Casey Anthony Free Again on Bond …Lies, Decomposition, Chloroform and Missing Caylee … When Will Casey be Charged for Disappearance of Caylee Anthony?


Caylee Anthony bailed out for a second time, released by a bond company when Casey Anthony’s parents Cindy and George signed promissory notes to the bond company. What collateral could the Anthony’s have that would be the equivalent of $50,000?


Where is Caylee Anthony?

And sources confirm there was so much of the powerful chemical solution chloroform discovered by the FBI in mom, Casey Anthony`s, car trunk, even the air within the trunk was saturated — the air was saturated with chloroform — mom, Casey`s, computer revealing multiple visits to Web sites on chloroform. Investigators on the record confirm there is forensic evidence of human decomposition in mom, Casey`s, car trunk. All indicators are it was 3-year-old little Caylee.

And tonight, volunteers told to search for a rolled-up rug, a duffel bag and bones as the search goes on — swamps, forests, bodies of water. Where is 3-year-old Caylee?

FULL TRANSCRIPTS from Nancy Grace can be read HERE.

 Part 1

Part 2

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    25 Responses to “Casey Anthony Free Again on Bond …Lies, Decomposition, Chloroform and Missing Caylee … When Will Casey be Charged for Disappearance of Caylee Anthony?”

    1. Richard on September 7th, 2008 7:29 am

      The article above says that volunteers were told to search for a rolled-up rug and certain other items. I’m wondering if anyone has spilled the beans, or some of them. Whence came this info?

      Are the Anthony family, or some of them, or some others, taking glee in throwing out hints or false hints? Are we seeing a repeat of Aruba (“search the pond … the dunes … here … there … see them search”)?

      Can it be that the family, or someone else, relishes the sudden rise in status from nobodies to being in the public eye?

      Maybe paying less attention to them, and more help with the searches, would be good.

    2. Lotusjani on September 7th, 2008 8:45 am

      Yes, above writer is right. The mother, daughter, son and father are a buch of kooks, the son not as much as the number one, Casey, number 2 are both parents, Cindy is a liar and a b….ch. She knows damned well what happened to the little girl, both parents are trying to misguide all searches and law enforcement for they do not find the remains of the baby. Such a small little person, would her remains be ever found? All evidence points at the killer and accomplices (at least in conspiracy, the parents.) With the Docket little boy there was nothing to follow up, the mother rather killed herself than having to admit what she had done with that little angel. I do believe he is also dead. But this crazy bitch Casey thinks she is above the law, she thinks she will get away with it, but God always has a way to make the chips come in place, and questions will be answered and all of them will get what is coming to them. Shame on them!

    3. misskatie on September 7th, 2008 8:53 am

      it certainly appears that way .. some one had to of given that information regarding the rolled up blanket…
      is it possible that she could be at the landfill?

      these grandparents are looney as hell.. the grandfather being an x cop .. knew alot about forensics… how sick that they are enabling casey……………with her its all about. ME ME ME!!!

      poor lil caylee didnt have a chance for a normal lifr with these family dyamics!!!

    4. A New Girl on September 7th, 2008 9:24 am

      …Noose is getting tighter….Investigators..Orlando PD only let her out so they have more time to build their case….

      Meanwhile, TES/Tim Miller still looking for body….Protestors and TV trucks, satellites, vans line the streets….Welcome Home, Anthony’s…. Enjoy what your ignorance and denial has created !!

      Casey: “What has been given, can be taken away (your freedom). Everyone lies (just you and your Mom) Everyone dies. (your poor child) ”

      You are already down in modern history as a Baby Killer….can’t take back time—damage has been done…you will pay for it for the rest of your miserable life!

      **** Justice for Caylee ****

    5. brie. on September 7th, 2008 9:47 am

      I believe it was Mandy from Texas Equusearch that mentioned on an audio here the items the volunteers were to look for is always the same for all search’s…I’m sure she meant the basics…in this case looking for Caylee, a blanket, a child’s shoe….

      I found two videos on briefing’s from Tim and his team to the volunteers….he also mentions to look for anything that might look like a wild animal had been there….

      And for Cindy, that evil person would not even lend Tim a hand when he asked her for something with Caylee’s scent on it to help the K9 handlers and she said………. NO!!!!

      Reading what Padilla had said and watching Nancy Grace he said the family knows what happened…he thinks Casey told Lee and Lee told Cindy…he said he wasn’t sure if George knew…

    6. brie. on September 7th, 2008 10:08 am

      Casey says “What has been given, can be taken away”…what is she referring to there, she gave Caylee life, so she has the right to take it away or she gave Cindy a grandchild and has the right to take her away…

      What is Casey’s doing these days….relaxing in the pool and basking in the sun…anything but telling where Caylee is….

