Since When Does Bill O’Reilly Report Unconfirmed FACTOR News? Natalee Holloway Died of Cardiac Arrest from Cocaine?


Natalee Holloway Died of Cardiac Arrest of Cocaine Overdose???

Why would anyone make an accidental overdose into an international affair by hiding a body? Answer: They wouldn’t

But they would try to cover up an accidental overdose of XTC and an assault

(The Factor is not able to confirm independently)
“Natalee Holloway, the 18 year old woman who disappeared two years ago in Aruba died from cardiac arrest brought on by an overdose of cocaine. According to top LE officials, Natalee ingested the cocaine with Joran van der Sloot and one of the Kalpoe brothers. Her body was then disposed of in the ocean.”
We managed to get a brief answer from Jossy Mansur as to what he thought of the above interview:
That it’s opinionated, and based on the questionable statement that the authorities ‘believe’ that’s what happened, with no evidence whatsoever to back it up, and that the ‘news’ is not ‘independently confirmed.’ That says it all to me.
Last night Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera reported that they had from a credible source Aruba talking headshow Natalee Holloway really died. After 2+ years of following this case the use of the word “credible source” without a name attached should be laughed away. However, that being said and if one is to believe this “unconfirmed independently” report then please explain the following two simple questions:
1. If someone died of an accidental overdose, why would anyone go through the trouble of hiding a body whether it be on land or at sea. A tourist dying of an alcohol or drug overdose would not be news. It has happened before. Why the secrecy? Why all the lies from Joran Van der Sloot and the Kalpoes? Why the need for so many versions of stories to the police? Why would Aruban officials ruin Aruba’s tourism over something as simple an an accidental overdose?
2. If as reported from Bill O’Reilly this is what really happened, then the ALE knew this since when, 5/30/05? So they covered up this information all this time, why? There is no good reason why, if this was a case of a simple drug overdose that this story would have played out as it did. Aruba 3 suspectsSo if Aruban officials knew this was the reason why Natalee died then they still partook in a cover-up. What would be the point of the cover-up?

 We asked Jossy Mansur what his take was on Natalee Holloway dying in the ridiculous manner and that the cocaine overdose theory not making any sense. Also, if he had heard any such reports.

I completely agree: if Natalee’s death was ‘accidental’ (from an overdose), why the stories, the lies, the tons of declarations to the investigators? Paul van der Sloot, who knows the intricacies of our penal code, would have immediately instructed his son and his friends to go to the police and come clean with the theory that she died of an overdose.

They would have faced charges of concealment of an accidental death, which doesn’t carry a long prison term, if any, and the use of illicit substances, which also doesn’t carry a long or stiff prison sentence. I don’t know why all these ‘stories’ are coming up at this time, we are sticking to our points of view at the DIARIO, until someone comes up with a believable, well-documented explanation for her disappearance. (Jossy Mansur)

So the questions in this case always come back to why.

Why would one feel the need to hide and conceal a body from being found if it was an accidental overdose? Answer: Because those responsible for the crime did not want to see the condition the body was in or have forensics done. Was there a sexual assault? Bruises? Marks, scratches and signs of a struggle? More to the point, if there was an overdose, maybe it was not cocaine … but instead an overdose of XTC.

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    222 Responses to “Since When Does Bill O’Reilly Report Unconfirmed FACTOR News? Natalee Holloway Died of Cardiac Arrest from Cocaine?”

    1. Iggy1 on July 20th, 2007 9:09 am

      It looks like Aruba knows that Natalee’s body will be found at the bottom of the ocean this time with Tim Millers search. So Aruba comes up with the same story for Natalee as the one they did on the death of Dinesh ‘Pitbull’ Djoegan had died of an overdose of cocaine.

    2. Robert on July 20th, 2007 9:15 am

      “…Them (Natalees Uncles) being offered drugs…” Is that a proof of something?
      Tourists in f.i. Amsterdam who buy drugs that are offered to them on the streets in 99,9% of the cases in fact buy powder suger, washing powder, grinded rubber, grinded leafes, milk powder, dogs poep, caramel… And so on, and so on….
      That proofs nothing!

    3. GAP on July 20th, 2007 9:23 am

      Alto comisario Peter de Witte a confirma…

      ORANJESTAD(AAN):Alto comisario di polis Peter de Witte den un entrevista durante presencia di consul Mericano na Aruba no kier a bisa mucho riba e caso di desaparicion di e hoben Americano na Aruba.

      Loke si e alto comisario a trece dilanti tabata cu den e proximo dianan lo bay tin un declaracion official riba henter e caso y investigacion di e hoben perdi Natalee Holloway.

      Kizas esaki ta loke e Hulandesnan a bin haci na Aruba algun luna pasa y a keda algun siman ocupando lugar di henter e team di recherché anti droga cu mester a muda bay warda di polis na Noord.

      Awor cu nan a bay Hulanda lo bay hinca tur cos den otro y finalmente sera e caso unda polis manera alto comisario mes a confirma lo bin duna un statement completo.

      Pesey mes nos lo keda pendiente pasobra e caso aki lo wordo sera y poni finalmente riba un hold cu ta bira tambe un “Cold Case”.

      Can anyone out translate this?

    4. Pam on July 20th, 2007 9:24 am

      Maybe Natalee was like her uncle…smart enough to say no to the cocaine she may have been offered. Just because she was offered cocaine does not mean she took it. They are assuming that just because she is a teenage that she could not say no. I don’t buy it…she was too smart. I agree with Iggy1. I think they are trying to cover all basis so that when Tim Miller finds her body there will be an explanation. They are a joke.

    5. Nut44x4 on July 20th, 2007 9:27 am

      # 2 (no pun intended)….dog poop???

    6. bc on July 20th, 2007 9:33 am

      “the slick rock n roll man of the hour” Joran Van der Sloot is hardly what I would call this little “gansta weasel”. Who writes this stuff? Geraldo turns my stomach almost as much as the VDS’s. Haven’t the Holloway’s (Twitty’s too) gone through enough without usubstantiated reports?

    7. nurturer on July 20th, 2007 9:45 am

      Whoever this reliable source is, they are talking in ‘definites’ and ‘absolutes’. How can they do that when there has not been any medical examination, ie, an autoposy of the body? It’s merely gossip at this point. Like most everything else that comes out of ‘paradise’.

      If the source for this story is from Aruba, then I must say I’m a little bit surpised by O’Reilly’s quickness to embrace the theory. In the past, he has always said, that unless assigned, he would never set foot in Aruba due to the corrupt direction this whole investigation took. Now suddenly he is a believer?

      It just doesn’t make sense. That a girl so studious with the 4.0 GPA, would suddenly, out of the blue, decide to ingest an ILLEGAL drug with three STRANGERS knowing she had a plane to catch in 6 hours.

      She went from being responsible all her life, to being LOSER IRRESPONSIBLE in a few days??

      I ain’t buyin’ it.

    8. 10061906 on July 20th, 2007 9:47 am

      Well first off about Bill and Geraldo:
      Yellow Journalism at its WORST!!!!!
      I am so totally pi$$ed that I would like to kick both of their pompas a$$es and then go for their throats.
      Who the hell is Bill’s so called reliable source?
      If it’s someone from Aruba; we don’t have to worry do we?
      Everyone lies on Aruba. Maybe Anita ratted on her sporter?
      COULD Aruba really want to stop the bleeding and is ready to charge and convict someone and bring an end to this Fiasco?
      Why didn’t Bill follow up on that? Noooooo; Instead he gave us that insidious look that makes you want to throw up.
      If his sources are that damn accurate why didn’t he follow up with bring Joran back in and convict him of illegal disposing of a body and abandonment. Both crimes in Aruba and that’s the truth.
      But noooo; they continued to talk about their little spies at C and C’s and speculated that Natalee ingested cocaine. TOTAL IRRESPONSIBLE REPORTING FOR SENSATIONALISM!!!!!!
      Better yet how did this party know that Joran knew Natalee was dead? Are first aid courses given at The International School in How to abduct and kill an American tourist 101?
      If he states that is what happened; how do we know that Natalee may have still been alive albeit in a coma from the drugs Joran administered to her?
      How do we know that the reason she drowned wasn’t because he kept her head underwater.
      And pray tell me A$$hole Bill how did Joran dispose of Natalee? Did he swim out with her under his arms? Or as Micheal Dompig has stated; Joran and Keon took out papa Gottenbos boat?
      Maybe that is why Keon pees himself and sleeps with mommy and daddy.
      Bill you never followed up on that either.
      The Fox News Network should be called the Hoover Network, because it sure sucks!!!!!
      Fox News the Enquire of the TV Networks.
      Beth should bring suit against the network for defamation of her daughter’s character; because they (B and G) will not and cannot produce the person responsible for this bullShit.
      Because if he did he would end up being used as a candle in a cave ala Pitbull.
      They needed to boost their ratings and the producers pushed for something earth shattering.
      The only thing I would want to hear shattering would be when I would kick Bill and Geraldo in the gonads.
      Again yellow journalism at its worst: totally unsubstantiated and in their minds a fantasy.
      As an aside why has the Fox Network turned against Natalee??????????????
      We have had BS from Greta and these two yoyo’s; is Nancy next???????????????

    9. Meee on July 20th, 2007 9:47 am

      She did die from drug use. But it was a date rape drug. Not cocaine.

    10. Mike on July 20th, 2007 9:50 am

      I have always wondered why these talking heads never use logic and ask each other the basic questions presented above.

      This is just a teaser to get someone to watch his show…neither O’Reilly or Rivera say why would anyone hide a accidental death….thats the first thing anyone would and should ask.

      Here’s another question that should be asked….Why would anyone sit in jail for 3 months for a accidental death as Joren did?

      Seems lately that the talking heads IQ’s have dropped concerning this case.

    11. minnesota dad on July 20th, 2007 9:53 am

      This is pretty simple:

      1) To determine someone died of a cocaine overdose you need a body to determine if, in fact, cocaine was the culprit. If a high up LE person is saying she died of a cocaine overdose, someone did an autopsy….or else, drum roll, someone is again lying on Aruba. Aruba, produce the autopsy reports or stop spinning this.

      2) Come on….a cocaine overdose? We already know that a drug dealer admitted selling her cocaine. Then, drum roll, we found out the drug dealer was no other than the non credible brother in law of Chief Dompig himself, Boeti!

      3) This is not news. Dompig when he did the TV special a year ago stated that he thought she died of a drug overdose.

      The Drug Overdose theory doesn’t add up. Why the lost evidence, the bloody mattress, the missing witness statements, the repeated lies, tampered evidence, the police car transcript, Paulus being redeclared a suspect…but not being redeclared a suspect, the Heavy Battery, the AHATA members spamming these boards, the judges amending search warrants, witness tampering, etc. etc. etc.

      ARUBA & KLPD – Is this it? Is this the end game? You are going to call Bill O’Reilly; tell him it was a drug overdose and then spin like hell? Are we now suddenly going to see missing witness statements (including Paulus 6/16 disappeared witness statement, and Lorenzo’s 6/16 disappeared witness statement….how many more statements are going to “REAPPEAR” to support the Cardiac Arrest from Cocaine BS you are trying to pull?). Ain’t buying what you are selling.

      Shame on your island and the Netherlands for trying to spin this. SHOW ME THE AUTOPSY STATING THERE WAS CARDIAC ARREST! THEN DELIVER THE BODY TO THE FAMILY. You won’t…because you (Aruba and the Netherlands) are LYING again.


    12. postahchild on July 20th, 2007 9:57 am

      It appears to me that they are slandering this young lady’s memory with very, very shaky “evidence.” Almost all cocaine is ingested by one of two methods – snorting (powder) or smoking (crack), so it would be impossible to slip someone cocaine without their knowing what you were doing. Therefore, what they are saying, in essence, is that Natalee’s death was caused by a voluntary drug overdose, and that is so unfair. When Dompig came on t.v. saying they had statements by people that Natalee had been seen with drugs, I said the same thing: People should keep their mouths shut until there is some proof about how she died and not cast aspersions on someone who is not here to defend herself. But what can you expect – it’s Geraldo Rivera.

    13. micah on July 20th, 2007 10:04 am

      Interesting that Greta said nothing about this “new development” on last night’s show.

    14. buster on July 20th, 2007 10:05 am

      Any one know why Tony Rivers would change his name to Geraldo Rivera ??? Looks like Bill is crossing over to gretta’s side

    15. Brenda on July 20th, 2007 10:08 am

      Remember the words of C.S. Lewis (Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe)…

      “By placing a little truth in a lie, it makes the lie that much stronger.”

      Let me explain. I (by accident) learned an IT support person I call in AL lives in the same area at the Holloways. Her son attended school with Nat’s younger brother and this lady told me over a year ago they know Nat died from date rape overdose and was dumped in the ocean. THAT is what Nat’s family believes.

      Now…whoever “spilled” DID tell part of the truth. Yes, Nat OD’d. Yes, she was dumped in the ocean. Yes, Joran and the Po bros love their cocaine. Most likely did so that night…VERY doubtfully WITH Nat. Yes, they DID go out on a boat with her! Yes, they did panick and cover up this crime. Even IF she died of cocaine overdose, why did they not seek help? Because they are into selling/buying drugs (duh). Either way they are guilty. EVERY way they are guilty.

      It’s a good sign someone is wearing down….feeling guilty?….beginning to speak in 1/2 truths. If Nat is truly in that crab cage, they should find her. If not, they will not. Anyone who grew up on the ocean like me (Tampa…lived 1 1/2 mile from the beach) KNOWS how the ocean currents move around the bay and gulf. I’d know where to put something to go out to sea, and when to do so based on tides. I studied the tides because I hunted sea shells and understood the movement of the waters and the seasons. I knew when the sand bars would be exposed simply based on the moon and tides/time of year. These boys had that knowledge….but here’s another opinion of mine over the beach search.

      I believe (haven’t said this before) that her body DID wash up on shore and had to be put back out in that cage. She was dumped twice. Make sense?

      Thoughts from anyone else??


    16. Chicago Jim on July 20th, 2007 10:09 am

      #11, AfrickinMEN, MD.

      More bs form the sh*ithole island. Fox news is a joke. Rivera is So uncredible and I expected a little more from Bill.

      RETURN OUR ANGEL, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. katablog on July 20th, 2007 10:13 am

      I think some people are being a little too hard on Geraldo and Bill O’Reilly. They are reporting what they were told. You are right that they should have asked questions and should have reported it with far more doubt since Aruba has yet to come up with anyone on the Island with any credibility. But, it does keep the story in the news – and that’s a good thing.

      There is only one way that anyone on Aruba could “know” that Natalee ingested Cocaine. That would be because either Deepak or Joran told them. Since we know Deepak and Joran are both liars, that should be the reason for reporters not being so definitive in their reporting. It can’t be because an autopsy was done because you have to have a body to perform an autopsy (well unless we just don’t understand Aruba’s system again).

      Bill and Geraldo should remember that the last “credible source” from Aruba was Boeti, Dumbpig’s drugged out brother-in-law. Is that the same basis they use to decide credibility?

      Surely their source can’t be Dumbpig because he was floating the hospital plane last week.

      Maybe Bill and Geraldo are floating the story to see if it won’t give someone an out? Maybe Paulus and Joran now believe that the body won’t reveal any forensics?

      But as everyone here has stated: the cocaine story simply doesn’t make sense. There would be no reason to dispose of a body of a person who ingest cocaine. Leave her where she is, let someone discover the body, do an autopsy and write it off as an overdose.

      The only reason to dispose of a body is because the body would reveal a crime – like rape, date rape drugs, battery and assault.

      No reason to lie about dropping Natalee off at the Holiday Inn. No reason to sweat buckets. No reason to make up numerous stories about where they did and didn’t go. No reason to describe Natalee’s panties. No reason for cover stories. No reason for “no body, no case”.

    18. Janet on July 20th, 2007 10:18 am

      Flashback to March, 2006 …
      Gerold Dompig
      48 HOURS
      March 22, 2006
      Wherever she was, police now think that while Natalee was with Joran, she died suddenly from an overdose of intoxicants.
      “We feel strongly that she probably went into shock or something happened to her system with all this alcohol maybe on top of that other drugs which either she took or they gave her and that she just collapsed,” says Dompig.
      The crime, Dompig suspects, occurred when the body was illegally disposed of. The boys may have acted alone.
      “We’re not talking about killers here,” he says.
      Or, as Dompig reveals for the first time, they could have had accomplices. “New people are coming in the picture. It is possible that there was a second group involved, or more people than these three boys,” he says.

    19. Steve Holloway on July 20th, 2007 10:38 am

      My brothers and I went to C&C to show Geraldo Rivera how easy it is to buy drugs, but we never did buy any drugs. We do not use or have the desire to use drugs nor break the law. Within seconds of driving up to C&C we could have bought drugs and been on our way.
      The light is starting to shine onto Aruba, to show the world what we have seen for along time. Its not going to be pretty. I think the ocean search may lead people to come forward with what they know, just to be the first one to strike a deal to stay out of jail. Pray for justice to be done and answers to be coming soon and healing to a nation. May God bless you. Steve Holloway

    20. dennisintn on July 20th, 2007 10:40 am

      well, the best that can be said about geraldo and bill’s expose is that they did keep qualifying the assertions by saying numerous times that there was no confirmation or proof to anything they were reporting. that said, i’ll back off the necktie party for them and just say i’m really disappointed because they became a party to such a gross and erroneous story. it’s basically the same one dompig told months ago, just dressed up with a little more detail. kind of like they’re throwing stories at the wall hoping one of them will stick. another desperate attempt to blame the victim and exculpate the perps and the island tourist trade. despicable actions to say the least.

    21. John Reynolds on July 20th, 2007 10:41 am

      The very fact that a very credible source exists that knows what happened means that the person was present when the death occured, and witnessed it. At this point in the investigation, that person’s status morally if not legally has changed from witness to accomplice. A lesser degree of a credible witness would be if he was involved in the disposal of the body and arrived after she died. An even lesser degree of credible would be a person wih such an intimate relationship with the boys as to feel certain that their confidence was well placed and that he wouldn’t betray them, and the witness would have to have reasons unknown to the rest of the world to believe them. In any of these degrees required to meet the definition of a credible, that witness has become a participant to the crime. Bill O’Reilly claims to have a close enough relationship with the source/witness to determine the witness’s credibility, so at this point Bill is now involved in the coverup of the crime. If not, he has defamed Natalee and her family and provided a measure of exhoneration to Joran and the Kalpoe brothers. The credible source/witness must also know all that are involved in disposing of the body, including who furnished the boat and equipment.

      Much has been said that she overdosed and the boys were simply with her and their crime was in not reporting the death and in disposing of the body. Well, without professional medical help involved, why would they be so certain that she was dead. Everyday of the world highly trained nurses in medical settings with bright lights and equipment are not able to find a heartbeat or respirations, which are present but too slight to detect. This incident allegely happened at night,the disgnosis was made by an intoxicated grup of teens, with no equipment and no trained people involved. The cause of death being an overdose, faint repirations and pulse would be expected, so there is a huge possibiity that they killed her when they disposed of the body. In fact, absent a qualified statement of death, the authorities should presume she was alive when they disposed of the body.

      Mr O’Reilly is clearly out of bounds, defamed Natalee, and is exhonaerating the boys to a degree, simply to unjustly enrich his pockets with profits. He has no credibility and his show should be canceled due to his irresponsible treatment of this story.

    22. Pearl on July 20th, 2007 10:43 am

      Can we get Jossy in the USA?
      I’d tune into Jossey because the man has an interest in asking questions and telling the truth!

      Let’s get a man with an interest in integrity to fill one of the talking head’s chairs.
      Jossy: are you free to fill a chair over at fox, for some men who either are no longer interested in truth or justice, or who simply have forgotten WHAT it means to live in America!

      O’Reilly was a waste of time and a huge disappointment.
      Not only did he not read, but then goes on to report from “unconfirmed” sources!

      The lack of responsible journalism, makes the two of them ( Geraldo and O’Reilly) truly a sad duo.

      Tell us, O’Reilly and Geraldo: when was the last time you took a good hard look at those lights in your box – because THAT’s what you fed us with your “report” on Natalee Holloway.

      “All I can hope to teach my son is to tell the truth and fear no man” And: “The only thing that counts is the right to know, to speak, to think — that, and the sanctity of the courts. Otherwise it’s not America.” E. R. Murrow

      Bill, thanks for throwing us all into a foreign land that lacks all the sanctity of what we would HOPE to stand for in America.

      Make no mistake, Bill: The ‘place’ you took us to, with your “report” on Natalee, was NOT America, Bill.
      You took us to ARUBA!
      I thought you were reporting ON NATALEE, BILL?
      Instead, you dumped all of us in Aruba, in the vile ditch of contempt for EVERYTHING that we value and honor:

      – integrity
      – justice
      – TRUTH

      You had the power to raise questions in this child’s good name and you failed her miserably.

      TO KNOW…
      TO THINK…
      TO SPEAK…
      AND TO FEAR NO MAN ( particularly the MONSTERS who now continue to trample upon the Spirit of this honorable, innocent American child, whose human rights were obliterated in Aruba!)

      We don’t want to be dumped in Aruba, Bill.
      We want the light of Natalee’s truth brought BACK to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

      Do you think you could manage to read the transcripts and come up with some solid, intelligent questions – FOR HER, BILL, for HER FAMILY, and IN HER GOOD HONORABLE NAME?





    23. dennisintn on July 20th, 2007 10:45 am

      just think, palm beach just agreed to hire one of the chiefs responsible for the last 2 years of these steaming little horse apples. palm beach should be so proud. i don’t recommend vacationing there anymore than i would aruba. the next shark attack victim will be blamed for looking and acting slutty, partying in the ocean, and asking to be attacked. it was her fault. just wait and see if i’m not right.

