Now Aruban Prosecutor Says “Holloway case in ‘new phase” … New Phase of not Investigating


The ever changing OM, Aruban Prosecutor Hans Mos now says that the Natalee Holloway case is not closed but rather is in a new phase. This is a kin to the line in Spinal Tap when a band member is asked whether the bands popularity was waning because they were no longer playing in pack venues of 10 thousand people. Their response, their popularity was not waning, their fans were just more select.

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (CNN)  The investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway is not closed but has entered a new phase, as four detectives continue to look for evidence, Aruba’s chief public prosecutor says.

Charges were dropped against Joran van der Sloot and brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, prosecutor Hans Mos said, not because he didn’t have a case but because he couldn’t be sure of a conviction.

The decision not to prosecute doesn’t mean “there is not a file in which these three people are primary persons of interest,” Mos told CNN.

He said his office remains determined to find the truth. “We believe justice will prevail one day, but we cannot force that right now.”

Stop screwing around with Natalee Holloway’s family and either do your job or just admit you are a corrupt bunch of people and never intend to provide justice for this family. The evidence is obvious and incriminating. Most all evidence in any case that convicts a suspect is circumstantial. The insanity of this case is that prosecutors act like the only way there can be a conviction is to have a confession by a suspect. That obviously is not happening. It would appear that the prosecution and Aruba continue to bleed this situation along in an attempt to continue to extort a family to play nice or else.

Following the prosecutors comments that the case continues to be investigated, the lawyers of the Kalpoe brothers had a press conference discussing certain issues.

They called the conference to counter what the Prosecution put out in a press release. They wanted to eliminate the impression created by the Prosecution that they did not want to talk only because it was their right by law, but that they kept silent because they had nothing more to add to what they have already said.

They maintained that they are innocent and left the door wide open for legal actions against the Prosecution, which I think they will undertake.
Nothing of importance came out of that conference. It only added to the ‘status quo’ of the case.

However, it must be clearly noted that they were not declared innocent of what happened to Natalee by the Judge; what the Judge did was deny the prolongation of their pre-trial (preventive) detention. According to the Prosecution, the case can be reopened at any time if and when new evidence is found. (Jossy Mansur)

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    82 Responses to “Now Aruban Prosecutor Says “Holloway case in ‘new phase” … New Phase of not Investigating”

    1. Maggie on December 22nd, 2007 3:01 pm

      When will the prosecutor or someone in power on that crazy mixed up place.. address the conflicts of interest in this case..

      Jan Van Der Straten long time friend of Paulus and family, worked with Paulus for years. As Paulus said I worked with all of them and know them well.

      2. Dompig ..son Michael questioned, was witnessed hitting on American tourists, friend of Joran, Boeti the cousin..known drug dealer who did time.

      3. Arlene Shippers Guido’s cousin(a friend of Joran’s and part of his alibi), spokesman for Aruba, came to the USA to address the state of the investigation and what was going on with it. She had access to the police files.

      Why was this case not turned over to a unbiased, outside group from the start? If justice is truly what they were looking for and what happened to Natalee. I laugh everytime I hear these defense attorneys down there and in the USA talk about this group. They were all biased in favor of the 3 susects, so why are they complaining?

      And when will one of them address who that is in the casino sitting next to Natalee ? After all Joran said his father left and then he met the MB girls. Paulus said he went home before then too. People have been asking for over a year who that is and not one person has been brought forward to say who it is. I am sure the FBI can blow that casino tape up to see if that is really him. They may have already. Posner didn’t even want that tape out in the public.

      I also saw that Mos said Joran didn’t get home till 4 and JoeT has said he was home at 3:10 when he logged on. Joran says he logged on at 3:30. Never put much faith in those anyway. Anyone can log into a computer and type. What none of them address is , how did Joran walk home and Satish picked him up, how was Natalee drunk or not drunk, how did they go to the Lighthouse and not go, how did they go to the house and not go, what was that long 8 and a half minute call between Joran and Deepak, that night..the longest one ever recorded, why do all their stories conflict for the first 2 days Natalee was missing, why did none look for her, why was Paulus refering to her as a body after he said he believed these 3 dropped her off at Holiday Inn, how can Natalee be not drunk and know what she was doing, and then have her crazy drunk and not knowing what she was doing at the same time, why did Paulus direct everyone away from the house when the cops came that night instead of telling Joran to come home. Why would he send the cops out to a casino looking for him, where his deliquent son was supposedly gambling and drinking underage at 3am. You would think he wouldn’t want the cops to go and find him that way. Deepak said in his statement Joran was drinking and gambling. Why did they change the search warrant on site, even when Paulus was named a suspect and yet, they woke the 2 guards up at dawn and searched and arrested them with no warning, like these 3 suspects got, including Paulus.. Word was he even drove himself to the police station, not in the police car. Why was Deepak’s car at the Sloots that night before Beth and Jug arrived and then gone when they got there. Were they tipped off? Why did Deepak say he went home and yet Beth saw his car parked behind the police station that morning for hours? Why were they allowed to obstruct an investigation and not get in trouble? There are many more questions, but to hear these defense attorneys complain is a joke. They’ve had all the breaks in this case, couldn’t have asked for a better group of cops on their side. Other than Jossy though, which one of them was ever on Natalee’s side??? Not a damn one.

      As I said they all look in the mirror at night and they see the slime they are. Everything they do every day is overshadowed by what they know and did. It will haunt them everywhere they go. People will point and talk. Time won’t erase it.There’s no such thing as redemption if you dont confess and pay the consequences. Someday they will find themselves in a situation and it will come, where the tables are turned and I wish them just 1/3 of the lousy stuff they have done to this family and the victim.

      For this prosecutor to say he leaves the case open new phase, give me a break.. that’s like Dompig’s hold your breath wait 24 hours, or we are bringing these boys in at Christmas to question them, then not Steve Cohen, Arlene Shippers, both pathetic. paid liars. One of the 3 confessed and are leading them to the body, then not, they found Natalee and all head to where she is, then just kidding etc. 2 and a half years of bs from the start.

      For the defense to complain is beyond nuts. This case was all handled in their favor right from the start.

