Joe Tacopina Spins, NEVER SAY NEVER JOE … Jossy Mansur is Correct, Joran Statement Does Exist


Joe Tacopina, the American defense attorney for Joran Van der Sloot, might be protesting a bit too much. We know he is a defense attorney who’s job it is to throw mud on the wall and hope something sticks; however, its rather comical that he has so much to say when accusing others who have not been accused of any crimes of doing illegal things or lying, yet when asked about the new incriminating evidence and the new recordings, Tacopina shuts up like a clam.

What is even more amazing is the contradictions with in the same breathe of air.


“The two things he said are just so inaccurate. First of all that initial statement that was rumored to be out there and that actually made it into one police report … its absolutely not true.” (Joe Tacopina)

First Joe Tacopina says that there are no new wiretap conversations between Joran and the Kalpoe brothers that post date 2005.

Then Joe Tacopina refuses to answer the question as to whether there are new recordings of any of the three after April 2007. Suddenly, he does not want to violate and Aruban rules. How convenient. However, didn’t Tacopina already violate Aruban prosecutor’s Hans Mos rules?

Joe Tacopina, you mean this statement that does not exist?


JVDS statement made to ALE 6/13/05 Deepak murdered NH

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    86 Responses to “Joe Tacopina Spins, NEVER SAY NEVER JOE … Jossy Mansur is Correct, Joran Statement Does Exist”

    1. Miss-Underestimated on November 29th, 2007 9:34 am

      Both Joe and Rosie refute that there is no new evidence, when pinned against the wall and asked do you know what the new evidence is the both say NO.

      I have a brothers that remind me of Joe, they become so inflamed and scream louder than anyone, they think they have control of the conversation and that their point is heard. Got news for you, it does not work. I walk away and think the only thing you got across to me is you got a big mouth.

    2. Laura on November 29th, 2007 9:35 am

      This document is in essence false(maybe a prosecutors tactic),I remember seeing the original statement where Joran was interrogated the question was if it was plausible (as theoretical)if Deepak/Satish returned to the place where they left Natalee the answer was yes.

    3. Bob on November 29th, 2007 9:53 am

      No doubt about it….JT is a typical low-rent, but high-charging attorney looking for excitement and work. Listening to him is like listening to a high school adolescent trying to work a better grade when he simply has no ammo. Me thinks his purpose is to act as a public distraction for the American people interested in this case. Once the perps toss, he will walk away and use the usual..”hey I always had my doubts, that’s why I didn’t want to defend them personally”.

      Get lost Tacopina, this case is for real people.

    4. Scared Monkeys on November 29th, 2007 9:54 am

      In the world of Joe Tacopina and his firm, those documents against Joran are false … those things that favor his client are true.

      And as for making comments against people, victims, and family members who have committed no crime … that’s acceptable as well.


    5. Scio on November 29th, 2007 10:09 am

      For a really interesting treat, try turning off the sound on Mr. Tacopina, and watch his facial expressions in fast-forward.

      It’s hysterical!

    6. Sharon Chicago on November 29th, 2007 10:10 am

      Watching Fox news last night …it was like “Joe Taco” reports instead of “Greta’s hour”….

      Why did she turn her show over to Joe???? She really let me down again… She let him stand on his soap box and rule the whole conversation.

      Greta what gives???? Why did you let Joe ram rod his lies … Joe take a chill pill you sound like the father of a big bully son who is being accused of kicking out the front teeth of small Billy….and you have to blab to the whole neighbor hood that your son Billy would’nt hurt a fly…. Everyone sees through your huffing and puffing JOE…so just mida-size it!!

    7. Bob on November 29th, 2007 10:21 am

      The TES search vessel is scheduled to embark today for Aruba and arrive approximately next Thursday. Does anyone know the Marine weather forcast that may affect the travel times schedule?

      I wonder whether an arrival or start search start delay would result the the prosecutor to require another 8 day incarceration of the 3 perps. I wonder if JT would create another smoke screen of indignation. Who cares?

    8. k on November 29th, 2007 10:28 am

      And I ask myself: Just who and what interests is he REALLY trying to protect. Surly not some little Dutch college boy!

    9. buster on November 29th, 2007 10:43 am

      good old Bald Taco spinning like a top

    10. Scott on November 29th, 2007 10:46 am

      Joe T is in the US. Joran is in Aruba with his lawyer. Joe T does not know what is actually going on down there. He has no inside scoop. He just likes seeing his scum bag face on TV. Joe T’s opinions, etc are irrelevant now, which makes me want to scream at the TV everytime he on because they keep putting him on and he essentially is not involved in the proceedings now. I wish they would leave him off TV. How come they don’t interview John Q. Kelley more and get his side of things. He’s way more articulate and well rounded than Joe T and his mafia connections. LOL!

    11. minnesota dad on November 29th, 2007 10:54 am

      This statement is interesting.

      This was after they tried to frame the two black guys.

      It appears that Aruba decided that they would frame the next two minorities, the Kalpoes.

      You would think that they would have asked some follow-up questions like….gee Joran, how do you know Deepak went back? Who told you? Where did you get this information?

      Instead it is just a blanket statement that Deepak raped and killed Natalee….perfect for the crime Aruba was preparing to pin on the Kalpoes.

      Something must have come up which screwed up this direction taken by the VDS and their ‘friends in high places’ and they couldn’t take the Kalpoes down. Be interesting to know what that was.

      I still maintain….until Paulus is arrested, charged, and tried, everything going on right now is a sham. Crow pie is being warmed up….but I don’t think I will be eating it.


    12. buster on November 29th, 2007 10:55 am

      Hey Bald Taco make sure you have a drink at carloss $ charleys

    13. Observer on November 29th, 2007 11:27 am

      Joe T is wrong about everything including Joran’s age. He is 20 now not 19!

    14. JusticeforNatalee on November 29th, 2007 11:39 am

      Joe T. isn’t even Joran’s REAL attorney
      regarding the criminal case. He is just a paid mouth for TV.

      Where is Joran’s Aruban/Dutch attorney? Why don’t we hear from him?

      Didn’t Joe get Joran’s age wrong?

      Joe T. is blown away by these latest developments.
      He is scared and in overdrive. He thought Joran
      was home free.

      Hey, Joe T.– Quit playing the American public for fools.
      It’s quite clear that when three men take a young woman in a car and she never returns– they did “SOMETHING BAD” to her.

      Geez–Joe, you look like a buffoon.
      Huff and puff all you want. Joran is going down!

    15. Gutfeeling on November 29th, 2007 12:15 pm

      Joe Tacopino was casted for tv appearances in the role of Joe Tacopino lawyer for Joran van der Sloot. He was chosen for his largeness and loudness to focus American attention on Joran van der Sloot and off the father, Paulus.

      Rosemarie Arnold just happens to work for him and sometimes gets to read the script for tv because she looks good on tv and she can read.

      Either one of them would market themselves in this way for very little money. Neither one of them has been told any details pertaining to the crime. Each of them has formed an opinion of what happened…. it shows on their faces when they speak. Their personal guesses and fears of what happened to NH is not so different than theories that come up on here. They are just reading selections from a script that has been provided for them.
      If either of them goes to Aruba it will be an effort to make their tv appeals look more realistic.