    24. Janet on July 20th, 2007 10:47 am

      I believe a drug overdose is a real possibility. When you consider that somebody at the VDS residence was searching the web on the topic of drug overdoses on the morning when Natalee Holloway went missing. However … the reason that assistance was not requested and the body disposed was because of what was done to Natalee’s person prior to her death.

    25. Mere on July 20th, 2007 10:48 am

      How about BOR and GR have someone like JQK to represent Natalee when FOX intends to smear her….bet JQK wanted
      nothing to do with this kind of report.

    26. Robert on July 20th, 2007 10:49 am

      # Nut44x4 | July 20, 2007, 9:27 am

      Dog poop!!! (Spelled it wrong because my “Oxford American Dictionaries”-widget apparently refused to translate it and gave the dutch word as translation…)

    27. Treehouse on July 20th, 2007 10:58 am

      Geraldo said, “…the homicide…”, while refering to Natalee’s death. How is it homicide if she died of “accidental overdose”? He hasn’t changed his mind about this whole thing; he still believes she was murdered.

      Too bad he doesn’t have the guts to call O’Reilly on this “independently unconfirmed” “you just have to trust me on this one” “we know it’s the truth, even though we have no proof” load of crap, instead of shrugging and whimpering, “It’s plausible”.

      If “a high level official” is feeding PR bites to O’Reilly, then someone must be getting nervous about the upcoming TES search. O’Reilly is so noble in his declaration that “we must protect our source”. If his source is a high level official, how does O’Reilly excuse the official from his/her responsibility of protecting Natalee, the Island of Aruba, and the Truth?” O’Reilly’s cloak of nobility is easily donned, and just as easily, cast off.

    28. Observer on July 20th, 2007 11:04 am

      This is from todays Diario article(Papi Translation) and Summary from Jossy.

      The article states that the Dutch chief of police said that the ALE will soon come out with a statement, which is a kind of prelude to the closing of the case. In other words, no more direct investigation will follow. It doesn’t mean, however, that if and when new tips or revelations come in, that they will not work on them. But, the continuing investigation, as far as we have been able to deduct from his statement, will be over with once the ALE makes its statement, which he promised will happen in the coming days.

      Papi Online Translation

      alto comisario peter de witte owing to confirma… police cla for give relato on all caso natalee holloway

      oranjestad(aan):alto comisario of police peter de witte in one interview during presencia of consul mericano at aruba does not owing to tell mucho on the caso of desaparicion of the young americano at aruba. thing if the alto comisario owing to trece fast was cu in the proximo dianan will bay have one declaracion official on all the caso y investigacion of the young perdi natalee holloway. kizas this is thing the hulandesnan owing to come haci at aruba some month happen y owing to stay some week ocupando lugar of all the team of recherché across from drugs cu have to owing to muda bay keep of police at north now cu they owing to bay the netherlands will bay hinca all cos in another y finalmente close the caso where police as alto comisario self owing to confirma will come give one statement completo. pesey self we will stay pendiente because the caso here will wordo close y poni finalmente on one hold cu is become also one “cold case”.

    29. Brie on July 20th, 2007 11:07 am

      Dompig said we’re not talking about killers. JORAN KILLED HIS DOG!

    30. Observer on July 20th, 2007 11:14 am

      Look’s like all the lies recently are part of the plan before they close the case. The Coverup is complete!!

      Unfortunatly Fox News bought it hook line and sinker. Bill Oreilly passed off this false story from his enormously credible source to his good friend Geraldo who is in dire need of a big story and ratings. I am extremely embarassed for both of them as they did no research and are looking like fools reporting major lies regarding Natalee Holloway.

    31. disgustedmom on July 20th, 2007 11:22 am

      The more I think about this stupid O’Reilly thing the more I wonder if this report was purposful to initiate an agenda about this case. He did conveniently have Geraldo on to discuss 2 topics, the other one being about that Vic guy and the dog fights AND O’R jumped abruptly to the Vic story right in the middle of Geraldo talking about Natalee.

      Not that jumping abruptly is an odd thing for O’R to do…when he’s done talking or is no longer interested in the subject that is what he always does. However, that’s just the thing…..O’R was DONE talking about Natalee from the moment he made his statement about cocaine. It just makes one wonder why he even had this clip on his show at all. It was pointless….no discussion of value….no time alloted to it…it was like a service of some sort….like an agenda that was given to be reported at this time.

      I can’t help thinking that the agenda is to get people to stop talking about this case…and while we all know that is what Aruba wants to happen, WHAT IF it is necessary for other reasons than self serving ones for Aruba? Like for instance…WHAT IF they have found that Natalee is alive being held captive somewhere and they don’t want any more speculation because speculation causes her to have to be moved again and again?

      I’m not making much sense I know….it’s just an idea I’m brewing based on something the cops involved in a case here in the US said the other day….a girl was missing and they didn’t put out an amber alert for her because they had so many leads to where she was that indicated she was still alive being held captive they didn’t want to scare the perps into moving her from the locations where they had leads that she was.

    32. Brenda on July 20th, 2007 11:24 am

      I believe the drug being searched on was GHB if my memory is right. Steven was in here earlier. Is he allowed to tell us if that is what was found when the computer/what was accessed became determined?


      P.S. NOt would I only refuse to travel to Aruba, but in this day and age, I refuse to leave the states!!

    33. Carpe Noctem on July 20th, 2007 11:28 am

      I think Joran may HAVE WANTED Paulus to BELIEVE it was an OD

      like the BIG lying pile of crocodile turds I know

      that scuzz-azz-bomb-O-tron to be…

      ….but I believe it was a



      (which don’t make anything about it “ALRIGHT”)

      GERAL-DIO knows it too, I think!

      …or he wouldn’t have uttered the word homicide…

      ….and rough sex… Joran didn’t mean to… (but he

      killed her)

      Who is Geraldo to be talkin game of what he thinks

      Joran did?

      Ah well, it’s a free country, huh? (US NOT ARUBA)

      Joran is a liar proven 1,000 times over!!!

      The cops are bit-piecing it together with JORAN’S WORDS?

      > No evidence?

      BROTHA PUH-LEEZ, oh my aching head.

      Do not PASS GO.

      Do Not Listen To Bill,

      or Geraldo…

      Please hang up… and try yer call again,

      this is a recording.



      See ya when I C-YA,

      Sponge Bob Skid Pants!


      TODAY IS # 781



    34. Dan in Tx on July 20th, 2007 11:43 am

      katablog- don’t give these yellow journalists too much credit. They’re doing Aruba a favor by broadcasting this. Why? Look at Criminal Psychology 101. Criminals usually blame the victims- and by insinuating without any proof that Natalee died this way, that is exactly what this report has done! They do this to shift blame and as a distraction, hoping people won’t care about their victim if they believe they were some sort of horrible person.

      As someone said above, there’s no reason an achievement-minded person like Natalee would suddenly do something like this. It is all the same Aruba tricks and lies- shift the blame, lie about the victim’s integrity, protect the guilty on their island, and hope this all goes away…

      And these two journalistic weasels have done Aruba and the liars like Dumbpig a huge favor by rebroadcasting it over national airwaves. Who is willing to stick up for Natalee and counter this slander???

    35. nurturer on July 20th, 2007 11:49 am

      O’Reilly mentioned that this source for the cocaine theory is a top law enforcement offical that needs to be protected through anonymity.

      The only ARUBAN law enforcement offical that comes to mind who demonstarted any integrity and that MIGHT be considered a reputable source would, in my mind, be Karen Janssen’s assistant who eventually removed herself due to the direction the ‘investigation’ was taking.

      But again, it’s just gossip, and barely a theory.

    36. Claire on July 20th, 2007 12:10 pm

      The best thing I can say about O’Reilly and Rivera is that at least they are keeping Natalee’s name in the news. A not so gentle reminder to Aruba, the Netherlands, the Sloots and Bros. Kalpoe that WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!

    37. Chicago Jim on July 20th, 2007 12:15 pm

      #15 Brenda,

      Very possible. However, I think they buried her (can’t remember exactly where, need a little help here from Pearl:)) first, but then later took her out to sea. This seems to coincide with daddy going to the ATM to get the $$ to pay for the boat,cage etc… And as far as someone wearing down? Not sure, but I HOPE & PRAY this is for real. But with all the lies that the sh*ithole of an island have spun since this tragedy happened, I just don’t know. If this is for real and Tim Miller & TES do find her, I think the perps are banking on the fact that any evidence is gone. i.e. coverup complete. ***cries*** I am interested to find out who this “credible source” is.


    38. Suzy Morris on July 20th, 2007 12:17 pm

      As with everything else associated with this case, anything that Geraldo or Bill or the Aruban police or anyone on this board thinks? It’s all speculation as has been said before. We may never know for sure. Will forensics ever prove that Natalee voluntarily took drugs, was forced to, or was merely drunk out of her mind that day and night? Will forensics ever prove that she was raped and murdered as Beth claims? Who knows. As someone asked earlier, why would a young woman with a 4.0 gpa do drugs voluntarily as speculated. Well, maybe because it was her way of doing what she wanted before heading home and going back to being the girl with the 4.0 gpa, the college scholarship and the plans to go to med school. Maybe in Aruba she found the freedom to do what she wanted, to have a great time with her friends before going home to the responsibilities of her life. She just had the bad luck to meet the wrong person. As for that spec, my money’s on ole GVC. I think her came upon her after Joran.

    39. 10061906 on July 20th, 2007 12:25 pm

      Just reviewing some favorites before deleting and came across this.
      How did he know it was the Marriot and not the HI:
      Apparently he was never questioned on that matter.

      ORANJESTAD, Aruba (UPI) — One of two suspects released by Aruba police in the case of a missing Alabama teen claims three other suspects still in custody have been lying.
      The men released were security guards who worked at a hotel near the Holiday Inn where Natalee Holloway, 18, was staying. She disappeared May 30, and the two guards were arrested June 5, but not charged.

      Tuesday, Antonius John, 30, who was released along with Abraham Jones, 28, told ABC “Holloway had been dropped off at the Marriott, not the Holiday Inn, where she was staying”.

    40. GAP on July 20th, 2007 12:28 pm

      Thanks for the translation.
      What about the theory that she (NH) was air lifted by an ambulance flight to a hospital unconscious and died in transport. Is that theory thrown out because now they say she was dumped out to sea? This is once again going around in circles. Aruba wants to close the case, so they can go back to being a rich island paradise.

    41. Richard on July 20th, 2007 12:28 pm

      Are we to trust the article saying that the investigation will be closed? Is that any more reliable than anything else we’ve heard from Aruba … especially when you consider that the Aruban law enforcement community (if that is not an oxymoron) is not investigating the case.

      It has been taken over by the Dutch, to my understanding, and the Arubans are no more than adjuncts.

      The show of last night, relying on unnamed sources (whom I believe to be Julia Renfro and others of that ilk), just gives more evidence why so many Americans say they no longer believe what they read or see in major media.

    42. dennisintn on July 20th, 2007 12:35 pm

      l906, don’t we have a poster here or at bfn who was a manager at the marriott?

    43. minnesota dad on July 20th, 2007 12:40 pm

      Richard 41….

      I do not believe this case HAS been taken over by the Dutch. It is all a facade.

      As I explained in a prior thread…once Aruba had sufficiently ‘cooked’ the case, they asked the Dutch to come in and REVIEW the case. The Sloot and Kalpoe “searches” were actually visits to understand the properties of the suspects.

      I do not believe the KLPD are doing a REINVESTIGATION, they are REVIEWING the ‘cooked’ case.

      They know its a cover-up, but their job is to review, not reinvestigate. If they would have reinvestigated, we would have seen interrogations of additional witnesses. We have seen none.


    44. mbs on July 20th, 2007 12:43 pm

      I watched the program, I thought BOR said she “injected” a large quantity of cocaine, not “injested.” Did anyone else hear that? Not that it matters, either way it is not believable, not “plausible”, based on what has been said by the 3 suspects. Cocaine does not make you go in and out of conciousness, or sleep, or whatever they tried to portray it as. GHB does. If she had died of a cocaine overdose, she would have had to take quite a bit, and I seriously doubt someone experimenting with drugs for most likely the first time is going to “inject” anything with a needle, or stuff mass quantities of it up her nose, it’s just ridiculous. If she had died of a cocaine overdose, there would have been no need to hide the body, why not just leave it on the beach? Unless they have found the body and have done an autopsy (which is very doubtful) they have no idea how she died. I think it was probably some kind of drug overdoes, but all of the known facts are more consistent with some kind of sedative type drug, like GHB, which was most likely slipped in her drink without her knowledge. What facts do they have that make cocaine more likely than a date rape drug? I don’t believe they have any. And there is just no need to hide the body unless you are trying to hide a lot more than a drug overdose.

      It’s just not “plausible” for 3 guys to go to a bar at closing to pick up a girl, and then load her up with cocaine. (Maybe Geraldo needs to look up the definition of “plausible”). It is much more plausible that they might slip her some GHB. It’s also not plausible for these guys to hide the body if she died of a simple drug overdose. You can’t just throw a body off the beach and have it disappear. It would wash back to shore. They would have had to go find a boat, somehow evade the radar system we’ve been told surrounds the island, recording all boats arriving and departing, and take her far enough out to make sure she didn’t come back. If it was a simple overdose, it’s not plausible they would go to such lengths to hide the body.

      Also, Robin posted on BFN, stating that the source for this report is a member of ALE, so how anyone can say the source is credible, I don’t know. Dave Holloway is supposed to be on Fox News at noon today, it will be interesting to see what he says.

    45. Susan on July 20th, 2007 12:57 pm

      Yep, Bill O”Really”, the “no spin stiff shirt” (with no personality whatsoever) was spinning it last night for damn sure :-( Geraldo Rivera? Isn’t he the “big mustache dunce” that found nothing at all in Al Capone’s(?) vault? I wonder if he ever trips over it…LOL!

      Nothing that Fox News reports nowadays on Natalee is ever from a “credible source”, unless it’s comes out of Dave’s mouth…



    46. 10061906 on July 20th, 2007 1:11 pm

      38; suzy morris: My feelings exactly;
      Somewhere Somehow GVC and MDumbpig are in the picture along with make up director G wever. Whether Joran took Natalee and met them somewhere or somewhere they took Natalee from Joran; but they have been under the radar too long because of their parents’ influence in the case.
      My longing question is why did the father fire his son Geoff and also MD simply because the police could not work with them.

    47. Richard on July 20th, 2007 1:16 pm

      MD, I can’t say. The fact that we haven’t seen or heard of anyone being brought in for questioning doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t happening.

    48. Mary L. on July 20th, 2007 1:17 pm

      I hope that publicizing this ridiculous story is just quid pro quo for Natalee’s body being returned to the family…

    49. Richard on July 20th, 2007 1:20 pm

      On this whole O’Reilly show … we have to remember, too, that the media sneer at this sort of coverage. In their eyes, it’s condescending to the “great unwashed,” as it were.

      We’ve seen the self-anointed arbitrers of what people should be concerned about telling us about the “white girl syndrome”; that concern for missing people (unless it’s a politically correct case) is just melodrama, etc.

      What we SHOULD be interested in is their particular causes, generally political. So they tell us.

      In other words, what I’m trying to get at is …

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, when the big pooh-bahs sit around in a meeting discussing what will be on next, someone yawned and said, “Hey, why don’t we do another Natalee Holloway show? Haven’t run anything about that for a long time.”

      To these people, this sort of thing is only news fodder.

      And if it can get ratings, so much the better.

      Hope I’m not sounding too cynical.

    50. Richard on July 20th, 2007 1:28 pm

      I just took a look on the Fox site, which looks sensationalist beyond belief, and there was a brief article about this O’Reilly thing, calling it “a theory which could not be confirmed.”

      So my guess is they’re already starting to downpedal it.

    51. mayan_moons on July 20th, 2007 1:39 pm

      Just saw Dave talking again on Fox saying pretty much what we are saying about that BOR segment…..PURE BS!

      All of you are making great points (as usual). especially how after 2 plus years they still can’t get their stories straight & i’m talking about the spinning official’s & spokesperson’s here not the perps. A couple of weeks ago they stated in that article that a MED JET took Natalee off the island and today they are conceding via BOR that Natalee IS dead and in the water. Aruba is tripping over itself still after two years trying to decide on their theory. The more they talk the deeper the BS gets.

      Everybody better grab their hip boots coz the closer this deep sea water search gets….prepare for even more crazy $hit to hit the fan!

    52. ben on July 20th, 2007 1:45 pm

      I get it now,thats the story aruba the dutch are going to close this case with.They are going to say we have no evidence but this is how it happened.charges will not be filed,but they belive in there warped minds that stating sloot and kalpos disposed of the body will make everything square.

    53. mayan_moons on July 20th, 2007 1:47 pm

      Hey MD!

      Ever since the Dutch investigator’s paraded those jackhammer’s for everyone to see inside the Sloot house but did not use them i felt they were going along with this SHAM of an investigation. It was all for show.

    54. mediaman on July 20th, 2007 1:50 pm

      Geraldo is not reporting the Kalpoes and Joran were not involved in a crime. He is reporting what a source told him. Since he has a source, which most Monkey’s don’t, perhaps he has something worth considering.
      Geraldo and Bill O have been supporters of finding out what happened to Natalee. In fact, why not give them some credit for keeping the story alive. Other news organizations that used it for ratings have walked away from coverage.

    55. wandering on July 20th, 2007 1:54 pm

      sounds like oreilly and the ad department got together with arubas ad buyers and decided how much their integrity was worth, doubtless we’ll see ads for aruba on foxnews soon just like we see them on cnn and msnbc. sellout aholes like oreilly would sell their own mother for ratings, its bad enough how Natalee was treated on arubut, howeever oreilly prostituting her reputation in death is oh so evil, he needs to retire and turn the show over to maulkin, oreilly is probably getting a free condo stocked with the underaged whores he loves so much.

    56. driving miss daisy on July 20th, 2007 1:55 pm

      Former U. S. Attorney, Peter Johnson(R), was just on tv saying this is a very malicious thing for Arubans to say. I hope that more people saw that and will see Kimberly and Peter Johnson discuss this over the weekend. Without a physician and electronic monitoring present at the time of Natalee’s death, there is no way this statement can be made as truthful and if this statement is made by ALE and they are unable to prove it by those stated facts, then why did someone not render medical treatment, CPR, etc., and where did these so-called people hide Natalee’s body and why, if they were present at the time of her demise and disposal?

      It’s a pig trying to dress itself up in “blame the victim” and nothing else. Tourism will sink even further when John Q Kelly sues the source of this information as whoever made the statement is indicating he/she is guilty of accompliceship; otherwise, they could not have known this. Now, Beth needs to call Gerald and Bill into the courtroom to reveal their source and let John Q Kelly sue the cactus off Aruba.

    57. disgustedmom on July 20th, 2007 1:55 pm

      #43 minnesotadad….I agree. The Dutch reviewed the cooked case to tie up loose ends. That is all!

      Who is naive enough to believe the Dutch aren’t behind ALE 100%? Aruba’s baby is Holland’s baby.

      We have One Missing Tourist. And One Enormous attempt to not find out what became of her.

      We have One Missing Tourist. And we have One Neverending list of lies and retracted or lost statements and/or media reports.

      What we have then is a REASON why this One Missing Tourist being found in not in the best interest of Aruba/Tourism/the casinos/Holland.

      What could that be? Just One Missing Tourist, even one being murdered, would not ruin tourism on Aruba. Just One Missing Tourist, even one being drugged and raped, would not ruin tourism on Aruba. What would ruin it then? What would be worth hiding?

      How about a systematic organized luring of tourists to parties where said tourists are drugged for the entertainment of important island leaders and/or important visitors to the island?

      It was Soul Beach week! Probably the best week all year for having a great selection of young female tourists. The after-hours SB parties start at 11PM and end at 3AM. Joran has his time covered starting at 11PM via PVDS’s alibi for him. Joran is then covered again just before 3AM via computer. The mysterious call that allegedly came from Natalee was about 3AM. WAS SHE LEFT AT ONE OF THESE PARTIES!

      Nadira goes to check and see if Deepak’s car is home @ 3AM. Why? Did she hear it start up? Did Deepak go back for Natalee after Joran left her there? Did someone at this party contact Joran to make sure she got out of there with their game undiscovered after 3AM?

      What would ruin tourism on Aruba? How about finding out the Soul Beach Festival was being used to attract predators to the island, females tourists being lured by island big shots to ‘make the trip worth their while’?

      The Soul Beach Festival is NOT being held on Aruba this year! As far as I am aware, this is the first time it has been somewhere else. Why? Was it too hot in Aruba after what happened to Natalee? Was it not safe for predators from all over the world anymore? Was 2006 not a good year for attendance at the Festival in Aruba?

      Joran made an interesting remark. He said, Natalee danced beautifully! Now, this is Joran we’re talking about, so dancing beautifully does not mean like a Dorian. It means bumping and grinding and all that sexually perverted stuff….just like XTC would make a person do and just like is often ‘given’ to females at parties so they WILL dance that way for the entertainment of males who PAY to make sure there are females there for them. I think this was Joran’s best slip-up yet as to where he took Natalee. And such a party with important guests in attendance thanks to the SBF would most certainly need to be avoided talking about.

      Look….we have Madams by the dozens hosting females for hire for high ranking political figures in our own country, kept on the down-low. It happens all over the place, I assure you. Visiting political figures also partake. It is not unreasonable to believe Aruba would have such a thing to make money from important visiting figures during SB week.