      And what about George, when Casey came home to get some clothes and he asked where Caylee was and she said with Zanny…he didn’t even bother to question her….who is Zanny?

    7. WV on September 7th, 2008 11:46 am

      I fear that Casey may have put Caylee in the trunk alive with the chloroform poured insided or on something inside. She is such a coward. Thank you Tim Miller for all you give each day!

    8. maryd on September 7th, 2008 12:19 pm

      Lately I’m thinking that Casey was in a real predicament with the decomp odor in her car. She looks like a well kept dresser and probably smells good too. If that stench was sticking to her clothes and car how would she explain it. So I’m wondering if the gas can theft was intended for setting the car on fire. Maybe that’s why her phone was pinging in the woods, looking for a place to burn it. But of course she would have had to have an accomplice to get a ride home. At that point she may have realized it would be better to just abandon it and call Tony. But how could he not notice the smell on her? Another eerie thought Tony said she had gone shopping, could the shopping bags have contained something besides food? And could the shopping story been made up to cover for what the camera’s may have seen. Not accusing Tony but there are a lot of questions here.

    9. brie. on September 7th, 2008 3:20 pm

      Tim Miller was ready to pick up and move on until Orange County asked him to stay for the community and help with the search for Caylee….Cindy probably told him to go home…I don’t how anyone can have any compassion for this family…

      George of all people, a homicide detective, he has to know that his daughter is guilty…the Anthony’s are hiding something big time…either they feel responsible and they are… or they just protecting they lying, thieving, murderous daughter…I think they are worried about what could happen to them….

    10. BUN on September 7th, 2008 3:37 pm

      “What is given will be taken away” and I think real soon that will include Casey’s freedom…hopefully for life or worse!!

    11. sharon mccraw on September 7th, 2008 5:37 pm

      I think casey is totally guily…… I just find it hard for anyone to hurt or kill such a sweet and beautiful little girl. Casey acts like nothing has happen. She is so cold hearted and for her family, I think they are the most disfuntional family. Thery are as sick as casey. Who do they think there fooling. Everyone know Casey is a murder… Wake up George and Cindy…

    12. Maggie on September 7th, 2008 7:08 pm

      I think the cops are taking their time.. and that’s good. At least I do have confidence in this police force , plus FBI is involved. People like Casey always screw up here and there..

      Not sure what faith I put in Padilla story.. Simply because he said he never did talk to Casey, now he says he did talk to Casey. Casey told him about the park story..then when asked about that story last night on Geraldo he said Cindy Anthony told him that story.

      Casey had no job… just another reason I don’t believe the babysitter story. Noone else ever saw or talked to this babysitter in 1 and a half years. She was mad at her mom, so she wasn’t going to ask mom to babysit.. She wanted to go out and party so she would have to find someone to watch her daughter, that’s where the chloroform story comes in to me. Noone else has come forward to say they were watching Caylee during this time.

      Sorry, but noone hides out in the house, tries to hose the media down and run them out, bad mouths free searchers, lies, lies, lies, leads cops on wild goose chases, refuse to cooperate, don’t even report it for 31 days, when they have a 3 year old granddaughter or daughter and they don’t know where she is.

      It’s pathetic to hear Cindy call police and say the car smells like a dead body, then it was rotten pizza, then maybe a squirrel, and then well who know who’s body it could’ve been in that trunk.

    13. rikki on September 7th, 2008 9:20 pm

      Cindy says that they know who have her….who would that be, Zanaida Gonzalez the babysitter that Casey had for Caylee for a year and a half which Cindy refers to as Zanny…. Ummm what mother has a babysitter for her child for a year and a half and does not have this person’s contact info or address. why did she lie about where she worked? Maybe she just wanted to see Mickey Mouse. Who knows.
      Cindy said the car smelled like a dead body. First off she is a nurse but only an orthopedic nurse. She would not know the smell of a dead body, but she can’t say it could have been a pizza either. Those smells are completely different. Casey said that she would work with FBI and LE….hmmm I dont see her doing that now. WHY? While she was in jail, her brother said that she would be right there looking for Caylee if she was out…well now she is out!!!! I dont see her looking. Who is the alleged babysitter. How did she meet this person? How did she used to contact her to ask if she would watch Caylee? And now she cant contact her. Casey says that she knows where her daughter is….she also told her father “Dad, she’s close.” So what does that mean?
      Casey has only had lies pass her lips but there are some 1/2 truths within those lies. LE needs to read over everything that she has ever said to them and really look for the clues that this psycho is giving.
      And wh

