretending he is not. Obama owes his soul to people like Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers and Tony Resko – all who granted to him some of the prestige and much of the money he has today.

      I actually believe a common person with good business experience and lots of common sense can run government much better than those whose whole training has been government and politics.

      Sarah Palin has some government experience running the great state of Alaska. She has business experience and most of all she has lots of common sense.

    44. Sean on October 18th, 2008 1:48 am

      From: Allan Hooks [hooks.allan@gmail.com]
      Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 10:29 AM
      Subject: Act now to stop ACORN from undermining our electoral process

      This issue impacts every voter that wants their vote to count fairly. Here is a
      prepared letter you can send to your elected officials to demand action
      against ACORN to prevent them from stealing more elections using fraudulent
      registration methods.
      Please send it in and pass it along…

      Dear :

      As a concerned US citizen, I am contacting my government representatives to address a serious situation that is undermining the electoral process upon which our basic democratic processes are based. This situation now calls into question the integrity of not only presidential elections, but also key Congressional, Senate, and even state-level elections. I am deeply disturbed that an issue like this has persisted for so many years without any oversight or review.

      The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, known as ACORN, has registered 1.3 million young people, minorities and poor and working-class voters, the group says. Thousands of those registration cards have become the focus of fraud investigations in Nevada, Connecticut, Missouri and at least five other states. More than 13,000 workers in 21 states recruited less-fortunate voters, who tend to be Democrats. To make matter worse, ACORN is a Tax-payer funded organization.
      In order to receive federal funding ACORN asserts itself as a non-partisan organization, but this is clearly not the case. In recent years ACORN has been deeply involved in voter registration drives, which have provided a little more insight into the organization’s methods. In each of the recent presidential elections, ACORN was accused of filing masses of false registrations, with many of its branches paying heavy fines. This year is no different. More recently, the authorities raided ACORN’s Nevada office in a voter fraud investigation, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

      We must take action to prevent any further diminishment of our electoral process. Law enforcement officials said ACORN has been on the radar of federal investigators. But officials are reluctant to open investigations because of the sensitivity of this issue so close to the presidential election. As our elected official, I implore you to act now to preserve the integrity of our electoral system, and stop the government from funding organizations like ACORN that have a well documented history of undermining our fundamental rights as citizens, which is fair representation at the ballot box.

      Respectfully yours,

      [Your name & address here]

      Links explaining how to submit letters to your elected officials:



    45. Obama Did Not Know About His Aunt’s Illegal Alien Status or About the Reverend Jeremiah Wright | Scared Monkeys on November 1st, 2008 6:31 pm

      [...] an illegal alien living in the United States. That reeks of the same lack of knowledge he had of Bill Ayers being an unrepentant domestic terrorist, convicted felon Tony Rezco or Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Are we sensing a pattern? That is [...]

    46. Looks Like Canada Knows a Terrorist When they See One, Bill Ayers Stopped at Canadian Border | Scared Monkeys on January 19th, 2009 2:57 pm

      [...] it the the Canadians to treat an unrepentant terrorist like one should treat an unrepentant terrorist, eh. Far be it from Ayers to apologize for [...]

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