There’s Change You Can Believe In, John McCain Picks Palin as his VP … First Female VP on a Republican Ticket


It’s official … McCain/Palin … That’s the Ticket.

I must admit I did not see this one coming. John McCain has picked Alaskan Palin_SarahGovernor Sarah Palin to be his Vice Presidential candidate. However, the more I have thought about this choice, just like Mark Levin of The Corner, I think its a terrific pick.  Now there is change you can believe in. McCain opted to not choose an old white guy and went with the first female to ever be on a Republican Presidential/VP ticket.

The Maverick John McCain has shook up the race for the White House in a manner many thought Obama would have. Now that’s leadership … being able to make a bold decision and pull the trigger. Unfortunately for Obama, he was unable to when he picked a VP and opted for an old white dude who was a 35 year Washington, DC Beltway insider.Hot Air has a great time line of today;s events.

“She’s exactly who this country needs to help me fight the same old Washington politics of me first and country second,” the presumptive Republican nominee said at a Dayton, Ohio, rally of about 15,000 supporters, who welcomed the surprise pick of the relatively unknown politician with cheers and flags.


Palin for America: A true conservative

“She’s got the grit, integrity, good sense and fierce devotion to the common good that is exactly what we need in Washington today,” McCain said.

Palin, 44, described herself as a fighter against corruption and a bipartisan reformer in her first appearance as a candidate for vice president, an office she said she never expected to seek.

According to the Volokh Conspiracy, the choice of Sarah Palin is a huge hit on the Clinton Forum. Think women will not cross party lines and after Hilary Clinton was dissed by Barack Obama for the VP pick. Think again?

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    38 Responses to “There’s Change You Can Believe In, John McCain Picks Palin as his VP … First Female VP on a Republican Ticket”

    1. Maggie on August 29th, 2008 7:36 pm

      I was really debating voting this year.. wasn’t all that enthused.. I am not a dem. or rep. I will vote for either if I like them and feel they are right.. I watched this woman today and really like her.. Listening to say Sarah Palin isn’t ready to lead, but Obama is? What has he done. Sarah Palin challenged her own Republican party on corruption. Her approval rating in Alaska is 80% and above.

      I saw this posted about McCain’s daughter.

      If you haven’t been there, visit Meghan McCain’s blog. She is the blonde daughter who was on the stage with mom and dad today. She is 23 years old. Her website has some great photos and lots of email and of course her blogging.

      I read a few of the emails she has received. This one struck me as interesting, as it is from a young man from Berlin, Germany, who attended Obama’s speech in Berlin.

      Thomas from Berlin, Germany writes:
      Hello Meghan. Incidentally I came across your blog which is very nice to browse in. It is really fun. I am German (presumably not really in your focus group), very interested in US politics and have to say that an initial and conservative enthusiasm for Obama got displaced by quite some disillusion after having seen him in Berlin. In some way speaking to the people of the world did not address me. I guess Hillary is right…where is the experience? I think it is very good what you are doing here and I also have respect for your father and his record. Your dad’s campaign has become increasingly inspirational over the last weeks. You certainly contribute to that. Keep up your great work! Cheers.

    2. Maggie on August 29th, 2008 7:40 pm

      Posted: January 27, 2008
      6:49 pm Eastern

      © 2008

      Sen. Barack Obama’s longtime friend and spiritual adviser trashed the memory of a missing and presumed dead American teenage girl, according to church publications reviewed by WND.

      Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the controversial minister of Obama’s church in Chicago, cited the case of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance in Aruba in complaining about what he sees as the media’s bias in covering white victims of crime over black victims.

      “Black women are being raped daily in Darfur, Sudan, in the Congo and in Sub-Saharan Africa. That doesn’t make news,” Wright said in the August 2005 edition of Trumpet Magazine, a publication of his Trinity United Church of Christ.

