The Dana Pretzer Show on Scared Monkeys Radio – Tuesday, June 24, 2008 – Dana Continues His Investigation Into The Polygamy Epidemic With Guests “Brenda” and Flora Jessop


This week, Dana continues his investigation into the polygamy epidemic with his special guests:

  • “Brenda” – Born in Canada then taken to Colorado City Utah where she spent 5 years. She is a director of The Hope Organization
  • Flora Jessop – Executive Director of Child Protection Project. She too is a victim of a polygamist and has a dramatic story to tell.

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    5 Responses to “The Dana Pretzer Show on Scared Monkeys Radio – Tuesday, June 24, 2008 – Dana Continues His Investigation Into The Polygamy Epidemic With Guests “Brenda” and Flora Jessop”

    1. EURobert on June 24th, 2008 3:57 am


      The book of Patrick van der Eem is about to come out (or allready has?). Here’s an interview with Patrick in the dutch Volkskrant ( )

      Translation Google and me (Because I don’t have much time, I only translated the parts where Google went absolutely wrong. So it’s often crappy English).


      “It’s the gangster in me that I’ve met back ‘

      By Menno van Dongen and Maud Effting; published on June 24, 2008 08:31, updated on June 24, 2008 09:38

      Patrick van der Eem (35) elicited Joran van der Sloot for hidden cameras statements about his role in the case of Natalee Holloway in Aruba in 2005. After the TV broadcast of Peter R. de Vries in February he tells in the book ‘Overboard’ his story.

      Were you on coke all five rides with Joran van der Sloot?
      “One hundred percent. Didn’t you see me touch my nose? ”

      How much did you use per day?
      ‘Two, three grams. Man, I was seven months under the cocaine. ”

      Why did you do that then?
      “Joran felt something. I myself had imposed and I felt that he thought, ho, f*ck, where did this guy come from? Is it not a policeman? And then I started to take cocaine before him. Every day. Thus, his doubts disappeared.

      ‘Cocaine makes you emotieloos. That I needed, otherwise I would have hurt this guy. At the end I slept two or three hours per night. But listen: I can hang up a beautiful story, but nobody has said that I had to take the coke. I’m an addict. You manipulate yourself. I wanted sniffing, man. I didn’t use a year no more, but I was looking for an excuse. ”

      Used Joran also coke?
      “Joran did sniff along with me. Not in the car. Nor for the rides. In the beginning I also once smoked crack under his nose. Joran then took one puff himself, but it’s nothing for him. He became panicky. Crack is also my weakness. I can take coke so much I want, but with crack i’m a devil. Paranoid. Sitting with a gun behind the door. ”

      Were you with a gun on Jorans flat?
      “Yes, that I had often with me, you know? It is purely to show who you are. And to avoid problems in the ‘milieu’. ”

      Did ABC, the American broadcaster who bought the show, that you used cocaine in the car?
      “I do not know for sure. Peter R. de Vries has cut all images from the raw material and to ABC he said: this is all. In order to protect me – even though I had not asked. ”

      Why was never said that you used?
      ‘Because it did not matter. It is about what Joran told. I have asked all the questions that Peter gave me,. My way. ”

      De Vries writes in the foreword that you have a good job, but he calls you cocky and unbearable on coke. You tried to command him and regarded him as ‘your bitch’. ” It was wait and see who they found: Good Patrick or Bad Patrick. De Vries a couple of times was at the point off stopping.
      “What Peter writes, is correct. It is the gangster in me that I’ve met back. Joran was looking for someone like that. He was very excited. I had the gangster away when I stepped from the drug trade. I was previously coercive. A manipulator. You can’t turn that off immediatly. And it’s still there. If someone looks at me, I think ‘what the f*ck do you want dude? ”

      Were you the biggest drug dealer of Arnhem?
      ‘If you sell 300, 400 grams of heroin per day, you’re a pretty long way. On my 18th I had several homes in Arnhem where dealers sold for me. I had stacks of money and squandered everything. With whores, everything. I paid for everyone. If we had a feast, we took just 50 grams of coke and that we snove. We had evenings where we spend 15 thousand guilders in one go. Clothes? That I once wore. Then I threw them away.

      “If I Joran at that time had met, and I had not believed him, then I had him taken to the forest. Then I would have made sure that everything he told me, haha. And if Natalee had been my child, I would have shot him through his head. ”

      To show off a little Joran told you about the first corpse that you saw. Did you see much dead bodies?
      “I’ve seen some, but not from people I hurt. I did see a mans finger was cut off. Tsjak. But I will never name names. I can keep secrets. I think that in this book I am not telling one-fifthiest of my past. Later perhaps. But I’ve still things that need to become barred/extinguished. ”

      What about your scar?
      “I still got money from a boy. Because he had not paid, I sold him badly cut/diluted heroin, and then he came back angry. Because I trusted him, I set up my baseball-bat down. Then he grabbed a knife and cut me.

      “I’ve never made official complaints. I just thought, ‘you wait’. One day I hit him with my car. He wanted to cross and I thought, okay.., BAM. I drove fast. He flew over the car. I grabbed a bat and wanted to kill him. But a friend stopped me. I’ve never seen that guy again. ”

      You come from a wealthy family. What did they think of your drugscarrière?
      ‘It was a tragedy for them. I have incredibly decent parents. It is not fine if the police against you say your son is to become one of the biggest. But what could they do? My father gave me great cars when I was working with him, but I’m an entrepreneur. I had my own “franchise” (…).