    2. Maggie on December 22nd, 2007 3:21 pm

      As for the Kalpoes and a teacher drowning.. Is that why they cleaned their car in the middle of then night according to their neighbor and court papers for ants , then sand and is that why it was reported that Deepak called a girl and asked him to give a false alibi about where he was that night and she called the FBI and is that why one of them just shortly after Natalee is missing they called a girl and said something happened and they couldn’t tell them or it would bring them into trouble also? For one thing Deepak said he had no minutes left on his phone, that would be easy to check to see if he made any calls that night from it. Is that why Deepak wanted to throw and investigation off, because a teacher drowned? Only in the twilight zone would all their bs make sense.

    3. Ellen on December 22nd, 2007 3:21 pm

      To Tim Miller, the TES folks and the Members of the Persistance –

      I just finished reading the updates that you have so graciously provided to us to keep us aware of your progress. The tears flooded and I can’t seem to bring them under control but I want to thank each and every one of you for your love, dedication and yes… Persistance in the search for Natalee. I have such a strong sense of faith that you are going to find this poor child very soon and bring her home where she belongs.

      God bless you all.

    4. Maggie on December 22nd, 2007 3:30 pm

      Ellen , I agree, I have been hoping and praying that she is brought home and given a proper burial like everyone deserves. Noone deserves the fate Natalee was given, at least let her family know where she is so they can pay respects.

    5. Richard on December 22nd, 2007 3:51 pm

      Face it … Aruba is reverting back to its standard behavior. According to the laws of mathematics, A=A. According to Aruba, A is stated on Monday, partially retracted on Tuesday, denied on Wednesday, debated on Thursday…

      …and on Friday, we’re told that we don’t understand their system.

      An article posted on another thread by EURobert says that the “new evidence” against Joran was that some girl said he looked sad the day after Natalee vanished.

      Who knows what the original statements might have said? Does it matter? Who knows what documents have been destroyed, revised, or forged?

      It has been said that if the case is closed, the lawyers for the Holloway Twitty family will have full access to the Aruba files on Natalee.

      (It was also said, a long time ago, that if the case was closed the FBI has the right, by treaty, to intervene. I don’t know if that’s the case, but does anyone think for one second that the FBI will be allowed to pursue this theoretical right, or that doing so would produce any results?)

      My guess is that what Dennis Jacobs did to Beth’s statement (revise what she said, so that it was something far different from what she provided) has been done to lots of other statements in the case.

      Other people who have investigated the case have told me that lots of stuff originally available on the Internet has been changed or removed.

      And, of course, we know that as soon as Joran was brought in for questioning his father took down Joran’s Web site.

      Gee, in SOME countries that might qualify as destruction of evidence ….

      My point? Once again, I don’t think this massive now-we-say-it, now-we-don’t campaign has been waged just for the benefit of the suspects.

      Something darker is going on. No need for me to repeat again what it is ….

    6. resolution on December 22nd, 2007 3:58 pm

      I would like to add to your list of questions – all that need answers. Can they not check Pvds’s phone records? If he is taking out an ATM withdraw, then surely he called someone at that hour – give/take. Someone was paid to do something and that needs to be revealed. especially if the phone records of the three pathetic perps have been checked and nothing uncovered about this withdrawal at such a STRANGE hour. Additionally, it was a very STRONG statement saying “no body no crime”.

    7. resolution on December 22nd, 2007 4:02 pm

      I will also say that Paulus has been a huge part of this from the beginning….he was the “spotter” in the casino. The filthy pig. Interesting how he is “friends” with so many in power and with business owners.

    8. Richard on December 22nd, 2007 4:04 pm

      My own belief, at this point, is that Aruba will never prosecute anyone in this case. Not even if the water search brings up her body … which I don’t think will happen.

      Aruba will simply say there’s no evidence to tie the disposal of her, etc., to anybody.

    9. resolution on December 22nd, 2007 4:18 pm

      Well, with all this injustice, I think there should be an un-biased, un-Aruban organization that handles any future forensics. They’ve proved over & over that they can not.

    10. Carpe Noctem on December 22nd, 2007 4:43 pm

      Oh yes…

      They will be doing even less investigating than

      they were doing before…

      > Which was FRIGGING NOTHING!

      I fully expect to hear a super-sonic boom

      at any moment , and witness Hans Mos’ head

      incur a vacuum type of implosion.

      Much akin to sucking a golf ball through

      a rubber hose, until one’s eyes have crossed,

      and their ears now meet in the middle.

      Urgent Memo for Hans:

      GIVE IT UP, HOLMES! Your quarter ran out.


    11. Susan on December 22nd, 2007 4:54 pm

      Enough is enough already! Either the case is CLOSED or IT IS NOT CLOSED!! How can the world possibly expect those lamebrains in Aruba (the drug infested, poverty stricken, third world, lawless Dutch protectorate) to distinguish between the two, CLOSED, NOT CLOSED? It shouldn’t be all that difficult…




    12. nurturer on December 22nd, 2007 4:55 pm

      It would appear that Hans Mos and his crew are taking notice to the negative reaction coming from the United States of America. It shows all the hallmarks of having one’s ass kissed.

    13. on December 22nd, 2007 5:10 pm

      Richard: I think you are probably correct in that no one will ever be prosecuted in Aruba, but do imagine what a wonderful comfort it would be to Dave, Beth and Jug to at least retrieve their daughter’s body off that filthy, evil, corrupt, crappy island.

      I honestly believe they could have a video tape of the murder and still find some corrupt reason not to prosecute.

      Also remember that that little clip from the Casino is just that, a little clip. Someone has a full tape and could prove to about 10 seconds who the man sitting next to Natalee was.

      Is the new “closed case but not closed” to keep the Holloways and Twittys from getting case information? Just how long does it take to clean a file Aruba? Because you can bet your Boetti, that case file will be cleaned by the time JK, the Holloways and Twittys and our FBI get their hands on it.

      Boycott Aruba, the vacation place from hell.

    14. Maggie on December 22nd, 2007 5:25 pm

      I think we pretty well knew they wouldn’t prosecute anyone early on when we saw all the players connection and the bizarre stuff going on including a so called reporter, ( I can think of better words) running the family on wild goose chases and claiming calls were coming in that should have went to the police. Especially when Natalee wasn’t a drug user anyway. I remember early on Charles Croes said in his interview that Joran said Natalee was doing drugs and possibly drinking. Very telling in case she was found? Later on he said he never did see Natalee doing drugs and she was drunk, then she wasn’t drunk.

