Judicial Irony: Ex-Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong Sentenced to Jail


Who could have ever imagined this ever happening when the Duke Lacrosse Rape case Nifong_criminalwas first announced? A case where Mike Nifong trumpeted that members of the Duke Lacrosse team were guilty of rape has turned into Former DA Mike Nifong was sentenced to spend time in the very jail that he was looking to send innocent people to. Nifong’s willfull and intentional actions are now coming home to roost.

The irony is not lost in the fact that Ex-Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifongwillfully winds up in the very jail that he was so determined to put others in, no matter what the cost, the facts or the law. From those actions came ethics and disbarment. Add a day in jail to that list as well. Nifong’s broken career continues as the punishments continue to be handed down for his despicable actions during the Duke Lacrosse rape case. 

Superior Court Judge W. Osmond Smith III could have sentenced Nifong, who had already been stripped of his law license and had resigned from office, to as many as 30 days in jail and given him a fine as high as $500. Instead, he opted for a largely symbolic punishment – the public humiliation of sending a prosecutor to jail – that he said would help protect the integrity of the justice system.

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    6 Responses to “Judicial Irony: Ex-Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong Sentenced to Jail”

    1. houston on September 1st, 2007 11:21 am

      A day in jail? He should be given 10-20 years.

    2. nurturer on September 1st, 2007 12:40 pm

      Agreed. He would have willingly sent three INNOCENT kids to jail with a big, self-satified smile on his face. Knowing that these three kids were indeed innocent.

      And he gets A DAY in jail???

      I hope the families of these three kids bury this guy alive with lawsuit after lawsuit. Ruin him, like he tried to ruin them. Send a message.

      Then, finish it off by going after the chick that got it all started in the first place . . . the accuser.

    3. bc on September 1st, 2007 11:18 pm

      what does 1 day translate to really? With time off for “good behavior” he might be looking at 5 minutes max.

    4. nurturer on September 2nd, 2007 11:33 am

      What many aren’t saying, is that this is the one that got caught.

      How many other corrupt DA’s are out there KNOWINGLY putting innocent people in jail for decades?

      Say what you may about Barry Sheck, but groups like the Innocence Project are a necessity for combatting the damage that scum like Nifong can cause.

    5. katablog on September 3rd, 2007 11:29 pm

      I also was shocked to hear that Nifong is only getting one day and that the highest penalty was a mere 3 months. That’s less time than he stole from 3 innocent young men who had to fight for their innocence for over 1 year!

      I also agree with #4 – unfortunately there are many prosecutors who are corrupt and continue to insist on someone’s guilt when they have information that should convince them otherwise. See http://www.free-kenmiddleton.com for just one example.

      Even the former Governor of MO testified that he had never in 40 years seen a victim’s rights so trampled and ignored. Yet the prosecutor (now in private practice) in this case continues to maintain Middleton’s guilt and fight to keep him from getting a fair trial. If one is really so sure of someone’s guilt, they should have absolutely NO problem ensuring they get a fair trial. You don’t need to alter documents and lie when truth is on your side.

    6. Gloria Kelley on October 9th, 2007 4:07 pm

      I have my gut full of abuse of power, even in the small town in which I live. Per the Freedom of Information Act, a person is supposed to be able to review records at the local police department. This is not coming to fruitition even though I have requested them. I have committed no crime. I want to know what the authorities log in about a person, me, without my knowledge. I feel that citizens need some sort of help with their civil rights before a matter needs the assistance of a lawyer or gets out of hand.

      Exasperated about the legal system

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