Clemens & McNamee: Congressional Hearing on Steroids and HGH … HE SAID, HE SAID


Why did Congress make the steroid & HGH issue about whether Roger Clemens or Brian McNamee was lying? Personally, I do not care. The reason is because, they are all lying in one way or another right down to MLB owners, management, players, unions and the commissioner. How else could the use of performance enhancement drugs become so wide spread and accepted by all.

Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee faced off in front of Congress yesterday in the He Said, He Said, battle over the use of steroids and HGH. Although I am for Congress getting involved in the issue of steroids & HGH in baseball and all sports for that matter, once again politicians have lost focus on the prime objective.

The steroids and HGH issue should not focus on two people, it should spot light the systemic problem and culture of performance enhancement drugs that permeates all sport from professional, college, high school and even grade school. That is the issue!!! That is what Congress should be focusing on, not a HE SAID … HE SAID, made for TV event.

Under oath and sometimes blistering questioning, Roger Clemens stuck to his story Wednesday. So did his chief accuser and former personal trainer, Brian McNamee.

“I haven’t reached any conclusions at this point,” said California Democrat Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

But, as ranking Republican Tom Davis of Virginia, put it: “Both can’t be telling the truth.”

Clemens’ answer? Blame everyone but himself

Clemens says Pettitte ‘misremembered’ him; McNamee grilled

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    7 Responses to “Clemens & McNamee: Congressional Hearing on Steroids and HGH … HE SAID, HE SAID”

    1. Richard on February 14th, 2008 12:35 pm

      Might be nice, too, if they could devote a little attention to the plight of an American family who have been fighting the cover-up in their daughter’s disappearance overseas for nearly three years.

      And if they wanted to, they could look into the case of Amy Bradley, who vanished from a cruise ship off Curacao in 1998.

      But hey, why should Congress care about issues such as missing Americans abroad? Or the many others who go lost from cruise ships? What do you think … that the government has an obligation to protect our citizens abroad?

    2. Jon_H on February 14th, 2008 1:30 pm

      That’s telling. Shame we can’t just yank the whole bunch and send in a relief Congress.

      Now let’s move on to spring training.

    3. Dale on February 14th, 2008 5:04 pm

      Maybe Clemens is telling the truth. Maybe Pettit heard him say his wife used the HGH, which was admitted at this investigation. Why would McNamee, hold the gauge and needle from when he injected clemens back in 2000. oh, just in case, he denies this? 8 years ago? Maybe, clemens thought it was a B12 shot. How do you know if McNamee injected him with steroids and clemens thought it was something else? Congress, knows McNamee is a liar. If they believe Clemens and not McNamee, how could they trust the Mitchell report? McNamee gave them information for that report. That would mean they would not be able to trust that report at all. Do you think Congress will look to see if McNamee is telling the lies or Clemens? I think Clemens, it would save face with the Mitchell report.

    4. David H. Marshall on February 15th, 2008 8:59 am

      Congress Pot Calls Rodger Clemens Kettle Black!
      The U.S. Congress “to harm” Ignored.

      U. S. Senate Background.

      “III. Findings and conclusions.” “K. DOD and DVA have repeatedly failed to provide information and medical followup to those who participate in military research or are ordered to take investigational drugs.” and “N. Participation in military research is rarely included in military medical records, making it impossible to support a veteran’s claim for service-connected disabilities from military research.”[7] In 2008 the U.S. Congress still treats as an “incident to service” [1] the U.S. Senate’s DOD order ignored “experiments…designed to harm” [7]! By their inaction Congress has approved the continuation of the Report’s: “Introduction” A. “During the last 50 years, hundreds of thousands of military personnel have been involved in human experimentation and other intentional exposures conducted by the Department of Defense (DOD), often without a servicemember’s knowledge or consent.”, B. “most Americans would agree that the use of soldiers as unwitting guinea pigs in experiments that were designed to harm them, at least temporarily, is not ethical.” And “Forward” C. ” The findings and conclusions contained in this report are those of the majority staff and do not necessarily reflect the views of the members of the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.” Chairman. Thereby, DOD & Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Healthcare System to-date covered up are these experiments and prevented is treatment as documented by the 1994 U.S. Senate Report.[7] The opposing “views” resulted in the 2008 continuing on the general public of a version of the DOD Project 112 biological lessons learned.[8] This is by the 19 December 2006 established civilian “Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)”.[10] Under the cover of its “national security missions”, as it is for military personnel, withheld from the civilian “guinea pigs” are the cause and effects of its “Biomedical…Research and Development” (R&D) Projects.

      Order Ignored.

      From 1953 the U.S. Senate “to harm” lessons learned were in direct disobedience of the DOD Secretary’s TOP SECRET order. The U.S. Senate’s 1994 “servicemember’s knowledge” and “consent” was required forty one (41) years earlier. [3] Then known by the Secretary’s of all Services, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and their R&D Board. The order was “UNCLASSIFIED” in 1975. Nineteen (19) years later, during the U.S. Senate’s reported past 50 years, most of the “to harm” service records were destroyed in a 1973 National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) fire. Those that survived had all witnesses censored by Congress’s 1974 Privacy Act! The “Veterans Right to Know Act” was proposed in the 2005 and H.R. 4259 [109th] 2006 Congress. It never became law.

