Fish Tale: Grand Dad (David Hayes) Catches Record Catfish with Daughter’s Barbie Fishing Poll


Here is a Fish Story … Barbie fishing pole lands 21 pound catfish. A story that David Hayes and his granddaughter Alyssa with share for years to come. No need to exaggerate this fish tale … truth is stranger than fiction.

Barbie pole

Move over pocket fisherman, there is a new sheriff in town, its pink and 2–1/2 ft long … its the Barbie fishing pole

Try telling your buddies at the local watering hole about this fish story. Now every angler is going to want to go out and buy a pink Barbie fishing pole. A North Carolina man, David Hayes, held his 3 year old granddaughter Alyssa’s pink Barbie fishing pole while she went in the house to go to bathroom. When she returned her grand dad had hooked a state record channel catfish, at 21 pounds, 1 ounce.

“I was pretty sure I was going to lose it,” he said told The Winston-Salem Journal. “I was hoping I would hang on to it long enough for Alyssa to see it. When she did, she squealed so much it took off on its last run.”

The catfish gave up after about a half hour, allowing Hayes to scoop the fish into a net, the newspaper reported.

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