    16. super dave on November 29th, 2007 12:36 pm

      joe tacopeter has the mannerisms of a typical speed freak. always talking,interrupting,butting in, but never actually saying anything. i have to wonder how many cigarettes he smokes in between commercials?
      did you notice his little girly choker? something only an adolescent or a drug addict would wear in public.

    17. kayjay on November 29th, 2007 12:38 pm

      Mr. Tacopino is blusterin g and pontificating because he chose the wrong side to be on and he knows it, and his reputation will be forever tarnished when punko gets his.
      Greta ” Off The Record” seems to have problem seeing through these types of individuals..after all she “was inclined to believe him” ..remember that famous phrase. I think Greta likes to be one of the boys. But I also think any media person who covered this case would not satisfy us all because all we want is JUSTICE FOR NATALEE and nothing else!!
      PS Hope the scrambled egg were cooked to his liking this m orning and he got turn down service on his bed last night . hahahahahah!!

    18. Deetch on November 29th, 2007 12:50 pm

      Super Dave,

      I believe the phrase is “tweaker.”

      Joe is the tweaker Ken Doll, not much different that the Schippers Barbie.

      Both full of speed B.S.

    19. brie on November 29th, 2007 12:59 pm

      Waiting for Joe T’s head to spin around. Does he even know what he’s talking about? His blood is boiling…I think you’ve got something else running through your veins. He is completely obnoxious, someone needs to put a gag order on him. What an ass! A real blowhard…

      Commenting on Joran being uncomfortable, he’s in jail…and I hope he stays there. Think about your 23 lies and convert them into the truth. This is from Natalee….”Fok der Joran”

    20. A New Girl on November 29th, 2007 1:27 pm

      Tacopina is a paid mouth. He’s rude, arrogant and getting paid to do exactly what he is doing–attempting to divert attention away from his client. As far as the statement of JVD’s on 6/13/05 that he thinks Deepak went back to the beach and raped and murdered Natalee—who would put anything past this boy and his family? I am not saying the Kalpoes should not be facing some jail time for being accesories to the act (also perhaps partaking in sexual abuse) and their lies and failure to come forward with the truth sooner—I am saying ALL OF THOSE BOYS AND THE VDS Family know what truly happened and their time to plead dumb is finally growing shorter.

      JUSTICE FOR NATALEE !!! Just toss Tacopina a hoop every now and then so he can continue to jump through them. No one will hire him again after this all comes out for his antics. He looks like an ass and is an embarrassment to the American Public! People will do anything for money.

    21. brie on November 29th, 2007 1:33 pm

      Wonder if Posner is paying for that idiot to perform!

      And why does he have copies of the documents and why is he going to Aruba? He’ll probably get out of order and end up in the pokey.

      Fox news we’ve had way enough of him…he’s a liar.

    22. 10061906 on November 29th, 2007 1:37 pm

      Look for Joe to find an excuse to pull him self from the case. He knows Joran is going down and Joe’s ego cannot withstand that. I don’t know why our media gives him air time. He cannot legally represent Joran in any case on Aruba. He is like that little thing that hangs on after a BM. It just won’t let go.
      He would have to pass the Aruban and Dutch bar to practice there. But then again Aruban law is a law of Conveniences.
      I hope TES does locate Natalee but I have a feeling she is not in the water. Aruba cannot afford to let her body be found. I’m starting to agree with Carpe after reading Beth’s book. When Joran was once asked is Natalee’s body in the sea? Joran answered “no or rather I don’t know”. Was that the thought print subliminal response to she is somewhere else?

    23. EURobert on November 29th, 2007 1:41 pm

      Dutch Telegraaf reports that Natalees parents both go to Aruba, arriving probably tomorrow (friday).,1

      Don’t know how accurate this article is because they say Dave will come to Aruba in relation to new boatsearch. But they state that American media that are in contact with Daves lawyers say so.

    24. renee on November 29th, 2007 1:43 pm

      Telegraaf says dave and beth will arrive in Aruba tomorrow.

    25. Klaasend on November 29th, 2007 1:51 pm

      Thanks Renee and EURobert! I’m not sure how accurate that article is either. Last I heard Dave was not going to be on the boat for the search. I have no idea if Beth or Dave are headed to Aruba tomorrow, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow ;)

    26. renee on November 29th, 2007 1:58 pm

      It’s De Telegraaf…
      Grain of salt included daily!

    27. EURobert on November 29th, 2007 1:59 pm

      # 23, 24, 25.
      Well… It could maybe mean – on the other hand – that something significant IS going on!? That we don’t know of?
      SM: Yes, could mean anything. I was very encouraged to find out that TES has been working with Hans Mos coordinating this ocean search. Alot of things happening at once could indicate something more significant IMO (klaasend)

    28. EURobert on November 29th, 2007 2:09 pm

      # Klaasend on November 29th, 2007 1:59 pm
      Didn’t know that (H.Mos & TES) either. Good to hear that… VERY good to hear!
      SM: MOS mentioned the other day in an interview that he had known about the search for weeks and was welcoming it. Also the man who has the boat was on Greta last night and mentioned working with the prosecutor. They are working together on this and I think that’s great news! (klaasend)

    29. brie on November 29th, 2007 2:23 pm

      Excellent news…TES and Hans Mos working together. Very’s hoping and praying they are successful…

    30. Libby on November 29th, 2007 2:29 pm

      Looks like they are beginning the set up for the K brothers to take the complete fall. Like we didn’t know that would happen anyway. Heaven forbid Aruba officials take the appropriate action.

      My feeling is, if the Kalpoe brothers raped and killed Natalee, Paulus, the perp would have hung them out to dry in a second. He would not have allowed his son to sit in jail etc.

      It all took place at the Vandersloot home.

      No justice until Paulus and Joran go down!

    31. Sahara on November 29th, 2007 2:33 pm

      Joe “can’t start a sentence without the word look” Tacopina makes me sick. From now on if Greta or anyone else has this idiot on, I will choose to change the channel. I don’t know if Greta is scared of him or if she likes him, but I’m sick of her letting him say whatever he wants without questions. Like bashing Jossy, like how ’bout the fact that Mos does not have to turn everything over to J2K’s lawyers, much less some gravy sucking pig lawyer from NY that can’t practice law in/on Aruba.

