CHANGE ??? Barack Obama and his Judgement … Tony Rezko played Bigger Fundraising Role & Raised More Money than Previously Known


Change, or same old same old? The longer the Democratic primary campaign Obama-rezkogoes on, they more we find out about Obama. What we are discovering is hardly a man of “Change”. Barack Obama continues to follow the same pattern. Deal with individuals and have lapses in judgement. Then when it is politically harmful to maintain those long standing relationships … he distances himself and “Blames it on Rio”. Hey Barack … JUDGEMENT MATTERS!!!

Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate for President who has based his entire campaign on hope and change has once again stepped in a pile of change. First, Obama was linked to Tony Rezko, then it was Michelle Obama’s comments about not being proud of America. Most recently,  it was the controversial comments from his long spiritual adviser Reverend Wright. Now the specter of Tony Rezko and his political fund raising for Barack Obama has reared its ugly head again.

It appears that Tony Rezko has raised more campaign funds for Barack Obama than previously known. Woops, he did it again … an error in judgement. According to Obama, that should not matter to voters.

But in a 90-minute interview with Tribune reporters and editors, Obama disclosed that Rezko had raised more for Obama’s earlier political campaigns than previously known, gathering as much as $250,000 for the first three offices he sought.

Obama also elaborated on previous statements about his private real estate transactions with Rezko, saying they were not simply mistakes of judgement because Rezko was under grand jury investigation at the time of their 2005 and 2006 dealings. “The mistake, by the way, was not just engaging in a transaction with Tony because he was having legal problems. The mistake was because he was a contributor and somebody who was involved in politics.”

Faced with intensifying scrutiny as the Democratic primary season grinds on, Obama said voters should view his Rezko dealings as “a mistake in not seeing the potential conflicts of interest.” But he added that voters should also “see somebody who is not engaged in any wrongdoing . . . and who they can trust.” (Chicago Tribune)

8 things you need to know about Obama and Rezko

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UPDATE I: Barack Obama Beginning to Sound Like a Typical Politician … Obama tells Sun-Times it’s hard to keep track of about $250,000 from tainted donor

Barack Obama, what is that sound? Its the sound of inevitability and your campaign crashing to the ground. The longer that the Democratic Primary goes on … the more that the public sees Obama for what he really is … Just another politician.

The candidate of so-called “Change” is beginning to sound like the very thing that he claims to be the champion against. Barack Obama sounds like Hillary Clinton, not being able to recall when asked in the past about improprieties with White Water. Now Obama … the so called candidate of political change looks just like one in a long line of lying, spinning and unable to recall politicians.

This is the breakdown Obama provided for Rezko’s fund-raising:

  • About $160,000 for Obama’s 2004 U.S. Senate election. Obama has given that money to charity.
  • From $50,000 to $60,000 for Obama’s failed attempt to unseat U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush in 2000.
  • Between $10,000 and $15,000 for Obama’s first election, in 1996, to the Illinois Senate.
  • “Somewhat less than that” for Obama’s re-elections to the Illinois Senate in 1998 and 2002.

Obama’s estimate exceeded his campaign staff’s previous estimates of Rezko’s fund-raising during Obama’s 12 years in politics. In November 2006, Obama’s staff estimated Rezko raised $50,000 to $60,000 over the senator’s career. In the last year, Obama’s campaign fund has given charities more than $157,600 in donations it linked to Rezko, his family, friends and business associates.

Barack Obama’s Tribune interview

Obama Admits Repeated Poor Judgement With Rezko, Listen to interview HERE

It would appear that is all that Obama has done lately is be guilty of repeated poor judgement. However, having a religious adviser in your ear for 20 years is far from poor judgement … that is just a convenient excuse.

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    10 Responses to “CHANGE ??? Barack Obama and his Judgement … Tony Rezko played Bigger Fundraising Role & Raised More Money than Previously Known”

    1. Micheal Wynn on March 15th, 2008 1:35 am

      That is politics for you. Thats how it works. Money is spilled like water. It has to be accepted so.

    2. Scared Monkeys on March 15th, 2008 8:45 am


      It does not have to be accepted, especially when a candidate claims he is the candidate of change.


    3. Richard on March 15th, 2008 9:21 am

      Ah, well … doubtless all these people who contribute to politicians on the rise do so out of sheer patriotism, with nary a thought of getting anything back in return.

    4. Richard on March 15th, 2008 9:23 am

      Look on the bright side … no longer is American politics the fiefdom of white males. Now our country offers everyone the chance to be crooked.