      The U.S. Supreme Court Did Not Know?

      The 1987 U.S. Supreme Court Stanley decision [4] extends the coverage of their 1950 Feres Case that a death by a military barracks fire was an “incident to service” [1]. Stanley treats the 1958 DOD “experiments…designed to harm” disobedience of the 1953 order [3] as also an “incident”! Despite the efforts of some, to-date these victims have not been given the U.S. Senate “to harm” recovery of, “IV. Recommendations. G. The Feres Doctrine should not be applied for military personnel who are harmed by inappropriate human experimentation when informed consent has not been given.” [7] Because of service afterwards lost are those prior to rights that convicted rapists and murderers keep! [5]

      All Is In-The- Record!

      Each Executive Branch (DOD, CIA & BARDA) Project completes the R&D process. The prior lessons learned are reviewed. The then Scope of Work defines what the experiment is “designed” to do. The how, where, when and who is identified. The conducted researched cause and effects are closely followed. From the results are developed safe production, use, the needed for treatment and protection, e.g., the DOD manufacturers handling of hazardous materials such as Depleted Uranium, Agent Orange, the biological agents of Project 112 [9], the jet-engine noise levels of Project 7210 [2] and the STANLEY “investigational” drug [4]. All is in the Executive Branch record! Under the cover of national security the revealing treatment evidence: 1. Is not cause identified in a subject’s Medical History, so that they never the wiser become. The deceived victim’s “to harm” effects are not Medical History recorded, therefore not addressed! Prevented is any follow up by independent civilian and VA physicians. And 2. For veterans’ the 64 years of experiment specific injuries are not in the VA “schedule of ratings for disabilities” [6]!
      A few in Congress made certain that this revealing evidence will not be addressed. The year following STANLEY was the 1988 Veterans’ Judicial Review Act. Established was the Veteran’s Legislative severely restricted, Article I Court. “The court may not review the schedule of ratings for disabilities or the policies underlying the schedule.”, i.e., the order ignored “to harm” R&D experimental effects and their causes! The Veterans Court Chief Judge’s no teeth statement with his VA ignoring of the Court’s decisions! [6] The Secretary of the VA was given Final Decision authority on these issues. [9] Included is the power of NO APPEAL to this LEGISLATIVE Veterans Court or to the independent U.S. Judicial Branch Courts. If allowed an APPEAL, it is not part of the record at the Article I Veterans Court. The evidence is also missing at the next level U.S. Judicial Branch Article III, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

      Why “may not review”?

      May not be reviewed records prevent medical, administrative and judicial “activities” that “would be detrimental to the accomplishment of…mission.” This is by the still in 2008 reasoning of “it was necessary to conceal these activities from the american public in general, because public knowledge of the unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles and would be detrimental to the accomplishment of its mission.” U.S. Supreme Court 1987 Stanley Case; Footnote 4, Page 688 on its proven 1958 CIA experiment on U.S. Army personnel. [4]

      “Right to Know”.

      There now is no 64 years later “Veterans Right to Know”. After they complete Honorable Service despite the efforts of some Congress has not given back to veterans their rights. Revealed would be the few’s corrupt for the greater good of all. Accomplished by the end justifies the “designed to harm” means. Carried out under the cover of our nation’s wars! A few key members in Congress, have dishonored all those that serve.

      Hold Responsible.

      Now BARDA Experiments Conducted on You! Please, Hold Your Members in the U.S. Congress Accountable! These U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Senate Documented Facts Are Internet Censored.[11] Passing this on to Others So That They May Do the Same Would Be Appreciated. Thank You.

      David H. Marshall


      [1] U.S. Supreme Court, Feres v. United States, 340 U.S. 135, 146 (1950).

      [2] USAF Project 7210 “A Compilation of Turbojet Noise Data”, Bolt Beranek & Newman, Inc. Cambridge 38, MA. Sound pressure levels for all jet-engines in-service. Conducted at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio in 1952. 1954 logged in as the 401st report for that year published as Report 54-401 July 1956.

      [3] DOD Secretary’s 26 February 1953 NO non-consensual, human experiment’s Memo pages 343-345. George J. Annas and Michael A. Grodin, “The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code; Human Rights in Human Experimentation” (New York: Oxford University Press, 1992). In Reference [8] as NOTES 72, 168 & 169.

      [4] U.S. Supreme Court, June 25, 1987, U.S. V. Stanley, 107 S. Ct. 3054 (Volume 483 U.S., Section 669, Pages 699 to 710). In Reference [8] Cited in Note 169.

      [5] U.S. State Dept., “U.S. Report under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights July 1994, Art. 7″.

      [6] Chief Judge Frank Q. Nebeker, State of the Court for Presentation to the United States Court of Veterans Appeals Third Judicial Conference October 17-18, 1994. In the Veterans Appeals Reporter. http://www.firebase. net/state_of_court_brief.htm Annual Judicial Conference Transcript. www.