    32. buster on November 29th, 2007 2:39 pm

      Someone should set joe taco and gloria allread up they would make a great couple

    33. renee on November 29th, 2007 3:21 pm

      Lawyer: Dutch suspect in Holloway case frustrated over latest arrest
      Print article
      Refer to a friend
      © AP
      2007-11-29 19:59:21 –

      ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) – A lawyer for a Dutch suspect in the disappearance of American teenager Natalee Holloway said Thursday his client is frustrated about his return to jail, where he has complained about a lack of reading material and family visitation rights.
      Attorney Ariean de Bie spoke with reporters after a closed-door court session
      on a motion seeking access to television and magazines for Joran van der Sloot, 20, who was re-arrested along with two other young men Nov. 21 on suspicion of involvement in Holloway’s death.
      «Joran is not very happy about it,» de Bie said.
      Authorities say new evidence warrants the detention of van der Sloot and the other suspects, Surinamese brothers Satish and Deepak Kalpoe, who were the last people known to see Holloway alive before she vanished on May 30, 2005.
      But defense attorneys say they believe the three will be released soon. The lawyers say the new evidence shared with them by prosecutors is based mainly on misunderstandings of language in the suspects’ conversations.
      «It is absolutely nothing,» de Bie said.
      The private court session also addressed a motion from lawyers for the Kalpoe brothers _ Deepak is 24, Satish, 21 _ to have them represented by the same attorney, David Kock. Rulings on both motions are not expected before Friday.

      The brothers are being held in separate jails, and Aruba’s chief prosecutor Hans Mos has said prosecutors believe they should be represented by separate attorneys to prevent a conflict of interest.
      The 18-year-old from Mountain Brook, Alabama, was last seen leaving a bar with the three men hours before she was scheduled to fly home with high school classmates celebrating their graduation. Despite extensive searches, no trace has been found of Holloway.
      All three suspects have denied involvement in Holloway’s disappearance and were previously released for lack of evidence.
      A hearing is scheduled Friday on whether there is enough evidence to detain the Kalpoe brothers for another eight days while authorities pursue the investigation. A judge gave initial approval Monday for the detention of van der Sloot, who was arrested in the Netherlands and returned to Aruba last Friday.

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    34. Miss-Underestimated on November 29th, 2007 3:30 pm

      Libby I agree with you. If it were just the two kalpokes, this case would have been closed pronto.
      I also feel if it was just Juran, this case would have been closed too, they would have sought help and gotten it from Beth.

      I am wondering if there were cell phone pings found out in the water where the boat will be looking.

      Justice for Natalle Ann Holloway

    35. brie on November 29th, 2007 3:30 pm

      Jossy needs to reim him a good one! Joe speaks with forked tongue. Maybe he should take up residency and live next door to the Sloots! Then they can sit around the coffee table and tell lies.

      By the way, I read where the Tattoo docks about 300 meters from the Holiday Inn, approx 1000 ft. A very likely source to take Natalee out to sea. It’s also available for private charters, so it wouldn’t seem strange to see it out at night. Just speculating.

    36. richard on November 29th, 2007 3:40 pm

      I still say … there’s a connection between the news that TES would start the water search and the Dutch arrests. It can’t be coincidental.

      That doesn’t mean, of course, that a complete plan of action has been mapped out between TES, the Dutch, and possibly even SOME factions on Aruba, or our own government.

      But I get the feeling that something has been going on behind the scenes … my guess is that the Dutch don’t trust their Aruban “partners,” or whatever, at all. Nor do I.

      As for Tacopino, my guess is that we’re seeing just another scum celebrity lawyer. Their goal is to publicize themselves (in my opinion), and as with everything else in this country, publicity seems to be a tool to fulfill other purposes. It has nothing to do with merit.

      At the end of the day, he can wash his hands of the case and just say “somebody had to represent the defendent.” My idea is that he’s making sure he’s paid in advance (though remember that he originally said he was doing it pro bono).

      The difference between a lawyer and a cockroach is that a cockroach has some purpose in life (don’t know what it is, but it must).

    37. richard on November 29th, 2007 3:42 pm

      My guess is also that Joran’s statement implicating Deepak is just more sand thrown in the eyes of the officials. Just like that reputed call that Dompig got from someone “confessing” that Natalee was buried in the dunes.

      These psychopaths have been reveling in their ability to keep things derailed, and are convinced that they are smarter than the Aruban powers that be. (Which isn’t saying much.)

      Let’s hope that WE have the last laugh.

    38. richard on November 29th, 2007 3:45 pm

      I don’t think this comment made it, so here goes (pardon the duplication if it did go through):

      I also think that Joran’s statement implicating Deepak is just yet another instance of the suspects’ attempts to throw sand in the eyes of the Aruban authorities from day one.

      It’s characteristic of psychos (so I’ve read)to think that they are smarter than everyone else, and can get away with anything.

      These scum no doubt think that they are smarter than the Aruban authorities. (Which isn’t saying much.) Little did they calculate on the persistence of Beth and Dave.

      Let’s hope that WE have the last laugh.

    39. JusticeforNatalee on November 29th, 2007 3:45 pm

      I bet Joe doesn’t even believe his own words.
      I’m sure his personal opinion of Joran’s involvement differs greatly from his (I hesitate to use the word) “professional” opinion.

      He is being paid to save Joran’s tail. If he weren’t, I bet you would hear a whole different opinion coming from his mouth.

    40. Libby on November 29th, 2007 3:51 pm

      Brie and Richard. I agree, there may be something about the water that prompted the arrest. My thinking is it is a “just in case they find Natalee” arrest. If they don’t, they will all walk and the case will be closed. If they do, the K brothers are going down for the entire thing…even though they are by far not the only guilty parties.

      Unless they arrest and charge Paulus and Joran etc., I will not be satisfied and neither should anyone else.

      If Paulus and Joran are not arrested and charged, I say we continue the press for justice and the boycott continues.

      There was a prediction on another site that said Natalee would be found. Deepak would hang himself…or at least it would look that way when in fact he was murdered. A note would be with Deepak that he could no longer live with himself and that he raped and killed Natalee.

      The prediction actually sounds like something the Aruban government would pull.

    41. brie on November 29th, 2007 4:31 pm

      Deepak and Satish had better speak up and get their heads out of the sand. Satish has already told us something bad happened, what was the something bad and how do you know? Three people admit to knowing, Paulus, Joran and Satish.

      And what about Freddy, supposedly Joran told him what happened. I bet it’s not the same story we got. Or was Freddy there and already knew!

      What was Koen so afraid of? And just why did they move.

      What about Guildo, he took off to the Netherlands?

      Can’t tell me they all know nothing.

      Could it be other things have happened in the past that they would be guilty of and afraid it was all going to surface! The drug raping pimp club.

      I hope the whole lid comes off the can of worms.

      I just keep thinking Natalee is going to be found.

    42. minnesota dad on November 29th, 2007 4:46 pm

      Tsunami??? Perhaps the Gods are speaking…


    43. da_wench on November 29th, 2007 4:54 pm

      #34 Now that’s an interesting thought…cell phone pings from the water!

    44. Miss-Underestimated on November 29th, 2007 5:05 pm


      Rodney King has been shot. I think still alive though.

    45. Miss-Underestimated on November 29th, 2007 5:07 pm

      Rodney is fine. He was shot with a pellet gun while riding his bike home in Rialto.

    46. Richard on November 29th, 2007 5:25 pm

      Libby (#40) … I agree that that thinking might have been part of the impetus. After all, we don’t know what the Dutch know … and they don’t know what TES might know!

      I’m sure that they are disgusted with what has gone on in Aruba. (Before Natalee, no other case there had ever gotten such attention, though the drug and human trafficking had gone on for some time.)