      “When I was 15, I no longer lived at home and I was caught with 66 grams of heroin and 8,000 guilders and cash. That is not normal.

      “The turnaround came on my 22th. My wife became pregnant. When I later had to sit a year for drugs, I knew: never again. My father is multimillionaire. He has helped me set up my business. I sell hydraulic hoses and make annual 200 thousand euros profit. ”

      Why would you deal with Joran?
      “Because of the suffering that he has dealt with Aruba. And to the mother of Natalee. But my ego also played a role. I am a man, I have a willy and willies get hard… The moment you do what others can not, the FBI, the CIA, the police … Everyone is looking for something.., and Patrick finds it. Well, then I feel tough. ”

      Why did you think Peter R. de Vries’ was a ‘fokking amateur ‘?
      “I have great respect for Peter, but he was very easy about it. Sometimes I came home with the recordings and then they immediately drove off to watch them. Then I thought: ‘you have cancer man’..; I’m not a whore. I’ll get you, I cut your throat, get it, Mr. De Vries? That was because of the coke you know. I all that time was very excitement/anxious and then driving away like that? You can’t do that. ”

      Before you went to De Vries, you spoke with the police. You – fakinly – wanted to set up a marihuana-nursery and have him bugged there. You know the police can’t cooperate with that?
      ‘Come on. They have had containers full of cocaine slipped inside the country; that all came out during the IRT affair (parliamentary investigation into the [undercover etc.} methods of the police). What is a weedplantage than? They could have overheard him for months… If they had done this, that case was one hundred percent solved. ”

      Why you demanded 300 thousand euros from the police?
      “I invented but an amount. It could be bargained. I have talked three times with the Criminal Intelligence Unit. But the only thing they wanted was that I would become a drug-infiltrant. They had no interest in Joran van der Sloot. Totaly not. The third time I said: f*ck you. Then a detective said: go to Peter R. de Vries.

      “I’ve De Vries 250 thousand euros requested. But that was not what it was about for me. That is clear, because I in the end was content with 25 thousand euros expenses and almost half of the revenue from the sale of newsclips. That would yield little, they said. Nevertheless, I received 300 thousand euros, because ABC paid 830 thousand dollars. Europe also yielded money. ”

      You know who Natalee dumped into the sea, eh?
      ‘That is speculation. But I know it. Joran has mentioned a name in the beginning. He didn’t saiy that person had done something, but that he was befriended with him. When I told the police in Aruba that name, they got crazy, because it confirmed their own suspicions. There were two names. One the day after the disappearance of Natalee has left Aruba. He is a queer from a wealthy family. The police asked me if Joran had bisexual tendencies. ”

      Why is Justice getting forward with the research, do you think?
      “I do not know. The OM has one trump card left. Before the end of the year, they will come out with that. How do I know? I have long arms. I think they make good chance for a breakthrough. That is my only hope. ”

      Joran still is free. Is the operation has not failed?
      “I would have found it great if he was arrested, but it’s beyond my power. The most important thing is that Natales mother knows what happened. In my book I want to have a closure. It will be a bestseller. I want to go to America, to Oprah Winfrey. That will succeed. ”

      You got hooked to the coke again and your wife left you almost. Was it worth it?
      “Even if I had received nothing, then it was still worth it. I have caused many people misery and now I can give back something once. It is not about money. I am a millionaire. And there will come still many more millions. I have smuggled cocaine and soled hoses. I can do both very good. And I am the most famous hoseseller of the world.

      “Kickin’ the coke-habit is heavy, but the last three weeks I have had coke. Yet there comes a day I again ga sniffing. It is far too good, man. But daily use is not an option. I now want to be a good father and husband. ”

      Do you have contact with Joran?
      ‘No. I have nothing with him. He’s just a psychopath, man. He asked me: Patrick, did you ever been my friend? I said: wait until the broadcast. He was just a project.

    2. EURobert on June 24th, 2008 4:10 am

      In the interview above the statement “… but the last three weeks I have had coke. …” has to be “… but the last three weeks I have had NO coke. …”

      Have a nice day you all!

    3. LilPuma on June 24th, 2008 5:00 pm

      Thank you Dana for bringing us more info on something many of us had no idea was going on in this country. If it was a society like the Amish, where children of a certain age get to choose whether or not to stay or leave, I wouldn’t feel sick hearing about it. But when children are abused, sexually or otherwise, we have to start paying attention. I’m wondering what contact these children have with the outside world. Do they know that life outside their compound is very different from theirs? Do they have options?

    4. LilPuma on June 24th, 2008 7:52 pm

      Listening to Brenda talk about how the women are expected to act, I could only think Stepford Wives. As I heard her describe being expected to have a child each year and not being able to bond with children, I thought: Puppy Mill. It’s not even legal to do that to a dog.

    5. LilPuma on June 24th, 2008 8:05 pm

      Flora’s description of spending 3 years in solitary as they tried to beat the devil out of her is chilling. It’s difficult to understand how this goes on. Religious freedom or not, there are crimes being committed.

      I have no idea what religion, what god, they say they’re following. It sounds more like the Taliban than anything else.

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