    5. Lotte Lenya on March 15th, 2008 10:34 am

      Obama a man of change? Give me a break!!! He’s nothing more then a figment of imagination in the minds of people looking for a hero. When you remove the media created hype, all you got left is your average run of the mill sneaky politician.

      Definition of the average sneaky politician:

      Obama told Jeremiah Wright that he wouldn’t be able to give the public prayer at Obama’s 2007 campaign kick-off. He told Wright that the public wouldn’t like it and it would hurt his campaign. Instead, Obama met in private with Wright just prior to the kick off for a prayer.

      When a politician does things on the sly, is he really a good choice to be the public’s ‘man of hope’???

    6. Pedro on March 15th, 2008 12:17 pm

      Hillary and Bill Clinton have made a significant issue about how the press is treating Hillary unfairly in their hyper-critical reporting on her and their “softball” reporting on Barack Obama. Hillary maintains she has been fully investigated by the media and Barak hasn’t!

      As the Tony Rezko trial begins in Chicago, Clinton and her surrogates are linking Obama to Rezko and the media is speculating about whether Obama will be called to testify as a witness in the case. Obama has always admitted he received $85,000 in contributions from Rezko which Obama has now donated to charity rather than keep.

      Yet the civil fraud trial of Bill Clinton for defrauduing Hillary’s largest donor in 2000 into giving her campaign more than $1.2 million, pending in Los Angeles courts since 2003, is now preparing for a November, 2008 trial. The discovery that is now proceeding after a February 21 hearing, and the pending trial, have NEVER been announced by the mainstream media.

      Hillary was able to extricate herself as a co-defendant in the case in January, 2008 after years of appeals to be protected by the First Amendment from tort claims arising out of federal campaign solicitations she made. Her abuse of the intent of California’s anti-SLAPP law after the California Supreme Court refused to dismiss her from the case in 2004 is emblematic of her contempt for the Rule of Law.

      Hillary will be called as a witness in both discovery and the trial according to the trial court Judge who so-advised Hillary’s attorney David Kendall when he dismissed Hillary as a co-defendant in 2007. A subpoena is being prepared this month and will be served personally on Hillary, along with Chelsea, Pa Gov. Ed Rendell, Al Gore and other well known political and media figures.

      Yet the media has refused to report about this landmark civil fraud case- brought by Hillary’s biggest 2000 donor to her Senate race, regarding allegations that were corroborated by the Department of Justice in the criminal trial of Hillary’s finance director David Rosen in May, 2005. That indictment and trial was credited as resulting from the civil suit’s allegations by Peter Paul, the Hollywood dot com millionaire Bill Clinton convinced to donate more than $1.2 million (according to the DOJ prosecutors and the FBI) to Hillary’s Senate campaign as part of a post White House business deal with Bill.

      The media – except for World Net Daily- has also suspiciously refused to report on Hillary’s last FEC report regarding her 2000 Senate campaign, filed in January 30, 2006. In a secret settlement of an FEC complaint by the plaintiff in Paul v Clinton, Peter Paul, the FEC fined Hillary’s campaign $35,000 for hiding more than $720,000 in donations from Paul, and it required Hillary’s campaign to file a 4th amended FEC report.

      In that report Hillary and her campaign again hid Paul’s $1.2 million contribution to her campaign and falsely attributed $250,000 as being donated by Paul’s partner, Spider Man creator Stan Lee, who swore in a video taped deposition he never gave Hillary or her campaign any money.

      Lee did testify to trading $100,000 checks with Paul to make it appear he gave $100,000 to Hillary’s campaign (admission of a felony) but none of that has been reported by the “overly critical” media!

      Where is the outrage from Obama that the press is engaging in a double standard relating to his possible role in the Rezko trial and his refunding the $85,000 contributed to his campaign by Rezko- which Obama has always admitted taking. The media makes no mention of Hillary’s role as a witness in Bill’s fraud trial for defrauding Hillary’s largest donor- and Hillary’s refusal to refund the $1.2 million she illegally received from Paul, which she has denied taking from Paul ever since the Washington Post asked her about Paul and his felony convictions from the 1970’s before her first Senate election in 2000?