      But, “One 18-year-old white girl from Alabama gets drunk on a graduation trip to Aruba, goes off and ‘gives it up’ while in a foreign country, and that stays in the news for months!” he added. “Maybe I am missing something!”

      The circumstances involving the coed’s disappearance remain unclear, and the case remains unsolved. Holloway left Mountain Brook, Ala., on a May 2005 senior class trip to Aruba. Attempts to reach her family for comment were unsuccessful. But her mother, Beth Holloway, has written a book, “Loving Natalee,” in which she reveals her daughter named Jesus Christ as one of the most influential people in her life in a trove of writings she found in her bedroom.

      In the same 2005 church publication, Wright suggested “white America” had the 9/11 attacks coming, while calling for business “divestment from Israel,” which he refers to as a “racist” state along with America.

      “In the 21st century, white America got a wake-up call after 9/11/01,” he wrote on page 7. “White America and the Western world came to realize that people of color had not gone away, faded into the woodwork or just ‘disappeared,’ as the Great White West kept on its merry way of ignoring Black concerns.”

      Obama says he is “proud” of Wright and values their 20-year friendship.

      Though Wright has nurtured Obama’s political career as a close adviser and mentor, the Democrat presidential hopeful says they don’t agree on everything. Wright married Obama and baptized his daughters.

      In the November/December 2007 issue of Trumpet, Wright sang the praises of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has described whites as “blue-eyed devils” and Jews as “bloodsuckers.”

      “He brings a perspective that is helpful and honest,” Wright said. “Minister Farrakhan will be remembered as one of the 20th and 21st century giants of the African-American religious experience.”

      Wright then held Farrakhan up as a pillar of “integrity.”

      “His integrity and honesty have secured him a place in history as one of the nation’s most powerful critics,” he continued. “His love for Africa and African-American people has made him an unforgettable force, a catalyst for change and a religious leader who is sincere about his faith and his purpose.”

      Farrakhan’s photo is splashed across the cover of the church magazine, which gushes “the Minister truly epitomized greatness.”

      On Nov. 2, 2007, Wright presented Farrakhan with a “lifetime achievement” award during a Trumpet gala held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. The tribute included a three-and-a-half minute video lionizing “the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.”

      “For his commitment to truth, education and leadership, we honor Minister Louis Farrakhan with the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award,” the video announces.

      Last week, Obama distanced himself from Farrakhan, but did not distance himself from Wright or disavow his praise for Farrakhan.

    3. Miss-Underestimated on August 29th, 2008 8:05 pm

      Yes Mr. Obama see what you have done for your great stateof Illinois

    4. Miss-Underestimated on August 29th, 2008 8:09 pm

      Google Obama voted present in Illinois,
      this is how the man is going to run the country?

    5. Michael Drake on August 29th, 2008 8:17 pm

      I’m not sure that Forum is all that meaningful, given the scales involved. Full discussion is here but suffice it to say there’s little reason for Dems to be quaking in their boots about hordes of renegade HRC bitter-enders.

    6. on August 29th, 2008 8:21 pm

      i like this woman all ready. mccain outdid himself with this choice of running mates. obviously, from the way the dems are all ready attacking her, it must have been a great choice.

    7. A New Girl on August 29th, 2008 8:59 pm

      @ Michael Drake:

      Nobody is suggesting the Dems are quaking in their boots at this point. You see, the Obamanians and the effect of all that Kool-Aid they’ve been drinking hasn’t even begun to wear off yet.

      Stay tuned……

    8. Patti on August 29th, 2008 9:51 pm

      Well, I’m still undecided.

      But, I did like Jimmy Carter. He fought for the release of American citizens, many of them journalists, in a peaceful, civil way as if they were his, own, personal friends.

      One should never RUSH into war, especially, in an area as volatile as the Middle East. And… it sure seems fishy that in the week that the government was going to, finally, cut their military budget…

      UP jumps Sadam Insane, who we supported in the war against Iran, testing the borders of Kuwait… and now we find that there were no babies being killed in their hospitals… there were no violations in their weapon inspections after the short, but sweet, victory that left a city with little to no infrastructure… and sure, enough, we are back at war.

