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    9 Responses to “Scared Monkeys Radio Daily Commentary – Monday, February 4, 2008 – Joran Van Der Sloot’s Natalee Holloway Confession”

    1. buster on February 4th, 2008 6:00 am

      And no doubt aruba will drop that ball !!! Hell it’s aruba so expect the worse !!!
      I wish all the evil that Beth experienced is returned to all the aruba judges and there family’s so they can experience there FU@#%$ UP legal system first hand F-You aruba judges !!!

    2. Richard on February 4th, 2008 6:40 am

      I’m repeating a post from the lower thread, but I think it’s important for concerned Monkeys to know: Joran is looking forward to “a big compensation.”

      Also, the Dutch legal authorities are wavering on the admissibility in court of his ‘confession,’ according to this article. (Since he can’t even be arrested, does it matter?)

      And they’re also raising questions as to whether Daury is Daury; i.e., is the Daury who was studying in the Netherlands the same Daury? Or something like that.

      But half of the Dutch population watched the deVries show, this says. And get this startling bit of information: the article concludes that Joran’s confession and other activities seem to make him a prime suspect in the case.

      For sheer wisdom, you can’t beat the Dutch.

      “On the beach…she wasn’t ticking anymore. So I went to a phone booth and called this friend. [...] He went into the sea and dumped her.”
      Suspect Joran van der Sloot

      He had billed it as “the most interesting and revealing crime show” of his career and it was sold to US networks before it was broadcast on Dutch television. In a gripping two-hour whodunit, crime reporter Peter R. de Vries reconstructed in detail what happened on that fateful night on a sandy Caribbean beach in mid-2005.

      Natalee Holloway

      De Vries took his viewers to Aruba where, on 30 May 2005, US teenager Natalee Holloway was celebrating the final night of her high school graduation trip to the island.

      She met a 17-year-old Dutch student, Joran van der Sloot, in the casino of her hotel. He and his friends drove her to a beach late at night. The friends said goodbye, Joran van der Sloot spent some time with her. Natalee Holloway vanished, never to be seen again.

      That, in a nutshell, was the official story, one that Dutch viewers, and certainly the Justice authorities on Aruba, were familiar with. But Peter R. de Vries had managed to obtain a full confession from the main suspect. He had a Range Rover rigged with several hidden cameras and instructed the driver, a Caribbean-born entrepreneur who had befriended Van der Sloot six months before, to ask the student some pointed questions.

      “Didn’t tick anymore”
      The video footage shows Joran van der Sloot smoking marihuana and telling his friend on several occasions the details of what happened on Aruba two and a half years ago.

      He describes how he had sex with the young American woman, that all of a sudden “she started shaking and didn’t tick anymore”, how he phoned an friend who owned a boat and who then came over to the beach to help him to dispose of the body at sea.

      Again, most Dutch viewers had already heard much of that part too. It was leaked to the press on Friday and Joran van der Sloot was quick to respond.

      “So dumb”

      Speaking by telephone on a late-evening talk show on Friday, Van der Sloot said he was retrospectively kicking himself for having said all this: “It’s so dumb, so dumb. It’s really dumb. I said something; something I shouldn’t have said.” However, he also added that “It is also easy to prove that what I said is not true,” although he appeared not to know how this could be done.

      “The American girls were drinking, taking coke… I told them I had to go to school tomorrow. I could see Natalee’s friend wanted to have sex. [...] She said, pointing to Natalee, ‘that girl fancies you.’”

      “THAT WHORE… she ordered a jelly shot, which I drank from her bellybutton while she was lying on the bar… I gave her a Bacardi 151 (75 percent alcohol)…wanted to f*** her. [...] She said she didn’t want me to take her back to the hotel. She wanted to see the sharks [there are no sharks near the island, ed].”

      Joran van der Sloot

      Van der Sloot maintained his innocence: “It’s a story I told my friend because I knew that it was what he wanted to hear”.

      “All of a sudden, she started shaking all over… there was no one there… So I talked to her. And she didn’t say anything.”

      “I told my friend ‘I have a problem’. I moved her to a mangrove-bush… I was shaking THAT BITCH, nearly cried – WHY DID THIS SHIT HAPPEN TO ME?”

      “He was there as well… it was 2.30 A.M… he has his own boat”

      “I know what happened to her. She is dead, of course. [...] I would never kill a girl… I was lucky: the ocean is big enough. I think I’ll never get caught for this. [...] If you go farther than two kilometres, she’ll never be found.”

      Joran van der Sloot

      Legal significance

      Before Sunday’s broadcast, crime reporter Peter R. de Vries notified the Aruban Public Prosecutor’s Office and also asked Natalee’s mother, Beth Twitty, to come to the Netherlands so that he could present his findings to her in person in advance.

      The new material prompted the Aruban Public Prosecutor’s Office to reopen the investigation into the disappearance. “This information may help considerably in the solution of the mystery of Natalee’s disappearance,” a spokesman stated. It “may shed a new light on the mode” in which she died and the “method by which her body disappeared.”

      However, experts differ when it comes to the legal significance of this secretly recorded confession. Will it hold up as evidence in a court of law?