    14. rikki on September 7th, 2008 9:30 pm

      Any why would she need chloroform? Enough to saturate the air of the trunk. It can be used for cleaning…..does her father know this and maybe tried to help clean the car. There are searches on her computer….ya sure anyone could have used her computer. COME ON!!!! Her computer and HER car = chloroform. I truely believe that the entire family knows what the truth is at this point. Cindy is saying that she is getting hundreds of tips….well act on them woman. She thinks that Caylee is in either Texas, Mexico or Puerto Rico. What makes her think this? Before she thought that she was in Georgia and possibly on her way up to NY. The honestly believe that she was kidnapped…are you kidding me.
      Cindy says that we can not lose sight of that all that should be being done is looking for Caylee….well sure I completely agree, but why is she not out looking too?
      The first thing that Casey wanted to do after she got out of jail according to her lawyer was to take a shower….what kind of mother is going to get out of jail and worry about taking a shower when her daughter is missing…she needed to get out and start looking yet she was only concerned about herself.
      I really wish that I felt differently, but I do not think that Caylee is alive. It is sad, but that is my opinion.
      Accident or intentional, her mother Casey did something to that little girl and now she has dragged her parents and brother into the mess and they are covering for her. They need to stop covering for her and let there be justice for that baby!
      They lost their granddaughter and the hands of their daughter….and now they protect her so they dont lose her too….That is the way i see it….just give it some time and the police and FBI will build a case and slam it right in their faces. There will be justice for Caylee….

    15. Richard on September 7th, 2008 9:40 pm

      Casey: “What has been given, can be taken away (your freedom). Everyone lies (just you and your Mom) Everyone dies. (your poor child) ”

      Anyone think there’s very disturbing overtones here of the comment of the Kalpoes’ mother in Aruba: “I lie, you lie, we all lie”?

      And this in-jail, out-of-jail thing is disturbingly like Joran.

      Some of the parallels are spooky indeed.

    16. Brenda Stratton on September 7th, 2008 11:03 pm

      Casey had probably been using the chloroform on the child for quite some time. After hearing all the comments on TV, and reading the blogs…it appears that the majority of the listening and viewing public is of the same opinion. The mom Casey has apparently done something so horrific to the child that she cannot admit it…cant force herself to see the monster inside of herself. No loving mother “loses” her child for over a month before she admits to her family that the little girl is missing. Did she leave her in the car while she was partying inside the club? Did she use the choloroform to knock the kid out so she could dance and act slutty…and went out to check on her, only to find her not breathing? Did any of her party mates say whether or Casey would disappear for a few minutes, assuming that she ran out to check on the sleeping child? The acts she has committed are too horrible for her to look at, too horrible for her to speak of, too horrible for her admit guilt. She will not admit guilt of any kind until the bones or clothing of this child is found. What did she do with the gas she broke into the shed to steal, and the shovel she borrowed from the neighbors? Casey knows that the little girl will never be found, and so she is simply biding her time. I just dont understand why she has not been charged for the disappearance of her daughter. There appear to be no other suspects, except for the child’s supposedly dead father. Could Casey have lied about that too and simply handed the child over to the “dead” man so she would be rid of the hassle of parenting? Casey’s silence is disturbing and speaks volumes.

    17. Diana Cross on September 8th, 2008 2:28 am

      Just wondering,…in the future should Casey somehow be spared the death penalty…..if she were to ever get out to return to her partying ways,…what man would ever want her? Who would want to be with a woman who selfishly murdered her own child to be free of the cumbersome responsibility motherhood might bring?
      Little Caylee who will never party or attend her first day of school,her prom…or wedding. Little Caylee will never know the “Joy of Motherhood”.But how tragic the last thing she would see was her own mother snuffing her out,can you imagine the fear and fright? My God, how could she have done such a heinous thing?

    18. brie. on September 8th, 2008 7:19 am

      Just knowing that Casey was on her computer looking up chloroform tells you she was up to something and it wasn’t good…

      I think it was used to sedate Caylee and at the same time Casey could get high…

      George is loosing it with the protesters, he told them he owns everything up to the road, I guess he thinks he owns the sidewalk too!

      Another question, when George asked Casey when she was coming home he didn’t ask her where she had been or why she wasn’t at home and no concern as to why poor little Caylee wasn’t at home sleeping in her bed….