      And imagine if they HAD closed the case or called it cold … only to wake up and find that TES had found Natalee’s remains.

      THEN, maybe, someone else (besides me) might have gotten up and asked why AMERICAN VOLUNTEERS had to do what the Dutch and Arubans should have been doing … and wouldn’t.

      Even our own government might have had to react.

    47. 10061906 on November 29th, 2007 6:37 pm

      At rave parties the girls are warned that older men try to pick up the younger girls to have sex with them. Let’s face it; young female American blond tourists would have to be drugged to have sex with some of the over forty crowd on Aruba. Especially Posner, the Mansurs, Paulus, etc. The elders rely on the younger males to seek out the females that the elders want; gain the girls confidence and then like a pack of wolves go in for the kill. Joran admits it has been done twenty times before but that doesn’t mean he has done it 20 times before. Why are there so many of the pimp association trying to get young tourists to go to C and C’s?
      (Michael Dompig, Geoff, Joran, etc, etc.)
      So there may be a vice ring and drug ring that is backed by some members of the police force. I can’t imagine who that could be. Obviously someone who is interested in tourists’ debit cards.
      Natalee’s disappearance or death in the company of an expensive “john” would kill tourism if it were known/proven/brought to light. There are stories of tourist being kidnapped, beaten, drugged and raped on Aruba. They have lived to tell their story now by saying they won’t go to the police on Aruba. Why bother; the ALE or at least a portion of the ALE are involved. Motorcycle cops; messengers are probably some of the offenders. Someone has to walk in all circles to keep things under control and that would have to be a narcotics/vice agent.
      Surveillance cameras that can broadcast to closed circuit TV monitors would also be needed. So now we know that Aruba is involved with at least drugs, murders, rapes, sex clubs, kidnappings, robberies, puntas and money laundering; (the fined that Jar was involved with for $30Mil.) The rap sheet keeps getting longer and longer……for one safe happy island.

    48. Maggie on November 29th, 2007 7:37 pm

      Joe T has Joran home on the computer before Joran says he got home.

      TACOPINA: Yes. Well I mean that is-I mean, look, if that’s-we’re going down that road of speculation, which I am so loathe to do in this case, Dan, because that’s what we’ve had for 11 months, but let’s go down it for a second based on that question, your hypothetical. I mean if this guy is part of a beach patrol, which we know he was because his father was the security outfit that was in charge of the-what they call the high visibility team, that’s the beach patrol-if that’s in fact the case and he worked for them, well Joran leaving Natalee at the beach at 2:30, according to his cell phone records, the call to Deepak was around 2:40, and he’s on his computer at home at 3:10, so we know that there’s a very limited time window there.

      Also during that interview, JoeT is insinuating that Natalee’s family is looking for the blue eyed dutch boy smitten with Natalee before Joran. (big lie) and part of the tape was removed.. Talk about Jossy fabricating evidence!

      TACOPINA: … with Natalee, but coincidentally was missing a piece of video that I think could be very telling, which was this boy, Geoffrey, with Natalee after Joran was with her and that piece of videotape wasn‘t you know there when the police went to go get it. So I think there are some dots that need to be connected here.

      ABRAMS: Wait, Joe—but Joe, you don‘t know that he‘s on the videotape with Natalee; you‘re saying it‘s possible, right?

      TACOPINA: Well I‘m going on my—the reports I have that have witness statements putting this kid in that casino with Natalee. Look, I can only go on what the witnesses have said, Dan, who were there and what I will tell you is that the Holloway family has put out that they believe this is the young Dutch, blonde haired, blue eyed boy who Natalee was smitten with prior to meeting Joran.


      March 1, 2006

      VAN SUSTEREN: All right, well let me jump ahead. What time did you get home so we have this time frame?

      VAN DER SLOOT: It was 3:35 I think or 3:25 and ..,2933,186581,00.html

      March 3, 2006

      VAN SUSTEREN: So what – you got home about 3:30, is that right? Is that what you told me, 3:30 you got home?

      VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, something like that. I got home a little earlier, but that’s when the message that you logged onto your computer, you know, and you went on your e-mail and you went to the Web sites you went to, and yes, that’s when all that is registered.,2933,186707,00.html

      Many of us would like to know where Joe Tacopina gets his information from and how he compares it to statements that have come from his client’s mouth. Joe Tacopina has gone on TV stating that Natalee Holloway was falling over drunk, yet his client has not stated that in interviews. In fact, Joran Van der Sloot states just the opposite.

      VAN DER SLOOT: Oh. she’d been drinking, but she wasn’t drunk. I mean, she knew what she was doing.

      It is Deepak Kalpoe that states Natalee was drunk.

      I remember Joe T on the No Spin Zone.. Suppose to be pro-bono.. turns out it wasn’t.

    49. brie on November 29th, 2007 7:42 pm

      I think the vine is going to snap. All those hanging on might be in deep water. The Tattoe could of been the means of transportation…and Joran had help.(Paulus) Why would Steve Croes lie for Joran about the Holiday Inn…only to make the story more convincing because they used the party boat. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

      Paulus was a suspect…but that changed…why..we know he lied….now take a look at his timeline. You also might have to give him a memory pill..I don’t know..I can’t remember…I can’t recall…I’m not sure…I can’t remember…I can’t remember…I’m not sure…I can’t remember..maybe I’m not sure…I can’t remember….you know quite well what happened…trying to save his own ass!

    50. Maggie on November 29th, 2007 7:42 pm

      Mayan, what was really funny about the neighbor saying he saw them washing their car in the middle of night. Deepak said it wasn’t 2005 that happened.. You know the one who can’t remember what Paulus said to them when he would meet with them 1 month after it happened and yet he can remember that was 2005 2 years later. too funny. Also David Koch said if they say something now such as I had a glass of water before I left and it turns out different, they could be held. He said it’s been 2 years, memory isn’t as good now. Yet Deepak can remember that wasn’t 2005 the car was washed in the middle of the night. Deepak’s police statment he could remember the exact number his radio was on and what speed he was doing where and yet he can’t remember if Joran went to school.. Need boots around these lawyers and suspects.

    51. Carpe Noctem on November 29th, 2007 7:45 pm

      Real sorry to hear that Joran is unhappy about being held in a cage! I’m just cryin’ in my beer
      for him, buddy.

      Boo Frickety Hoo. -Dr. Evil


    52. Carpe Noctem on November 29th, 2007 7:51 pm

      If I hear that hot bag of wind, Joe Tacopina,
      call that monster a BOY, one more time…
      I’m gonna pull a muscle! That gosh awful
      Joran Van der sloot is MANY THINGS…

      A boy, is not one of them!
      His BOY-ISH days were
      left behind him LONG AGO.

      Long before he murdered Natalee Ann.

      Memo to Tacopina:

      Joran is a MONSTER now. Deal it with, Holmes.