      Some argue that filming people without their knowledge is a punishable offence; others believe it will only be weighed by a judge if there is a body of other evidence pointing in the same direction. But there’s a general consensus that, combined with the evidence already found, SUSPICION NOW CLEARLY LIES WITH JORAN VAN DER SLOOT.

      “I’ve been incredibly lucky… he went into the sea and dumped her… I managed to sleep afterwards.”
      Joran van der Sloot


      The Dutch student emerges from the video-footage as a callous, calculating, cold-hearted young man, Peter R de Vries concluded, ending a memorable crime show on Dutch television.

      “The most important thing is disinformation; the most important thing is, what I would advise anyone is, don’t talk!”


    3. SUPER DAVE on February 4th, 2008 7:21 am

      any of you dutch or arubans who think this punk did not murder Natalee , i have one word for you. IDIOTS. your laws are set up for rape, murder, and any other crime that comes along.
      all of you involved will surely burn in hell.
      maybe someone will send the sloots there shortly so they can get a burning head start on all the other criminals!
      we’re incredibly lucky, we can all sleep as soon as we hear that this punk is no longer alive !

    4. A New Girl on February 4th, 2008 7:53 am

      People and Posters to SM: Please, please people let’s keep the anger and blame squarely where it belongs and try to continue to stick to the facts. This isn’t about Americans disliking Arubans or the Dutch-Netherlands now- this is about a complete tragedy of justice and waste of an innocent life.

      A botched investigation, yes (we have plenty of those here in the States) cover-ups, lies and some corruption perhaps?? Indeed!

      But thanks to Peter DeVries and Patrick the informant, now Joran has at a minimum been exposed for the low-life he is. What gave him the right to decide the fate of another innocent person’s life and make that decision as to whether or not she was alive or dead? JVDS did not even have one ounce of decency in him to call for medical help! This girl died unnecessarily after she was drugged, and taken sexual advantage of…pretty much raped since she was alcohol and drug induced.

      Joran and Papa & Mama VDS- you can run now- but have nowhere to hide. Will never forget that interview when Greta barged in a few days after disappearance at their home and Papa Sloot was sweating so profusely his dumbass, ignorant wife had to go fetch him a towel. As we have all always suspected from the beginning- of course Papa Sloot helped his son cover-up the crime he committed afterwards. This entire family should be ashamed of themselves and they better not make one more red penny off of this. I hope they enjoy their nightmare since now Joran will have to fear for his own life every day- even if he never does one day behind bars.

    5. Michael on February 4th, 2008 10:06 am

      The crime rates in the US are way higher than in the Netherlands with your wonderful laws.
      And there is now proof for murder or rape so far in this case. If they arrest him for a confession for only disposing a body the max sentence for that crime is 6 months.
      Personally I think she overdosed on drugs Joran provided to her(like cocaine). After that he paniced, called his daddy and together they disposed the body.

    6. SUPER DAVE on February 4th, 2008 10:42 am

      MICHAEL? for your information confessing to disposing of a body here will get you a long prison sentence. do your homework boy and see how many bodies are recovered here as compared to
      whom or what you are protecting.
      this is not about the United States, it’s about
      an innocent girl missing, a confession of disposing of her body and people like you who evidently like what has happened.
      he murdered her and he knows as far as your laws go he will likely go free. keep your daughters at home , they may be the next victim and we’ll see how you feel.
      he will do this again. after all, he admitted to drugging and raping at least 20 times.

    7. LilPuma on February 4th, 2008 11:15 am

      As Dana said, the ball is in Aruba’s court. In spite of the deliberately bungled investigation to cover for one of their own, Aruban investigators had a truckload of information that was turned over to the Dutch team. Can the Prosecutor put together a case that will satisfy an Aruban court? Dutch and Aruban laws seem much more liberal than ours (U.S.), but there’s also the problem of Paulus van der Sloot and his friends in government, law enforcement and the judiciary.

      At the very least, Anita can no longer tell us her son does not do drugs, respects women and is a nice boy, a sporter. His sport is picking up tourists for sex. When did he escalate from consensual to GHB? (No doubt in my mind that he was using date-rape drugs.) I’m sure it made Joran feel even more powerful, in control, superior. Will Joe Tacopina once again tell us that there is no evidence that Joran had anything to do with Natalee’s disappearance? Beth and those who have stood with her all this time have exposed some dark secrets in Aruba and the Van der Sloot family. Joran will live in his self-made prison even if the Dutch and Aruban authorities can’t or won’t convict him.

    8. LilPuma on February 4th, 2008 11:25 am

      Michael, if this case had been investigated honestly and aggressively in the first place, the difference in our laws would be a minor issue. The problem is corruption and an attitude that if something bad happens to a tourist, it’s the tourist’s own fault. No need to pursue it, they’ll go home soon and we can go back to business as usual. When your main source of income is tourism, you need to take care of the tourists, not just their money.

    9. Jason on February 5th, 2008 6:39 am

      Michael—-That monster has done the same thing to Aruba that he did to Natalie. You are kidding youself if you do not see the impact this mess is having on your country. The problem is less about laws and more about corruption. The little coward killed her; best case scenario he helped her OD and then decided to put her family through hell because he was nervous about what he did. I’m sure someone who has nothing to cover up is concerned about destroying evidence (her body). Aruba=Incompetence.

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