      Resolution, another one is why wouldn’t anyone investigate Dennis Jacobs behaviour too. It is beyond nuts, along with his comments.

      To hear these lawyers talk like their clients did everything to help this investigation and gave their statements enough is the nail in the coffin to me.. They all engaged in anything and everything to throw an investigation off and keep anyone from knowing what they did with Natalee that night after leaving CnC. One of these 2 couldn’t tell the interrogators that they were refering to a teacher who drowned. After they both get back home, they say oh yeah that was a teacher. Just more stupid games and bs.

    15. Rammstein on December 22nd, 2007 7:26 pm

      Susan, in the Netherlands cases are never fully closed as long as no legal action has been made in the case or the perp has died before the case came to court.

      In all other instances the case will be kept current by a small number of officers (if there is anything to update) and those officers will also look over new information etc. If something breaks in the case or something needs investigating the team will be scaled up for that need or re-formed if something probative comes from that. and will be scaled up if something new happens that needs investigating.

      There are cases who have been on the shelf for 32 years and are still not closed because the police still hopes to solve it, even though the perp will never be convicted due to the ending of the statutory maximum time of 30 years.

    16. resolution on December 22nd, 2007 8:07 pm

      I have a huge problem with this crap. There has been confessions, retractions, evidence tampering, oh, and the lies. It is so evident that there has been a cover up from the get go and the many who are behind it all. The illegal actions of all the so called “professionals” is unbelievable! We’re talking about a HUMAN LIFE being taken let alone the manner in which it was. What is the matter with those people in Aruba?? No compassion, no remorse. How do they sleep at night?

    17. JusticeforNatalee on December 22nd, 2007 8:36 pm

      Hey, Hans Mos! Will this NEW PHASE include breaking through the CORRUPTION and COVER UP?

      (“New phase” sounds just like:
      “Critical last phase.”
      Remember how many times THAT smoke was blown?

      Aruban authorities, you are not fooling anyone–except yourselves.

      It is obvious that you will continue to stall and deny justice
      to American citizen Natalee Holloway. Better get that Aloe machine running because your American tourist bonanza is

    18. 10061906 on December 22nd, 2007 8:53 pm

      Maggie #1:
      I think you hit it all; but I would like to add two things.
      1. Art Wood is none committal about the subject on third base as someone else described him.
      2. I don’t know why unless ABC was just interested in a news scoop; but when you look at the casino tape,frame by frame,IMO it has been altered.
      If you play it frame by frame and check the time, Natalee walks into the casino about 25 minutes after you see her at the BJ table.
      See for yourself.
      The only question I have is who she was constantly on the phone with and whose phone was it?

    19. kjhughes on December 22nd, 2007 9:02 pm

      Looks like Hans Mos wants it both ways ..he wants the perps off the hook but he is scared, I’d say very scared, at the reaction they are getting from US citizens and the this crap about “A new phase” is their latest LIE.
      I say ignore the “new phase” and let them have it with EVERYTHING we’ve got to dish out. I’m in Florida for Xmas, already spreading the word to my friends about what an evil, dangerous place that island is.
      Meanwhile to all Natalee’s friends on SM ..Very Happy Christmas.

    20. Allan on December 22nd, 2007 9:47 pm

      Aruba is still not having an honest investigation.
      Afraid, don’t give a damn, who knows, but this much I say boycott the hell out of that island.
      Did senator Bacchus get an Aruban contribution or not?

    21. brie on December 22nd, 2007 10:10 pm

      The tape was altered with Natalee entering the casino, she was not by herself….no one will touch Posner…friend of Paulus..the place is full of corruption….he’s never available for questioning..wonder why!

    22. Anonimo on December 22nd, 2007 11:17 pm

      Ladies and Gentlemen;
      I have been looking for some place where I could leave some of my comments without leaving my name. We still have people in Alabama who will burn things down if things don’t go their way.

      Without using any four letter words I can assure all of you have some valid points in expressing what you think happened. There are a lot of people out here who feel the same way. There are still a lot of questions which need answering.

      I can assure you that the FBI is aware of all your concerns. They are looking at it from every angle. What happened in Aruba was supposed to have stayed in Aruba. Then the cameras showed up! This was when Beth knew they were in trouble. Her words, not mine.

      As soon as the FBI can make an Alabama connection the case will become a federal case. You did see how fast the Investigators up here put the finger on those three college boys who burned down those churches didn’t you?

      Well, I waited 16 months to find something which I can confide my suspicions in.

      There were over a million comments posted on the Internet during this period. I feel that someone with a computer and a little knowledge about the teen who vanished in Aruba will also confide in this web site as long as they can be sure their idenity is safe.

      Some other school mates who either saw, or heard, something about what happened down there.

      I believe this enough that I am willing to stick my neck out and start posting some of the things I know about the case which have not been brought up on any of those cable news networks.

      But first ask your self this question ? why is Beth and Jug no longer together. I, too, have asked that question. I think Jug butted out when Beth went running all over the country promoting this International Safe Travels thing. She lost a lot of her support here.

      Some things are a matter of public record. Marrages, divorces, and ownership of property. Do you know what a prenup. is?

      The reason why it was kept in Aruba is because as long as it stays down there the FBI can’t toutch it. If a connection with the USA can be made, then it will become a federal case.

      The mother took the daughter to some meetings on how to behave in a foreign country. Then she dropped her off at a friend’s house for the flight to Aruba.

      Then the socer mom took off with two friends to a lake house in Hot Springs, AK 5 hours north of B’Ham! And for three days no contact with Aruba. Then for 4-5 hours after the teen did not show up for muster the mother gets a call from one of the adults on the trip.
      Question. How is it possible that the mom can make the same day flight to Aruba while on the same day the kid was missing? How quick she was to get everything together, travel 5 hour from Hot Spring, pack, make a sign, and flight to Aruba.
      Question. When she arrived in Aruba, what Written Sign She was holding in Her Hand?
      How did she know she was kiddnaped…?? Answer these questions please.

      If the mother had of wanted to lollygag around a pool some where she could have gone on the trip too if she was that concerned about the safety of her daughter.

