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    2 Responses to “Scared Monkeys Radio Daily Commentary – Thursday, May 22, 2008 – Rebecca “Becca” McEvoy Case Update”

    1. rhondawheelus on May 28th, 2008 11:46 am

      finally it worked!!!I was able 2 comment!!hallelujah!!
      its me again; rhonda beccas cousin!!

      we are asking that everyone contact their senators to try & help get this law in Beccas memory passed!!
      The name of it is Becca’s law in memory of rebecca mcevoy!!it has been sent to our local officials(rusty glover)here in alabama also nbc spoke with senator ben brooks about the law & he seemed 2 be very supportive & feel that it could possibly help future victims if passed!!so please contactr your officials & tell them about this law that is being considered in memory of rebecca mcevoy that will help other children!!ask them to please stand with alabama senators & officials that r trying 2 get this law to be presented!!thank you all that will help!!

      thank you 2 Red!!I’m so glad i can post!!if u need anymore info on beccas case cause u wanna do a story on it let me know!you know its so true what we had to stand outside the courthouse & shout justice delayed is justice denied!!at least thats true 4 the victims & their families!!

    2. Cherry Simpson on August 21st, 2008 8:06 am

      Hello everyone -

      I received this email from Becca’s Cousin. She’s asking for coverage on Becca’s case. I just wanted to update everyone and remind them of Becca. – Thanks Cherry

      I am the cousin of Becca McEvoy and was hoping you might do a story on her case.We are hoping to bring attention back to the case of Rebecca McEvoy. In hopes that we might get some help in improving the laws and the current errors in the system as we fight for justice in her case.

      Becca died while awaiting trial for being sexually assaulted by her x stepfather/cop Bob Ingle.In Jan.2008, Rebecca passed away due to the result of a car accident she was in on Jan.4,2008 with her biological father Aden McEvoy also, a Chickasaw, Al. cop.

      Her case goes to trial on Sept. 22, 2008 and although it is going forward due to the Crawford V’ Washington a lot of the crucial evidence is being thrown out due to her death. Rebecca had police statements & DHR counseling & evidence that has already been thrown out due to this right to cross examine.

      The Judge here is going by the Supreme Courts standards though they are all mixed-up if you ask me.Why does the perpetrators get all the rights and the victim’s have none.We are currently contacting the Federal Congressmen and anybody who might help bring change for children such as our beloved Rebecca McEvoy.

      Please, contact us at:

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