      Ohhhhh… but, now we are to be reduced to being security guards in a country we have no political interest in… feeding into their propaganda that we are anti-Muslims charting out a genecide and for what?

      $5 a gallon?


      Reverend Wright was ignorant about our concerns about Natalee…

      but, he’s not, anymore.



      I’m gonna pray for a hero.

    9. bushisaloser on August 29th, 2008 10:05 pm

      Wonder how long before McSame tries to bang his VP in the Oval office? He might ditch his current wife for her like he did his first. But he is above reproach because the moral right says so.

    10. News on August 29th, 2008 10:15 pm
    11. Patti on August 29th, 2008 10:24 pm

      But… my comment about the story was going to be:




      How do you like it?


      We got G rated, PG, PG13, R and X.


      You ask for it:

      You got it!


      THIS is HOLLYWOOD, Baby!

      Land of a Thousand Schemes…

      Take your pick!


    12. Patti on August 29th, 2008 10:38 pm

      Have you ever stopped to think about all those

      oil reserves the Cowboys are just dyin’ to get at?


      … and

      Where are they?




      Hey, I’m the blonde…

      So what does that make you?


    13. Patti on August 29th, 2008 11:04 pm

      NEWS – #0?





    14. Patti on August 29th, 2008 11:20 pm

      We kinda got that from the front page story…


    15. A New Girl on August 30th, 2008 5:56 am

      Dems are all up in arms b/c McCain’s momumental VP pick has stolen their thunder. It’s Saturday a.m., few days after Obama’s acceptance speech and the pick of Palin is all anyone is talking about. lol

      Will American women vote for the ticket now just because McCain picked a female as his VP? Not all-because give us credit where credit is due…MANY women will be forced to take a second look and there is NOTHING but positive things when looking at Palin’s qualifications and what she brings to the table. She gets the conservative votes based on her pro-life stance–but take this from an Independent who happens to be pro-choice—the fact that ANY women who choses to keep a baby she is carrying in advance knowing this baby will be born with Downs Syndrome–she automatically gains respect of many right there.

      Palin is smart, tough, has fought corruption in Alaska and is in favor of drilling in her home State of AK….many other things she stands for and has fought for than this. Her background is now all over the press—-and PRIOR to even being considered for VP she publicly stated she needs to be told EXACTLY what VP’s are responsible for because she can’t just take a position for noteriety–she shows up every day to WORK HARD and be productive—not just sit in an office. Of course, the Dem’s have already tried to put their negative spins on that.

      This choice turns out to be more brilliant than many of us first thought—at the very least- it forces millions of American’s to take a second look at McCain and Palin before they cast their vote (just because they want a “change”)—and that is a very positive thing.

      Plus, I am dying to see Sara eat up Biden in the debates….this is going to be good.

      #9- Save your sexist, bigoted comments for your late night TV viewing when you are watching SPIKE TV.
      Didn’t you see the Saddleback interview? McCain nmay never win the Mr. Congeniality contest but when asked what his greatest moral failure was, he said the failure of his first marriage. And, to this day- his ex-Wife has nothing but good words for John McCain. He was upfront and human enough to admit what you keep posting on here, so get over it already!!

      McCain/Palin ’08—- SERVICE & COUNTRY FIRST !!!

    16. john staton on August 30th, 2008 7:18 am

      Gov Palin, I know from where you come! Self reliant but ready to come to the aid of a neighbor. They say “don’t mess with Texas” but double that for Alaska. Name the occupation with the shortest life expectancy “burglar in Alaska”. JS

    17. Susan on August 30th, 2008 7:45 am

      This is great! McCain/Palin certainly have my vote on November 4th :-)

      The Obama camp has the nerve to bad mouth Palin’s inexperience when he has less experience than she does. Cry me a rive OSAMA Barack HUSSEIN Obama, you whiny arse loser :-(

    18. Richard on August 30th, 2008 7:56 am

      As is to be expected, I suppose, McCain’s choice of a woman drew some immediate criticism from the ideologically committed. Some self-anointed pundits said he was being condescending to women.