      Two of the girl’s step cousins were on the same trip. Don’t you think they were the designated drivers? Or the look outs? One even fingered Joran as having played cards with some of the teens from MB.

      Has any one of you ever been on a beach alone with a young woman? Have you ever tried to get a drunk to do something they didn’t want to? Then join the Army and travel a little. You’ll see.

      This is all for now. If I get some response then I will start asking the hard questions the cable news didn’t ask. You can ask some good questions too. The good ones will be forwarded to the FBI in Alabama who are working on it too.
      Nathalie Price $1000.000.00 and second price 250.000.00 to tell something
      A Long time has past and the poor people in Aruba never came to claim the price… Aruban, Dutch, American, Surinam living in an expensive island where 50.000 are over 50 yr old and where 25000 are of school age and 50000 65yr and up on pension and none of them will like to win the lottery. Ask yourself why?
      Is it that because they have to much casino and 1,000.000.00 will not make a difference or is it that they have done so much money laundry that they do not need a million or so to boost up their portfolio or is it that they are so corrupt that they do not see a Million Dollar…???????
      The reason they are not coming forward is that no-one has seen or hear anything
      or is it that they are afraid of the 3 alleged perps that have hurts their island so much that they are afraid of them?,
      or is it this question
      Where the players are all connected and waiting for time to tick away to 2010.
      Mr. Anonimo, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      One doesn’t even know where to begin where trying to use reason and logic with what a 4th grader writes.

      rambling, incoherent response :But first ask your self this question ? why is Beth and Jug no longer together. I, too, have asked that question. I think Jug butted out when Beth went running all over the country promoting this International Safe Travels thing. She lost a lot of her support here.

      If one had a brain, one would know that many marriages and relationships crumble under the stress and strain of a missing or murdered child.

      The above rantings have been consistently put out there by those that hate. Please do not embarrass yourself with utter stupidity.

      We know know the following to be fact:
      1. The suspects discussed prior to going out on the internet what they had intended to do that night. Because as we already knew, 3 boys who have admittedly done in 20 times before, do not go to C&C’s 1/2 hr prior to closing except to corner a girl to have their way with her.
      2. One of the suspects, who was 1 of the 3 people last seen with Natalee Holloway, referred to Natalee in the past tense as being dead 5 hours after NH was last ever seen.

      OK Sherlock, you do the math. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out, unless you are a part of of ALE.

      This scenario has happened God knows how many times in the US and in ever case the suspect last known seen with the victim was GUILTY!


    23. Patti on December 22nd, 2007 11:23 pm


      The invisible man.

      I wonder if he’s even alive?


      Is it over?


      Aruba doesn’t know what it wants to do… but I think the ball is in our court now, so it doesn’t much matter. They’ll try their hardest to maintain jurisdiction in this case, but this case will go to the people as an international crime. Filed against Aruba, with its’ double talking forked toungue. It will mean the end of them and all their lies. The truth is in the corpse. Small cuts in the bone, breaking of the bones through using ones teeth while eating the bone marrow; and charring are, all, signs of cannibalism. The bones will tell the story and Aruba will then know what it’s like to be embarrassed.

      COWBOY’s and indians…

      TEXAS don’t mess around…


      Death to the Arawak Nation!

    24. brie on December 22nd, 2007 11:26 pm

      The corruption and criminal acts of Natalee Holloway!!!!

    25. Ray on December 22nd, 2007 11:34 pm

      Allan #20 I to have wondered how much senator Bachus got paid by the Arubans to look the other way.

    26. Anonimo on December 22nd, 2007 11:41 pm

      Why not answer the questions?

    27. Anonimo on December 22nd, 2007 11:45 pm

      We all know what the alleged perps did and now let see the other side of the million…a coin has two side

    28. Ray on December 22nd, 2007 11:50 pm

      I forgot, BOYCOTT ARUBA until that POS of an island sinks below the waves.

    29. Anonimo on December 22nd, 2007 11:51 pm

      Wel let see where we learn today from the criminals of the wolrd.. who make the guns? which one is more corrupt Democrat or Republicans..Let see on Wall Street who is more Corrupt… The watch CNN, CNBC, FOX etc down there…

      The Arubans know what is going on but , yes there is a but… They learn from the states, from the Latins. etc. they see the world in an international way… not nacional..most of them watch CNN for news.

    30. brie on December 22nd, 2007 11:54 pm

      Paulus knew he could get away with it because Aruba was equipped to handle the investigation.

    31. Anonimo on December 22nd, 2007 11:56 pm

      and it is 3 internatioal perp that came to settle down to stir the peace…again, the moment a girls is lost or missing in the US they know…and the whole Island is interconnected to the Internet. and well educated…but like I said before… money is the source of corroption and deceid and extorcion. so do not forget this.. A million and nobody go for it…very rare indeed. while the whole island play Lotto florida and New York Lottery.

    32. brie on December 22nd, 2007 11:57 pm

      And then he filed papers against the FBI investigation…do we need to say anymore!!!

    33. brie on December 23rd, 2007 12:00 am

      #26..correction ..Paulus knew he could get away with it because Aruba was NOT equipped to handle the investigation.

    34. Patti on December 23rd, 2007 12:09 am


      The Holiday Inn has it’s own reputation, for
      kidnapping and murdering girls. I wonder if
      they were Dutch or Venezuelan? It’s too bad
      Aruba doesn’t investigate ANY of its’ crime…
      just tack a self induced suicide, heart attack,
      overdose or fatal accident to their toe, no
      matter what the condition of the body…
      Besides, their laws are written for the
      perpetrator of a crime, not the victim.

      Life means nothing… once it’s gone.



    35. Susan on December 23rd, 2007 12:18 am

      #15 – Thanks for the information, Rammstein :-)

    36. Patti on December 23rd, 2007 12:28 am

      What I mean is; to cry to Aruba for help,

      To beg it’s people for information,

      Or simply to ask for their moral support

      is like asking Hitler to spare the Jews.

      They care nothing about Natalee,

      never did


      never will.

      How do you ask that the inhuman have a heart?

      You pray for deliverance from their demons

      and beg your God for justice…


      Natalee will be found.