    53. brie on November 29th, 2007 8:22 pm

      Joran has been a smart ass from the very beginning. He has never shown one ounce of empathy for Natalee….he never got his own way…sex or no sex, we don’t know, he tells us no because he didn’t have a condom…and then he tells us yes. Anita describes Natalee’s underwear….I think that was a lie…only to make her look willingly….the Sloot’s have done a very poor job in raising their son. Now they want to cover for all of their mistakes. A little too late! Joran is guilty..face it!

    54. LilPuma on November 29th, 2007 9:16 pm

      If Jamie Skeeters’ family has verification of his hard drive recording of Jamie’s interview with Deepak, they should sue Joe T for continuing to say it was manufactured, thereby defaming Jamie.

      If Joran is convicted, Joe T will continue to profess his innocence, claiming the Holloways put pressure on Aruba and Aruba needed to convict him. It’s what Joe is getting paid for. Don’t know why someone would pay him to do this, but clearly someone is. The idea that Rosie and Joey believe he’s innocent because they spent time with him and investigated themselves is absurd. They think he’s innocent because someone is paying them to think so.

    55. brie on November 29th, 2007 9:17 pm

      Joran and his temper murdered Natalee…he didn’t get his own way…..he’s violent, and there is no way anyone can dispute that. A sociopath allowed to wallow in the likes of Aruba…should of been arrested along time ago and held responsible for his actions. A true menace to the island. Breaking car windows, stealing from tourists, setting off fire alarms, raping tourists, a kid totally out of control. And permissive parents to boot!

    56. katablog on November 29th, 2007 9:44 pm

      We’ve wondered from time to time how the van der snoots could afford Tacopina. It came to me tonight: in return for Joe lying on TV for Joran, Joran is giving Tacopina psychopathics lying lessons.

    57. waterboy (Jerry) on November 29th, 2007 9:47 pm

      I know I sound like a broken record; I don’t think I have ever fully “spelled out” Why I think Natalee was and still is in the landfill.

      First and foremost, I think Natalee’s body is in the landfill. This is my number on choice. The second most credible possibility (in my opinion) is that Natalee was cremated (I think at the hospital if this happen), or put in a gold mine air shaft (like 1906 says –read his post a short time ago about were Joran played as a child.) Third most likely possibility is that Natalee was sent out of the country with another body (I have some guesses as to who).

      In my opinion, the least likely possibility is that Natalee was dropped in the ocean. If this is the case, I think she is in a suitcase many, many miles from Aruba. Somewhere along the path that the Tattoo took that night and placed there by none other than Steve C.

      Back to the subject, I think that picking up a girl for sex was a weekly ritual by the trio, with others involved in the sexual acts, and probable involved with Natalee also.

      Shortly after her friends saw Natalee, Joran started his assault in the back seat of Deepak’s car. Deepak and Satish got an eye full. The next stop was at the lighthouse or near by, possible at the rock location, where apparently the body of the 7 year old was found. He may possible be a victim of the trio or one of the trio. One is a serial killer, possible two, possible all three, possible a combination of any of the three and someone else. At the lighthouse, Natalee was raped by I believe Deepak, and Satish.

      It is possible that Natalee was killed at the rock site, but I don’t believe so. All the activity at the rock site, I really thought at first involved the finding of Natalee’s body on the 10th. of June but the timing is all wrong. It has to be other victims, including the body to the 7-year-old boy (he may also possible be the victim of the same trio, and for the same sick reasons).

      The plastic in the area off the small bridge that Carpe spent so much time on has to be another victim, not Natalee. If it is Natalee, I just can’t put it all together. Maybe at a later date, I can make some sense of it all. I believe someone in the group was filming the activities of some sadistic group that operates on the island. I think Joran is tied to the group, or involved with them. Freddie has to be too. No way around that.

      After Natalee was assaulted a second time, possible beaten at the rock site, she was taken to Joran’s apartment, and assaulted again by others. Some where along the way, she was drugged or possible drugged repeatly to keep her near a state of unconsciousness or coming in and out of unconcinoness.

      When all was said and done, It was Joran’s and the two Ks responsibility to take Natalee back to the Hotel I believe she regained composure, and promised reprisal for the horrendous ordeal she must have been through. I think at this point one of the three, and I thinking Joran, killed Natalee.

      After her death, they wrapped her in plastic, (from a furniture delivery at the sloot house) put her in the trunk of the car and drove around trying to decide what to do. They drove around for hours before seeing a trash truck and getting the idea to put her body in a trash dumpster along the truck’s route.

      They waited by the pond where they could see that the truck picked up the container where they placed Natalee. The Gardner saw them in the car as they waited (or he was somehow involved and participated in the disposal of Natalee’s body).

      The next day, after much questioning by Paulus, who we know was at the Sloot’s house that night), Joran told his Father what happen and what they did with Natalee’s body. Paulus, D. and Joran went to the landfill to find the body, which they did not find. It was there that Junior saw them. He added the part about seeing a body to stir interest and participation. Junior did not tell the whole truth and that is why he failed the polygraph.

      If you want to see the trio get really nervous, start a search at the landfill. During the time that the search was going on at the landfill, the trio became very nervous, and it was at that time that apparently Joran confessed to Natalie’s murder.

      It’s the landfill, the landfill, it’s the landfill.


    58. brie on November 29th, 2007 9:47 pm

      I think Posner is the money man………..

    59. Patti on November 29th, 2007 9:57 pm


      This is hillarious!?!?!?

      So a few days afer Joran confesses to the crime and leads the police to the Rocks where, instead of Natalee, they recover the body of a Columbian boy who was buried for two years:

      Croes and Jacobs take Joran to the spot on the beach where Natalee stayed behind after insisting on staring at the stars on a cloudy night, and, low and behold; who’s he real murderer?

      Deepak Kalpoe!!!

      Come on down Deepak and collect your

      15 year sentence complements of ALE

      and the following sponsor:

      Jan Van der Straaten

      with Special effects by

      Paulus and Anita Van der Sloot

      Be sure to join us next week

      for another episode of


      I guess those statements that were secretly recorded in the back of the squad car, where Joran denies telling investigators that Deepak killed and buried Natalee are true afterall…

      Squad Car Transcript – June 24, 2005

      Deepak: How does it feel Joran?

      Joran: (with raised voice) You let my father be arrested, friend.

      Deepak: (very calm) That’s what I say. How does it feel?

      Joran: You know no good that my father has nothing to do [with this}. I have read your statements, friend. You two are lying shit. (then very calmly) You know what happened with that girl. If you don't know it, then nothing happened. (then angrily) So, fxxx you. What do you say, that Freddy has to be arrested?

      Deepak: That Freddy has to tell the truth.

      Joran: You know very well that Freddy has told the truth.

      Satish: You will see, you will see.

      Deepak: You could have prevented it from the beginning, this, of your father. You know it. That he wasn't arrested.

      Joran: How? How? (stretches "how" out) You declare shit against him. My father only wanted to help you, friend. Only to help you was what my father wanted. My father himself arranged your lawyers. And this is how you pay it back. (now with an angry voice) I should hit you both once [een klap moeten geven].

      Deepak: Then try it. You can make it better in one time.

      Joran: About what? You can also make it better.