      It was reported there was a Prince from Saudi Arabia on the island that week. It was reported he flew out the night Natalee went missing. A Saudi Prince would get in deep sh*t with his religion if he were to be discovered partaking of such a thing I’m talking about. And would it be worth an international coverup? At this time while we are at war in the Middle East? I’d say so.

      I’m not accusing anyone, certainly not the Prince if he was there as reported. It’s just an example. It was also reported that Miss Thailand and important persons from Thailand were on the island that week and that they flew out that night too. And something was said about Miss Thailand being stripped of her crown after that…maybe you researchers on here can find out the facts on that one if you’re interested.

      I’m just saying that week was a big draw for people from all over the world. Big draw in terms of parties and lots of female pickings that predators pay big bucks for. Why would Natalee be caught up in something like this?

      Blonde, with a classic beauty that foreigners (non-Americans, North or South Americans) find intriguing.

      Natalee may have been slipped some XTC at one of these parties that can’t be mentioned due to the customers of the night. She may have danced and become dehydrated (which is the most common death that results for having taken XTC…you have to balance your activity with water) after which delerium set in and she began to ‘act crazy’ after which she would go into a coma, perhaps have seizures and then eventually die if not taken to a hospital.

    58. Meee on July 20th, 2007 1:58 pm

      I’m not happy with the way Fox present the story. But it does keep the case in the spotlight. Is Beth gonna be on any talk show to discuss this?

    59. Pearl on July 20th, 2007 2:05 pm

      15 – 37, Brenda and Chicago Jim…

      I do believe, Brenda that indeed these devils did make attempts at slick insertions of TWISTED fragments of truths, in order to appear as though their perversions being stated were “credible”.

      Remember: there was a very good honest man, tracking their every word, with tapes and all sorts of interesting gadgets, which enabled him to “read” the insidious LIE-FACTOR that was present in their speech. He passed away, and he too became a victim of the hideous obstructions and slanderizations of all TRUTHS that lead to NATALEE amidst the propulsion of ALL PERVERTED LIES that LEAD TO SLOOT.

      I do believe, Brenda that some insertions of the “fringes” of NATALEE’S SUFFERING was implanted into the LIES told, in order to give the appearance of “credibility”.
      Thus, Joran’s twisted descriptions of WHAT this precious child looked like WHEN HE LEFT HER.

      Or…Take for example, Paulus van der Sloots very first statement where he DESCRIBES HOW he was awakened upon Beth’s arrival to his house.

      Take a good hard look at the details he provides. It’s very interesting, to say the least, particularly when coupled with the fact that in a different statement, he CHANGES the time he was awakened.


      Now, truth be told, the DOG did probably bark that night.
      He was NEVER ASLEEP THAT NIGHT, before Beth’s arrival.





      I do believe there are pieces to her suffering and torment, that I’m certain good, honorable people driven by a search for HER TRUTH, are linking together…and in my heart, I truly do believe that they are going to figure out where Natalee was taken to and what was done to her…amidst ALL the despicable obstructions to her truth that were created by the monsters whose ONLY contribution besides all their contemptable, criminal acts, was to LIE, LIE, LIE. YES, 1906…THE MARRIOT, amidst MANY OTHER “DROP OFF POINTS”…which to this day, CONTINUES to stand out there, with all the OTHER INCONSISTENCIES, for which NO ANSWERS HAVE BEEN GIVEN.

      Dompig pointed our eyes towards the LAND…concerning his “beliefs” and “theories” regarding WHERE Natalee was left DESECRATED…(you will note that Dompig’s theories only came out AFTER he admitted they were “guilty as hell”, and that one of the suspects had confessed to “KILLING NATALEE”, and “BURYING HER”, and that this same suspect was “LEADING POLIS TO THE LOCATION OF HER BODY”. But, then – it was time for the “theories and beliefs” to come out…and, the “These boys are not criminals” spin, was born amidst DOMPIG slandering Natalee and insinuating SHE TOOK DRUGS and o’d on a combination of DRUGS and ALCOHOL ( meanwhile, her friends all stated, she looked just fine, UNTIL…she was seen being LED AWAY BY JORAN..where, her EYES DID NOT LOOK RIGHT.) It would be a compelling study to GO BACK and EXAMINE, just exactly WHAT transpired right BEFORE Dompig’s sickening presentation of slick forked tongue.

      Notice how in his new spin, Dompig leads us to SEVERAL points of DESECRATION on land, that this precious baby suffered and that her poor family was subjected to watching unfold before them!

      Dompig never mentions why he repeatedly directed anyone and everyone with credibility from the USA ( FBI DIVERS, TIM MILLER) AWAY from the water.

      But you will note, that he failed I believe several times, to secure the very connections needed in order for Tim Miller, or even for FBI divers to PARTICIPATE in the big FAKE ‘search’ that was being conducted, and LED by the ALE.


      It wasn’t mearly that FBI agents were DENIED targets IN THE WATER, as FBI spokesperson ( JO) pointed out, it was ALSO that they were being EXCLUDED from LAND SEARCHES THAT TARGETED ANYTHING REMOTELY CLOSE TO THE DITCH FACTORY, and THE CAR used to TAKE NATALEE AWAY IN.

      So, for example – take a long hard look in the early days at WHERE the FBI agents were DIRECTED TO SEARCH!!!!

      Why, of course! THE ALLEGRO HOTEL!


      Why, JOHN AND JONES!!! I will bet you ANYTHING that these devils intended to PLANT EVIDENCE – or TRIED TO PLANT IT, but COULDN”T because our STELLAR “OBSERVERS” WERE ONTO THEIR EVERY, DISPICABLE MOVE!!!! So…they had to move to plan B, …..and WHERE was that?

      Why – of course! San Nicholas, where John and Jones’ family members were INTERVIEWED by the media.

      And you will note: ARUBA never INITIATED ANY SEARCH FOR NATALEE!

      Check the records of NATLAEE’S TRUTH!

      It was ONLY AFTER – BETH announced that DAVE would be conducting his own search – that ….Poof!
      SUDDENLY: there was this agitated movement made by AHATA giving birth to its “Strategic …whatever”, and Mr. Frosted Flakes and his cohorts, taking up the notion to “SEARCH” and invite the WHOLE ISLAND TO THE “SEARCH” !!!

      This was done to circumvent DAVE’S initiatives, in order to INSURE that NOTHING could be found, no witnesses could be found, that no evidence would be uncovered! By taking command of the “search” – the spinners could CONTROL not only WHAT was searched and WHERE, but also WHO would search, WHAT – if anything that would be collected, WHERE anything collected would be placed and WHOSE HANDS it would be placed into, amidst many other things! ( Ask yourself this: do you think the addition of “hundreds” of people was purposeful in order to CONTAMINATE any evidence that might be found?)…while FBI agents were being sent off to the “Allegro hotel” !!!!!

      So the big island wide “search” came about, as LED BY AHATA initiatives formed through Mr. Pesquale and Trappenburg,…but only AFTER Beth announced ( EARLY ON) that DAVE would be conducting his own search!!!
      Only THEN did ARUBA come up with the big “island wide” search. Check the records if you don’t believe me!
      It’s right there!!!!

      The goal was that AHATA would be IN CONTROL of “the message”.

      Oh…and WHO’S NAME gets offered under the “guise” of being “supportive” as a CONTACT POINT on ALL THOSE POSTERS?
      (another attempt to CONTROL INFORMATION)….why, JULIA’s name gets placed on those posters, Dompig’s buddy.

      YOU WILL NOTE: THE GIRL WHO PHONED IN THE “TIP” TO THE FBI, …her information only survived I imagine, because JULIA was not receiving that PHONE CALL!

      Meanwhile….WHO does NOT get invited to the big “island” search, specifically – to THE HOUSE, where “we decided to go to the house” ( they ALL WENT TO – as stated on May 31, by Satish), and which the ALE knew about amidst the “We dropped her off right in front of the hotel lobby entrance” LIE, which the ALE ALLOWED LIARS to CHANGE AT WILL, ON A DAILY BASIS, AS BETH CONTINUED TO UNCOVER MORE “INCONSISTENCIES” IN THEIR STATEMENTS, WHICH – KAREN JANSSEN CONVENIENTLY – IGNORED…in HER DUTY to USE the BASIS of those INCONSISTENCIES – in a RULES BASED LAW ENFORCEMENT APPROACH, AS “CAUSE FOR SUSPICION” TO ARREST THESE THREE MEN +PAULUS, WHO WERE ALL PROVEN TO BE LYING CONCERNING THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND STATEMENTS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO NATALEE AND WHERE SHE WAS TAKEN.


      Why did Karen Janssen not take ACTION for IMMEDIATE CAUSE FOR SUSPICION TO ARREST: J2K+P …based on their IMMEDIATE LIE-STATEMENTS?

      Karen did not fulfill her duties and responsibilities, because the GOAL was NOT to find Natlaee.
      So, instead, Karin proceeded in “finding” INCONSISTENCIES in the statements made by the TWO INNOCENT BLACK MEN who were being FRAMED for CRIMES THEY DID NOT COMMIT, AND WHICH SHE KNEW THEY DID NOT COMMIT.

      She HAD to know that J2K’s statements were inconsistent. The PRESS was reporting that HOTEL EMPLOYEES had indicated two things:

      1. Natalee was never SEEN anywhere NEAR that hotel lobby, as PIN-POINTED BY THE THREE LIARS.
      So…Ale corruption experts, allowed the thugs to yet change their insidious lie-statements yet again, and again, and again – until ALL THOSE LIE-DETAILS ARE GONE, and just the BIG FAT LIE REMAINS: WE DROPPED HER OFF AT THE HOTEL.
      Except: hotel employees stated repeatedly that “WE NEVER SAW ANY SIGN OF HER.” ( security guard, and hotel night desk employee)

      2. The hotel surveillance tapes ( PLURAL) confirmed that NO DROP OFF EVER TOOK PLACE, NO SUCH GUARD WAS EVER RECORDED INSIDE THEIR LOBBY (as these thugs DID indicate in one of their MANY human rights violations statements indicates, and in addition to all this, there is absolutely NO SIGN OF NATALEE IN THAT LOBBY ON ANY OF THE TAPES!

      3. Had she bothered to check those CASINO TAPES, clearly Janssen would have to have known that Paulus was also a HUGE LIAR, based on his statements made on 5/31 to a grief-stricken mother in search of her beloved daughter.

      What happens next?

      The guards get described to the media as “UNCOOPERATIVE” …and having “conflicting statements”!!!!

      May this child’s suffering be replayed over and over again in the minds of K. Janssen and all the other unconscienable people who AIDED this depravity of obstructions to a CHILD’S TRUTH!

      So – while John and Jones were being framed, the FBI divers and land-agents were all being denied any access to ANYTYIHNG that would and COULD lead to FINDING NATLAEE and uncovering the horrific suffering she was subjected to because – afterall, THAT would be a VERY INCONVENIENT TRUTH FOR ARUBA TO HAVE TO LIVE WITH, wouldn’t it?.. – while all this depravity was going on, LIES were being spun to the media, care of: “the lie spinners” who were claiming to be concerned with “reporting the truth” !!!!

      So, we start to hear all sorts of slanderous attempts to discredit THIS VICTIMIZED CHILD, and I can’t even bring myself to type them in here, but you all know WHAT they are and what these MONSTERS said about this child, and about her beautiful mother, friends and family.


      Tim Miller and FBI agents, and anyone else trying to investigate NATALEE”S TRUTH were repeatedly side-lined and sent onto all sorts of DISTRACTIONS, just like the twisters do when they come in here, trying to distract all of us, and just like JANSSEN did when she suggested first that Paulus, had made his “no corpse, no case” statement in the first day – only to then state, it was made “in the days after the disappearance of Natalee” !!!!

      Straaten got up in front of the media to proclaim that: “She could have come thru another way”…when HE ALREADY KNEW THAT NOT ONLY WAS THAT NOT TRUE, BUT IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE:

      1. Hotel employees state: we never saw ANY sign of her in the lobby ( as PIN-POINTED by Joran and Deepak – at 3 AM in the morning on 5/31 – which is WHY no REPORTS of their statements were ever filed by ALE…God-forbid the RECORDS reveal NATALEE’S TRUTH!)

      2. Hotel surveillance tapes proved: NO DROP OFF EVER HAPPENED, NO “SCENE” AS DESCRIBED BY THESE THUGS WAS EVER “RECORDED”. … (which is why their attorneys then had them literally SHIFT the “drop off location” to NEW POINTS like ( ‘across from the lobby, and not in front of the lobby and “north” of the pillar, and BEHIND the lobby, and eventually, after Natalee’s courageous family proved ALL of these contemptable stories were LIES – only THEN, after Mickey John REVEALED PAULUS’ INVOLVEMENT IN ALL THESE HORRIFIC LIES ( which begin to be told on 5/31 at 3 AM – thus pin-pointing WHEN those lies would HAVE to HAVE BEEN created), ….only then do we suddenly then hear the: “I left her on the beach” LIE. (Which by the way, still conflicts with one of DEEPAK’S other versions of WHERE Natalee got “left”.

      3. CASINO TAPES PROVE – in light of Paulus’ “no corpse, no case” statement made IN THE FIRST DAY ( and before Natalee is even reported missing) and his big HOLIDAY INN LIE MEETING HELD AT HIS HOUSE ( also before Natalee is even reported missing) – that therefore, again, there is VERY JUST CAUSE for SUSPICION surroudning STATEMENTS made by Paulus, and EVIDENCE that proves some problematic INCONSISTENCIES, amidst OTHER EVIDENCE THAT CONFIRMS PROOF OF NOT ONLY HIS LIES, BUT HIS INVOLVEMENT IN THE CRIMES THAT JANSSEN BELIEVED TO HAVE BEEN COMMITTED UPON NATALEE!

      And amidst ALL those LIE-SPEECHES about how “closely” the ALE was “inviting” the FBI to “work with us”, the REAL TRUTH is that the FBI was DENIED ACCESS, THERE WAS NO TRANSPARENCY WHATSOEVER, there was NO DISCLOSURE going on to involve FBI EXPERTISE in order to AIDE and HELP in finding Natlaee ( because ALE GOALS and FBI GOALS were completely OPPOSITE to what those two groups intended to accomplish – with ALE being intent on accomplishing A COVERUP, and FBI being intent on FINDING NATALEE AND UNCOVERING HER TRUTHS!)…so that, the ENTIRE ISLAND was invited to “search” – …while FBI agents were sent to “THE ALLEGRO” !!!! ( while at least six days had now past, since the infamous SATISH STATEMENT OF: “WE WERE BORED, AND DECIDED TO ALL GO TO THE HOUSE”..which, K. Janssen took CLEAR ACTIONS TO IGNORE AND FAILED TO PURSUE, ALONG WITH HER PAL, VAN DER STRAATEN.)

      Now, we all know WHY K. Janssen could NOT search THE HOUSE and THE CAR.

      INSTEAD: the FBI were excluded from participation, there was NO transparency, rules based behavoirs were NEVER followed, results based on management was completely IGNORED – (unless you include the RESULTS TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE AND COMMIT CRIMES OF A COVER UP), and TO THIS DAY – THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ANY OF THIS BARBARIC, HIDEOUS CONDUCT!

      They (FBI) were not permitted to participate because THEIR GOALS WERE TO ACTUALLY FIND NATALEE AND SEEK HER TRUTH.
      Clearly THAT conflicted with what the ALE GOALS WERE AND CONTINUE TO BE!


      How convenient that NOW – 2 years later, a WATER search is feasible. That is the level of DEPRAVITY that our FBI agents have had to deal with!

      I do believe there are huge blinking red lights pointing to exactly where those courageous agents should look in piecing together this travesty of justice and contemptable display of human rights violations inflicted upon a child.

      And let’s not forget this: all the human rights violations inflicted upon Beth and upon Dave, and this doesn’t even count in whether ANYONE in the ALE has even bothered to investigate the DEATH THREATS inflicted upon BETH if she DARES to return to Aruba to FIND HER DAUGHTER!

      God bless those FBI agents and all investigators, lawyers, media, journalists, who are working this child’s case.

      May the light of Natalee’s truth lead ALL of them to give rise to her family’s hope that Natalee will be honored THROUGH JUSTICE and the RELEASE OF HER TRUTHS TO THE WORLD!

      May Natalee one day soon… finally be carried home to her family, her country, and to a place well deserving of her dignified, beautiful short life on this earth.

    60. AZLady on July 20th, 2007 2:12 pm

      disgustedmom, have you been reading those far-fetched romance novels again? You seem to be throwing out any distracting detail you can dredge up to take the focus off what really happened that night in Aruba. Soul Beach? Arabian Princes? provocative dancing? Miss Thailand? classic blonde beauty kidnapped and drugged? We have the story line for a real block-buster romance here, folks. Who will we cast in the role of the dashing and handsome hero who swashbuckles his way to save the blonde beauty before the evil destroys her? GET REAL–this is not a fiction novel with a happy ending. It’s real life. Natalee was drugged, raped, killed, and dumped at sea. Not to be romanticized.

    61. Pearl on July 20th, 2007 2:14 pm

      56 Miss Daisy and MD – you have me leaping from the chair!

      This is the most barbaric outrageous violation of a person’s human rights.


      - our sec. of state was LIED to.
      - our FBI was lied to
      - Beth, Dave and their family members were all LIED to
      - willful acts of contemptable cover ups and obstructions to justice were purposefullly and maliciously engaged in…AMDIST – ARUBA ATTENDING AN OAS MEETING, HERE, IN THE USA – WHILE – LITTLE NATALEE IS BEING DESECRATED AND VIOLATED IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE WAY, AND, WHILE OUR STATESMEN ARE BEING LIED TO!

      There are certain standards of EXPECTATIONS that are clearly mandated and expected between nations that proclaim themsleves as “friendly” to one another.

      Their acts of conduct point to egregious violations of human rights that Natalee, BETH and DAVE were ALL ENTITLED TO, as well as their family members.

      These rights are CLEARLY described in agreements made between nations subscribing to CIVILIZED CONDUCT IN SOCIETY!




      SM: This is all OLD stuff from the CBS website (klaasend)

    62. I Love America on July 20th, 2007 2:36 pm

      There’s a big article on about “New clues in the Natalee Holloway case”.

      SM: Not a new article – this is from 2006 (klaasend)

    63. Richard on July 20th, 2007 2:37 pm

      AZ Lady (#60) … I don’t know how much research you have done into human trafficking, but I’ve done extensive work on it. DisgustedMom isn’t trying to “romanticize” anything, in my view … she’s trying to keep in our minds what I, for one, think is a very real possibility.

      I could well be wrong. But it hasn’t been proven so yet.

      Remember Amy Bradley.

      Meanwhile, it’s probably not relevant to this thread, but anyway … here’s the letter I just wrote to the Florida governor about the travesty in Palm Beach.

      July 20, 2007

      The Hon. Gov. Charlie Crist
      Office of the Governor
      PC-05 The Capitol
      Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

      Dear Gov. Crist:

      I am writing in regard to a recent moral atrocity committed by the Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau. You might think that a Vermonter should not comment on matters in Florida, but as a concerned American I feel a moral obligation to speak out.

      The bureau has voted unanimously to offer its chief executive position to Jorge Pesquera, president of the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association. Aruba is, as you are aware, where Natalee Holloway vanished in May 2005. Her disappearance remains unresolved.

      Nobody asserts that Mr. Pesquera was involved with Natalee’s disappearance. That, however, is not the issue at hand. It is clear that elements of the Aruban government are and were engaged in a cover-up to protect certain persons of that country. Yet a July 19 story in the Palm Beach Post says bureau officials “were impressed with how he handled himself” during the Natalee Holloway “crisis.” It also says Pesquera was instrumental in establishing a group “which worked behind the scenes to minimize the impact of the Holloway story and effectively stopped calls for boycott by some U.S. elected officials.”

      So the bureau regards the smoothing over of an American’s disappearance abroad as a qualification for employment? Shall such a person represent a Florida county to the world? The notion of such a job offer is an offense to any notion of moral decency, to the idea of ethics in the tourist business and to the Holloway Twitty family in particular.

      I urge you, the top official of your state, to condemn this insult to the American people and make clear that Mr. Pesquera is not welcome while Aruba continues to deny answers in Natalee’s case. Aruba has presented us with lies, evasions, insults and contradictions from the day Natalee vanished; I cannot imagine that Florida is unaware of the moral stench that has engulfed that country, or wishes to transplant it to these shores.



      Cc: Ms. Lois Frankel, mayor, West Palm Beach

    64. I Love America on July 20th, 2007 2:39 pm

      Definitely not saying any of it is true, just letting everyone know it’s there.


      SM: Not a new article – this is from 2006 (klaasend)

    65. Richard on July 20th, 2007 2:42 pm

      I remember that when the Dutch professors of law were criticizing the “investigation,” one of them was pointing out that it was not only irresponsible but in violation of basic tenets of police work for Dompig to be throwing out ideas without any evidence (this was when he supposedly got that weepy call from someone wanting to confess that Natalee was buried on the dunes).

      Equally so for O’Reilly and crew, in my view. It was done in hopes of spicing up their ratings, I imagine.

    66. I Love America on July 20th, 2007 2:46 pm

      More spinning BS…makes me want to puke!

      (CBS) Ever since American teenager Natalee Holloway disappeared on the island of Aruba during a high school post-graduation trip last year, police say they have done everything in their power to crack the case. But Natalee’s mom, Beth Holloway Twitty, disagrees – and accuses Aruban authorities of being slow in their investigation.

      Authorities now say they feel confident this case will be solved soon. Correspondent Troy Roberts gets an exclusive, inside look at the investigation and at new clues police are considering.