    37. Patti on December 23rd, 2007 12:34 am


      In the ‘Turtle Garden’


    38. 10061906 on December 23rd, 2007 1:30 am
      I find this very interesting that this statement remains on Koens Zorpia homepageDEETCH BLOGJanssen and Jacobs: Company Menposted bt Toves 5.22.2006In October of 2005,
      Dave Holloway met with Chief Dompig in a parking lot in Oranjestad. The purpose of the meeting was to request that Dompig conduct a thorough interrogation of Koen Gottenbos. Dave Holloway told Dompig that he believed Koen was ready to crack.Koen’s name first surfaced in June when Beth Twitty was shown some of the suspect statements by the Prosecutor, Janssen, and in those statements Joran had made reference to Koen’s father’s boat. The same month Dave Holloway was told by one of Joran’s classmates that they used Koen’s father’s boat to get rid of the body.Koen Gottenbos lied to the police and the Gottenbos’have moved off Aruba. The assistant Prosecutor resigned over Janssen’s refusal to question Koen. Only the father came in to speak for him.Dave Hollowy requested they bring Koen in for questioning and that someone other than Dennis Jacobs conduct the interview. Dompig told Dave Holloway he You can read the rest …………………….

    39. Anonimo on December 23rd, 2007 1:33 am

      ok maybe Aruba laws is not perfect. What so is the Law In China and other part of the world. OJ Simpson got awy with murder becuase of the glove did not fit. so he could not done it… so let look at the similairities and Marc furman…etc

      I watched on TV in New York and we all was in desbelieve live went one and he went on with his live till recent incident
      SM: There is a vast difference between an imperfect legal system and a corrupt one. Learn the difference. That is your home work for today. Your sophomoric comparison is actually painful to even attempt to understand. Do you even have any comprehension what happened in the OJ trial? You mean to tell me that the judge of instruction in Aruba let three criminal suspects off because the Dutch and people from Suriname have been taken advantage of by the Aruban legal system and this was Aruba’s form of jury nullification? Get a clue as to what you are talking about before you actually post, please.

    40. brie on December 23rd, 2007 1:42 am

      Posner..a known criminal…friend of Paulus..go figure! Connect the dots!

    41. Anonimo on December 23rd, 2007 1:48 am

      I am a Logic Professor and I am telling you all that from both side of the coin there is events that do not compute and follows normal nature course. From the 3 kids and the father there is defently manipolation of the Law Book. no doubt about that. But from the Famaly and the account of what was going on in Aruba, This women never show a tear for her daughter in Aruba. It all on tape and beeing research/observed ask we speak but there is also a lot of more info comming forth now that are beein looked at in terms of logic events… we know that for every case there is a play book and it beeing re-examined … what makes it more interesting is that the bank where the funds was is now merge and no one seems to know where it is… so be patient and we shall see.
      SM: Logic, huh? LOL … now that’s humorous.

      I guess you missed this picture, conveniently enough.

      Fool, the family is not on trial … we all know who committed the crime against Natalee …

    42. THE SEARCH FOR NATALEE on December 23rd, 2007 2:07 am

      do ya think they could have offered this boy Koen a legal pass to spill the beans? I am sure the Holloways would have favored letting him off in order to get evidence of 1) where Natalee was dumped and 2) punishment for the rapists/murderers J2K and jail time.

      This is not rocket science! I am mad that this Koen may have helped them but I could look passed it if he turned around and assisted with the investigation

    43. Anonimo on December 23rd, 2007 2:27 am

      ok lets look at the side of the perps.
      Question. If you want to take out a girl to get laid, where would you go to do it knowing she has a roomate in he room? answer please

    44. Anonimo on December 23rd, 2007 2:30 am

      also knowing that they have money and well dress for the night.

    45. THE SEARCH FOR NATALEE on December 23rd, 2007 3:14 am

      Hey guys at Scared Monkey, let’s have a contest to give Aruba a new slogan for their commercials to advertise the island. It could get interesting.

      How about this one……

      “Come to Aruba, the EVIL island where we spend our evenings looking for unsuspecting American women to drug, rape and murder. It’s really so much fun,,,,,, for us!”

    46. Ralph on December 23rd, 2007 3:40 am

      Aruba, the island that makes Alcatraz seem tame! Book your tickets today. We can hardly wait to rape you. If you’re lucky, you might make it out alive.

    47. 10061906 on December 23rd, 2007 4:05 am

      As an insight as to where Natalee was taken, who was there, what happened and where she may be; IMO it is critical that Hans Mos release the information on just what was the pimps plans for American girls. I don’t know how pressure can be put on him to release that information.
      I guess the only recourse we have is an economic boycott of all Aruban and Dutch products and travel until they are forced to tell.

    48. Anonimo on December 23rd, 2007 4:19 am

      I think I figured it all out but I am missing a peace of information… on what roud or rout did the father pickup joran and what is the town that joram live..

    49. waterboy (Jerry) on December 23rd, 2007 9:31 am

      Follow the search for Natalee at

      Merry Christmas.


    50. waterboy (Jerry) on December 23rd, 2007 10:01 am

      I write this with reluctance, and the reason is that I don’t want to sound ungrateful to Tim Miller. He has sacrificed so much in so many cases. I don’t know who will take care of Tim in the future, because he has used everything he has to take care of others.

      I just talked my-self (hyphen preconceived) out of the message I was going to present. It involved the landfill, of course. Maybe I will do it later.


    51. 10061906 on December 23rd, 2007 10:33 am

      The episode the Persistence encountered during the night with the fishing boat sounds almost deliberate. I would not put anything past Aruba or the Dutch to try and sabotage the project.

    52. resolution on December 23rd, 2007 11:16 am

      What episode?????

    53. Susan on December 23rd, 2007 11:23 am

      While reading the latest update on the Persistence’s progress, that was my first thought exactly, 10061906! I wouldn’t put anything pass the corrupt, incompetent Aruban/Dutch officials either. We can certainly count on those savages making any and all attempts to interfere with the search for Natalee :-(




    54. Susan on December 23rd, 2007 11:26 am

      Resolution – You can read about the progress of the Persistence’s search for Natalee at the link below:

    55. resolution on December 23rd, 2007 11:57 am

      Thanks, Susan. I did finally find the article. It is suspicious that a fishing boat is out there in the same area when there’s a WHOLE ocean out there!