      [7] U.S. Senate December 8, 1994 REPORT 103-97 “Is Military Research Hazardous to Veterans’ Health? Lessons Spanning Half a Century.” Hearings Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, 103rd Congress 2nd Session. With NOTES 1 to 170. Committee Print – S. Print. 103-97.

      [8] “Project 112 (Including Project SHAD) Home” chemical and biological experiments; www.

      [9] United States Code (USC) Title 38, 511. Decisions of the Secretary; finality. http://www.

      [10] “Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)” S-3678.

      [11] From: Subject: failure notice. Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 19:43:22 -0000 Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message…. Remote host said: 550 SC-001 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons. Reasons for rejection may be related to content with spam-like characteristics or IP/domain reputation problems. And From: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 18:52:58 -0000 Subject: failure notice Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address. XXXX Remote host said: 554 The message was rejected because it contains prohibited virus or spam content [BODY].

    5. Lisa on February 16th, 2008 9:25 pm

      It is known in the baseball world (major, minor, college, high school, etc) that using steroids and HGH allows the players to continue to play even though they may have injured themselves and should be out on the injured list until they have healed properly. Using steroids and HGH is the hush therapy used by a majority if not all players in MLB. It needs to STOP. These men think that they need this stuff so they can continue playing when they need to rest or perhaps get out of the game for the sake of the game. Noooo…they stay in for the sake of themselves and the owners.

      Enough is enough and it is time to end the practice of using these bandaid fixes once and for all!

      Wake up professional athletes everywhere…
      we want to see humans participating in these sports and not the super humans that you want to become.

      Bring back the real sports for all to enjoy once again!!!!

    6. human on January 26th, 2009 10:38 am

      That is ashame Roger had to go through this stuff. He was such a good pitcher and had such a great rep. Now it’s destroyed just like that. I don’t even consider him good anymore. He lost my respect.

    7. David H. Marshall on April 17th, 2009 1:13 pm

      The VA didn’t know?
      From 1956 is the Project 7210 known certain jet engine injury for ALL UNPROTECTED flight line and navy deck personnel. It is requested that you ask your congressional representatives to make sure that oversight and accountability is realized for all. This is for a 1948 required but ignored 95 decibels (dB) noise level, without protection injury. It is a sound pressure multiple (X) of 59 times that of a normal conservation. Accordingly, a then 1956 Project 7210 known certain disability from an unprotected sound pressure of 6,144 X (@ 135 dB) to 815,583 X (@ 177 dB) exposure.
      A mysterious disappearance of proof!
      A 2009 visit to the Project 7210 “” site revealed that the under its “search”, using “TR 54-401″, the 130 page jet engine noise levels Report has disappeared! This is the proof of the U. S. Military’s unprotected jet engine very high noise levels that ranged from 135 dB to 177 dB. It was a then known certain injury in direct disobedience of the 1948 Air Force Regulation (AFR) 160-3. A follow on to the Harvard Univ. WWII V-51R hearing protection. This is the AFR 160-3 required protection at a 95 dB. maximum noise level with a sound pressure multiple (X) of 59. The USAF Wright Air Development Center “” site had the July 1956, Project 7210, Technical Report (TR) 54-401. Recorded, at a radius of 50 feet, are the noise levels for 27 versions of 10 jet-engines in 1947 to 1956 U. S. Military service. This previously received, now vanished from site report is available on request. The sound pressure multiple (X) source is the American Medical Association (AMA) Family Medical Guide 3d. Edition page 365, also email available. Its 60 dB “Normal conversation” is the base line for the calculated AMA “….sound pressure doubles with an increase of 6 decibels”. Accordingly, the 27 versions of the10 jet-engines have overall sound pressure multiples ranging from a low of 6,144 X (@ 135 dB) to a high of 815,583 X (@ 177 dB) vs. the ignored required 59 X (@ 95 dB) protection.
      TR 54-401 and this veteran’s in-hand documentation could help some so exposed, e.g., “Had some trouble with hearing while working on warm-up crew for F-86 D with very high noise levels.” The physician’s 29 Jan. 54 USAF Cadet Wing Commander washout statement. At Tyndall AFB, Panama City, Florida the hundreds of flight line personnel were unprotected and subjected to the Project 7210 “very high noise levels”. For F-86D personnel it is the then known certain J47-GE-1 jet-engine noise level injury, i.e., the TR 54-401 pages 68-75, “Test Group 10, Date of the Tests: 1952, Test Numbers 62-64″. This is an at 50 feet 158 dB noise level with an 87,381 X sound pressure multiple. Fifteen (15) of the 77 were repeatedly exposed to a “warm-up crew” level of over 699,051 X at 176 dB! As with ALL UNPROTECTED flight line (USAF, Army & USN) and flight deck (USN) personnel, they worked much closer to the jet-engines than the at 50 feet recorded noise levels. Therefore, all were subjected to well over the 6,144 X to 815,583 X sound pressure multiples. An over 50 years of VA lessons learned from an unprotected injury in direct disobedience of the 1948 AFR 160-3 requirement..
      Your consideration is most appreciated. Thank you.

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