      Make any sense to you? I guess what they’re saying is that he picked her in a cynical move to capitalize on the Clinton-Obama tension.

      What a shocker: calculation is a part of what goes on in politics.

      I would have liked to see McCain pick someone who had no connection whatsoever to the world of politics. But at least this lady seems to be, both physically (I mean, Alaska can’t be farther away from D.C.) and tempermentally outside of the Washington ruling class circuit.

      The Democrats are saying that her appointment negates any charges that Obama is inexperienced.

      Seems to me that the president is the one in charge. So if Obama picked Biden for his inside knowledge, maybe Biden should be heading the ticket? Of course, if being entrenched in the D.C. political world is what is wanted, then Hillary Clinton should have been the pick.

      The Republican convention is being held this coming week. Once that’s over, maybe the TV yap-yap-yappers can be quiet for a while and we can look at some real issues, not whether people remember how many houses they own.

      (Hey, John Kerry, how many houses do YOU own?
      What? Nobody has asked … I wonder why not.)

    19. A New Girl on August 30th, 2008 8:35 am

      #18-Richard—I’m from MA and here is what I think of Kerry: ROTFL!

      Of course, no one will ask Kerry how many houses he and Teresa Heinz Kerry (Multi-millionare from HJ Heinz domain) own! Anyone remember also when Kerry was running how Teresa’s racist and rude, derrogatory comments caused him “other” problems?

      John Kerry, just another whiny, bitter Dem from Mass! We have a boatload of those here, ugh.

    20. A New Girl on August 30th, 2008 10:52 am

      “The other potential trap is luring the Obama campaign onto the ‘experience’ field. The early conventional wisdom says McCain’s pick was boneheaded because it takes the experience issue off the table. But it seems that it has done the opposite: The importance of experience is the topic of the day.

      The more Democrats complain about this, the more Republicans can turn it on them and say, “If you are so concerned about the amount of experience of the vice president, what about the top of your ticket?’”

      –Kirsten Powers in the NYPost.

      (See…there’s GOT to be something to this !)

    21. on August 30th, 2008 11:14 am

      we have now seen the actual rebirth of the chosen one at obama’s “coronation”. according to bill clinton, hillary clinton, joe biden, and john kerry’s speeches, obama no longer is anything like he was in all of their previous speeches. these rebirth things are really amazing. he looks and acts like the same empty suit he was before his rebirth, he’s still flip/flopping when polls tell him to, and i expect his fingerprints are the same, but surely we can believe all the speeches by the democratic leadership. surely they wouldn’t have lied about who he was and what he was at the coronation, but just in case they have lied, were they lying before the rebirth, or about what they say he is after the rebirth?

    22. Pat in Alabama on August 30th, 2008 12:45 pm

      #18 Hi Richard,

      People say they want change, and here we have a woman who has taken on politicians and big business, the kind of person who will purge out those $300.00 tiolet seats we always here about… BUT, she is in-experienced! Here’s the irony in it all. Anyone who is ‘experienced’ by definition would have been in the political system so long that they would be a part of the problem, not the solution.

      As a conservative, I was sick over McCain’s take-over of the Repubican party, but he has gained my respect for his willingness to buck the system.

    23. Yellowbird on August 30th, 2008 2:30 pm

      Shame on all you people for using someone else’s site that they PAY FOR to put your political crap up.

      this is a site to find missing people

      You should be ashamed of yourselves.

      But then again, when have republicans EVER been ashamed of themselves?

      You’re all so evil.