    56. Bob on December 23rd, 2007 12:04 pm

      Every single sand pig on Aruba KNOWS the Persistence is conducting sonar scans by towing sensitive equipment. (It’s all the talk at Carols n Charlies by the local sporters.) The ship is going back & forth almost 18 hrs a day/night. It’s the talk of everyone. It’s been said even the local Polis are filming the Persistence’s progress from shore. (Well, surprise, surprise, who woulda thought it!)

      Why would a 16′ “fishing boat” suddenly have the need to throw out an anchor in the path of a large ship cruising back & forth in a deliberate tight pattern? Oh yes, the obvious answer…..the ‘fisherman’ speaks no English, it was his first day ever on a little boat, he didn’t see a 100′ boat, he thought the Persitence was a reef, or………..Paulus paid him 100 florins to go mess-up the on going work. Pick one.

      Amazing. Truly amazing. Perhaps we’ve given Aruba TOO MUCH credibilty for being “clever”. Actually, on analysis, their actions are below kindergarten intelligence….they really are child-like and STUPID.

    57. benh on December 23rd, 2007 12:24 pm

      IT appears the Aruban goverment will let the boys and papa get away with there crimes,do we have to let the trolls slander Natalee HERE BAN THEM.I dont mind open discussion but the trolls act like statements made by the suspects were never made are things that were said by other people like dompig were never said.

    58. dennisintn on December 23rd, 2007 12:29 pm

      i’m sure persistence picked up any survivors. i’m really interested in knowing whether the side-scan radar picked up the images of the wreck settling peacefully on the bottom.

    59. Ralph on December 23rd, 2007 12:38 pm

      Kyle Kingman seemed to indicate through his post that it was an innocent collision. It states that they thanked the fisherman for his patience etc.

      They are discussing the case at Carlos and Charlie’s because they are the drink spiking part of the puzzle. Anyone directly related to the case is paying attention to the search; however, I believe in the possibility that there are fishermen etc. that are not really following this story very closely.

      I am not 100% convinced it was an innocent collision but I am 98% convinced its a strong possibility.

      By the way……

      F^^K Aruba! Boycott them as much as possible!
      If the Holiday Inn is part of their system in trapping unsuspecting American girls, we should boycott Holiday Inn’s state side until they close their hotel in Aruba.

    60. 10061906 on December 23rd, 2007 12:40 pm

      Go to Aruba yellowpages. Key in fast food. McDonalds pops up in four locattion. Its the one closest to the casino.

      !9 Montana is a good address to try.

      17 Noord Lion’s Den.

      22 Noord Caribbean Bank ATM

      23 Noord San Anna Church

      Across the street is the Noord Police Station.
      Good Map

      Yellow Pages

    61. Ralph on December 23rd, 2007 12:55 pm

      Does anyone know how long it should take Persistence to sweep 22 sq miles? Their first mapping of the area was 22 sq miles. Also, how many sq miles around the island extending up to five miles out at any point? I am trying to figure out, worst case scenario and they have to search the entire circumference of the island extending up to five miles, how long it will take to search it completely.

      Hopefully they will find her in the first 22 sq mile search area.

    62. katablog on December 23rd, 2007 1:38 pm

      #41 Anonimo are you daft? You certainly could not have used logic and followed the story if you don’t think the Holloway and Twitty families showed emotion. Beth was so gaunt and spent looking for such a long period of time that we worried terribly for her. Read the books written by her parents and feel the raw emotion (even though both books were written quite a time after the event). See Dave digging in a damn filthy garbage dump for days and ask yourself how many people would do such a thing. The answer is only a very loving father totally committed on getting his daughter off that one crappy island and back at home.

      See the hundreds of thousands of dollars put up by the Twittys and Holloways and their family and friends. There’s nothing logical about it because what you see is a family totally committed to the memory of their lovely daughter who they wish to bring home to Alabama.

    63. LilPuma on December 23rd, 2007 1:43 pm

      Anonimo: These are the simple facts.
      - Joran van der Sloot had sexual relations with a girl he said was going in and out of consciousness. She’s never been seen since.
      - The Chief investigator was a friend of Joran’s father.
      - One or more of the judges in this case were friends of Joran’s father.
      - The guy is guilty of kidnapping, rape and murder or manslaughter. Evidence was covered up.
      - End of story.

      Other facts about Aruba:
      - Dennis Jacobs says they drug drinks at Carlos and Charlies.
      - Many Aruban boys admit to targeting the tourists for drinking and sex. It’s sport in Aruba.
      - Aruba blames the U.S. media and the Holloway family for the crimes of their young men and the coverup of their crimes.
      - Aruba blames U.S. tourists for whatever might go wrong during their trip to One Sucky Island.

    64. Maggie on December 23rd, 2007 1:51 pm

      1006 about the tape I agree about the tape changed, but I won’t be like Arlene or Dompig and say it was doctored like the one of Deepak talking. Many times when shows use tape footage, they edit for time. I have watched experts on tv news that listened to Deepak on tape who interrupted it both ways to say we did or we didn’t. That video of Natalee in the casino and the guy sitting by her sure looks like Paulus. I too noticed the times on that casino tape kinda like they wanted us to believe Joran walked in first then Natalee followed, but if you check the times, Natalee is sitting at that table long before it showed her entering on that tape on ABC.

      As for Anonimo.. I totally ignored most of what they wrote, if there was any way in high heavens this case involved Beth, who by the way was in the USA or the MB students, who wasn’t in the car with Natalee, they would’ve locked them up already. They would’ve done anything to put the stench anywhere, but Aruba.

      The answers of what happened to Natalee lie right there in Aruba and they know it. The answers to the reasons for the tourism drop and boycott, lie right there in Aruba and they know that too.

      What none of the defense lawyers have ever been able to tell us, is where is one piece of evidence that Natalee wanted to have sex with Joran, wanted to go to the beach, wanted to stay on the beach, was ever on the beach, talked about Hitler, slaves or sharks, or that they walked barefoot and left their shoes on the beach that night? Three self confessed liars words and just because you repeat the lie over and over doesn’t make it any truer.

      Anonimo don’t stay in the sun so long next time.

      A chat session that says they target American girls and what they do with them..premeditated.