      Deepak: You just have to tell the truth. Tomorrow, I’ll get my last 8 days and then I’m going home.

      Joran: That’s what you think.

      Deepak: I’m going home.

      Joran: Wait until I’m going to tell stuff about you two. Then we’ll see if you two are going home.

      Deepak: I guarantee you.

      Joran: Don’t you think that the police is interested in knowing that Satish touched a girl with the car? [the word 'geraakt' is being used, translated here literally, but you can use the word 'hit' also in the context].

      Satish: He heh one [?], you let me laugh boy, just laugh.

      Deepak: (to Joran) You know dang well, you always try to put bullshit between us.
      Joran: (to Deepak) Then you’re going to tell shit about the ChoHer [choller]? I have helped you with that that shit of the choller friend.

      Deepak: And, I also said that.

      Joran: That I have not read. I have also read that statement.

      Satish: That of the chollers was from me.

      Deepak or Satish: I have already told that before. I have also said that in my first statement.

      Satish: I said it in my own interest.

      Joran: That is what the police tells me now. Police says now to me, like, if you two go against me, I’ll go against you two.

      Brothers: (laughing) Hehehehehehehe.

      Satish: We don’t put you in trouble. We just tell the truth.

      Joran: That you two don’t do. The half of what you two have said isn’t the fxxxing truth. It will come forward. Just like they check me, they check you two also.
      Satish: With us, with us, can they get evidence, but with you not. [ a bit unclear: It's: bij ons, bij ons. Kunnen zij bewijzen krijgen, maar bij jou nief] With lies, you don’t get evidence,

      Joran: All that shit of “Karen,” all of you two don’t know of no shit. Fxxx you two.
      Deepak: You think that the girl has nothing on, you will see who fxxxed who (this sentence was not good to understand) [note of the police officer]

      Joran: We will see. Hey, you know when I will laugh, if I’ve given you a slap in the face. I’ll laugh when they find the girl alive, fxxx you.

      Joran: I know very well that you are afraid. That is if you two have done something bad with that girl. En if they find the girl, then we shall see

      Satish: I’m not afraid. Why must I be afraid?

      Deepak: I want them to find the girl. You are going to tell shit about me that I have buried the girl at fishermans hut

      Joran: Who has said about burying? I didn’t say anything about burying.

      Deepak: That’s what you have stated. Stop with that bullshit.

      Joran: I have said nothing about burying. The only thing what I
      can think of, is that you know people that it is the people of automotive enterprises.

      Satish: Yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah,yeah,yeah, then I had a flat tire, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah… I picked you up, right. And then I went back to the beach for her.

      Joran: Who has said that?

      Satish: You said that.

      Joran: I have never said that friend. I have never said that you went back, friend.
      Joran: That’s your problem. If they find that girl, then they will see that shit.
      Deepak: Eight more days and then I’m going home, I guarantee you that for a 1000 per cent.

      Joran: We will see.

      Deepak: (to Joran) You don’t give a shit about your, the members of your own family.

      Joran: The only thing that I can think of is my family. I do what my family tells me to do. Right, retard.

      Deepak: Your own father, unbelievable.

      Joran: What my father, it is your fault that he is arrested. I didn’t declare anything against my father, you two declared against my father

      Satish: We didn’t declare anything.

      Joran: Or course, you did.

      Satish: What did I tell against your father?

      Joran: You are telling that he declared, that if there is no body [lijk = dead body], there is no case or I don’t what. All shit. That is totally not true, the only thing is that he said is, if there is no body [lichaam = body], then there isn’t a case.
      Deepak: Yes, that’s true.

      Joran: That’s not true.

      Deepak: I also said in my statement, that it wasn’t meant like that.

      Joran: Didn’t read it in your statement. They use that now against my father.
      Deepak: We suffered a lot because of you.

      Joran: That’s the price that you let my father pay. That you let him suffer like that. Fxxx you. If you let me suffer, I say ok. It doesn’t matter to me. I can just sit here for 160 days. It doesn’t make a fxxxing difference to me. I’m sitting good here.
      Brothers: Me too. Me too.

      Joran: And you Satish, they’re telling me that you asshole, see ghosts in the [jail]cell. They told me that you saw the girl in your cell and that you were very scared.

      Satish: Me seeing ghosts? Two other boys were seeing ghosts. You also believe the people who are here in jail. That has nothing to do with ghosts and that is just garbage shit what you say.

      Joran: They talk good about me, but not good about you. And also the two security guards, they have guaranteed me that they will kill you two, if you go out of jail.
      Deepak: Oh, yes.

      Joran: Who has declared about the security guards, you no tme.
      Why? because I don’t want to put anyone in trouble who has nothing to do with the case.

      Deepak or Satish:(screaming) That lie was for you.

      Joran: You admitted that.

      Deepak or Satish:(screaming) That lie was for you.

      Joran: You two paid him off, right.

      Brothers: ha ha ha ha ha ha

      Joran: You said then via the telephone like, that I have the jackpot. You said now [?] through the phone , I have the fxxxing jackpot. You forget that the phone is tapped, right?

      Satish or Deepak: Shut your trap [hou je bek]

      Joran: You forget that, right retard? Then you arrive home and you say how you arranged everything. You say “I have fixed it”. Good for you [meaning your own fault]. because of you he is also in jail.

      Deepak: Yeaaaaaaaaahhh! Yeahhhhhhhhh!

      Joran: (to brothers)Man, what can you go do? [illegible, what is typed is: jucfc juflfe]

      Deepak: (to Joran) What can you go do?

      Joran: Make me, shut my mouth no.

      Brothers: Fxxx you, we don’t talk anymore with you.

      Deepak: (to Joran) You talk until you get tired.

      Satish: (to Deepak) Do you have clothes?

      Deepak: What am I going to do with those? I’m leaving anyway in [illegible] days.
      Joran: That’s what you think.

      Deepak: Shut your trap. Shut your trap, you bitch. Fxxx your father.

      Joran: If my father doesn’t leave tomorrow, then you’ll see. Boy, shut your mouth before I hit it shut.

      Deepak: Do it then, you’re already in jail.

      Joran: Doesn’t matter to me. They can even put me in the fxxxing solitary [cashot]. It doesn’t matter to me.

      Deepak: They’re going to give you fifteen years if they find the girl.

      Joran: For what? for what?

      Deepak: That scholarship of yours. Byeeeeeeee. You can forget it.

      Joran: Yeah, by who? By you, retard. You know well that you did bad, otherwise you wouldn’t lie.

      Brothers: aaiaaieaaieeaiee!

      Joran: I should have killed you, retard. Shut your trap.

      Deepak: Won’t be fun, if you are standing in front of the judge of instructions tomorrow. Why not? Too much evidence?

      Joran: Then they are also allowed to hit me. Do you think that it makes a difference to me. One slap will be enough.

      Satish: You think, you think.

      Joran: What do you think, that you are going home to get your gun?

      Satish: That I have a gun.

      Joran: Satish, you, get gun at home, me shoot you two dead.