      SM: Huh? The Scared Monkey’s blog is about all issues. Scared Monkeys also has a separate Missiing and Exploited Blog which is ONLY for Missing Persons. The owner of the blog will “put up” any subject he wants to. (klaasend)

    24. Jon on August 30th, 2008 4:13 pm

      It truly isn’t important to say we have the FIRST woman Vice President on the ticket. Substitute the words “little Person”, or “blind person”………just because she is the FIRST doesn’t give her any new god given talents.

      So congratulations, she is the first woman on the election ticket, but it certainly doesn’t mean she could take over if McCain had a heart attack.

      So instead of saying shes pro choice or for womans rights, and that’s why I am voting for her…..think about the price of food, gas, electric, etc. What’s more important….the fact that she’s the first lady on the ticket…….or??????????????????????????????????

    25. Maggie on August 30th, 2008 5:13 pm

      Michael Moore makes me sick..

      Metairie, LA) – Last night, Michael Moore made the following comment on MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.” Moore said in reference to the Republican National Convention planned for next week, “I was just thinking, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in heaven. To have it planned at the same time – that it would actually be on its way to New Orleans for day one of the Republican Convention, up in the Twin Cities – at the top of the Mississippi River.”

      Congressman Steve Scalise (LA-1), who represents part of New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana in Congress issued the following statement today.

      “I demand an immediate apology from Michael Moore to the people of south Louisiana for his offensive and inappropriate comments. People in Louisiana, regardless of political affiliation, are making plans to leave to protect their families from this serious storm, and the God I know would not share Michael Moore’s glee for our plight.”

      Also saw where Bill Maher(Dem) said enough with the love fest speaking about Obama on MSNBC and Olbermen and Matthews.. Maher said I think they want to have sex with him(Obama)

    26. Maggie on August 30th, 2008 5:37 pm

      #24 Jon..

      My son works for the UAW , spent the last 5 months traveling working for them.. I have seen the struggles the company he is with… Last year it almost closed, but someone stepped in and bought it, cut some of the benefits, lay offs and the vote didn’t pass the first time with workers.. The new owner worked with the UAW a little more on it trying to get something the workers would agree to.. If it didn’t pass, the company was closing. It passed for 3? more years after that who knows? He campaigned for Hillary. He is voting Obama, but was not happy that Hillary isn’t on the ticket. I’ve seen more than one place close and workers lose their jobs. Manufacturing is a common way of life for the midwest. My son went to college, is a medic, but he loves being a voice for the people he represents. He goes to Detroit, Washington DC, Ky, Tn, Alabama and he hears a lot of their problems that aren’t being addressed. Nafta was passed under Clinton…which was one of the worst bills.. They are trying to get that changed. Selling out the jobs to other countries has hurt many people.

      I do not support Obama.. I have a problem with someone who associates with people who don’t like white people. People in Hollywood, their votes count no more than mine.. Very few can relate to that way of life. I would actually vote for Jesse Ventura if he would run. I have problems with both parties,they need to start addressing some of the problems they have been ignoring.. I have voted for both parties.. The big bucks in politics anymore is crazy. I wish both parties would get back to doing the people’s business and address real problems facing this country.

    27. Patti on August 30th, 2008 7:00 pm

      Well said, Maggie!

      My only concern is that I think his pick for V.P. has more to do with oil drilling than it does running this country. Again, I sense a conflict of interest. I’ve lived in Alaska, as my ex-husband who was a boyfriend at the time, worked on the trans-continental pipeline. I have witnessed Alaska’s expansive natural beauty, in person, and am concerned about this blind surge into the search for domestic oil. In spite of recently buying a new car, I would welcome more research in the development of clean fuel.

      I, also, am aware of your concerns about NAFTA, although, in my experience in living in Mexico as an ex-patriot while my ex worked for a major automobile manufacturing company. In this case, NAFTA benefitted the U.S. as all the raw materials used in manufacturing are shipped from the U.S. to Mexico and all vehicles manufactured in his plant were being sold in Mexico and in Latin America. However, I am aware the Chrysler plant manufactures vehicles in Mexico that are shipped up to the U.S., which would include Dodge products.