      And they think Casey was working, wouldn’t you of thought Cindy would of asked for a phone number of where she could be reached…and a phone number for the baby sitter…none of this makes any sense

      George and Cindy didn’t do anything until they found out the car had been impounded, so I don’t see any real concern there for little Caylee…and when Casey said she going on a mini vacation, wouldn’t you have asked her to call home and to let them know where you were staying…

      I think George and Cindy are of course protecting Casey but I also think they are protecting themselves…George was a homicide detective and he didn’t suspect that anything was wrong after all that time…

    19. brenda on September 8th, 2008 8:43 am

      I read an article by a criminal profiler/psychologist who said the “everyone lies, everyone dies” comment on Casey’s MySpace indicated she knows what happened to Caylee. He also said the behavior of the parents tell him they too know what happened to Caylee…at least in general…and ARE protecting Casey because they’ve already lost a granddaughter and do not wish to loose a daughter as well.

      As for the chloroform, I am not so certain it was being used long term (we don’t know the dates of the search). My thinking is that Caylee was normally left at the granparents’ house when Casey went out to party. That is natural as she lived there. She no longer had constant babysitters now that she moved out and was looking for a way to subdue her tiny daughter while she was out having a better time than she would being a decent mother.

      Sooo.. she had no idea what she was doing and more than likely overdosed poor Caylee first time she tried this…left her in the trunk…tried to “fake” an accident at the grandparent’s home…couldn’t get an answer during the “flurry” of phone calls, so she temporarily buried the body in the back yard…came back later and moved it. That’s my theory anyway.

      Also read yesterday the police have only released A FRACTION of the evidence. That bounty hunter mentioned he felt the parents definately tried to get rid of evidence…as if we didn’t see that too! But for him to come out and say so was startling. NOtice George and Cindy haven’t come out and challenged that statement? If I were innocent of such a thing and someone said I was covering up evidence, I would come out and defend myself. They remain silent.

    20. misskatie on September 8th, 2008 8:37 pm

      george was to busy with his affair with the other woman or women to know or care about caylee casey or cindy!!!

      cindy to busy trying to get george back she probably wanted casey out of the house so she could win her husband back!!!

      so they moved out(BIG MISTAKE)
      and casey not wanting the responsibility of motherhood decides to sedate her daughter and it backfires and she end ups dead….

      what mother could have the heart to see her child rotting in the car and not freak out and loose it?????? a sociopath!!!!

      georges is back but he wont stay… wait n see!!!

      so casey ends up in prison and cindy byherself!!!!!!!!!!!


      I wouldnt defend a daughter of mine if she did such a horrendous thing!!!!


      they know the babys dead…
      and caylee deserves a proper burial.. I agreee with the person that said .. caylee will never attend kindergarten… graduate or marry or have kids.. how sad…she didnt ask to be born nor did she deserve death!!!!

    21. What's the Truth on September 16th, 2008 10:30 pm

      Maybe, just maybe, she is not a pshyco by a scared imature young woman in a world of SH*T and there is another answer.

      In the news in the past few days, I have learned of several cops INVOLVED with Casey (a total of 4) potential lies and sexual involvement to the point of suspention from their jobs. What if the father of the child is a married cop (or the baby’s father) who has threatened Casey and/or her family if she gives infomation about the truth.

      The truth can be stranger than fiction and I belive there is more here than we are seeing currently

    22. What's the Truth on September 16th, 2008 11:30 pm

      Have any of you considered that maybe Casey is really in trouble and needs help?

      Please explore that now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. What's the Truth on September 16th, 2008 11:41 pm

      I wrote post 21. I am not sure who wrote post 22 but it was not me.

      Someone else fells the same way that I do about this case.

    24. K on September 17th, 2008 6:37 am

      1. We know that Casey is lying to the police. Why?

      2. Caylee was last seen on June 15th on Father’s Day. The car was retrieved from the impound on July 15th and Cindy confronted Casey about Caylee’s where abouts. This is not 31 days as Casey claims.

      3. The car was impounded on June 30th and witnesses from the check cashing location said that the car had been there for about 3 days which would be around the time that the neighbor loaned Casey the shovel.

      4. If the car would not have been located until later, Casey would not have come forward until the car was found because I belive she already knew that the child was dead as evidence of the decomposition that has been found in the trunk.

      5. If Casey was living with her parents and her parents practically raising Caylee as they said, why did Casey’s mother, father or brother, not once demand to speak/see Caylee for the weeks leading up to the car being found.

      This is a crazy tale of sex, murder and lies and nothing adds up in this case. Poor Caylee did not have a chance in life with all of these nuts for relatives and I am surprised that she lived as long as she did in their “CARE”.

    25. sabrina on October 10th, 2008 8:08 pm

      what the hell is wrong with this woman. going out partying like nothing wrong.oh i know she is a cold hearted little witch who doesn’t care about anything else exept herself.people like her shouldn’t live especially those who don’t show any type of emotion whats so ever when her little girl is “supposebly missing” when they find more evidence that casey killed caylee they better put her little ass to jail for life. death penalty is better.Do they still have an electric chair? (hint,hint)

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