Water Seeks Its Own Level … Sarah Palin Tells Crowd Obama Is “Palling Around” With Terrorists


Republican VP candidate today told a crowd of supporters that Obama is “palling around with a terrorist”. The reference is to 1960’s radical Weatherman Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, Bomber and Obama pal Bill Ayers. How is it possible that a potential President of the United States could have any dealings with a person like Bill Ayers? Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist. One could hardly care how slim the dealings are with Ayers, why would a potential President of the USA have any dealings with a domestic terrorist?


Can America afford to have a President that would cozy up to the likes of Bill Ayers?

Palin told a group of donors at a private airport, “Our opponent … is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough, that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.” She also said, “This is not a man who sees America as you see America and as I see America.”

Palin, Alaska’s governor, said that donors on a greeting line had encouraged her and McCain to get tougher on Obama. She said an aide then advised her, “Sarah, the gloves are off, the heels are on, go get to them.”

The escalated effort to attack Obama’s character dovetails with TV ads by outside groups questioning Obama’s ties to Ayers, convicted former Obama fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko and Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Of course the LEFT, the MSM and the Obama campaign want to say that these comments are just desperation by the McCain campaign because they are behind in the polls. However, as we all know and this situation should be no different … WATER SEEKS ITS OWN LEVEL. What gives with Obama and his associations? Is it bad luck, bad judgment or just plain bad. A single association with a questionable person is one thing; however, in Obama’s case there seems to be a troubling pattern.

Water does seek its own level. Why would Obama have associations with such people as Bill Ayers, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Tony Rezco. Enough is enough, this is the same person who said he will deal with terrorist leaders without preconditions. Why should he, it has not stopped him before.

In typical MSM fashion, The NY Times wrote an Obama-Ayers cover (or should we say cover-up) story, “Ayers-Obama connection: Nothing to see here. Move along.”

The New York Times offers about that — a tenth of an effort — into exploring Obama’s connections to William Ayers.  Despite the fact that Obama worked for Ayers at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge for several years and with Ayers on the Woods Fund for a few more, the Paper of Record insists that the two men have no real ties at all.

The first clue as to their spin?  The headline — “Obama and ’60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths”.  Crossed paths?  Are they just two ships that passed in the night?


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    12 Responses to “Water Seeks Its Own Level … Sarah Palin Tells Crowd Obama Is “Palling Around” With Terrorists”

    1. brie. on October 5th, 2008 3:27 am

      Scary as hell! Who knows what the lawsuit will provide, we don’t even know his real name…!!!!

    2. Scarrlett on October 5th, 2008 4:59 am

      I just don’t get the American people. Why is it if anyone brings up these associations of Obama it is called an attack on his character?? It is a plain and simple fact.

      Why is it Palen’s experience is somehow diminished and people say she is not qualified yet, Obama has done nothing. Heck has he even managed Burger King?? A gas station? Anything? And now people think he can lead my country? I just don’t get it.

      To think we can talk to terrorist just proves how NOT ready he is to do any good for my country. My Grandfather died for our freedoms and most places in the West are jealous of us and the terrorists are probably rubbing their hands together with glee at the prospect of this naive fellow in sheep’s clothing sitting in the White House. JMO

    3. super dave on October 5th, 2008 5:05 am

      the obama bin biden camp is practically begging for the votes of convicted felons. this should leave no doubt about their intentions.

    4. Susy Q on October 5th, 2008 10:37 am

      Now here’s something that should scare Democrats…Obama is related to Dick Cheney, both George H W Bush and George W Bush plus Sir Winston Churchill and sigh…. Brad Pitt… all on his mother’s side of course. If he is not a US citizen why has the McCain campaign not objected ? Is it because one of his parents was a US citizen… I know many who post here seem to feel his is not eligible to become President. Maybe he was born in Africa instead of Hawaii, my late husband was born in Germany where his father and mother were in the Army after WWII and he was a citizen. Maybe he got his citizenship through his mother.

    5. Foxy Lady on October 5th, 2008 10:51 am

      The things that Palin says, don’t hold much water.