      Obviously, with the price of fuel, the auto industry, as well as the trucking industries are being hit very hard. Personally, I consider this oil crisis as a temporary problem, one that can be worked out diplomatically and am fearful of drilling for and using domestic oil reserves. I am, also, a little worried about undertaking the construction of another pipeline, under the current administration or one that does not take into account the effects of such drilling on the environment…. quite frankly, it scares me to hear so many people rush to have massive drilling done; in, either, Alaska, our last frontier, or off-shore.

      It seems like we are being backed against the wall and rushed into doing something that could, very well, backfire on us…. and I continue to pray for peace in the Middle East as I feel that it would be much better for us, as a nation, to purchase oil from those countries, abroad, that have an expansive supply of oil; rather than to tax our own reserves and put our environment at risk.


    28. A New Girl on August 31st, 2008 7:34 am

      Yellowbird…lol—Speaking somewhat collectively- whether DEM or REP, no one on this site has to be “ashamed” for coming on here and posting our opinions on issues, topics of the day, missing/exploted persons, etc.

      No one is evil for using our constitutional right to freedom of speech and everything else in our First Amendment rights, for starters.

      Also- those of us who may be a bit more on the conservative side do not come on here preaching hatred, racisim or evil to any degree. While we may post about our angst and disappointment in all of the negatives we’re all exposed to in the Twenty-first century-I also believe the common theme here is discussing issues, posting personal opinions & suggestions & much prayer (no matter what your religion) . What I observe is that even in our own separate ways– many of us here are continually striving, then proceeding by getting out of the darkness into the light. We are sharing our journey as both sides here really want the same thing! We can’t always promise to be kind to one another in the process, but I still believe we are collectively walking together towards a place of healing for all.

    29. Susan on August 31st, 2008 10:20 am

      Interesting –

      Jack Wheeler is a brilliant man who was the author of Reagan’s strategy to break the back of the Soviet Union with the star wars race and expose their inner weakness. For years he wrote a weekly intelligence update that was extremely interesting and well structured and informed. He consults(ed) with several mega corporations on global trends and the future, etc. I think he is in semi-retirement now. He is a true patriot with a no-nonsense approach to everything. He is also a somewhat well known mountain climber and adventurer.

      Subject: Dr. Jack Wheeler Regarding Obama

      Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler

      The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama, is an eloquently tailored empty suit. No resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no balls, nothing but abstract empty rhetoric devoid of real substance.

      He has no real identity. He is half-white, which he rejects. The rest of him is mostly Arab, which he hides but is disclosed by his non-African Arabic surname and his Arabic first and middle names as a way to triply proclaim his Arabic parentage to people in Kenya. Only a small part of him is African Black from his Luo grandmother, which he pretends he is exclusively.

      What he isn’t, not a genetic drop of, is ‘African-American,’ the descendant of enslaved Africans brought to America chained in slave ships. He hasn’t a single ancestor who was a slave. Instead, his Arab ancestors were slave owners. Slave-trading was the main Arab business in East Africa for centuries until the British ended it.

      Let that sink in: Obama is not the descendant of slaves, he is the descendant of slave owners. Thus he makes the perfect Liberal Messiah.

      It’s something Hillary doesn’t understand – how some complete neophyte came out of the blue and stole the Dem nomination from her. Obamamania is beyond politics and reason. It is a true religious cult, whose adherents reject Christianity yet still believe in Original Sin, transferring it from the evil of being human to the evil of being white.

      Thus Obama has become the white liberals’ Christ, offering absolution from the Sin of Being White. There is no reason or logic behind it, no faults or flaws of his can diminish it, no arguments Hillary could make of any kind can be effective against it. The absurdity of Hypocrisy Clothed In Human Flesh being their Savior is all the more cause for liberals to worship him: Credo quia absurdum, I believe it because it is absurd.