      “They say a picture speaks a thousand words? This one speaks 2,000 words to me,” says Gerold Dompig, Aruba’s lead investigator in the Natalee Holloway case, as he looks at what may be the last picture taken of the teen.

      The photo, shown publicly for the first time by 48 Hours, was discovered by the FBI in the camera of one of Natalee’s classmates. For Dompig, the picture is a constant reminder of his toughest case.

      Deputy Chief Dompig has been under a strict gag order since last year, but Aruban authorities agreed to let him speak exclusively to 48 Hours about the latest details of his investigation.

      Asked how he would characterize the current state of the investigation, Dompig says, “I would say ‘critical last phase.’”

      “Do you believe this case will be solved?” Roberts asked.

      “Yes, I do,” Dompig replied.

      The story of what happened to Natalee Holloway has been marked mostly by speculation and rumor but very few facts. But , for the first time, police allowed 48 Hours inside the police investigation in Aruba. Among the things 48 Hours has learned is what authorities believe really happened to the Alabama teenager the night she disappeared, as well as clues that could close the case once and for all.

      “We have been informed by a manager of a nightclub that he received a call. He wanted to talk about the fact that he knew more about the whereabouts of Natalee,” says Dompig, who acknowledges that this is the first valuable lead he’s gotten in a while. “Yes, concerning a specific burial location, yes,” he says.

      Holloway disappeared last May, and for nearly a year, police have received dozens of leads, all leading nowhere. But Dompig is convinced that the person who made the call may be the key witness they’ve been waiting for.

      “The information that this person gave was too specific to just be a story that was just made up by someone,” explains Dompig.

      Now, based on this new information, investigators will begin searching again for Natalee’s body on the northern tip of the island.

      “Somewhere on the sand dunes that go all the way up behind the lighthouse … where we basically have to search,” explains Dompig as he shows Roberts the general search area. “It’s worse than looking for a needle in a haystack.”

      Aruba, just a stone’s throw from the coast of Venezuela, plays host to more than a million visitors every year, most from the United States. In recent years, a younger and younger crowd has landed on its shores.

      The senior trip to Aruba was a well-deserved vacation for Natalee. Days earlier, this honor student graduated from Mountain Brook High School, just outside Birmingham, Ala.

      Three of her best friends, Liz Cain, Mallie Tucker and Claire Fierman, recall their last days with Natalee.

      “It was so much fun. We would wake up, go like, brush your teeth, go straight to the beach. We would literally stay in the water all day long because it was so perfect,” says Fierman. “We just hung out with our friends on this beautiful island. It was a really fun trip.”

      On their last night, Cain says they went to Carlos’n Charlie’s, a local nightspot.

      The legal drinking age on Aruba is only 18, and even that is not strictly enforced, making the island a preferred vacation spot for American teenagers. No one disputes that Natalee and many of her classmates drank alcohol during their senior trip. But the authorities tell 48 Hours they have evidence that Natalee’s drinking got seriously out of control and may even have contributed to her death.

      “She was, I think not differently from other students. She was having a great time and she was using … doing that,” says Dompig. “Using way too much alcohol in combinations which could basically be lethal.”

      Natalee’s mother, Beth Holloway Twitty, has been working tirelessly since last May, trying to unravel the mystery of her daughter’s disappearance.

      “You know she was 18 years old. She was on her senior trip. They were in this establishment of legal age,” she says. “I’m certain they were drinking. We never even tried to say that they weren’t, you know. But I have to ask myself, you know, ‘Should that cost her life?’ No. It shouldn’t.”

      Police interviews with hotel staff, local bartenders, and her friends reveal that Natalee had spent much of the day with a drink in her hand.

      “Do you know if Natalee could handle her alcohol?” Roberts asked.

      “Yes,” said Cain. “She was never somebody to be out of control if she had been drinking at all.”

      “When you hear stories, like people started drinking in mid-afternoon and drank through the night. Does that sound accurate?” Roberts asked.

      “Yes,” Claire Fierman said.

      Fierman and Cain agreed that the drinking was kind of excessive.

      48 Hours has learned that the Aruban investigation turned up another disturbing detail.

      Asked if he has been able to confirm whether Natalee purchased or consumed illegal narcotics during her stay in Aruba, Dompig says, “We have statements claiming that she, that she had drugs.”

      What kind of drugs?

      “I cannot say,” Dompig replied.

      Dompig notes that police don’t have any proof that Natalee used drugs but “that they saw her with drugs in her possession.”

      Had Natalee’s friends heard stories of people taking drugs?

      “No. The only thing I heard about drugs is there were like people at the hotel that weren’t with us that would like offer stuff to people. I was never offered drugs and I never even saw ‘em,” said Fierman.

      However, police do believe that Natalee’s judgment was impaired that night. Her friends were surprised that she was last seen willingly getting into a car with three strangers, 17-year-old Joran van der Sloot, 21-year-old Deepak Kalpoe and his brother, 18-year-old Satish Kalpoe.

      Fierman says it would have been out of character for Natalee to voluntarily get into a car with three boys. “It frustrates me so much because I feel as much as, like, we say that, no one believes us ’cause you hear all that stuff,” she says. “But, from the bottom of my heart, that is extremely out of character and not something that Natalee Holloway would ever do.”

      Holloway’s mother agrees. “No way would she have left her friends and placed herself knowingly what she was getting into. They just took her when she just … There’s no way.”

      “Do you think she may have been vulnerable because she had been drinking too much?” Roberts asked.

      “Very much so,” Cain replied.

      Since Natalee disappeared almost 10 months ago, her mother has used any opportunity to keep the story alive to pressure the government of Aruba to solve this case.

      “There are just no words to explain the frustration level that we have had to experience in dealing with officials from the island of Aruba,” she says.

      Last fall, Twitty called for a boycott of Aruba. The island’s tourism industry has suffered: Travel bookings are off more than 4 percent from a year ago.

      Does she still support a boycott of Aruba?

      “The only leverage that we have in getting any traction in the investigation is when they feel the effects of a boycott,” says Twitty.

      According to Deputy Chief Dompig, the boycott is not the only thing that has cost Aruba dearly. He says authorities have about $3 million, on this investigation. “Which is about 40 percent of our operational budget,” he explains.

      As far as Beth Twitty is concerned, there has always been a simple solution to solving this case: Just ask the people last seen with Natalee – Joran van der Sloot and Satish and Deepak Kalpoe.

      “If they had just gotten the suspects within the first 48 hours like they were supposed to have done, then they wouldn’t have spent anything,” she says.

      “They were focused already from the first day, from the get-go, on these three boys. So, it’s hard for them to understand that when we investigate, we have to go systematically. We have to go back to basics. And we have to do it by the book,” says Dompig. “We are within the Dutch kingdom. We have a judicial system. We have a court of law. And we have rules. So we had to follow the rules of the game.”

      The police apparently did just that. Contrary to the storm of criticism from the American media, the Aruban police say they quickly put van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers under surveillance.

      Dompig says surveillance of the three boys began on the third day after Natalee was reported missing and included observation, telephone wire taps, and even monitoring of their e-mail.

      “Bringing in the prime suspect is basically the last thing we do,” Dompig explains. “When we bring you in, we probably already know the story because we have observed. We have talked to all your friends. We have checked your phone line. We have done everything that is technically possible to know about your whereabouts.”

      But police say extreme pressure from the Holloway family forced them to stop their surveillance and make arrests. Just 10 days after Natalee disappeared, police took van der Sloot, the Kalpoe brothers, and later, even van der Sloot’s father into custody.
      Asked if pressure from the family compromised the investigation, Dompig says, “I think so. It at least distracted the investigators’ efforts.”

      Twitty says she was just trying to get the police to find her daughter.

      “We wanted justice and we wanted the truth. And I think that that was shocking to the officials in Aruba that we were so persistent in our quest for that,” she says.

      Paulus van der Sloot was quickly released on judge’s orders, but the young men remained in custody.

      Twitty says she is confident the three boys know what happened to Natalee.

      But less than a month after their arrests, a court released Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. As police feared, simply questioning the brothers did not turn up enough evidence to charge them with a crime. To this day, they deny any involvement with Natalee’s disappearance.

      Despite the setbacks, the cops were able to play hardball with their prime suspect, 17-year-old Joran van der Sloot, thought to be the last person who saw Natalee.

      As Aruban law allows, authorities detained him for months without charging him with any crime.

      Aruban lawyer Arlene Shipper – who often speaks on behalf of the Aruban government – was sure Joran would crack. “It’s mind-boggling to us that a 17-year-old, if he would have done it could not have been broken. It’s incredible.”

      But as Dompig explained, Joran’s age actually made things harder for the interrogators.

      Dompig acknowledges Joran was afforded some special legal protections because he was 17 years old at the time of his arrest. Dompig says that did complicate matters. “Yes, that complicated matters seriously because he had more visiting rights with his father – his father being a judge in training was a problem for us because he could give his son certain advice.”

      Joran’s father discussed the family’s ordeal with CBS’ The Early Show.

      “We are telling the whole truth, nothing but the truth. And we spoke all this to Joran to tell the truth,” Paulus van der Sloot said.

      Police say they could not listen in on the conversations between Paulus and his son, citing that they were “privileged conversations.”

      Dompig says he believes Paulus van der Sloot does know more than he has been telling about the circumstances surrounding Holloway’s disappearance.

      But in spite of those parental visits, 48 Hours has learned that the interrogations were intense and tough. Special agents from the FBI were brought in, along with investigators from Holland to conduction the interrogations.

      Dompig says while Joran van der Sloot wasn’t subjected to questioning in the middle of the night, there were late sessions.

      “So he was deprived of sleep but it wasn’t going on for days?” Roberts asked.

      “No,” Dompig replied.

      Dompig says it almost worked. “There were several moments where Joran almost broke. Several moments,” he says.

      Dompig says Joran’s basic story changed three times. “But the little facts changed over 25 times. So it was never the same.”

      One critical element of the interrogation remains in dispute: did Joran admit to having sex with Natalee?

      Twitty claims that Joran was clear with the police about one thing – that he had sex with her daughter the night she disappeared.

      “I had access to several statements, and in one of Joran’s statements he’s describing Natalie as she’s falling asleep and waking up, falling asleep and waking up repeatedly. And, as she’s doing this, he is explaining, he’s very sexually explicit, graphically detailing what he is doing to Natalie. OK?” Twitty said.

      Twitty and her attorney would not share those documents with 48 Hours. In spite of her claim, Dompig says there is no proof of sexual assault.

      Asked if Joran van der Sloot ever confessed to being sexually intimate with Natalee, Dompig says he never did.

      “Believe me, we were looking for anything to throw him, to keep him in jail,” says Dompig. “The only thing he admitted to was that he was fondling [her] sexually, like kissing, touching her. And there was no sexual in terms of penetration or whatever, really having sex with her.”

      After nearly two dozen lengthy interrogations, the police still had no confession and had found no body. So on Sep. 3, 2005, Joran van der Sloot was released to his parents.

      “This young man, a 17-year-old-boy was able to withstand 90 days in prison, and undergo specialized interrogation, and they weren’t able to get a confession from him,” says attorney Arlene Shipper.

      “What does that say ?” Roberts asks.

      “It can mean two things – either he’s innocent, he really doesn’t know what happened, or he’s a genius,” she replied.

      Joran van der Sloot has denied any wrongdoing, but he has done nothing to dispel Dompig’s suspicions.

      Asked what FBI profilers told Dompig about van der Sloot’s psychological profile, he says, “They use the word sociopath. And the fact that he was capable of lying about basically everything.”

      Twitty says there’s a reason she thinks van der Sloot is lying – he is covering something up. “He’s covering something up so horrible that he can’t tell the truth,” she says.

      But if Joran can’t or won’t tell the whole story of what happened that night, police think they may soon find someone else who will.

      “New people are coming in the picture,” says Dompig. “It is possible that there was help. Or it is possible that there was a second group involved other than these three boys.”

      With no major break in the Holloway case in the past six months, Aruban authorities are re-doubling their efforts to find Natalee’s body.

      One of the most persistent theories clouding the case is the notion that her body was dumped out at sea.

      But Dr. Ruben Cruz, the head of the island’s search and rescue team showed 48 Hours that an unweighted body thrown overboard near the shore would wash up on the beach.

      Cruz says he and his team have tossed a dummy overboard many times, but that in every case, it drifted back to shore. The only way that wouldn’t happen is if a boat sailed more than two miles offshore – a trip that would have turned up on police radar and been captured on tape.

      Police have accounted for every boat in the water the night Natalee vanished.

      Authorities now believe that the teenager’s body may be buried somewhere among some dunes, but not because it washed ashore. The Aruban authorities’ new theory is that someone, someone possibly very close to the young suspects, took the time to carefully hide the body, not once but maybe twice, literally re-burying her.

      And there’s another stunning revelation from the authorities: Though they’re convinced Holloway is dead, they tell 48 Hours that they believe she was not murdered.

      “This was a highly intoxicated body of a very small person,” says Dompig.

      Dompig laid out the latest scenario of what happened after Natalee was last seen driving off with van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers shortly after 1 a.m. He says investigators think the group did not go to the beach but that they possibly brought Natalie back to the van der Sloots’ home.

      Wherever she was, police now think that while Natalee was with Joran, she died suddenly from an overdose of intoxicants.

      “We feel strongly that she probably went into shock or something happened to her system with all this alcohol maybe on top of that other drugs which either she took or they gave her and that she just collapsed,” says Dompig.

      The crime, Dompig suspects, occurred when the body was illegally disposed of. The boys may have acted alone.

      “We’re not talking about killers here,” he says.

      Or, as Dompig reveals for the first time, they could have had accomplices. “New people are coming in the picture. It is possible that there was a second group involved, or more people than these three boys,” he says.

      Dompig speculates the body was hastily buried once, and that those extra accomplices may have been needed to move it to a more hidden location.

      These latest developments, the new witness, the chance of an accidental death by overdose, and the possibility of additional accomplices re-locating the body, have changed Dompig’s view of the case.

      “I’m convinced that there’s no thing as a crime of this proportion, which goes unseen. There’s the information on there. And we just have to get it,” he says.

      But the challenges are daunting: So far, there has not been a shred of forensic evidence found in the van der Sloot house, the Kalpoe car, or anywhere else on the island.

      “It’s very rarely that you have a case that somebody just disappears and there’s hardly any evidence left behind,” says Shipper.

      Ten months after Natalee’s disappearance, Natalee’s home town of Mountain Brook, Alabama, is still starved for answers.

      Natalee’s schoolmates have had to handle a harsh lesson about the dangers of the adult world they’ve entered.

      “You know, we went on senior trip. But then after that, it was basically like we were forced to not become adults, but definitely grow up a lot,” says Cain.

      Natalee’s parents have filed a civil suit against Joran van der Sloot and his father, but Twitty knows she may never learn the truth about what happened to her daughter.

      Asked what gives her hope today, she replied, “I don’t have any.”

      “You don’t have any?” Roberts asked.

      “If somebody wants to tell me …” she tearfully replied.

      But Dompig is optimistic that answers will be found. “We are that much closer to knowing what really happened to Natalee,” he says. “A crime like this cannot go unsolved.”

    67. Pearl on July 20th, 2007 2:48 pm

      57…I do believe that it would not be beyond the capabilities of these predators to attempt to “lure” innocent young girls WHOM THEY INTEND TO VICTIMIZE BEGINNING BY DRUGGING THEM, but, because of the use of narcotics against their will and consent, this completely eliminates: ‘luring’ and becomes only ONE THING – KIDNAPPING.

      Thus – 1906′s very astute observation that there CONTINUES to be a MAJOR problem – even with the “I LEFT HER ON THE BEACH” lie because in one of Deepaks’ many lie-versions, he has his final drop off point at the MARIOTT HOTEL…which quickly gets SHIFTED to…THE BEACH.

      Once that drug was slipped into her drink, it could only be ONE THING: KIDNAPPING.


      Afterall, RAPE is for the perverted minds who PREY upon a VICTIM, and doesn’t include any regard or concerns for THE VICTIM being VIOLATED.

      What does this mean? It means these thugs not only sought to RAPE her and to GANG up on her, but they included the perversion of rendering her completely HELPLESS, so that THEY wouldn’t be inconvenienced during their insidious acts of violence upon this poor defenseless child!

      Try to stomach that thought, as you consider WHAT OUR FBI HAS HAD TO DEAL WITH! These men are the most diabolical bunch of monsters and MUST BE ARRESTED AND REMOVED AS A DANGER IN SOCIETY TO ALL OTHER CHILDREN WHO HAVE NOT YET BEEN PREYED UPON BY THESE MONSTERS!

      Let’s not forget: there were Cameras being seized, and cell phones, computers, cars…and SO MANY MANY LIE STATEMENTS, and all sorts of things being looked into..amidst one comment by a United States representative that made this particular US official seem truly stunned by the nature of depravity and EVIL that IS involved in the hideous cruelty and human rights violations that Natlaee Holloway suffered at the hands of these beasts, and that her family continues to suffer at the hands of these beasts.

      Seems you may have struck a nerve, disgusted mom.

      FOLLOW your instincts while paying close attention to Natalee’s voice beneath all this depravity…

      How hideous it would be for tourists round the world to learn that CHILDREN were being targeted for depraved cruelty to be inflicted upon them through drugging and kidnapping, where they would then be subjected to GANG RAPES, and God only knows WHAT OTHER ACTS OF VIOLENCE all taking place on the “happy” “safe” island of Aruba.

      That would be a serious blow to tourism, I’m sure.


    68. chris on July 20th, 2007 2:51 pm

      I have but one question. Is anybody going to be arrested for Natalee’s murder/demise?
      If not, we do have a pretty good idea what will happen to all the perps involved sometime down the road.
      What the ALE doesn’t realize is that this latest statement
      will heighten the call to boycott even more. Is Holland going to keep Aruba afloat indefinitely? I doubt it.
      As for this “source”, should he/she not be locked up for not having come forward before?
      Just in case Greta wants to jump on the bandwagon, I have again sent her an email asking that she get her facts straight once and for all before hitting the airwaves.
      All suggestions that she spend some time reading SM stay unanswered.

    69. I Love America on July 20th, 2007 2:52 pm

      OOOOOOOO…..I sure would like to deck that DUMB PIG right between the eyes. That island breeds some really sick people because the stuff he has said in the above article is enough to boil your blood.


      SM: Not a new article – this is from 2006 (klaasend)

    70. Mohican on July 20th, 2007 3:03 pm

      Mediaman has a point. One should keep an open mind about possible developments about the case. Maybe Jorge Pesquera or Stephen Cohen or someone else with insider info about the initial part of the case is Geraldo and BOR’s source and they could know something that we don’t. Also, “top LE officials” does not mean that they are necessarily from Aruba.

    71. Pearl on July 20th, 2007 3:09 pm

      Thank you, Klassand! ( 61 SM!)

      My heart aches when I think of this precious child, and her mother and father, and family!

      I knew I had read this somewhere…but sometimes, I lose track of where I read things! You are right, there were some great articles addressing agreements between our nation and Aruba/Netherlands that deal with violations of agreement between our country and theirs. I keep hoping that the Dutch team that was in place would conduct themselves differently, by conducting themselves honorably.

      I still do believe there could be some whose intentions are to behave honorably…

      And then…there are the cold, painful realities that jump out at all of us, coming from the lips of Bill O.R. that cause me to feel sick inside and feel very uneasy about where all this is headed.

      I cannot fathom that the Dutch would want to wrap things up by washing their hands of this case, and participating ultimately in MORE COVERUP. I hold onto the belief that people like Jossey and DeVries are not alone in their disgust over how cruel and violated both Natalee and her family have been as a result of all very painful criminal activity inflicted upon them and upon Natalee.

      I suppose nothing about this child’s suffering is ever going to feel old to me, perhaps because even today – her suffering and torment, and all the cruelty inflicted upon Natalee and her family, remains ever so fresh and present because she remains “CONTAINED” in Aruba, she remains stripped of all her human rights, her family remains in unconsolable sorrow in continuing to NOT KNOW – WHAT was done to their beloved child nor to know where she is!

      God bless Natalee.
      God bless her family in their courage to pursue her right to justice and truth!

      God bless Tim Miller on his journey to finding her, and bringing her finally …home!

    72. super dave on July 20th, 2007 3:20 pm

      ok, so Rivera & O’reilly have a credible source that says
      Natalee died of an overdose of cocaine ( with jr sloot and the kpoots). if an ale official knows this for sure, these people should have never been allowed to leave the jail much less the island !
      if this information came from julia the rent ho or any of her cronies, i’m not inclined to believe any of this garbage. also what law enforcement official would go to
      either one of these guys and give this information. has anyone heard of what Dave Holloway has to say about this ?

    73. mayan_moons on July 20th, 2007 3:50 pm

      The VDS’s treated Natalee like just another piece of their garbage to be gotton rid of………no muss…no fuss

    74. 10061906 on July 20th, 2007 3:53 pm

      # 59 Pearl:
      A few of the entertainers had additional gigs at some of the bars and after hours night clubs in San Nicolas the night Natalee disappeared;
      Some of the clubs in the RED LIGHT District are The Black and White (it even has a red light in the doorway), the Copacabana; the Gents’ club looks interesting.
      The famous Charlie’s Bar borders the Red Light.
      They even have clubs down there with barbed and razor wire fences; must be important.
      There are also some clean multistory warehouses that look clean and could be used for Rave Parties. Maybe Joran’s nicknames “Stage Boy and Lover Boy” mean something when he gets together with Guido. Why Joran’s father and god father may even be partners in a HOUSE (you know Brothel) down in San Nicolas. You know the one: “he can walk in all circles” van der Straaten.
      Remember the VCB shirt (ala Geoff or Michael D), sunglass (ala Geoff) piece of foam with teeth marks and the Lysol spray bottle of unknown liquid, were all found in the colony section of San Nicolas called Lagoville. Nothing was ever mentioned again and may not now even exist. The International School is there. Since Joran spends a lot of his time going to “School” there; I’m sure he is no stranger to some of these places.
      Also; the pet cemetery is down at the end of the peninsula area:
      Pearl just some food for thought.