      Let the truth be told, see the video of Hillary commiting crimes at

      And to those that like to get brainwashed by the media, like CNN (Clinton News Network) lets be real. We know churches are not 20 years talking about the same thing, the media gathered up those few clips. Do I think the pastor is a bit racist, there’s no doubt about it. But to link Obama with the Pastor, No. First of all, people are forgetting (Maybe because of his color) that OBAMA is WHITE and BLACK! As much as people want to make Obama un-American…. he is not. Youtube videos showing him not Pledge to the flag? First of all he and the audience were the only smart people that knew the national anthem is not the pledge of allegiance, plus was the only one singing it when Clinton and the others didn’t even know the song. I friend of mines I knew for 23 years murdered two people, I hate him for doing such stupidity, but he was part of the family, and I see him like twice every year. But that doesn’t make me a murderer. It didn’t make my wife switch her mind on being with me, that because I’m my own person. People should pay attention to what Obama says and not his pastor, so as much as you want to make it look like Obama is un-American. That is such a Clinton!!! in other words such a LIE! I mean just look at her latest lie about her experience with Children health care, BUSTED!!! The Clinton were forced by the real people in SCHIP and they weren’t ready, and now they are taking all the credit that they created it.


    7. Paul V on March 15th, 2008 1:32 pm

      I Voted For Hilary Clinton
      But camparing Jeremiah Wright to John McCain Minister ,,You
      Can not compare,,, John McCain,, the minister he know just gave him Money,,he does not Go to his church,,, He did not Baptise john McCain kids,,, he is not on John McCain Campaign,, Just gave John McCain money,,, to compare him with Jeremiah Wright is something the Media, and the Obama Camapaign,, doing,,Barack Obama Has a Racist man who worked on his Campaign,, Jeremiah Wright, ,, who helped Barack with the title of his book,,, who baptise his kids, Barack Obama Miinister, gave Louis Farrahkan life time achievement award, ,,, Barack Obama who went to this Racist mans church,,, for 20 years,

      Whats even sad is Barack Obama, followers don’t even Care, He can run over a person right now ,,, and people will still follow him,,, but one thing is for certain Barack no matter what, just lost this election,,, even if he wins the primary,,, from Hilary,,, Barack can not win a big state, Hilary followers will not back Barack Obama,,, just like if Hilary wins the primary,,, Barack Obama followers will not back Hilary ,,,,,
      Obama is definitely Muslim, but he is a closet Racist, who employed a racist,, of all Racist, ,,,,, he is done
      Watch Obama weblink…%20

    8. Lotte Lenya on March 15th, 2008 1:47 pm

      Michelle Obama and Jeremiah Wright are NASTY people! Jeremiah Wright is an egomaniac concerned only with having a large congregation following and he achieved this through his years of fiery black persecution sermons. Wright either knew, or didn’t care to know that the reason Natalee Holloway was given so much media attention had NOTHING to do with a racist media bias for crimes against white women. The real truth of the matter was that Natalee’s parents had to fight tooth and nail to keep the media interested in their daughter, and still have to! The truth didn’t fit Wright’s self-promoting agenda so he had to put a racist spin on it. He deceitfully used Natalee and he’s a BIG ASSHOLE!!

      By the way: “…Where is the outrage from Obama that the press is engaging in a double standard relating to his possible role in the Rezko trial…”

      The outrage is tucked away inside of Obama’s glass house

    9. katablog on March 16th, 2008 1:31 pm

      Pedro: If you are trying to say the Hillabeast is just as dirty and corrupt as anyone can imagine – absolutely! No lie.

      Is the Hillabeast behind the MSM finally waking up to Jeremiah Wright? Probably. It certainly would be one of those things the Clintons would do.

      Don’t forget everyone, the Hillabeast is also tied to Resko. There’s at least one picture of Resko with bill and hill – and don’t kid yourselves, no one got to take pictures with the clintons for nothing.

      Now about Obama, the candidate of change. Well you all just misunderstood, thinking “change” meant something different, a reversed direction. Nope. In the case of Obama, “change” means money and lots of it.

    10. Lotte Lenya on March 16th, 2008 8:18 pm

      “Pedro: If you are trying to say the Hillabeast is just as dirty and corrupt as anyone can imagine – absolutely! No lie.”

      Right. The thing is, Hillary Clinton’s not the one who’s running a Mr. Smith Goes To Washington campaign. That would be Obama and he deserves extra special scrutiny because of it.

      “Is the Hillabeast behind the MSM finally waking up to Jeremiah Wright? Probably. It certainly would be one of those things the Clintons would do.”

      And your point is what? Only evil people like the Clintons would dare bring Obama’s relationship with Wright to the public’s attention? Or is it because you think that it’s poor etiquette for a political candidate to expose questionable behavior of their opponent?

      “In the case of Obama, “change” means money and lots of it.”

      Can’t argue with you there, Kat.

      On Obama investments….

      “One of the companies was a biotech concern that was starting to develop a drug to treat avian flu. In March 2005, two weeks after buying about $5,000 of its shares, Mr. Obama took the lead in a legislative push for more federal spending to battle the disease.”

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