      Satish: Look, the police already went to my house and already investigated [searched] the house. Did they find a gun? What
      will she get? ["Wat zal zij krijgen." The word 'zij' is for the word 'she' or for 'they', but they use the singular verb for 'will', therefore'she']

      Deepak: (to Joran) Sometimes, you talk bullshit, right?

      Joran: (to Deepak) Why is that shit not true? Witnesses saw you.

      Satish: In the end we will see, who gets out and who stays. You tell the truth, we shall see.

      Joran: I know that I’m getting out.

      Brothers: We shall see. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

      Again, does this sound like co-conspirators who together raped and murdered Natalee or do you agree with me that this is a case of being in the grasp of a sociopath father and a psychopathic son? Funny the things that you’ll do under the guidance of an adult, a Judge, who gives you advise on how to get away with the overdose of a teenager that didn’t even happen.

      Jackpot… I think that Paulus had the Kalpoes do something to set up the two security guards, to make them look guilty. A mattress with dog’s blood planted near their home. False testimony of seing her walking away with them…

      According to Joran the Security Guards were going to kill the Kalpoes… And… Paulus was paying the bills. I think we know why.

    60. Patti on November 29th, 2007 10:20 pm

      I guess a little human sacrifice would be bad for

      tourism, but a little jump in the backseat isn’t.

      It seems to me that they could never proove a

      jump in the backseat… because it didn’t happen.

      So how about a little, sneak upon an imaginary

      girl who lies on the beach of a foreign country,

      alone, at four o’clock in the morning while her

      friends are all waiting up for her… again, no


      Oh, hell, let’s just say she died of an overdose

      and be done with it – “No body, No crime”


      Aruba – Boycott them for pure stupidity!

    61. Carpe Noctem on November 29th, 2007 10:52 pm

      We’ve wondered from time to time how the van der snoots could afford Tacopina. It came to me tonight: in return for Joe lying on TV for Joran, Joran is giving Tacopina psychopathics lying lessons.

      LOL I never thought about it like that. TRADE!

      That’d be about even.

    62. yoyo muffintop on November 30th, 2007 1:12 am

      You guys really don’t know what pro bono actually is do you? You didn’t think it meant actually 100% free did you? haha…not the case folks. Hopefully this will slow down the “oh my god he said pro bono but got paid something” talk…but somehow I doubt it.

      the basics:
      (a) provide a substantial majority of the (20) hours of legal services without fee or expectation of fee to:
      (1) persons of limited means or
      (2) charitable, religious, civic, community, governmental and educational organizations in matters which are designed primarily to address the needs of persons of limited means; and
      (b) provide any additional services through:
      (1) delivery of legal services at no fee or substantially reduced fee to individuals, groups or organizations seeking to secure or protect civil rights, civil liberties or public rights, or charitable, religious, civic, community, governmental and educational organizations in matters in furtherance of their organizational purposes, where the payment of standard legal fees would significantly deplete the organization’s economic resources or would be otherwise inappropriate;
      (2) delivery of legal services at a substantially reduced fee to persons of limited means; or
      (3) participation in activities for improving the law, the legal system or the legal profession.

    63. mayan_moons on November 30th, 2007 1:32 am

      Awwww Jurine you’re in jail not a hotel lil buddy and you better get used to it. Boo Hoo i wanna see my mamma & co/conspiritor father so i don’t climb the walls not knowing whats going on in the investigation.

      Yeah cry me a river Jurine…..after skating away from your crimes after Katrina hit i bet it is ALOT harder to be put in that cage where you so richly deserve, isn’t it Jurine?

    64. mayan_moons on November 30th, 2007 2:12 am

      See there is a major difference in the circumstances since your first arrest and that difference is that then you were an under 18 year old mamma’s sporter. That isn’t the case now Jurine….the rules have changed and that underage *boy* isn’t gonna fly now.

      If the Dutch do allow visits at a later time they should be supervised and recorded via video aswell as audio to make sure the integrity of the case stays intact.

    65. buster on November 30th, 2007 2:29 am

      If urin is so unhappy right now just think how unhappy he will feel for the next fifteen years THAT’S 5,475 daily slashes on the prison wall

    66. mayan_moons on November 30th, 2007 3:13 am

      Hey buster…….wonder how the police are treating jipshit after he laughed at them just as he did Beth & Dave and all the American’s in his book?

    67. Dan on November 30th, 2007 4:46 am

      I heard today that a quake hit the islands, and the first thought that came to mind is Natalee wants to be found. her wrath is gonna bring you down Aruba, Don’t be surprised if your area gets renamed, lol, And Natalee gets her name around you, how fiting that would be..

    68. Dan on November 30th, 2007 4:49 am

      Natalee rules, and Im her back, She needs to be named in these waters, she needs to be remembered in history………

    69. Dan on November 30th, 2007 4:59 am

      I don’t know about anyone else here but she has paid the ultimate price, and I think the island should now be called Natalee’s, Aruba, you may have your name but we as Americans have a new one for you and It’s Natalee’s, in days to come,when we cruise by,we will be thinking its Natalee’s island, how beautiful she was…….

    70. Dan on November 30th, 2007 5:15 am

      18 yeras old, and a smile on her face, she was free and having fun a teenagers dream, smart and intelligent, she was taken from us, and you now have her wind at your back, her breath in your face, her long flowing blonde hair as your direction, she won’t steer you wrong,Im sure she forgives you, but you are the ones to have to wake up every morning and see her shinning face in the waters. She will whisper her name across your land, in your windows, Natalee……it sounds like, so know she is there with you and protecting you as no one was there for her. Natalee will be there for you no matter, this is her way……….

    71. Dan on November 30th, 2007 5:37 am

      when the wind blows Joran and kalpoe’s, think of Natalee, she is whispering to you….. she is ok, and happy, and safe, and she forgives you, Look in her eye’s and say you understand, Look at her, and look in her eye’s, she wants you to. Feel her breath slowly blowing over you, as she whispers to you. Oh yes , she is still very much alive, in your memories and in the wind, she exists, and is calling out to you. Her spirit will never die, she is here. She only wants you to look her in the eye and tell her why, thats all, she wants to know….

    72. Dan on November 30th, 2007 5:45 am

      why did you turn on her Joran? why? She wants to know…

    73. Dolf on November 30th, 2007 9:39 am


      wtf are you on?

    74. minnesota dad on November 30th, 2007 11:07 am

      Dan, calling Aruba ‘Natalee’s’ would be gracing that island with something it doesn’t deserve. I think these names are more apt:


      or to be more direct:

      Rape Island
      Crime Rock
      Isles of Predators

      Appropriately naming the island will assure that no tourists get lured in by “one happy island” crap.


    75. Katablog on November 30th, 2007 12:08 pm

      Yo-Yo (aptly named): You need not preach pro bono or any other law concept to me. I actually worked in the law for 10 years.

      Now which of those do you think apply to van der Snoots? We know they have enough money to pay off a bunch of people. We also know that Tacopina can’t even represent Joran in Aruba so why is he one TV every night defending the little psychopath?

      Joe is doing this for one reason and one reason only: to get his ugly mug on TV.

