DIARIO Editorial: An element called Tacopina


Diario, editorial; March 20, 2006

There seems to be no love loss in the Jossy Mansur/Joe Tacopina relationship after viewing last nights Fox, ‘The Line Up’ and todays Diario editorial. Joe Tacopina seems to be making friends.

On one hand, I enjoyed Tacopina, because he made me laugh with his ridiculous statements. If in reality he is an attorney interested in the truth, he would not be planting so many lies which could even compete with those of his client.

Or this excerpt from Jossy’s editorial:

The types of expressions out of Tacopina do not seem those of a serious person, and even less of those of an attorney who believes in the truth.

Many of us would like to know where Joe Tacopina gets his information from and TACOhow he compares it to statements that have come from his client’s mouth. Joe Tacopina has gone on TV stating that Natalee Holloway was falling over drunk, yet his client has not stated that in interviews. In fact, Joran Van der Sloot states just the opposite.

VAN DER SLOOT: Oh… she’d been drinking, but she wasn’t drunk. I mean, she knew what she was doing.

It is Deepak Kalpoe that states Natalee was drunk.

“Judging by the way that the girl was dancing, I presumed that she was pretty drunk. Also, The girl walked swaying to Joran”.

So who is lying attorney Tacopina? Maybe Joe Tacopina has the wrong client. One thing is for sure, Jossy Mansur is certainly in the know as to the facts of this case. The other thing for certain is its hard to defend a client when they have told so many lies.

DIARIO Editorial: An element called Tacopina

Last night, the attorney who is representing Joran in the US found it appropriate to explain, in a lowly way, that I am prejudiced against Joran because his father was in the team who [strobe – handed over?] a few members of my family to the US.

There’s another element who does not know how to read Papiamento and has no notion what I have said about Joran. I have said on various occasions that I don’t know whether he is guilty or innocent! Furthermore, I don’t have any sort of prejudice against Joran or his father! I had no idea that Paul could have been in any commission which judged who is part of my family. That’s news to me!

Joe Tacopina, with his witchy style of bring things forward, forcing a conclusion which doesn’t exist, wants to defend a habitual, chronic liar, who has a confirmed history of violence.

Joran was known in his school as a kid who bullied younger kids; he was described by a teacher as a habitual liar; he was caught with his hands in the lockers of other kids; he was under treatment for his inability to control his anger and the violent part of his character; he was gambling for money in a casino, at an age where it is prohibited to set foot in a casino, and a few times accompanied by his father!

Into what sort of ‘saint’ does Tacopina want to turn Joran? He doesn’t know that Joran lied that Deepak came to pick him up at the beach, and when Deepak stood up and said that it’s not true, he then changed to saying it was Satish. When Satish also stood up and said that it wasn’t true, he left the question hanging, and it will be good of Tacopina, in his great wisdom, to explain to us how Joran arrived at his house in the morning hours, with or without shoes!

Another point which Tacopina, in his feeble attempt to defend his client, does not take into account is the following: how Deepak could have come to pick up Joran at the beach, if Joran declared to 4 police officers on the 13 of June 2005 that Deepak was with him at the beach, that Deepak went back towards the girl, where he had left her sleeping on the sand, and that he believes that Deepak raped and then killed the girl? Tacopina can be a good attorney, but in this case he is far from home!

And how does Tacopina explain the fact that Joran told police that they had sex with Natalee when she was coming in and out of consciousness, and then on television he said that because he did not have a prophylactic he didn’t have sex with her! Who does Tacopina take us for?

(Read the full translation at Aruba Getagrip)

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