    75. Freebrid on July 20th, 2007 4:02 pm

      As Joran did say in one of his interviews “SOMEDAY I WILL TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED THAT NIGHT”! he has lied the whole time. And how did they come to this report of Natalee overdosing, THERE”S NO BODY or do they have one and just never have told anyone. You can’t just deside I’m going to call it a overdose and close the case, but we are dealing with lieing, murdering, kidnapping, raping, break any law you want people!! Just unbeliveable!!!

    76. december_star on July 20th, 2007 4:16 pm

      It seems to me that the only credible source there could be for telling whether or not Natale OD’d would be her body or the coroner who performed the autopsy. Since there are neither it is impossible and irresponsible to say so. Besides if that were the case the suspects would have somehow at tried least thrown it in there with all their other lies. I am terribly afraid that they are going to get away with this, it just seems like one new crazy story after another coming out of Aruba. Soon they are all going to start mixing together causing confusion, and distraction from what people really need to be focusing on. Although I have no doubt Scared Monkeys and all their little monkeys are up to the task of keeping things straight, but the rest of the world is seeing this now and wondering if it is indeed true and reconsidering their travel plans, and going back to Aruba. I hope not, the way they keep spinning it you never know.

    77. GAP on July 20th, 2007 4:19 pm

      the transcripts say law enforcement officials, plural.

    78. katablog on July 20th, 2007 4:27 pm

      From #54:Geraldo is not reporting the Kalpoes and Joran were not involved in a crime. He is reporting what a source told him. Since he has a source, which most Monkey’s don’t, perhaps he has something worth considering.>>>>>>>>

      Yeah mediaman, after all, we’ve had such great credible sources out of Aruba. There simply is NO WAY a “source” could KNOW what happened to Natalee unless 1) they were present or 2) they did an autopsy. Are you trying to tell us that was done?

      If the “credible source” is merely repeating what someone confessed to, that doesn’t mean that this is exactly how it happened.

      Cardiac arrest: possible but would take a doctor to confirm it was that and not some other medical emergency.

      Drug overdose: only those who gave it to her or a doctor would know, but again quite possible.

      Cocaine: sorry, don’t buy it. It’s a cooked up story to try to make it appear that it’s Natalee’s fault. Also doesn’t fit with disposal of the body.

      Even IF Natalee took Cocaine willingly (which totally doesn’t fit with the story) in the USA those with her are still guilty of her death unless they tried to stop her.

      GHB overdose: now we are talking. This fits with Natalee’s actions of going in and out of consciousness. This fits with the boys MO, this fits with CnC’s MO, this fits with the boys showing up 1/2 hour before closing

      These boys ARE murderers where they intended to murder Natalee or not. When you give someone drugs you are responsible for the outcome.

    79. I Love America on July 20th, 2007 4:31 pm

      Klaasend…you are correct. My apologies for posting an old article. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    80. driving miss daisy on July 20th, 2007 4:35 pm

      Making unverfied statements from “sources” can result in litigation and loss of job. I hope Gerald and Bill are ready to scrape the barrel once more. I think this is another “empty vault” for Gerald.

    81. Sherry on July 20th, 2007 4:44 pm

      Why would O’Reilly do a report from a source he could not name. Wonder WHY he could not name them?

    82. ben on July 20th, 2007 5:00 pm

      every one email oreally,,,,,,there are no credible sources from aruba……IF ANY ONE OF NATALEES FAMILY READS THIS PLEASE EXPRESS YOUR OUTRAGE TO THE MEDIA

    83. boywonder on July 20th, 2007 5:01 pm

      the only one snorting cocaine that night was Paulus

    84. Maggie on July 20th, 2007 5:09 pm

      Suzy , Natalee wasn’t drunk out of her mind that day and night. Videotapes show her walking perfectly fine into the casino that night.

      This was the same story Dompig tried to peddle last year on “48 hrs” and was given the axe afterwards. These were the comments on Fox then.

      VAN SUSTEREN: Joining us from New York is former Westchester DA Jeanine Pirro. In San Francisco is former assistant DA Jim Hammer. Here in Washington, defense attorneys Ted Williams and Bernie Grimm.

      Jeanine, I confess, I would love to have this interview that CBS beat us out for. What would be your reaction, if you were Karin Janssen and Dompig got on camera and said these things?

      JEANINE PIRRO, FORMER WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY, DA: Well, you know, I have three reactions, Greta. Number one, I am very concerned about someone in law enforcement who gets on television and says, you know, We think she died not as a result of a homicide, not that anybody can even be sure of that, at this point, but rather the use of alcohol and drugs. I mean, that is slanderous in terms of this victim. What we’re doing is, we’re trashing the victim now.

      VAN SUSTEREN: Well, let me stop right here. Let me just stop right here, and let me run through this a little bit because I got a little bit of history on this. I’ve got in my hand a June 9 statement that Deepak made while he was in custody, and this was after they left the bar that night. Deepak says, “She was, after all, drunker than before. I thought she talked too much. She talked pretty loud.” He’s talking about her intoxication.

      I have an FBI 302 form – the FBI would probably have a stroke if they know that we got these. But it says in an interview with one of her friends on June 3, her friend, Lee (ph), and she says, “During the early morning hours, they were drinking alcohol, something called red fires.”

      I’ve got another 302 of an interview done on June 2 with Catherine Whatley (ph), another friend, and says Holloway was drinking red fires, which had 151 in them. That’s talking about Sunday night. There’s no question there was alcohol, but she didn’t deserve to die because she was drinking.

      PIRRO: But not just the alcohol. And you have someone in law enforcement saying the alcohol and drugs, when he can’t even say that she was using drugs. He can only say that a credible witness said that she possessed drugs. How dare you say she died of a combination of the two!

      VAN SUSTEREN: Oh, I agree with that. I agree with that.


      PIRRO: OK, we are not suggesting that she wasn’t drinking. She was a college kid on vacation. But to say that it was the use of alcohol and drugs that caused her death, that’s my first concern. I don’t like it!

      VAN SUSTEREN: Actually – let me stop there. I agree with you on that.

      PIRRO: All right, second concern is this. If you believe that the body was buried and reburied, stop talking about it and go do something! Get it done instead of getting on television to talk about it. Number three is this, Greta. It’s quite possible that law enforcement is using the media to smoke out more information or to get someone to start talking about or doing something while they are under surveillance.

      VAN SUSTEREN: You’re giving them more credit on number three, I’ll tell you, because they don’t even return my phone calls. In fact, I’m even a little bit wanted down there.


      VAN SUSTEREN: So anyway, Ted?

      JIM HAMMER, FORMER ASST. SAN FRANCISCO DA: There’s an arrest warrant for you, Greta.

      TED WILLIAMS, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Let me just say this. This is the most disrespectful, most insensitive thing that Dompig and a chief of police could do to this family. Look, you go, you find the body, and then you talk about the fact that she was on some drug.

      PIRRO: Absolutely!

      WILLIAMS: The mere fact that you go on television and you announce this without having a body – and then to say that she overdosed? Well, if she overdosed, did she then become alive and take herself somewhere and bury herself? This is ridiculous!


      BERNIE GRIMM, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I think Jeanine had 57 points. I agree with 47B13 that she made…


      GRIMM: …which is if you’re doing an interview with “48 Hours” and you have specific information from a credible witness that he said – and he said it’s impossible this person could have made this up, we believe that she’s in place X – not to be crude about it, why they hell doesn’t he have a shovel and dig in that place right now? I mean, it’s time to get going on this! He had this tip a long time ago. May is sort of around the corner now.

      VAN SUSTEREN: Yes, I’m anxious to see the rest of the interview. I mean, that’s the stuff that we’re hearing about now. And they’re going to bring some of the tape tomorrow night, but they’re going to show all of it on Saturday night. Jim?

      HAMMER: You know, the person I want to hear from, Greta, the one we’ve not heard from these nine months, is Karin Janssen. I think, if, in fact, she said today what Dave claimed, Dave Holloway, that is, this is an old tip, that makes sense to me. If this were such a hot, credible tip, any cop worth his salt would be out there with a team of people digging in those sand dunes. I think it’s probably not a fresh tip or a credible tip. But to drag the family through this, like Jeanine said, is really unforgivable. The first phone call ought to be to a victim’s family, not to the news media.

      PIRRO: Exactly.

      HAMMER: And for this poor family repeatedly to have to learn on the news what’s happening in this investigation – which is usually nothing, by the way – is unforgivable!

      VAN SUSTEREN: You know, I honestly don’t believe this sand dune tip for the simple reason is that in my wildest dreams, I cannot believe if police have a tip where a body is, that they sit in the office and talk about it.


      WILLIAMS: And take it one step further. If you are going on “48 Hours” and talking about you know where the body is, well, the crook or the criminal knows where it is, so why doesn’t the criminal go and move the body again?


      WILLIAMS: That’s so stupid!

      PIRRO: Ted, that’s exactly the point! It is so outrageous and so beyond the pale, that the only credible excuse you could give them for saying it is, maybe they’re trying to smoke out the criminal to see if he’s going to go dig out…

      HAMMER: You’re giving them too much credit, Jeanine.

      WILLIAMS: Yes, you’re giving them too much credit.

      PIRRO: If we can’t give them credit, then what we have to say is it’s just plain stupid!

      WILLIAMS: It is! It is stupid.

      HAMMER: They make the Keystone Kops look like the FBI!

      WILLIAMS: Let me say it for you, Jeanine. It is stupid and it’s disrespectful!

      VAN SUSTEREN: Is it stuck on stupid?

      WILLIAMS: Greta gave me the words!


      WILLIAMS: It’s just stuck on stupid!

      VAN SUSTEREN: Bernie, I’ll give you the last word on this.

      GRIMM: You know, we laugh about it, but I mean, we all feel terrible about it. And Beth Holloway’s been in the studio and she’s a very engaging person. But when she was asked, What do you know about this, and she said, I’ll just have to watch the rest of the program…

      HAMMER: That’s outrageous!

      GRIMM: No one’s told her. No one’s told her.

      HAMMER: Outrageous!

      VAN SUSTEREN: I mean, this family’s got a broken heart, and this has been bizarre!

      PIRRO: But this is part of the ripple effect that families go through. You know, when someone becomes the victim of a crime, it’s not just the victim, it’s the family. And the heartache goes on and on and on.

      VAN SUSTEREN: Yes, but wait a second, Jeanine. Jeanine, not every crime can be solved. Not every missing person is a crime. But you can…

      PIRRO: But they deserve dignity!

      VAN SUSTEREN: Yes, right. You can do it with manners. You can stay in touch with the people.

      WILLIAMS: That’s right!

      VAN SUSTEREN: You can show that if you have a tip that a body is buried there, you can get out there with a shovel!

      WILLIAMS: You can conduct a professional investigation. You don’t conduct an investigation like Dompig! And if anybody needs to boycott that island, they need to boycott it to get rid of this chief of police!


      VAN SUSTEREN: How do you really feel, Ted?

      HAMMER: I thought you were against that, Ted.

      WILLIAMS: I’m against the boycott of Aruba, but this chief needs to go!


      VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Panel, thank you. Ted takes the last word on that. He will not be going to Aruba.


    85. Brie on July 20th, 2007 5:36 pm

      So, Natalee took massive amounts of cocaine…..yeah, and it snows in Aruba…..who said that, Joran. Probably, that’s his method, blame the victim. Blame anybody, we know people are for his use only. Discredit Natalee, he’s been doing that from the beginning. And how come O’Reilly is so privy to confidential information.

    86. 10061906 on July 20th, 2007 5:39 pm

      Maggie 84
      There are a few things out of many I would like to share with you about the casino tape.
      You have to review it frame by frame.
      The first being that Natalee is shown walkling into the casino 30 some minutes AFTER she is seated at the gaming table.
      Another is although there appears to be a water bottle in front of her she is sipping a drink from a straw.
      OK she likes bottled water in a glass. Further in the video she is constantly on the cell phone while Lee walks in and out of the picture.
      Joran liked Ruth better; however Joran is sitting next to Ruth and doesn’t give her the time of day.
      He is an outgoing guy?
      Again examining the tapes Joran isn’t shown at the gaming table until almost 30 minutes after he walks through the sliding doors.
      There is a shadowed figure to the right of the dealer; he takes something out of his jacket and places it on the table next to the so called paulus look alike.
      One final note and again frame by frame. Joran is outside the sliding doors, then he is between the open sliding doors and the sequential frame shows him back outside the sliding doors. IMHO the casino tapes have been splice/altered and only VCB would be capable of doing that. You know Geoff’s father’s business.

    87. Brie on July 20th, 2007 5:48 pm

      How many bucks went into O’Reilly’s pocket?

    88. GAP on July 20th, 2007 6:04 pm

      Searches of every possible means were conducted in the past two years.
      Dutch Royal Navy fighter jets searched for Natalee above Aruba and couldn’t find any indications that her body was still on the island. The three F16 fighter jets made 11 flights above the island, mapped its entire surface and scanned specific areas by order of the Aruban authorities. According to Dutch Royal Navy Commander Jack Goense,”no trace of Holloway was found during these flights”.
      Aruba is going to close this case. IMO there is no new facts and no body has been found. :(

    89. disgustedmom on July 20th, 2007 6:06 pm

      AZLady, I’m not romanticizing anything. If anyone is, that would be Joran and his story of his sexy walk on the beach etc. In his dreams!

      It is entirely possible what you say happened to Natalee IS what happened to her. But there is no need to get your panties in a wad over other possibilities. Any possibility except that Joran VDS is innocent of some sinister part in Natalee being missing is fair game.

    90. disgustedmom on July 20th, 2007 6:10 pm

      #63…Thanks Richard. I AM only trying to keep all angles out there, and it’s just amazing to me that everything BUT selling girls for sex has been openly talked about by ALE in this case. To me, that makes it a strong possibility.

    91. Pearl on July 20th, 2007 6:15 pm

      74 – 1906…no doubt that several items were collected in the southern area of the island. Some items to the eastern shore of the southern area, some to the western shore and more to the north.

      There was the foreshadowing of an arrest “to come” which – indeed, did preceed the arrest of John and Jones, to be followed by the hollow THUD of NO RESPONSE, NO ACTION TAKEN to the compelling revelations from M. John’s lips upon his release of information to ALE officials, which was passed to him by Deepak while STILL IN JAIL, and then repeated to the media, upon his release from jail…

      ‘The father, and all of them…. they made up the whole story together – about a guard, clothes, EVERYTHING…’

      (Referencing: Holiday Inn lies, and the involvement of PVDS in the creation of those lies,.. not exact words that M. John used, but the essence of what John said.)

      1906 – I have no doubt that some of those items “discovered” on WHICH DATE, may relate to Natalee’s case and the criminal acts inflicted upon her.

      But, you have to wonder about WHEN those items were found, and WHO led polis to these “locations” where – poof! They were suddenly discovered! (Sort of the way that we continue to scratch our heads trying to find something plausible that can stand on two legs and pass as logical deductions that “led ALE officials to arrest John and Jones” !!!


      The suspicious events leading to the phoney arrests of John and Jones cause me to highly doubt whether ANY of the material found in the south ever had ORIGINS there. Yes, I do believe they “ended up” there. But as Satish says:

      “We got bored, and we all decided to go to THE HOUSE”.

      It is striking, in my opinion, 1906 – HOW MUCH is put out there, and WHEN it is put out there, to draw us all AWAY from THE HOUSE.

      Why – this so called “accidental overdose” had Paulus in such a dither, that he had to actually EXTRACT HIMSELF from being right there at that CASINO, right next to Natalee.

      Where they took her after the house? …..

      It sure seems like folks were in a hurry to pull us away from the Marriott and on to the sandy beach.

      These thugs have done this 20x before…or more.

      They’re so satiated with thoughts of themselves that it would strike me as inconceivable that in addition to worrying about themselves during their savagery they inflict upon children, and what would be a cause of discomfort FOR THEM, AS THEY ALL GANG UP ON A LITTLE DEFENSELESS GIRL AND PROCEED TO RAPE HER – that they would inconvenience THEMSELVES with inferior settings within which their full satanical selves could be revealed, – which suggests to me that these devils had a place all right that they routinely went to and felt quite comfortable going to, that satisfied their loathsome sense of needing to serve themselves. It’s someplace where their identities are very secure. It’s a place where they have no worries about being noticed because their savagery is all about PROTECTING THEM, and completely disregarding the suffering and torment they inflict upon their victims.

      Where that is, 1906 – in addition to THE HOUSE….?
      I do not know, and believe the south to be one possibility, though – my instincts tell me that wherever they were, it was somewhere that leads to big names, plenty of security in place to protect THEM from the disgrace, dishonor and SAVAGERY that would be revealed through their diabolical conduct – if they were to be exposed, and therefore, the routine of their savagery suggests that there were measures in place to protect them from their own acts of disgrace and shame for the many who they gang with in order to victimize a helpless child.

      I imagine a place that’s remote, isolated, removed, and hard to get into and out of…with significant protection around it, as many others have also imagined given what is on the island.

      We do not know how many stop points they made after THE HOUSE.

      What we do know is that this poor child suffered terribly, she was ganged up on by savages, and she NEVER HAD A CHANCE, because they TARGETED HER.

    92. Sherry on July 20th, 2007 6:25 pm

      Is there a way to email O’Reilly without becoming a ‘member’ of his site? If so pleae list the address.

    93. Janet on July 20th, 2007 6:34 pm

      Interesting that Greta said nothing about this “new development” on last night’s show.
      Comment by micah | July 20, 2007, 10:04 am

      micah … what is there to say? Natalee overdosing while doing cocaine with Joran and … Joran participating in the disposal of her body goes against everything that Joran told her in that infamous interview … the interview that was the foundation she derived her words … I AM INCLINED TO BELIEVE HIM!
      Joran van der Sloot
      On the Record /w Greta
      March 1, 2006
      VAN DER SLOOT: I’m here to tell the truth and to let people know what happened and exactly what went on.

    94. Janet on July 20th, 2007 6:37 pm

      92. Is there a way to email O’Reilly without becoming a ‘member’ of his site? If so pleae list the address.
      Comment by Sherry | July 20, 2007, 6:25 pm

    95. Janet on July 20th, 2007 6:40 pm

      Hi Pearl
      The heartfelt words that comprise each of your posts inspire me more than you will every know.
      Hugs … Janet

    96. Pearl on July 20th, 2007 6:51 pm

      Bill O’Reilly
      Fox News Network,
      1211 Avenue of the Americas
      New York, NY 10036,

    97. Pearl on July 20th, 2007 6:54 pm

      Exactly, Janet – 93.

      The word that springs to my mind when the word “JORAN” is mentioned is: SOCIOPATH, exactly as the FBI had him tagged from day 1.

    98. Donna on July 20th, 2007 7:07 pm

      Geraldo is way off base! If Natalee died as a result of drugs, they were given to her without her knowledge. She would NOT have taken drugs on her own.

    99. Carpe Noctem on July 20th, 2007 7:10 pm

      “Who will we cast in the role of the dashing and handsome hero who swashbuckles his way to save the blonde beauty before the evil destroys her?”






      Anyone who thinks Joran is a ‘SWASHBUCKLER’

      needs to seriously read up on a RE-BUCKLING

      UP their “SWASH”


      That kid is like a giant science experiment gone wrong!

      He looks

      like a big fruit of the looms underwear wearing, a$$ out,

      effin idiot. >

      I know Nat had a few too many brewskis that night

      to be socializing with FRANKEN-POOZLE!!! Joran looks like

      Baby Huey and friggin Big Bird “got in on” one stormy,

      lonely ARUBAN night. Hey,

      Swash-Buckle up on DIS, riiight?

      Ohhhhh My Gaaaaaawsh!!!!!!!!! =) -j4n

    100. yoyo muffintop on July 20th, 2007 7:11 pm

      Pearl – I see you are starting to “see the light” about calling on the state dept to intercede and holding them accountable for their lack of in-action, so to speak. You’ve turned a corner.
      And people, please, Geraldo…he’s so full of crap on everything why even waste time discussing it.

    101. viet vet on July 20th, 2007 7:13 pm

      This whole new perspective is more b.s. to spin the story to suit Aruba/Holland. In the end the only real justice may come from the business end of a 30.06. The Liars, Killers and keepers of lies are all at risk. Sleep well van der Sloot/Kalpoes, and ALE…..your day will come.

    102. Carpe Noctem on July 20th, 2007 7:26 pm

      I never forget about her…

      Seems like a lot of people all over the world

      do not either.

      I think maybe that is a good sign?

      Must suck to be Joran these days, huh?

      > NELSON

    103. driving miss daisy on July 20th, 2007 7:36 pm

      Joe Tacopino is the source. Just saw him on John King. He is spinning another side of the story and asking Geraldo and Bill to keep him out of it. He is trying to mitigate Joran and indict Natalee, but he is not wanting to be known as the leaker, as it could libel him although he is the one giving out this information to BOR and Gerald(ho).

    104. Brie on July 20th, 2007 7:40 pm

      You wouldn’t dispose of someone’s body if you didn’t have something to hide. They’re trying to lessen the crime!