    65. LilPuma on December 23rd, 2007 1:51 pm

      45. The Search for Natalee.
      As I’ve stated many times, activities in Aruban travel brochures should read something like:

      Snorkeling, windsurfing, Aloe factory tours, getting acosted by and drugged by local boys, casinos, fine dining, sunshine, dodging drug dealers and friendly people who don’t really like Americans. Come on down!

    66. Maggie on December 23rd, 2007 3:07 pm

      When these 3 were rearrested Mos said these 3 have a history of drugging women or something to that effect. What happened to that statement he made?

    67. Richard on December 23rd, 2007 3:23 pm

      What happens to every statement on ARuba?

      It disappears or is altered ….

    68. brie on December 23rd, 2007 4:15 pm

      There have been so many statements made and nothing ever becomes of it….jut a dead end street.

      Just like all the information given to Oduber by Beth and Jug…nothing ever becomes of it….just a dead end street.

    69. brie on December 23rd, 2007 4:31 pm

      If the fishermen cannot see a 100ft vessel with lights on it, they better get out of way and out of water. We already know Aruba doesn’t want us to do the water search because of what they did in the past. Well, too bad!

      I glad the crew is OK, the ship is Ok and the equipment is Ok….now stay the hell out of way Aruba…

    70. Susan on December 23rd, 2007 6:26 pm

      #55 – resolution, you are welcome :-)

      #61 – Ralph, I believe the search is suppose to take ten days, but I could be wrong…

    71. Capslockwizard on December 23rd, 2007 7:44 pm

      This is my analysis about the disappearing and the events on that day. There are two possible scenarios that will fit a logic question.
      The Logic question is “Where would I hide a body so that nobody will find it and at the same time lose my shoes?”

      Tools I have used are:

      1. Goolge Earth with Aruba MAP and area location to pin possible scenarios.
      2. Time Line Event of the case.
      3. My logic and Strategic thinking on solving problems.
      4. Ttime line from the website
      I believe there is a fundamental flaw the way the authorities see the case.
      If the Investigators cannot find Nathalie is because they are searching and looking in the wrong places or they must know but would not come forward.
      If you ask yourself this question: “Where would I hide a body so that nobody will find it and at the same time lose my shoes?”
      The answers are a lot of places can be used, but for a logic thinker there is only one answer.
      And form all the articles that I have read, nobody have suggested and even mention this place.
      In Aruba in when someone dies, they can be put to rest in two ways.

      1. In the grounds. But this procedure has stop due to not enough cemetery.

      2. In a Kelder. A Kelder is a place above ground with 4 or 6 rooms constructed out of brick and mortar inside a Cemetery. These Kelders belong to a Family and they buy these plots form the church in the cemetery and build the Kelders on it and leave it open for when the moment arrived you have a place to rest.

      Both types of method funerals will take place only in a CEMETARY.

      There are several (7) CEMETARY in Aruba and most of them have KELDERS and a lot are left OPEN for when he or she dies will be buried close in the Family plot. From those seven, three is close from my analysis and from those 3, the one in Noord is to visible and no high walls. The one in Ponton/ Oranjestad is in public site from the front but from the back it has possibilities. The one in Paradera has most likely and it has a wall but anybody with a pickup or can climb easy over the wall second it is no visible from public site.

      The reason that no one can find her is that she must be among all the dead in the cemetery and who is going to search a cemetery for a body where there is already a lot of body in the place.
      You will never find an open grave in the ground because when someone dies in Aruba and need to be buried in the ground, the Funeral home in charge of the body will give orders to dig a grave for this person in a district in accordance with the family wishes.

      To dig a grave 6 feet deep and wide enough for a body will take a lot of time by hand. Beside the ground will look disturb by the cemetery keeper. So I believe that these 4 perps would not have the time to dig a grave.


      If you have a dead body on your hand and you need to hide it fast, the only way is to put it in an open Kelder and with only five to 6 bricks and and a bucket of cement and you are done. And if you want to make it look professional, can even give it a coat of paint color white which is the mostly use.

      This last process is very easy done with 3 or 4 person.

      a. Move dead body to a cemetery,

      b. Cemetery door closed, then jump the fence with the body.

      c. Inside the cemetery look for an open Kelder or break one open.

      d. Put body in it

      e. Go and get 6 pieces of bricks or use bricks that are in the cemetery already.

      f. Make cement in a bucket

      g. Use the bricks to close the small walls of the Kelder.

      h. Paint the wall

      And you are done.

      The flaws with this logic are that it do not account for a missing shoe.
      And so this cannot be complete true and do not compute. But possible


      1. Normaly if one want to have sex in Aruba that comes from the clubs go to a place call WHITEHOUSE and not the LIGHTHOUSE and they sound almost identical (Here I think ether the Investigator hear it wrong and JoraN and K2 continue with the kakamenia storie about the LightHouse or it was plan-out between them.) The Whitehouse is an apartment Complex where one drive in with the car into an Apartment with automatic garage doors attached. One in the garage you are also in the apartment. These apartments are for some to go and have sex in and one pay 50.00 for a couple of hours use. If foul play was committed in one of these rooms or if she was overdosed in one of these rooms, nobody will see or hear. Add checkout time you just hop in your car in the garage and drive out to the gate and no one will notice anything as she could be asleep in the back seat. Now you have a dead body that you have to get rid of in your car… you could not bring a dead body to a hotel… you have to get rid of it…and here is my view of what next move will be.

      2. The next move is to look for a place to dump the body and here is where the missing shoes come to play and also the story that they were driving around statement comes to play a role). It is dark, almost 3:00 am and in Aruba there are several murky water reservoirs that can be used to dump the body (see Google Earth – Aruba) in it and she would be gone. But the question is which one? Well looking at the map you can see that from the Whitehouse Building there several c that can be used and there is one behind the Whitehouse building. Once first instinct is to dump the body there since it is closely when you exit the Whitehouse building. Now here is where it gets interesting depending how many people you have to help you carry the body to the murky pool. And not knowing that the closer you get to one of these murky pools, your feet will sink into this thick mud and when you try to pull your feet out, it will not come out because the mud has a suction that seals around the plastic of the sneakers and the only way out is to pull your feet out of the sneakers and leave the sneakers behind.
      Also when you are in a hurry to get rid of the body you will not think to go get your sneakers and it is dark in that area. And I believe that that’s why Joram was without a sneaker. Now there is still a question not answer, Was Joran alone or did he got help? Knowing what we know from all that has been written about the case and blog out there. We know that the Kalpoes came to help. I do believe that Joran is stronger and weight more and that he Dump the body in one of these reservoirs and that’s why he lost his shoes. Now Joran is bear feet walking? From where was he coming from?. One thing is sure he was going to papa and mama. But what happened to the helpers? Why they did not drive Joran home. Or was it that Joran acted alone and called the Kalpoes after all what has happened to him.