    76. Richard on November 30th, 2007 1:30 pm

      I agree with Minnesota Dad 100%. Nobody would ever grace Aruba with Natalee’s name. The very notion is disgusting, in my eyes.

      Ten years down the road, maybe, a sign could be put up summarizing how things went. It could read thus:

      To Aruba –

      Brother, you asked for it!

    77. mainemonkey on November 30th, 2007 1:54 pm

      How dare Joran complain about being in a cage, especially since it has been said that he put poor Natalee in one. At least you have oxygen in your cage, Joran, which is waaay to good for you.

      Tacopina is there to protect the Lions (lying ones)…. Joran is the link to the older crowd via his Lousy father, Paulus Van Der Sloot. I sense this group is still active, maybe elsewhere.

      A fitting name for Aruba would be Execution Rock. Natalee was executed, just like so many others before and after her.

      Is there any further focus on Lorenzo Van Rijn and his house of rave? Why has so little focus been on Straten as well? Has anyone tried to interview the pimp who moved to the US, and the card dealer who is in the Netherlands? I wonder if he and Joran stayed in contact with eachother in Holland? There are too many weasels who went underground. They need to be flushed out or else the focus will be only on these three. They, IMO, are the tip of the iceberg. Lets hope we get a Christmas present, monkeys ……. Pray for Natalee. I truly believe justice will surface, just like in the Laci Peterson case. PIMPS: it is not nice to fool Mother Nature! You will lose because evidence can never really be destroyed; it is recorded for time immemorial. Momentomori…

    78. Richard on November 30th, 2007 1:59 pm

      Yoyo, on another thread you said that Beth was the one who told Anita about Natalee’s panties.

      I asked you to give us the passage in the book where, you say, she said that.

      Still waiting….

    79. Mike on November 30th, 2007 2:32 pm

      #78 Richard,

      Yoyo is just a groupie for TacoBoy.

    80. brie on November 30th, 2007 3:57 pm

      Beth never described Natalee’s underwear to Anita. First of all, how would Beth know what kind of underwear Natalee was wearing. And second Anita sat across the table from Greta and Beth and gave a description. Who even knows if that is true. Greta said she was so embarrassed she wanted to crawl under the table.

      So I see Joran got a Bible from mommy, I hope it’s the child’s version, pictures and such!

      Maybe Taco’s plane will detour on the way to Aruba and drop him off in Colombia!

    81. yoyo muffintop on November 30th, 2007 6:48 pm

      pg 148 Beth’s book:
      Now it’s my turn. I have no intention of matching her good-boy remarks with good-girl comments. And cut to the chase. Graphically repeating the very words said by their son a couple of weeks ago in his statements made on June 9, 10, and 13. The vile account that was read to me in the attorney general’s office. The sexually explicit words used by Joran to describe what he did to Natalee. Calmer than I have ever been in my whole life and without blinking, I tell them which fingers he said he used. Where he said he put them. How their son described my daughter’s pubic area, her underwear. How Joran said she was falling asleep and waking up, falling asleep and waking up. I tell them of his conflicting stories of what happened, the different places he said it happened. Little beads of sweat form across Paulus’s brow and forehead.

    82. Richard on November 30th, 2007 7:02 pm

      Sorry, Yoyo, this doesn’t cut the mustard. She specifically points out how Joran brought all of this up. Guess who told Anita about it first.

    83. Mike on November 30th, 2007 7:19 pm


      You need to brush up on your reading comprehension!!

    84. yoyo muffintop on November 30th, 2007 9:14 pm

      Richard – “Yoyo, on another thread you said that Beth was the one who told Anita about Natalee’s panties.
      I asked you to give us the passage in the book where, you say, she said that.”

      And Beth says this:”How their son described my daughter’s pubic area, her underwear.”

      Beth describes how Joran described Natalee’s underwear. Therefore Beth described Natalee’s underwear, not Anita. Correct?

      Do you really think that if it was Anita that described the panties it would have been left out of the book? Would not Beth state that Anita went on to describe it? Would that not have been a “blockbuster” that would warrant at least a sentence in her book?

      Not that hard to figure out.

    85. Patti on November 30th, 2007 9:35 pm


      I saw on another thread that you said this case had nothing to do with human trafficking. But, it does. Think about all the other boys and girls that were sacrificed in this manner. This was not an isolated incident. It happens all the time. Once a month, according to the Arawak calandar… every month, every tribe of every Nation. How many tribes do you think Aruba has? There were other people, women and children being sacrificed that night. What about Venezuella? They are Arawak, also. How many boys and girls do you think were abducted from their families to be offered up as a sacrifice for a corrupt Nationa who’s sins reach the heavens?

      In July, they celebrate St. Johns Day which is when they burn a sacrifice in atonement of their sins. The nights sky is full of smoke, so much so that it can be a hazard to drive… and they call us silly when we mention the Indian Nation while, if we look it up, Aruba was named by the Arawak. Don’t be too quick to assume that because Natalee was not trafficked off the island, this case doesn’t have anything to do with trafficking, because it does.

      Where was Anita when Natalee went missing and why? How many girls do you think she may have bought in The Netherlands, or hired as a nanny, only to have them fall into the same trap as Natalee. The people of Aruba swear up and down that they don’t have any missing girls… so where are these “lambs” coming from?

      God Bless Natalee.

      As far as her underware and all that talk about what happened in the car. Hog wash is all it is. The color of her underware? Who cares. She didn’t die in her underware, she died in a loin cloth; dressed in THEIR attire, not her own.

      Don’t wallow in the lies of the untruthful one. He, himself, has said that he is incapable of telling the truth. He and his father would love for us to get stuck in the ditch trying to sort out a lie based on Joran’s sexual fantacy. Let’s come to realize that this was a spiritual rape, not a sexual one.

      Natalee died, being tortured by a bunch of wild Indians that wanted to test her faith in God, in goodness and in everything that she knows to be right. How sad that one who wanted to do good in a world full of wickedness should die at the hands of heathens, practicers of magic and a blood-thirsty priest blessing himself and his Nation with her life, her blood; the life of one that didn’t even know their ways… innocent of the practices of spiritism.

      For THAT Aruba must fall. For the lives of the innocent, the many, many, many innocent ones. There are no demons strong enough to stop the wrath of God and there are no spirits strong enough to deter the inevitable.

      Bad for tourism? As if they even belong in the same world as the rest of us!


      Boycott Aruba…

    86. Christina Marie Boggia on February 5th, 2010 12:56 pm

      I was brutally attacked in NYC, by some guy. I’m lucky to be alive, actually. I turned down his advances towards me, and he got really pissed off, and just started punching me in the face. He then threw me down to the ground and continued beating me. Once they heard the cops were coming his friends through him in the car and took off. The detective was able to get his name because he paid by credit card. He was pick up, and is now out on $5,000.00 bail. I think what I’ve had to pay for (dr.s appt., medicines, traveling back and forth to the city to meet w/the Assistan DA, and Detectives, has run a lot more than $5,000.00
      I’m so scared, please, please help me!!!

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