    105. mojo on July 20th, 2007 7:48 pm

      i pray you are correct, steve holloway. it’s way past time for some honesty in aruba.

    106. Carpe Noctem on July 20th, 2007 7:51 pm

      “In the end the only real justice may come from the business end of a 30.06″

      Hally-Loo-JAH, muyn!

      I have never met you, Viet Vet.

      …but I am pretty sure I’d like you instantly,

      from your postings.


      Dirty justice can be a 2 lane


      XOXOXXO , FAMILY de Van der Sloot

      They say you have to watch that stuff!

      It can be very dangerous.



      > PRECISELY, my dear.


      JT is a great lawyer,
      but a true idiot,
      and nasty individual. imo



      Joran Van der sloot (the rapist/murderer of Natalee Holloway) kind of even looks like “Nelson”


    107. Maggie on July 20th, 2007 7:54 pm

      I noticed the dif times on the casino tapes too 1006.

      Seriously, if and that’s a big IF they really wanted to prosecute this case, they could. There is alot of circumstantial evidence in this case. How can they close a case when all of these people conflict each other’sstories?
      Why are the Dutch not re-interviewing all these people with conflicting stories. Why can’t these stories be used against one another and each other in court? Clearly, Satish could not have picked Joran up, and Not picked him up that night.. They couldn’t have went to the lighthouse and not went to the lighthouse. Jaimie couldn’t have gotten a call from Joran around 4-6 pm and Joran decided to go out that night around 9. They can’t have Natalee drunk and out of control one minute, and the next say she was acting normal and knew what she was doing. How can she be passed out and Joran couldn’t wake her, not passed out, falling asleep and waking up.. Why did Deepak tell Mickey Johns the father and Joran and them sat around the pool and made that story up before Natalee was known missing? Why is the father calling Natalee a body a day or so after she’s missing? Why did Deepak say he told John Croes that Natalee put her hands down his pants to throw off an investigation, when there was no investigation at the time. It wasn’t even know Natalee was missing. Why in the world would someone, that none of them claim to know each other(Steve Croes), just call up the police out of the blue and say he saw the 3 drop Natalee off at the Holiday Inn. Why would Deepak and Joran refer to Natalee as slut, when according to them she had no sex with anyone they knew of. Why would Paulus lead the cops on a wild goose chase to the Wyndham for an hour to get everyone away from the house for an hour or so? Why does the time line not match at all for that night, between the players? Why did Paulus say Joran sneaked out again that night after stating in his police statement, that he gave him permission to go out to the Wyndham? and the list goes on and on? Is this the norm in Aruba? All these innocent people? Why does 3 guys pick up an intoxicated girl an hour before closing time and she’s never seen again?
      Why was Joran and Natalee not seen on the beach that night by the 3 fishermen? Why did noone hear Deepaks big loud car on or near the beach that night by noone? Boeti was reported to be Dompig’s cousin, and I think they said he did 10 years in prison for drugs. Reliable source? When he was on tv, his speech was slurred and he looked stoned. CnC is an accident waiting to happen, people all over the street trying to sell you drugs , people inside spotted with bottles putting things in girls drinks. Great promotion for the island. What happened to the show from Holland that showed Joran photoshopped his picture in with Natalee’s in Aruba? What happened with the attorney for Joran meeting with Karin Jannsen and saying his client did it , but she would have to solve it, more or less. What about Paulus looking up drugs, alcohol and the effects on young people, and lawyers the night after Natalee’s missing and before it’s made public.

      Joe T was on the Big Story…and in so many words said Joran’s story has checked out….so far.. There isn’t one piece of corroboration for anything he’s said since he left Carlos n Charlies. Let him tell us what it is. He’s contradicted his own clients story over and over. I like when they say there is no body! Duh, Paulus and the 3 suspects have been calling Natalee a body since 2 days after she was missing. Deepak says if he knew where the body was he would tell.. Joran said Deepak buried IT next to the fisherman’s huts. Dompig said they buried her twice.

    108. mayan_moons on July 20th, 2007 8:06 pm

      It is a good sign Carpe! We’ve taken Natalee under our collective wing aswell as her mother Beth and there they will stay. No matter how many lies are told we know this basic truth…..that these 3 punks were the last seen to be with Natalee & the knowledge that Paulus was also seen with Natalee not once but twice in the hours before she is never seen again. THAT is a truth that can’t and won’t be denied or hidden with smoke & mirrors or red herrings. I’m certain if Natalee could she would tell us how thankful she is that we haven’t let her mother weather this nightmare alone as Aruba tries so hard to break Beth’s’ spirit. I know i would… worry not dear Natalee for there are many who will stand by your family for as long as it takes and then some.

    109. Maggie on July 20th, 2007 8:10 pm

      Now a high ranking official says she od’d and was taken out to sea.. When did the story change from buried twice to taken out to sea.? Thought radar would pick that up? It’s truly amazing the lengths these people go to, to deny a victim justice. Remember Dompig saying.

      But Dr. Ruben Cruz, the head of the island’s search and rescue team showed 48 Hours that an unweighted body thrown overboard near the shore would wash up on the beach.

      Cruz says he and his team have tossed a dummy overboard many times, but that in every case, it drifted back to shore. The only way that wouldn’t happen is if a boat sailed more than two miles offshore – a trip that would have turned up on police radar and been captured on tape.

      Police have accounted for every boat in the water the night Natalee vanished.

      Authorities now believe that the teenager’s body may be buried somewhere among some dunes, but not because it washed ashore

    110. Susan on July 20th, 2007 8:19 pm

      O’Really skipped out on his show tonight :-( Reckon he’s gone into hiding?

    111. disgustedmom on July 20th, 2007 8:21 pm

      #86….1006….that casino tape… know it had to have been decided to release it for a reason….and that reason was NOT to help find Natalee. There is nothing in it that would help find Natalee nor is there anything in it that would hold a clue to what might have happened to her.

      Now that you mention it, it does seem it was doctored up. Which begs the question even more curiously, why release it?

      There are two sides to every coin so if the tape being released served no purpose to solve this case, then its release may have been to communicate that all was well…as in showing that certain people were removed from the tape. You know what I mean?

      That’s right trolls….here in DM’s Fairy Tale Land it is believed possible that the handing over of that tape for media airing was to ‘let someone know’ things were OK-as in ‘taken care of’- in Crooked Land.

      That tape showing Natalee and Joran each walking in alone is just odd. What’s up with that? Natalee walks in alone followed by Joran alone. Was he stalking her? And why was Natalee alone? Where were her friends?

    112. Janet on July 20th, 2007 8:42 pm

      Robin Holloway must be having flashbacks when her contention regarding Gerold Dompigs words in the 48 Hour interview of March 28, 2006 are considered. The “powers that be” in Aruba … over one year later … are still attempting to create smokescreens that will distance Joran and Paulus from implication in the events encompassing the morning that her stepdaughter went missing.

      Robin Holloway
      March 24, 2006
      ROBIN HOLLOWAY, NATALEE HOLLOWAY’S STEPMOTHER: It sounds like they’re trying to say, “Well, she had too much booze, too much drug use, and, as a result, she caused her own death.” I have known Natalee for 13 or 14 years. She is not a drug user. She does not abuse drugs. The only drug we know that she was on at that time was a Z-pac for a sinus infection. If she was drugged, it was because of the last drink Joran gave her …

    113. Janet on July 20th, 2007 8:48 pm


    114. MIss-Underestimated on July 20th, 2007 9:10 pm

      What a crock …Let’s go by knowns. Natalee did not ever use or abuse drugs. Her reputation, her family, her peers will attest. Now for another known, the sporters moma said her model son did not drink or gamble. The casino tapes, the sporters peers and himself have attested that the sporter drank and gambled. The sporter was accused by other girls of pling them with something (date rape drug?) and then raping them. Now let’s all speak the knowns here. Including you all known journalists and ATA. Time to stop the lying and accusing the victim. Shocking to me is O really,,,,to state he has a source that said Natalee died of a cocaine drug overdose.

      1. O really, your source has been a hold out on this investigation for 2 freegen years, what says you?

      2. Heralldo…you were there with the Holloways at CnC’s you know what this family has been thru, your source has held out for 2 years, how reliable is that?

      I can see what’s going on here let’s see if you agree.

      What is the sentence for disposing a body vs murder?
      Plain and simple. Someone is paving the way for when TES finds Natalee and Papa will take the wrap for disposing of a body, not a murder.

    115. Janet on July 20th, 2007 9:30 pm

      114. The sporter was accused by other girls of pling them with something (date rape drug?) and then raping them. Now let’s all speak the knowns here.
      Comment by MIss-Underestimated | July 20, 2007, 9:10 pm
      The following segment was taken from the New York lawsuit brought again Paulus and Joran van der Sloot by Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway. Jane Doe’s account is sooo similar to the the theories that abound in regard to the the Natalee Holloway case.
      Affidavid of C. Helen Lejuez
      5. … Miss Doe told me that she was coming forward at that time because she had had an experience that might be similar to Natalee’s experience.
      6. Miss Doe informed me that, one evening during early in 2005, she met Joran van der Sloot at Carlos’n Charlie’s nightclub in Aruba.
      7. Miss Doe told me that, over the course of the night, Joran van der Sloot gave her several alcoholic beverages. Miss Doe further stated that she believes that Joran van der Sloot placed some kind of narcotic substance in one of her drinks. The reason she believes she was drugged is that her level of intoxication was greatly disportionate to the amount of alcohol that she consumed.
      8. Later that night, according to Miss Doe, Joran Van der Sloot brought Miss Doe back to his apartment, adjacent to his parent’s house.
      9. Miss Doe then told me that she was sexually assaulted by Joran van der Sloot as she faded in and out of conciousness, At no time did Miss Doe consent to any sexual contact with Joran van der Sloot.
      10. Miss Doe advised me that, shortly after she was sexually assaulted by Joran van der Sloot, she learned that two other young women, ages 16 and 17, suffered attacks by Joran van der Sloot under similar circumstances.
      11. Miss Doe told me that, in the aftermath of Joran van der Sloot’s attack on Miss Doe, she was threatened and intimidated by Joran van der Sloot, his friends and others. She had been terrified to come forward and tell her story in Aruba. Miss Doe has not even advised her family of this attack.
      12. If appropriate measures are taken to safeguard Miss Doe and her family, might be prepared to testify in New York, in the above-referenced action. For fear of her safety, Miss Doe is not willing.

    116. nonesuche on July 20th, 2007 9:47 pm

      In two words everyone BOYCOTT FOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    117. Allan K on July 20th, 2007 9:58 pm

      Hope O’Riley sleeps good. Thats darn low saying that about Natalee overdosing on drugs when nothing credible has come out of Aruba in 2 years. Just another low life spreading rumors.
      If you can’t prove it don’t say it on TV. He ought to be sued with that mouth of his. What a moron!

    118. Susan on July 20th, 2007 9:59 pm

      #116 – nonesuche, the only channel my remote recognizes is the “Fox News Channel” :-) Maybe I should throw the remote away or bust up the TVs…LOL! Surely O’Really’s and Geraldos’ proganda BS views are not necassarily the views of Fox…

      Boycott O’Really, Geraldo, and not so Greta!!

    119. kay zee ess on July 20th, 2007 10:12 pm

      It should be quite evident by Geraldos’ admission that Aruba is hurting financially.

      I guess it is high time that the “right” aid this island back to financial gain and the proverbial proof of the pudding is in the eating. That is, Bill, Geraldo et al are going to do their darndest to vilify Natalee and get Aruba on the track to tourist dollars again. I fear that it is going to work, as Bill O’Reilly is the voice of God to so many people and they will travel to Aruba if he tells them to,

      Kid yourself not, Susan, Those comments were given the Imprimatur by the Fox higher-ups, who may have a stake in the island as well. Who knows?

    120. 10061906 on July 20th, 2007 10:20 pm

      Does anyone know what is this club’s activity?
      This is in San Nicolas. It could be a soccer club but;
      why the wrought iron fence, barbed wire and bars on the windows.
      Surely with one safe and happy island, isn’t this protection a little overkill.

      I believe estrella means star.

    121. Brie on July 20th, 2007 10:20 pm

      FOX has always been on the side of Joran. Why, so Joran will talk and interview with them.

      Well, I’m waiting for Tim Miller, he is the only one I believe.

      Joran’s lying life is porno, pimping, rape, alcohol, drugs, gambling…. 24/7. Since graduated to, kidnapping, murder, the list continues.

    122. Janet on July 20th, 2007 10:50 pm

      188. Surely O’Really’s and Geraldos’ proganda BS views are not necassarily the views of Fox…
      Comment by Susan | July 20, 2007, 9:59 pm
      Susan … I suspect that Geraldo and Bill’s words regarding Natalee being responsible for her own death and … Joran’s only discretion was disposing of her remains … are not representative of their sincere beliefs. I contend that FOX has been either compensated or threatened with legal action by the powers that be to further an Aruban agenda and … Geraldo and Bill were a means to an end. Susan … in the past these two have always upheld the family’s contention that a corrupt investigation was distancing Joran and Paulus from implication in the disappearance of Natalee and … preventing justice from prevailing. First was the changing loyalties of Greta and … now Bill and Geraldo.
      Hey … Jorge Pesquera concedes that he was able to convince some American politicians not to support the boycott again a corrupt investigation into the disappearance of an American citizen on Aruban soil.
      South Florida Sun-Sentinel
      Posted July 10 2007
      In a resume submitted with his application for the post, an executive search firm said that Pesquera played “the key role” in working behind the scenes in Aruba “to minimize the impact of the Holloway story and effectively stopped calls for boycott [sic] by some U.S. elected officials.”

    123. IndyDan on July 20th, 2007 10:53 pm

      No matter how the “No Spin Zone” spins it, no matter how much the ATA or AHATA digs their heels into the faux sand – Natalee Hollaway will be Aruba’s cross to bear.

      Joran VanDerSloot is a predatory rapist, he was caught this one time because his victim OD’d by the date rape drug he had put in her drink.

      Natalee Holloway changed Joran VanDerSloot’s life forever, from a casual rapist of young American tourist girls to a Murderer.

      He mixed her rape-martini drink a little to toxic.

    124. dennisintn on July 20th, 2007 11:21 pm

      have y’all read diario today? the article about dewitt talking to the american counsel about closing the case next month? front page top right corner plus.

    125. Brie on July 20th, 2007 11:24 pm

      West Palm Beach is a very wealthy place. Aruba is trying to appeal to the rich to support their new hotels and cater to them specifically. Their own runway, their own gates, no waiting lines, immediate access to the island. The Palm Beach association probably has those involved with big investments in the hotels of Aruba. So it will be Pasquera’s job to support the market.

    126. Pearl on July 20th, 2007 11:37 pm

      Yoyo, still spinning and contorting, I see.

      State Dept….and …inaction? You mean the state of ALE inaction – or, put with the swiftness of truth spoken by hammer: THE FAILURE OF ALE OFFICIALS TO PERFORM THEIR DUTIES.

      Does it bother you, yoyo that the hot FBI breath is upon Paulus’ neck?

      Your twister has you regurgitating your own spin,yoyo!
      And with what you’ve been spinning, the flavors have to be nasty!

      Try some truth, yoyo. The light can be refreshing for you, and there is no foul oder, save the depravity exposed through the light of truth that is spoken!

      Does Aruba fear the US State dept. taking action to notify citizens of the treachery in Aruba?

      Does it concern you, yoyo, that the Dept. of State could see fit to take any appropriate action necessary,following the FBI taking lead in this farce of an “investigation”, after Aruba is finished with it’s criminal coverup, obstructions of justice, and the biggest joke of all: the non-investigation they attempted to sell to the FBI as an “investigation”, that apparently, required the Dutch to come in and monitor while claiming to also be “investigating” the “investigation” !

      I mean, yoyo – think of the willingness to waste resources! Aruba must be the only territory that requires investigators to come in to investigate the previous investigators, who replaced the previous investigators, who ran off the island!

      Does it worry you, yoyo that the hot FBI breath is coming to your “neck” of the woods, so to speak? I mean – why should that hot breath frighten Paulus, right?
      I mean – he was “sleeping” and the “dog” woke him up, right? Do tell Paulus that when that hot FBI breath comes close to his neck, there won’t be any bushes to hide in.

      But speaking of hiding, perhaps you could enlighten everyone here as to whether Oduber was hiding in Florida on June 5th, 2005, and whether any of these entities listed below have dealings with Aruba?

      Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce
      Caribbean Conservation Association
      Caribbean Development Bank
      Caribbean Hotel Association
      Caribbean Latin American Action
      Caribbean Tourism Organization

      Come to think of it, yoyo, you’ve been awfully quiet these past few days. What drew you out?
      Hmmm … was it the mention of JQK again, yoyo?
      (We know how his impeccable reputation, good looks and honorable good name seem to bother you.)
      But nothing is stopping you from choosing to make this world a better place, than when you first arrived in it.

      Yoyo, no matter what twisted insults you devise to be directed at the State Dept. or our good honorable FBI, in the failed attempts to create more distractions and distortions – ANYTHING BUT NATALEE’S PAINFUL TRUTHS, EH?…, no matter what you do, yoyo…there’s just no way that some real hot, hot FBI breath is not going to be coming in YOU KNOW WHO’S DIRECTION…in the not too distant future. You think the bushes will protect Paulus from the breath coming his way from the FBI, yoyo?

      Paulus needs a truck load of ice to address all the heat problems, coming his way, yoyo.
      That and a heavy shot of truth serum should fix him up, just fine.

      And you yoyo…where will you be when shazaam hits the fan?

      DMD – I didn’t realize the source for Mr. O’really, was J. Tacopina.

      Did you happen to notice if he did that ‘thing’ he does with his head, when he says something that seems to look like even HE doesn’t believe what he is saying? Have you ever noticed it, Miss Daisy?

      Watch his head, the next time he speaks. You need the camera to be panning at a full face shot to really notice it. But watch him the next time he says something that appears to be something that even HE doesn’t seem to believe about Jorjor.

      Great points, Maggie! You really caught so many discrepancies, that Bill O’Really can’t seem to really address – can he?

      Viet vet, I think you actually may be right.
      The human rights violations inflicted upon Natalee are so egregious, that I do believe WHAT she suffered, will become the standard through which people re-think WHERE it is safe to travel.

      There is no amount of spinning that is going to SELL the DEVIL and his pals as an “attraction spot” to innocent young tourists and their families….NOT AFTER WHAT WAS DONE TO NATALEE AND HER FAMILY!

      Hang in there, Viet Vet….hope is right around the corner!

      And you, 95 – Janet, – YOU guide me where NO YOYO has EVER GONE BEFORE!!! But yoyo should try following you, Janet because standing in your shadow could actually help yoyo find something that was lost a long, long time ago.
      You model an integrity and a capacity for compassion that is rare to find, Janet! Do not let ANYONE distract you, or attempt to draw your focus away from this precious child, whom you guard and protect!

      You are a pillar of Natalee’s truth, Janet!
      Your voice cries out with a reverance for her story, and HER TRUTH CAN BE HEARD EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK OUT!

      So many good, honorable people here, who refuse to be erased from Beth and Dave’s side…who refuse to be erased from little Natalee’s side…YOU ARE ALL EXTRAORDINARY SOLDIERS OF NATALEE’S TRUTH!

      Maggie, Katablog, and so many here ….what a blessing you are, what a gift to Natalee and to her family that all of you are! For where would this child’s story be, without the hearts that surround her and embrace her in the lonliness she suffered, in the sorrow that she carried?

      #19 Steve …you are not alone! God bless you and your family. Hold stteadfast to hope! Hold steadfast to faith!
      Do not let the vipers, and the snakes break your amazing, resiliant spirits!!! Rise up with your sweet child, and let her truth lead you to the peace and justice you hope for! They can no more crush her spirit, than they can crush her TRUTH! And her TRUTH is going to be spoken!!!

      Where would Natalee sleep tonight, but for the love that surrounds her here, and comforts her, but for the compassion in your hearts, and the gentleness of your spirits here together, united – that her truth might be returned to her loving family?

      Hold this child to your heart and embrace her, and never let her go!

      God bless each and every one of you who battle for Natalee’s truth, and for the hope that she will finally be released from the cruel prison that contains her in Aruba, where she can finally come home to her family and be granted the dignity of burial worthy of her beautiful spirit!

    127. Treehouse on July 20th, 2007 11:41 pm

      Janet re #122.

      I think you are right about the 2 Fox puppets. Rivera was less than verbose and O’Reilly couldn’t change the topic soon enough.

    128. Susan on July 20th, 2007 11:47 pm

      Nope, the thought never occurred to me that the “3 Stooges (I love them guys…lol) O’Really, Geraldo and Greta have sold their souls to the devil (ARUBA) and/or Fox has been threatened with a lawsuit by none other than Joe Taco Pineapple. Makes perfect sense…



    129. downloadingdaddy on July 21st, 2007 5:20 am

      The ONLY way to know if someone has died from an overdose is through an autopsy, has there been an autopsy that the public doesn’t know about? If not, then these clowns on tv don’t know what there talking about once again!

      I am so sick of the BS in this case and I continually hope and pray that somehow someway it will all come to an end and Natalee can return home to her parents.

    130. driving miss daisy on July 21st, 2007 5:52 am

      Viewing Fox around noon-plus from the Emerald Coast, I saw Former U.S. Attorney Robert Johnson (R) during the Reagan administration clearly state this was nothing more than a malicious lie coming out of Aruba, and in order to be able to make this statement, there would have needed to have been witnesses, including medical facilities who rendered treatment, an autopsy, etc., etc., and this was nothing more than hateful hurting lies coming out of Aruba and hence, setting Aruba up for more litigation and a longer boycott if Natalee’s family chose to use these statement on BOR made by him and Gerald in a court of law and that people making these statements were subjecting themselves to the long arm of the law.