      Thank heavens that the voting majority of Americans remain Christian and are in no desperate need of a phony savior.

      His candidacy is ridiculous and should not be taken seriously by any thinking American.
      Pass this on to every thinking American you know!

    30. Susan on August 31st, 2008 10:28 am

      Senator OSAMA Barack HUSSEIN Obama making fun of the “Holy Bible” :-(

    31. Craig on August 31st, 2008 11:19 am

      How can anyone see this choice as anything other than purely political? This is not a good choice, and us Democrats are not “up in arms”, we are bemused. Given that McCain doesn’t have a snowball’s chance anyway, it really doesn’t matter who he chooses. I was personally rooting for Mitt since I know no one can stand him (including McCain) and I would love to see him get his ass handed to him by Biden in a debate. As it is, Joe will have to pull his punches. Oh well, it all makes little difference. Be prepared to salute for President Obama, y’all. Hahahahaha!

    32. Pat in Alabama on August 31st, 2008 5:37 pm

      #30 Susan

      Wow, that shows pretty well where he’s at. I’m going to be forwarding that link to a lot of people.

    33. Maggie on August 31st, 2008 7:06 pm

      This is a video from Youtube says Biden drunk at the microphone.. lol

      Almost as exciting when Obama kissed Joe Biden’s wife, on the mouth.

    34. Angie on September 1st, 2008 11:10 am

      McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his VP is a brilliant move & i couldn’t help but smile as he has ripped the rug right out of Obama choosing Palin.

      I’m not crazy about Hillary by any means but she AND her voter’s were totally DISrespected by Obama & many in the Democratic party.

      Just Brilliant…….yeah thats the ticket!

    35. Patti on September 1st, 2008 3:48 pm


      What was the question?

      There are alot of similarities among Mohammed’s writings and commandments as there are in the Bible. For instance: There are several versions of the flood, even among tribesmen of ancient civilizations.

      I think the point he may have been making is that the Old Testament of the Bible has just as many radical ways of dealing out judgement as the Koran (or whatever it’s called). Every man in this Nation has the right to chose his religion and the Muslim religion has nothing, in and of itself, that I fear. I’ve known Muslims and have found them to be kind and gracious people. They are no different than us.

      Again, I think it’s going to take a very special person to find peace in the Middle East. The republican ticket is going to continue to spend money on a war OR on drilling… take your pick.

      To hear you speak of McCain, makes me feel like I’m backed in a corner with a gun to my head. I’ve always liked Biden, besides; who wouldn’t want to get drunk in Beaver, Pennsylvania? Everybody deserves to have a good time, some time. I’ve been there a couple times myself. Got talked into entering a beauty contest, and won. Woke up the next morning and hated myself for taking their crown so lightly. I didn’t want to do all their social functions, so I gave it back. I was just having a good time.

      No one is perfect…

      some are just more perfect than others.

      Democrats need to win.



    36. Patti on September 1st, 2008 3:58 pm


      McCain would probably have them BOTH going on at the same time…



      Supplying Troups to the Middle East.



      Kinda like Miss Hilton…

      Like we’re all billionaires!




    37. Susan on September 1st, 2008 7:59 pm

      #32 – Pat in Alabama (Best State in the Union…lol) Please do send the link to as many people as you possibly can. OSAMA Barack HUSSEIN Obama is pure EVIL!!

      #35 – Patti – I didn’t have a question…I was merely posting what I thought to be a valuable link.

    38. Pat in Alabama on September 2nd, 2008 10:13 pm


      It is going to take a very special person to acheive peace in the Middle East. In Islam he is called The Mahdi. Ahmadinejad prayed for his coming when he addressed the UN last year. Read “Antichrist: Islam’s Awaited Messiah” if you want a real eye opener. It’s available on amazon for about $12.

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