      3. Other scenarios about putting the body in a crypt I do believe that this was done after they arrested the 2 black men that was blamed for the crime that they did not commit.

      4. Here is where the Father with help of …????…..(to be filled in ) went back and make sure that the body will disappears forever. How? Depends on the two scenarios. A) if the body is in the murky water and in the mud they would try to get it back and buried it in a cemetery among the death and that will be a difficult task to open all the graves in Aruba. B) to make sure the body is deep in the murky water with the shoes of Joran so that it will not be found.
      The Fathers logic thinking would be like this. Now nobody will find her because we hide it so well, nobody is going to look in a cemetery or in the Murky Waters of Aruba and if you are going to search where to begin and with time the longer the body stays in the mud, the deeper it will sink and these are fresh water reservoirs and not salt water and the body will not come up never. As for the cemetery theory, it will be difficult to search without disturbing the graves. and another drawback is that you need permission of the families to open all the Kelders.
      My Review:
      With Google Earth I was able to pinpoint the possible location where one can lose a shoe in the mud and also how far it is from the Whitehouse Location and keeping an eye on the time to do the job.
      The story about dumping the body on the beach cannot be done because you have already a dead body on your hand and you can do that. The chance to be seen with a dead body to high and risky.
      Finding someone to dump it in the ocean means more people involved and the chance to be snitch on will increase and the chance to be seen by the coast guard is high. Also body will float back if not tied down in on the bottom floor of the sea.. This requires a more depth knowledge of buoyancy and understanding of the ocean currents of Aruba and knowing that when the wind turn even sunken boats come back to shore. No this does not compute either.

      the only way the body can be found is to search for the shoes round the edges for the murky pools in Aruba and when the sneaker is found, the body will be there also.

      The reason they got away is that there is not a body to link the crime to.
      The Father of Joran stated clearly that if there is NOT A BODY there will be NO CASE.

      So to make the above statement true, the perps must have make sure that the body cannot be found, but they forgot one thing, a Body will be decompose slowly in mud and it will be found with time. Ask Aruba to search the edged of all these murky water reservoirs and where you find the sneakers you will find the body

      Its is like the OJ case “The Glove does not Fit then you must quit the case” but in this case we have a missing link that is the shoes of Joran V/D Sloot.

      Please review and Let me know what you bloggers think of this

      Best Regards

    72. katablog on December 23rd, 2007 9:25 pm

      Aruba isn’t interested in searching any where. Aruba stood by and allowed Dave to search through their garbage and only did things to hamper his search.

      Aruba couldn’t even completely empty one little pond and it took them days to fail at that task.

      Aruba has plenty of circumstantial evidence, a confession and probably tangible evidence turned in by Art Wood that they simply discarded.

      I believe there are more than 4 involved in what happened to Natalee. I believe that there is a good possibility that the Goteboes (can’t spell their name) were involved mainly due to the reports of their actions after Natalee went missing. One could also lose a shoe in a garbage dump if attempting to quickly dispose of a body. I think there’s also a possibility that Natalee’s blood might have been on Joran’s shoes and that’s why they disappeared (it’s my understanding both shoes are gone).

      Lastly, I find it distasteful to trade thoughts with someone who knows so little about the case that they turn and look at Natalee’s parents who weren’t even on the Island and who have done everything in their power (including Beth staying on the crappy island for 3 months) to find their daughter’s body.

    73. Capslockwizard on December 24th, 2007 2:38 am

      To Katablog, maybe you are so stupid that you do not se that I am trying to help. you are so absorb in your little peabean that you have no clue about the case.. First you need to be there to talk and see thing for your self… behinde that screen you can rumble and rumble and noting will get done… any Ideas overlook should be looked at… and this is what I am Doing now. I will go do someting about it…

      What are you going to do someting..I flow down and I am here … researching what not even a private investigater did over looked.

    74. Ralph on December 24th, 2007 2:47 am

      I agree Katablog, it is disgusting to cast blame or any bad wishes on the Holloway family. I was worried about Beth. At one point I thought she may collapse in her overwhelming grief. Dave and Beth did 10x the work of most parents in the same situation. It is one of the reasons we have all come to love this bright, beautiful young woman.

      we are 100% behind the parents. They are amazing!

      Aruba, go F**K yourselves. You are so done!

    75. Capslockwizard on December 24th, 2007 3:03 am

      By the way, they neveer search the area I have pinted out to Zion and from the map it seems that for some reason they concentrated in the wrong area.. The places are very close from Joran Home… The problem is that these kid played the investigators so well and by using the tacktic I will cooperate with you by desiving you method. They used the term I did not lie to you but you is the one that did believe me technique. and since his Fatheer was a Judge the Investigator played by there tune.

      Anyway more to come….

    76. Capslockwizard on December 25th, 2007 3:22 am

      I think I solve the mystery in this whole case.

    77. Capslockwizard on December 25th, 2007 3:31 am

      To 10061906, you mention some places and from this I can determined that you do not know not a thing about aruba.. you could have said the Light House so that i could have prove you wrong…but anyway all your answers are wrong.

    78. Capslockwizard on December 25th, 2007 3:52 am

      I need the email for Beth Twitty, Does any one has her email address.


    79. Richard on December 26th, 2007 4:03 pm

      Caplockswizard (#73)… I may be speaking only for myself, though I don’t think so, in saying:

      If you want to make these remarks about Katablog, or any other of the sincere posters here who have followed this case from early on, shove it.

    80. 10061906 on December 28th, 2007 1:22 am

      And the English language is not your forte.
      Take yourself off caps lock and maybe you will make more cents.
      Pleaaaasssse a double negative.
      Come back again about the lighthouse; which one?
      California or Colorado; North or South?

    81. 10061906 on December 28th, 2007 12:13 pm

      Yes; I do

    82. 10061906 on December 28th, 2007 12:13 pm

      No I won’t

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