    131. Richard on July 21st, 2007 6:23 am

      It seems odd to me that an Aruban newspaper is running articles about possibly closing the case even as, judging from what we’re told, the water search is finally ready to get underway. (Let’s hope that nothing interferes with it this time, but there’s no knowing.)

      Is this a last-ditch propaganda effort? Just some new speculating? Or is it part of the Julia Renfro campaign to try to influence things? I don’t know, but I would think there must be some connection.

      It doesn’t make sense to me that, if there’s a good chance that Natalee’s body is in the water and that it might be found there, the option of closing the case would be raised now.

      However, if some people know that her body isn’t in the water, and that it won’t be found there, then it might be more plausible. We’re told that there will be no more land searches, and that this will be the final water search.

      So it’s possible that somebody knows that nothing is going to come of the water search, and that once it fails there will be a momentum to close this case as unsolved.

      Obviously, I hope this isn’t what happens … but who knows?

      If the body isn’t in the water … could be on land.

      Or, of course, the other alternative that nobody is talking about … she was taken off Aruba to somewhere else. No evidence for it; no evidence against it; it’s a valid possibility, in my eyes.

      And even if that happened, it wouldn’t prove that she’s still alive.

      All we can do is wait for the water search.

      I wonder if any of those people who so enthusiastically swarmed the bookstores to find out the fate of Harry Potter gave a thought to all the families in the world whose loved ones are missing … and about whom the final chapter has not been written, and may never be.

    132. driving miss daisy on July 21st, 2007 7:21 am

      Rod Wheeler on Fox warning that anyone who had evidence of Natalee having ingested cocaine would have had to be a witness and possibly an accomplice to it but feels that someone is talking although that someone cannot absolutely state without 100% authority that Natalee died from cardiac arrest without her body. He further went on to say that probably nothing of Natalee will ever be found and this is pure speculation. He also states that there is no guarantee that Natalee was not murdered even with this “someone talking,” it could be he/she wants to look less responsible for his/her participation in a murder. Higher-ups talking should would had this information all along and if they have not divulged it until this time, they could be part of a conspiracy to murder, etc.

    133. driving miss daisy on July 21st, 2007 8:19 am

      Paul Reynolds was just on Fox & Friends live and said this is nothing new, the “died from cocaine, cardiac arrest,” that they have heard this before and this is only speculation, not one particle of fact to back this up, and these things are being said by Arubans to make Natalee appear less than what she was, to prop up tourism. They know for a fact these boys have repeatedly lied and obstructed justice which is supposed to be a crime and yet, not one thing has been done to them nor about this. They still hold out hope, and get information from time to time, as in when the Dutch were there recently but it seems Aruba has not prosecuted the facts — that these boys are liars, were with Natalee, know what happened, have lied under oath and continue to obstruct justice and yet the island turns a blind eye to justice. I am paraphrasing, of course, but that was the gist of his interview.

    134. Joanie on July 21st, 2007 9:15 am

      You’ve just now noticed what a lier Billy O is?! I read alot of internet news and watch many news programs on TV and Billy O has been wrong on MANY occasions. When I heard what he said about Natalee doing cocain and that she was a drug user, I wanted to reach through the TV and wring the breath out of him. Can’t he be held up for liable for those statements? He has NO proof that she did cocain and that she had a heart attack – unless HE did the autopsy. Billy O is a waste of time and air. Wonder how he’d feel if it was his daughter?

    135. Richard on July 21st, 2007 9:44 am

      Here’s my two bits:

      Subject: Regarding your Natalee Holloway/cocaine story: Time for you to put up or shut up

      Your TV show recently ran a story wherein “informed sources” said that Natalee Holloway died on Aruba from an overdose of cocaine. I did not watch, but am told that you implied the overdose was self-inflicted.

      Back it up. Show some evidence. In other words, put up or shut up, because these allegations, if unsubstantiated, slander a girl who consistently did well in school, worked part-time jobs to earn the money for her trip, was in the Who’s Who of American high school students and whose plight resonates among concerned Americans to this day.

      Were these “informed sources” present at the event? If so, why are they only reporting the news two years later, rather than report to the local police and FBI? If they sat by and did nothing, or joined in, are they not guilty of a crime as well?

      If not, whose hearsay is being quoted for support? More to the point, whose interests are being served by this story, and why are you putting it on the air now that the Texas Equusearch team seems ready to search the waters off Aruba … a search that would have been done a long time ago had the Aruban government not thwarted it?

      Aruba has from day one floated rumors, hearsay, innuendo and assailed Natalee’s family for demanding answers. As has been pointed out, any professional police force would have been investigating reports rather than airing them on television, and would not make allegations without evidence. Even the Dutch have pointed out the utter incompetence of the Aruban police.

      So why are you chiming in with more slanderous reports that cannot be substantiated? If your sources are in a position to confirm this information, they were present at the event or have access to the results of an autopsy. If neither is true, then they are repeating rumors or are following an agenda to discredit Natalee when progress in the search seems near. I can imagine whose interests are served by such a campaign, but they are not those of the American people or of the Holloway Twitty family.

      I frankly believe that your “informed sources” exist nowhere but on paper. If they do exist, why not demand answers to these questions? Or are you just trying to exploit this tragedy to give your ratings a temporary fillip? If so, is anyone on Aruba, the apparent beneficiary of anything that would slander Natalee, acting as your prompter?

      If you want to do some relevant reporting, the Palm Beach tourism bureau has voted unanimously to employ a Mr. Jorge Pesquera, head of the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Authority. His qualifications include taking the lead in setting up a group “to minimize the impact of the Holloway story,” according to a Palm Beach Post story of July 19.

      Now there’s something to look into: a plum tourism job going to someone who took the lead in smoothing over the economic impact from the disappearance of an American citizen. And the Palm Beach tourism bureau found that to be, not a scandalous disgrace that merited contempt, but rather a reason to hire him.

      Why not investigate that? You could take on the money interests; you could denounce the moral atrocity that this implies; you could show compassion and concern for the family of a missing American citizen and outrage that helping the Aruban government cover its tracks is seen as a credit on a resume.

      Bet you won’t. Unsubstantiated slander is so much easier. It’s no wonder that more and more Americans disbelieve what passes for “news.” Show some integrity.

    136. kay zee ess on July 21st, 2007 10:24 am

      Alas, yet again the emperor(Bill O’Reilly) has no clothes, and, in this case at least, no moral fiber as well.

    137. Carpe Noctem on July 21st, 2007 10:35 am

      Mehran new director Bank Aruba 19 Jul, 2007, 17.25 (GMT -04:00)

      e-mails this Article prints this Article ORANJESTAD – Hassanali Mehran Monday steps as a new director of the central bank of Aruba. He succeeds with that rob Henriquez, which withdrew recently. The council of ministers bekrechtigde Tuesday the appointment decision. With the appointment the recommendation of the Council of commissioners of the bank is taken over. The government has pronounced its faith in a declaration in a good cooperation between the new bank president and the remaining Executive Board members for the coming years. Mehran, from iran, come no unknown person on Aruba. In 1986, he got the task of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to cooperate in the establishment of the central bank of Aruba (CBA). He became of it also the first director. In 1987, he withdrew at the IMF and became he director/oprichter of the Aruba Investment bank and President of the economic recommendation Council of the government of Aruba. Mehran have graduated in the political and economic sciences to the university of Nottingham in United Kingdom. He obtained further a master degree in internationally political policy to the John Hopkins University in Baltimore in the United States. He started its career on the economic factorial of the university of bristol, initially as a scientific employee and later as docent. In that period he followed also postgraduate training concerning state income and concerning accounts of government bonds. In 1968, he became employed at the IMF as a economist on the department banks and trade relations. A year later he was appointed as director-general of the department research of the ministry of economic matter in iran and climbed vervolgens on to respectively onderminister and later Minister for Finance and economic matter and president of the central bank of iran. Other functions that he in its fatherland held were which of director of the national Iranian oil society and minister of budget and planning. After the Islamic revolution in 1979, where Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi of was bumped the peacock throne, Mehran became employed again at the IMF. There he remained to its appointment on Aruba. In 1992, he returned at the international bank institution. In the twenty years that Mehran at the IMF was worked he has had been especially involved at the national central banks. That was banks in central Africa, central – and southeast Asia and Europe. Up to 2003 has he has these institutions with recommendation to provide concerning divergent matter such as organisation structure, monetary policy and supervision of the financial system.

    138. yoyo muffintop on July 21st, 2007 10:44 am

      #111 – the portion of the casino tape was released for 1 purpose only. It showed Natalee and Joran together, which was what the media was hungry for. That’s it.
      And the person everyone here believes is paulus was indentified as a local cook at a restaurant.

    139. Smish on July 21st, 2007 10:49 am

      To DisgustedMom~
      I must have gotten 1=1=2 wrong because my post went poof.
      So again,Don’t you know aruba has 4 sides to each coin,at least?
      And it’s all a bunch of bull caca.I don’t care if aruba flipped a coin and told me it was heads,I wouldn’t believe it till I laid my eyes on it.
      Now you all have me wondering WHY was that casino video put out?Maybe if we know WHO put it out there,we can follow that and find out why.
      Does anyone know who put that casino video out there?

    140. Carpe Noctem on July 21st, 2007 10:59 am



      Heavy artillery, baby… Hell Fire!

      It is the only

      thing that can move those big jiggly

      Aruban A-LOADS…

      like the brutal, serial raping,

      innocent teenage tourist girl murdering

      Van der sloot family members of ARUBA!!!

      Picture that giant fat A …. Anita

      stuffing her gullet with Wimpy Burgers… Hey,

      Buela… peel my a$$ a grape. LOL

      That VDS family bung load tree

      ain’t moving unless forced

      with lever and fulcrum, dude.

      >Drop it like it’s HOT!

      …Put it on ‘em…

      Yehhhh yeahhh, that’s the ticket!



      Hey Nita’ — three words…

      > DEAL A MEAL!

    141. Nut44x4 on July 21st, 2007 10:59 am

      Football club…..Perhaps they are protecting their Balls, lol.

    142. Janet on July 21st, 2007 11:04 am

      21. Much has been said that she overdosed and the boys were simply with her and their crime was in not reporting the death and in disposing of the body. Well, without professional medical help involved, why would they be so certain that she was dead.
      Comment by John Reynolds | July 20, 2007, 10:41 am
      Crime is common. Logic is rare. Therefore it is upon the logic rather than upon the crime you should dwell.
      Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 – 1930)
      Source: The Return of Sherlock Holmes, 1904.
      The big lie and monotonously repeated nonsense have more emotional appeal in a cold war than logic and reason.
      Joost Meerloo
      Source: The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing

    143. serenity on July 21st, 2007 11:13 am

      On the casino tape, it appears that the older gentleman whom I believe to be Paulus appears to be left-handed. Is Paulus left handed??

    144. Janet on July 21st, 2007 11:15 am

      138 … the portion of the casino tape was released for 1 purpose only. It showed Natalee and Joran together, which was what the media was hungry for. That’s it.
      And the person everyone here believes is paulus was indentified as a local cook at a restaurant.
      Comment by yoyo muffintop | July 21, 2007, 10:44 am
      Jossy Mansur
      Dana Pretzer Show
      December 14, 2006
      DANA: When you look at this case, a question keeps coming up. I am looking at the picture on my PC. It is the alleged picture of a person in the casino with Natalee that looks a lot like Paul. Has there been any update on this issue?
      JOSSY: There have not been any change of opinion. PEOPLE, INCLUDING PEOPLE IN THE CASINO SAY THAT IT IS PAUL.
      Transcript Credit: Heli-RU

    145. 10061906 on July 21st, 2007 11:16 am

      I really don’t know why we are so upset and surprised that Aruba may close the case of Natalee Ann Holloway and at this point consider it a “Cold Case”.
      Isn’t that the way she has been treated since May 31st,2005?
      Our only recourse is to continue:
      to spread the word that Aruba is not a safe vacation choice.
      to boycott Aruba and any of their products: especially the new aloe products that they are try to import to the USA.
      write to the cable stations that continue to broadcast Aruban commericials and that they may be liable for not reviewing their clients credentials and could be an accessory should anything happen to a viewer who went to Aruba based on watching the lies in an Aruban commercial.
      to boycott and not purchase Valero gasoline products.
      write to Apple vacations and tell them they could be liable for the safety of its’ clients if not told of the dangers on Aruba.
      write our congressmen and senators expressing our outrage as to what has been done to one of our citizens.
      write on our currency “Boycott Aruba- Remember Natalee Holloway.”
      write to the United Nations that the Hague should not be the center for The World Court”; based on its alliance with Aruba and its cover up of the disappearance of Miss Holloway and Aruba’s unwillingnesss to prosecute those that have admitted what was done to Natalee Holloway.
      don’t buy tulips.
      please add ………………

    146. Janet on July 21st, 2007 11:19 am

      138 … the portion of the casino tape was released for 1 purpose only. It showed Natalee and Joran together, which was what the media was hungry for. That’s it.
      And the person everyone here believes is paulus was indentified as a local cook at a restaurant.
      Comment by yoyo muffintop | July 21, 2007, 10:44 am
      Jossy Mansur
      Dana Pretzer Show
      December 14, 2006
      DANA: When you look at this case, a question keeps coming up. I am looking at the picture on my PC. It is the alleged picture of a person in the casino with Natalee that looks a lot like Paul. Has there been any update on this issue?
      JOSSY: There have not been any change of opinion. People, including people in the casino say that is Paul.
      Transcript Credit: Heli-RU

    147. 10061906 on July 21st, 2007 11:23 am

      Didn’t they censor/fire Imus for his remarks?
      Why not O’rielly and Rivera for Yellow Journalism.

    148. ben on July 21st, 2007 11:27 am

      YOYO,,YOYO,,If its not paulis in the casino tape,and its a cook as you claim whats his name and where can we find this confirmaion,,,,,,Jossy says it is paulis.

    149. 10061906 on July 21st, 2007 11:27 am

      Hey Aruba:
      Four left C and C’s
      Three got home.
      Natalee didn’t make it;
      Where is Natalee?
      In Joran (lies) our answers.

    150. mbs on July 21st, 2007 11:49 am

      What sickens me about the BOR/Geraldo report is that it is such a transparent attempt to influence public opinion by presenting as fact a theory that not only is unconfirmed, but is impossible to confirm without the recovery of Natalee’s body, and maybe not even then, depending on the condition of the body. BOR is presenting as fact that Natalee died by her own fault, of a drug overdose. Sure, they put in a disclaimer, later in the story, noting that the story was unconfirmed, but don’t kid yourselves as to their intent. The first words of the report were: “Natalee Holloway, the 18 year old woman who disappeared two years ago in Aruba died from cardiac arrest brought on by an overdose of cocaine.” In this era of soundbites, Fox News knows that most people won’t really hear anything past that first line. They are presenting this as a fact, and hoping the public will take it as one. Who benefits from this blatent attempt to manipulate public opinion? Aruban tourism. Why is Fox News going to such lengths to benefit Aruban tourism? They could have presented this story in a more accurate way, such as reporting that “An Aruban official has stated that ALE’s theory of the case is now that Natalee may have died of a cocaine overdose.” That would have been accurate, but Fox News chose not to go that way. Look on their website, the headline about this story reads: “Source: Natalee Holloway Died of Drug Overdose.” I guess the word “source” is supposed to indicate it’s an unconfirmed theory, but the intent to present this theory as fact is unmistakeable. It’s just sickening to me that Fox News/BOR/Geraldo would go to such lengths to manipulate public opinion against Natalee Holloway, and in favor of Aruban tourism.

    151. Pearl on July 21st, 2007 11:51 am

      136 – kay zee ess, sadly I have to agree with you. I am stunned that O’Reilly would lower himself to depravity.
      Where is the sense of moral integrity?
      Where is the sense of human decency, HONOR, and PASSION FOR THE TRUTH?

      How tragically EASY it is for those men who butchered this child, to kick her around after erasing all traces of HER HANDPRINTS IN THIS WORLD. But for Bill O’Reilly to participate in this kicking of the victim, this child with no voice, no one to defend her, who was targetted by a GANG of men, who then proceeded to violate her human rights in every conceivable manner, – that O’Reilly would allow himself to become the channel for this depravity by promoting the new filth of depravity that moves from …

      ” I LEFT HER ON THE BEACH” …. to what is now becoming…

      ” I dumped her in the ocean, but she KILLED HERSELF”…

      - this is nothing less than unconsceinable for ANY journalist to promote!

      Again, I’ve never watched O’Reilly, except perhaps once in a while when a topic seems of interest, but I have to say I’m completely stunned that he would participate in this depravity, by becoming a mouthpiece to promote the slander of predators directed against this poor child.

      123 – Indydann, you named it! Or, in the words of one of yoyo’s favorite attorneys:


      It’s MURDER… just as you said, Indydann.

      128 – Susan, I do enjoy your posts! What a pity that Mr. Tacopina spends his days defending this particular bunch of men whose legacy to Aruban families and the Twitty-Holloway family thrown into a foreign territory, begging for help in the middle of night to find their child – is to LIE to them, DECEIVE, AND CORRUPT JUSTICE, followed with the gripping insight of cruelty that lies within his heart: NO CORPSE, NO CASE! I cannot fathom how Mr. Tacopina deals with Mr. Containment with the dead, a title he earned from suspicions surrounding HIS CONDUCT around a missing child, and the fact that his statements to Natalee’s grieving traumatized family seemed to EXCLUDE the fact that THERE HE WAS…WITH THEIR CHILD…AND HE NEVER SPOKE A WORD ABOUT THAT TO BETH OR HER FAMILY MEMBERS ON 5/31/05. WHY IS THAT? AND WHY WAS MICKEY JOHN’S REVELATION TO THE ALE – DROPPED LIKE A SACK OF COAL, CONCERNING: “THE FATHER….( I repeat) THE FATHER..AND ALL OF THEM…THEY MADE UP THE STORY TOGETHER…THE GUARD, THE CLOTHES HE WORE, EVERYTHING” !!!!WHY WAS THIS NEVER FOLLOWED UP ON?…not by the media, and most definitely NOT by the ALE officals CHARGED WITH UPHOLDING ARUBAN /DUTCH LAWS?

      The kind of interaction that Mr. Tacopina is faced with in defending Mr. containment with the dead, is the kind of interaction that eats away at a man’s soul. It’s sad, because Mr. Tacopina could really have been a powerful force for good in this world. I really do believe that such interactions leave a mark on a man’s heart and a stain upon his soul that only he can choose to make restitution for.


      “When I looked at her picture, I didn’t even know who she was.”

      …. which BEGS THE QUESTION: WHO I’D this individual’s body, which the spinners are NOW claiming was Natalee Holloway? WHO DETERMINED THAT THIS WAS NATALEE AND UNDER WHAT JURISDICTION?





      135 – Richard, your letter is powerful! Keep using your gifts, Richard!

      132, 133 – Drivingmissdaisy: I really appreciate the updates as not everyone can see these programs, and the information that you provide is excellent.

      The shame upon Aruba, is so disturbing, and depraved as to now subject Natalee’s family to more mental and emotional TORMENT with the “drop off” points of their beloved baby shifting as easily as Dompig picks up her picture and mauls her honorable good name…statements shifting as easily as traces of a HUMAN LIFE on the blood streaked sands of Aruba’s soil…

      “We dropped her off right in front of the hotel lobby entrance…”

      “we dropped her off in front of the hotel, but away from the entrance..”

      “we dropped her off across from the entrance”…

      “we dropped her off at the north pillar ahead of the entrance…”

      “they dropped her off behind the lobby”…

      “they dropped her off in the parking lot…”

      “we dropped her off near the Marriott…”

      “We dropped her off on the beach…”







      What kind of business leaders reside in Aruba that would ALLOW and CONDONE such wickedness and such immoral, depraved conduct?

      Bless this child and all those guardians of HER TRUTH!

      Bless this child and all those guardians of her right to JUSTICE!

      Bless this child and all those who embrace her painful story, and who raise this child’s spirit up that all might see the depravity she was subjected to, that her family was subjected to – so that HER TRUTH, HER GOOD NAME, HER HONORABLE REPUTATION MIGHT BE REMEMBERED!

      They sought to erase her smile.
      They sought to erase her hope-filled eyes that looked to a bright and promising future!
      They sought to crush her tiny hands that DID FIGHT BACK!
      They sought to erase every trace of her precious DNA!


      Rise up, Natalee!

      Embrace this child to your heart, and speak her truth, and find it within yourself, Mr. O’Reilly – and ALL THE TALKING HEADS, to HONOR THIS CHILD’S TRUTH, BY PURSUING HER TRUTH, AND RAISING YOUR VOICE FOR HER RIGHT TO JUSTICE!!!

      Do not give us: LIGHTS IN A BOX!




    152. gutfeeling on July 21st, 2007 11:55 am

      #135 Richard, Thank you for sharing your letter to FOX. It was much better than mine. I admire your focus, your efforts are very effective. I am outraged and insulted that I am asked to believe that this investigation was done improperly due to inexperience rather than intent. You inspire me to reach out to others and urge them to boycott Aruba as a country who participates in state sponsored crime.
      I cannot change the world, but hey, this could have been my sister. This is the least I can do.
      Thank you for all you do.

    153. disgustedmom on July 21st, 2007 11:55 am

      I had a thought…..why would Arbua say Natalee died of an OD which would still leave them with the crime of someone disposing of her body illegally when they COULD have just gone with ‘there is no evidence Natalee is dead’ and leave it that she may have ran away and NOT have to bother with the body disposal part?