    6. Kay Zee Ess on October 5th, 2008 10:53 am

      Well, at least it beats the McCain-Palin(or is it the Palin-McCain)camp talking about such non-essential topics as:

      the economy
      health care
      housing crisis
      exported jobs to India and Red(yes, RED!) China
      American job loss
      American wage loss
      capturing Osama bin Laden

      Yep, the best way to drown is to flap yer arms aimlessly and flail away senselessly at the tide. Looks like they(McCin-Palin) still refuse to address the Middle-class American who seeks security. Telling them how bad the other guy is ain’t gonna make it when jobs are going bye-bye(while we pay for the moving costs) and the houses are foreclosing.

      Please Sen McCain and Gov Palin, address their concerns and at least try to look sincere.

    7. Steve Holloway on October 5th, 2008 11:31 am

      Obama will bring change al right, change you will not like.
      To sit in a hate filled church and listen to rev. Right’s message of hate against the goverment and white people and blame them for everthing wrong in there life’s…..well. I hope he had sermons of love your emeny…Love each another…Help each other in time of need…

      The lessons I learned concerning what happen to Natalee that night with Joran and friends…

      To not let hate rule…to forgive…and let God take charge, these’s are the hard facts that are required to beleive and follow Christ.

    8. AP BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Palin is a Racist … AP Decries Palin Comments Against Obama are Racist | Scared Monkeys on October 5th, 2008 4:37 pm

      [...] claiming that Democrat Barack Obama is “palling around with terrorists” and doesn’t see the U.S. like other Americans, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin [...]

    9. Foxy Lady on October 5th, 2008 4:37 pm

      Mr. Holloway:

      I agree. But, I also believe that we are living in the time of the end. It’s evident in every aspect of our lives. You say love one another, forgive, don’t let hate rule and let God take charge. I can’t agree with you more, as we are the generation that has the opportunity to be judged on the spot in the great day of Armageddon. The Christ, himself, said as you do unto the least of these (people), so you do unto me; and, yet, you chose to use, as your outlet, one of the most hate-filled news blogs on the internet… why?

      Please, take the time to go back and look at some of the things that have been written for the past few days on this blog and tell me… is this the way of the Christ?

      I am not a prostitute, a stripper or a mother raising mongrel children on welfare, but even the Christ showed love and mercy to the prostitute that washed his feet with her hair and her tears, right in front of the Pharisees who considered her unclean and untouchable.

      If you are, in fact, who you say you are, then, please, raise your voice on the side of mercy, compassion and understanding because it is not the judgemental philosophy of the Pharisees that will bring an end to all wickedness, but rather the one that can see into our hearts. There is no hope for the governments of man, as he is not even wise enough to direct his own step; and, even, they will be trampled on by Jehovah, the God of great armies.

      God be with you…

    10. Steve Holloway on October 5th, 2008 6:44 pm

      I agree with you on most of the things you said. I post on this site because it is the only one I read and post on. It is the main blog that supported our cause, getting the news out about Aruba.

      I don’t like any of the name calling or posts that are full of hate, even when they were again Joran and his friends and I said a few times I didn’t like it. I of course want justice, but not hate toward them.

      The main thing is not to let hate in your heart. Just be an example to others just like Jesus is. He was beated and died a terrible dead and could have ended it, but had to pay the price for us. And now waits for us in Heaven or until he comes back to get his bride (the faithful church)

      I am sorry for the way you have been treated and ask that you find it within yourself to forgive them before they even ask. God Bless

    11. Waterboy on October 6th, 2008 8:29 pm

      I won’t vote for any candidate who is pro-death (pro-abortion) so Obama lost my vote before he opened his mouth. No way he can talk his way out of this one.

      When I was a kid, I saw a bumper sticker of a donkey expelling gas, and the caption read, “L.B.J. has spoken.” Being a kid, and being from Texas, and being distantly (very) kin to L.B.J. I was greatly insulted, but as I came to know L.B.J., I would often think to myself how true the sticker was.

      So here we are 40 something years later, and I saw the same bumper sticker with the words “Obama has spoken”. History really does repeat itself. It is truer now than ever before.


    12. Waterboy on October 6th, 2008 8:47 pm

      Kay Zee Ess,

      Do you sincerely believe that Obama can do anything about, the economy, health care, housing, jobs etc.?

      Being one who pays the bills, all Obama is going to do for me is make me and others like me (the middle class), pay for more and more. Do you think we need or want the government to provide us with worthless health insurance in the form of some exotic government H.M.O?

      And by the way, the exportation of jobs started under a president named Bill.


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