      Answer: Because more than one person was present when ‘something bad’ happened to Natalee and at least one of those persons is talking or has been talking all along. And that one person is out of the control of those covering up this crime.


      BOR’s BS was not new. Dompig stated long ago about the ODing thing. He had no more proof then though than they have now. Yet Dompig was certain Natalee had ODed. If this was not just an assumption out of the blue of speculation then someone ‘who was there’ may have told what happened…such as….

      Perhaps someone was there when the whole mess went down, was there when a pulse could not be found, was there when the group decided to ‘leave the B’, and did leave then. However, maybe this person does not know what happened after that. Could this person be living in the US now? The one sleeping with mommy?

      If so, Aruba would not be able to use the runaway story. They would have to use the ODing thing because this one person is out there who ALE knows would invalidate the runaway claim.

      And let’s face it, ALE et als could just as easily press the runaway thing as any other thing they want to press in this case. The only reason they wouldn’t take that easy way out could quite possibly be that they KNOW a first hand witness would say otherwise and they are not able to control him.

    154. Pearl on July 21st, 2007 11:57 am

      Janet, how profoundly true.



      How profoundly spoken by Mr. Reynolds: EXACTLY HOW DID THEY DETERMINE SHE WAS DEAD?




      Speak out, Janet! YOU are making perfectly good sense!

      Joran not only wants to get away with GANG raping Natlaee, and MURDERING HER, but now he seems to seek to want to GANG RAPE OUR MINDS INTO THIS NEW DEPRAVITY BEING PROMOTED BY MEN WITH NO CONSCIENCE!




    155. compananzi on July 21st, 2007 11:58 am

      I was wondering what the likely consensus is of what happened next… I believe as an average Joe, I find it hard to follow, and which latest theory was shot down because of this or that reveleation. At best I buy the part where she was driven off that night from C&C. Based now on 2 years worth of goose chasing is the next theory the JVDS house scenario? I d like to know if you offer a reason that if you choose one that you also dispell 2 other competing theories, especially if its at another location..i.e if NH was in JVDS, dispell the Lighthouse or Lorenzo party pad and say why you beileve so. Refrain from saying it really happened cuz you were not there…

    156. Brie on July 21st, 2007 11:58 am

      Fox News is seen via cable in 40 countries…..what we saw was cognitive bias…..neglect of probability…the tendency to completely disregard probability when making a decision under uncertainty.

    157. disgustedmom on July 21st, 2007 12:00 pm

      One more thing before I go take on my day….Not that I think Shango is some innocent bystander, but….Shango mentions Cowboys and we assume that means the Americans. But who comes running to save the day like Cowboys? That would be those who are covering up this crime. The Indians are the ones who would be being attacked.

    158. ben on July 21st, 2007 12:09 pm


    159. JustMe on July 21st, 2007 12:22 pm

      His story panned out? Since when? What a crock of sh*t.

    160. Brie on July 21st, 2007 12:34 pm

      I would say O’Reilly has put FOX NEWS in a liable situation.

    161. 10061906 on July 21st, 2007 12:45 pm

      157: disgustedmom.
      Who comes to save like the cowboys.
      Don’t you remember; it is alway the US Calvery;
      I believe a good analogy to them is SM and all its’ poster/supporters.

    162. Carpe Noctem on July 21st, 2007 12:48 pm

      Refrain from saying it really

      happened cuz you were not there…

      How about you drink a nice cup of STFU,

      and stop telling people what to refrain from here,


      Is that a new hat, or is it your

      @ss up on your shoulders again?

    163. Pearl on July 21st, 2007 12:57 pm

      146 – Janet, I must respond to that compelling post you saved which specifically reiterates yoyo’s revelation that: THE PERSON NEXT TO NATALEE IN THE CASINO VIDEO, IS A “COOK”.

      While I do believe that you are onto something, Janet, let me at least say that perhaps yoyo was PARTIALLY correct.

      The person sitting next to Natalee at the casino video – IS indeed a cook, but not one who creates sustinance for the hungry, nor a cook who serves the HUNGER of others seeking justice.

      THIS COOK – sitting next to Natalee is a cook-er of lies, a cook-er of obstructions to justice, a cook-er of barbaric CRUELTY that CONFINES THAT COOK TO THE TITLE HE EARNED FOR HIMSELF FROM ARUBA’S PROSECUTOR: “CONTAINMENT WITH THE DEAD”.

      This cook – is one who would CONTAIN THE DEAD, and deny her family the nourishment the seek in the form of their baby’s JUSTICE AND TRUTH!

      THIS COOK – is one who would CHOKE the sustenance needed for a child’s life, and then ASSAULT all that remains of her precious body, by inflicting depravity upon her good name.

      This is a cooker of LIES AND DECEPTION, a cooker of DEPRAVITY, a cooker of depraved INDIFFERENCE.



    164. ben on July 21st, 2007 1:00 pm

      I only wish lou Dobbs from cnn, would take up this story,when he gets involved in a story look out.

    165. Brie on July 21st, 2007 1:07 pm

      #158 (Ben)….The only cook that comes into view in this picture is Paulus, the prison cook!

    166. Pearl on July 21st, 2007 1:15 pm

      155 – COMPANZI….

      I didn’t want you to feel that your concerns were being ignored.

      Here in the United States, we feel that it is critical that when you are looking for TRUTHS concerning the SUFFERING OF A VICTIM AND HER FAMILY, that you should defer to those who are doing their best to HONOR what JUSTICE stands for.

      Please use this link, regarding your concern and inquiry:

      FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
      Call (202) 324-3000 or write to the following address:

      Federal Bureau of Investigation
      J. Edgar Hoover Building
      935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
      Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

      Concenring your suggesting that we “pick and choose one or the other” – REGARDING THIS CHILD’S TRUTH, PLEASE TAKE NOTE: THIS CHILD’S TRUTH IS NOT UP FOR THE “PICKINGS”!


      But rather – her truths will indeed be revealed, through the DEPRAVITY of conduct that sought to ERASE HER and HER TRUTHS.

      Other than that, please refer your questions to those men and women whose capacity for HONOR AND INTEGRITY FAR EXCEED any “pickings” for this DEFENSELESS child’s TRUTHS -that you can conjure up in your head.

      This child shall NOT be picked apart, nor shall her TRUTHS be desecrated as ARUBAN MONSTERS DESECRATED HER BODY!

      Find it within your heart to feel a sense of compassion for the cruelty and suffering inflicted upon her parents.
      Otherwise, direct your questions and concerns about NATALEE HOLLOWAY – to men and women of honor and integrity whose actions will far exceed any possible imaginings of what can be conjured up through the “picking selection” process you suggest to UNCOVER HER TRUTHS.



    167. on July 21st, 2007 1:37 pm

      The story was put out on BOR because Aruba is trying to say that tourists are in control of their own destiny on one crappy little island. Don’t take cocaine and you won’t die. But of course SM know better.

      You are not safe on Aruba. You are not safe in Aruba Hotels, restaurants or on the Aruba beach. Why? Because Aruba is only interested in American dollars brought by American Tourists. Aruba does not care what happens to you or your possessions. Criminals roam free on Aruba. Criminals pass out drugs on Aruba. Criminals steal vacationers possessions on Aruba.

      Searches of every possible means were conducted in the past two years.

      >>>>>Dutch Royal Navy fighter jets searched for Natalee above Aruba and couldn’t find any indications that her body was still on the island. The three F16 fighter jets made 11 flights above the island, mapped its entire surface and scanned specific areas by order of the Aruban authorities. According to Dutch Royal Navy Commander Jack Goense,”no trace of Holloway was found during these flights”.
      Aruba is going to close this case. IMO there is no new facts and no body has been found.>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      What a joke! Fighter jets were out mapping the island, not looking for Natalee Holloway. Aruba didn’t even search the prime suspects property for 2 years! Aruba didn’t search Deepak’s car for numerous months. Yeah, Aruba is going to close this case. They also might as well close down the ATA too because Americans are staying away from One Crappy Little Island.

    168. Janet on July 21st, 2007 1:39 pm

      135 … Here’s my two bits:
      Subject: Regarding your Natalee Holloway/cocaine story: Time for you to put up or shut up
      Comment by Richard | July 21, 2007, 9:44 am
      Richard … great letter! Your words inspired me to send a comment to Bill and Geraldo. It is short but … will have to suffice … out-of-town company.
      Geraldo and Bill – you are both furthering an Aruban agenda – an agenda that implies that Joran van der Sloot receives a slap on the wrist and – Paulus van der Sloot, the sons of the elite and those at all levels of the Aruban/Dutch administration who were involved in the coverup in regards to the events encompassing the diappearance of Natalee Holloway – will not be held accountable.
      Geraldo and Bill – your words were an ultimate betrayal to Natalee Holloway – an ultimate betrayal to her family – an ultimate betrayal to one of your own … an American citizen.
      Logic dictates that that this Aruban agenda that FOX is furthering implies that “other Natalees” are at risk. Geraldo and Bill – Joran van der Sloot has yet to learn there consequences for actions that defy the established boundaries of a civilized society.
      Sincerely – Janet


    169. Carpe Noctem on July 21st, 2007 1:46 pm

      Another one added to the

      USA NO FLY list




    170. Alicia on July 21st, 2007 1:50 pm

      Has anyone seen this website? I don’t know what to think of it, especially the part about Natalee being cremated…

    171. Carpe Noctem on July 21st, 2007 1:56 pm

      Good to see Rosie ODonnell coming

      out of hiding to go


      grocery shopping today!

      Hey, she really needs to get out more!!!

    172. Pearl on July 21st, 2007 2:40 pm

      “Joran has to learn there are consequences for actions that defy the established boundaries of a civilized society.” (SM: JANET)

      GREAT LETTER, JANET! I love the specific references you made to the fact that what the Van der Sloots and Kalpoes participated in together, along with ALL obstructors to Natalee’s justice was nothing less than UNCIVILIZED conduct, and indeed, “DEFIES ESTABLISHED BOUNDARIES OF A CIVILIZED SOCIETY”! (SM: JANET)

      And building upon Janet’s wisdom:


      This child’s truths and suffering is not up for the “pickings and the choosings”.

      Her story of barbaric cruelty inflicted upon her, will not be placed upon a predator’s menu, so “cooks” of injustice can “pick” and “choose” which scenario causes THEM the least “discomfort” – even as they sought to “pick and choose” the most DEPRAVED CRIMINAL ACTS to inflict upon this precious baby, that preserved THEIR COMFORT ZONES WHILE THEY GANG RAPED HER AND HEAVY BATTERIED HER BODY.



    173. 10061906 on July 21st, 2007 2:52 pm

      I would go along with your theory of taking Natalee alive off the island for some devious future plans. In order for her not to be recognized a makeover would be necessary; and who better to do a makeover but Guido the makeup artist. And where did he get his experience? He probably got it from assisting his relatives with corpses at the funeral home. That is also a good source of make up supplies such as completion make up and wigs.
      My only problem is this: if it required an experienced organization to pull this off because they wanted to kidnap Natalee; why would they entrust a teenager to pull off the first phase?
      I think I would have to go back to my first premise.
      The game is; pick out a tourist from the hidden cameras in the hotel rooms; make every attempt to get her in the sack first. When Natalee would not respond to many of their advances and altercations from other MBHS students occurred as a result; my guess is revenge. Two things I can never understand: why did Natalee’s friends that she arrived with leave at 11:00PM and Natalee elected to stay behind and why she ever got in the car?
      I guess the way Joran can lie anything is plausible.

    174. Pearl on July 21st, 2007 2:52 pm


      N A T A L E E’ S L A W !!!!
      Bill O’Reilly – the man who became what he professed was unacceptable for the people’s consumption!

    175. sparrow on July 21st, 2007 3:02 pm

      YO YO,

      You make an idiot of yourself>>>>>that’s paulus van der sweat in the video, at the casino, talking to Natalee.
      Do you think we are all blind????????
      paulus the predator, paulus and his son,joran, the murderers.

    176. ben on July 21st, 2007 3:39 pm

      I always thought they creamated Natalees body,,,,,but oreilly gets this info,why now.I belive the ones in power know who murdered her,i do not belive in the sex slave theory,her body was disposed of in a fish cage,the fact that a large company will be involved in the ocean search has scared people.Oreilly suggest Natalee took the cocaine willingly,that info could only come from the person who gave it to her,Sloot Jrs Lawyer taco said the whole story is ridicilous.Oreally must name his source ,privalage does not allow for slander.

    177. JusticeforNatalee on July 21st, 2007 3:46 pm

      O’Reilly’s “bombshell”
      turned out to be nothing but
      a big bomb.

      Now that the Holloway family is refuting
      the allegations–Aruba’s latest
      malicious attempt to smear Natalee
      has BACKFIRED

    178. Pearl on July 21st, 2007 3:47 pm

      Some more food for thought, 1906 …

      Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB)

      Slang or Street Names: Grievous Bodily Harm, G, Liquid Ecstasy, Georgia Home Boy

      GHB can be produced in clear liquid, white powder, tablet, and capsule forms, and it is often used in combination with alcohol, making it even more hazardous.

      GHB has been increasingly involved in poisonings, overdoses, drug-facilitated sexual assaults (such as “date rapes”), and fatalities.

      The drug is used predominantly by adolescents and young adults – often when they attend nightclubs and raves – and is prominent in many gay male communities.

      • GHB is usually abused either for its intoxicating/sedating/euphoria-inducing properties or for its growth hormone-releasing effects.

      • Chemicals that can be converted by the body into GHB include gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) and 1,4- butanediol (BD), which are found in a number of products that are labeled as cleaning agents and are often sold over the Internet and in retail stores.

      • GHB is a central nervous system depressant and its intoxicating effects begin 10 to 20 minutes after the drug is taken. The effects typically last UP TO 4 HOURS, DEPENDING ON THE DOSAGE. AT HIGHER DOSES: GHB’s sedative effects may result in sleep, coma, OR DEATH.

      • GHB is cleared from the body relatively quickly (in approximately 2 hours). There are no GHB detection tests for use in emergency rooms and many clinicians are unfamiliar with it, so many GHB incidents go UNDETECTED.



      - increased heart rate and blood pressure
      - nausea
      - jaw tightness
      - compulsive chewing and teeth clenching
      - anxiety, panic
      - *Health risks increase when ecstacy is combined with other drugs
      - Concerns for overheating can cause death

      - produces intoxication characterized by decreased levels of ‘thinking’ = a zombie like affect.

      GHB: can be administered in liquid form

      - difficult for law enforcement to detect
      - overdose can result in increased respiration and death

      1906 – if the intent is to KIDNAP without even the slightest protest by the victim, so that GANG RAPE can proceed as planned, along with God only knows what else – then not only is it plausible, particularly given WHAT NATALEE”S FRIENDS NOTICED particularly concerning what she TOLD them she was going to do – and WHAT HAPPENED, as well as what they noticed about her eyes… it seems quite clear that the ZOMBIE LIKE AFFECT that RENDERED HER COMPLETELY HELPLESS, is the same ZOMBIE LIKE AFFECT that AIDED THEM IN THEIR PLOT TO KIDNAP HER.

      1906 – Natalee never “went with” them.
      She was going back to her hotel with her Mountain Brook friends – but, that’s NOT where she ended up, is it?

      Natalee never “got into” the car “with” them, because she was RENDERED COMPLETELY HELPLESS and UNABLE TO THINK, TO CHOOSE, TO PROTECT HERSELF AND SECURE HER OWN SAFETY.


      PS: 1906 – great suggestions by you,in your earlier 145 post.

      Agree wholeheartedly 1906 with your 149 post, with the addition that in PAULUS LIES “NO BODY, NO CASE”!

      “IN JORAN LIES THE ANSWERS.” ( SM: 1906)


    179. Meee on July 21st, 2007 4:06 pm

      Little off the trek of the conversation. As usual. There’s an Article in the National Examiner with a picture of Natalee on the cover. Didn’t get a chance to grab it

    180. Maggie on July 21st, 2007 4:55 pm

      Companzi, All three of the suspects claimed they went to the lighthouse and Joran was doing all kinds of sexual things in great detail with Natalee and they said Natalee fell asleep, passed out and they had to wake her. Joran also described her private body parts and her underwear. Apparently he went home and told mommy, because when Greta and Beth went to the Sloots home to talk to the parents.. Anita sat there and told Beth in gross detail all the sexual stuff. Later, Greta said she felt like crawling under the table. Then Joran said it was all made up, didn’t happen after he was lawyered up. Even read some police statements given by witnesses, He and his father are in possession of over 1000 of the police statements..according to court documents. Then he says he didn’t go to the lighthouse, because a night guard who gave a statement says noone was there that night.. He told that on Greta’s interview. For some reason Deepak and Satish weren’t in possession of 1000 police statements or I’m sure they could change their statements to fit them too. It’s all about the VDS’s. I’m not saying the Kalpoes aren’t part of it. Does anyone think for a minute that if this were the Kalpoes alone, it would’ve been over and done 2 years ago?

      Imagine how conflicted it looks to have one the father’s good friends(Straten) investigating his (Joran) son.

      Do you know anyone who confesses to all kinds of sexual stuff in detail in a missing girl case and then later says they made it up? I’ve heard of people denying anything happen, but the opposite? Never.. Fishermen on the beach says he wasn’t there.. If the shoes were left there and never found, they would wash back up.. how likely or what a coincidence that if anyone found those shoes they wouldn’t turn them over to the cops? What would they gain by hiding them?

      Too many coincidences and no logic in their stories. Here’s Natalee for 18 years a good girl, responsible, who achieved what many don’t in 90 years, reliable and level headed and stayed with her group all week. In walks these 3 and all at once Natalee became irresponisble and making up lies, calling people slaves, wanting to stay on a dark beach in a foreign country alone at 3am, leaving with strangers.arguing with them and acting mean because he had no condom. I don’t buy it.

    181. Dan in Tx on July 21st, 2007 5:04 pm

      There’s a lot of good hearted, sympathetic, and absolutely furious people here. I’m glad to see that.

      How do we translate that anger for this girl and this family into meaningful action? It’s a question I’ve asked many times. I know what I am quietly doing to help…it involves circumventing Aruba entirely but the theory it addresses doesn’t get a lot of support, mostly due to narrow-mindedness and a lack of education on the facts.

      But that is beside the point. What do we do if and when the Dutch close this case? On the one hand I hope that they’re smarting from the effect this is having on the Kingdom’s reputation and economy. On the other hand, I fear that as long as they have to play by that idiotic and short-sighted status aparte they can only do so much, allowing one tiny piece of crap part of the kingdom dictate to Beatrix herself.

      Red, Tom- please. Take charge. Get us organized. Let’s translate this anger into results!

    182. Maggie on July 21st, 2007 5:24 pm

      If anyone has any questions how a police cover up works, read the new book by James Patterson called “The Quickie” Only takes 1 dirty cop, looks like Natalee’s had triple that.. In the book a female cop thinks her husband is having an affair, so she starts having one with another male cop. When her husband leaves town for business, she brings the cop over to her house, as he is leaving later on, she sees her husband killing the cop out front of their home.. Turns out he didn’t leave town. Next day, the cop was found dead, and left behind 3 kids and a wife, unknown to the woman cop. To avoid her husband getting in trouble, and her name in the mud, the female cop begins to “fix” the evidence and disappear things. One of James Patterson’s best books. Hard to put it down.

    183. Janet on July 21st, 2007 5:44 pm

      I sent the follow comment to:
      Missing in Paradise:
      Natalee Holloway vanished over two years ago. Now Geraldo joins Bill to reveal a startling new twist in this mystery

      To Whom it may Concern:
      Geraldo and Bill’s July 19, 2007 “breaking news” was not a revelation … it was not “a startling new twist”. Attempts to blame Natalee Holloway for her own demise is an Aruban agenda that has been ongoing.
      Sincerely, Janet

      Gerold Dompig – Chief of Police
      March 22, 2006
      Wherever she was, police now think that while Natalee was with Joran, she died suddenly from an overdose of intoxicants. “We feel strongly that she probably went into shock or something happened to her system with all this alcohol maybe on top of that other drugs which either she took or they gave her and that she just collapsed,” says Dompig. The crime, Dompig suspects, occurred when the body was illegally disposed of. The boys may have acted alone. “We’re not talking about killers here,” he says.
      Robin Holloway
      March 24, 2006
      ROBIN HOLLOWAY, NATALEE HOLLOWAY’S STEPMOTHER: It sounds like they’re trying to say, “Well, she had too much booze, too much drug use, and, as a result, she caused her own death.” I have known Natalee for 13 or 14 years. She is not a drug user. She does not abuse drugs. The only drug we know that she was on at that time was a Z-pac for a sinus infection. If she was drugged, it was because of the last drink Joran gave her …

    184. Susan on July 21st, 2007 6:12 pm

      Pearl, I certainly admire Deetch’s views and his very creative writing on his blog “Aruba Dirty Police” :-)

      Can anyone tell me who Shango is? I started reading Shango’s Riddle in Dave’s book, but never finished it :-( I actually met Dave on April 22nd, 2006, at a book signing in Brookwood. I couldn’t say much to him for fear of saying something wrong and breaking down in tears :-( I admire his strength and determination to find Natalee.



    185. Nut44x4 on July 21st, 2007 6:43 pm

      Only Shango knows who Shango is.

    186. Pearl on July 21st, 2007 6:44 pm

      181 – Dan in Tx…

      Perhaps an answer lies for us within the profound wisdom of a writer named Deetch who calls for the creation of:


      If status aparte ( becoming an autonomous state within the kingdom of the Netherlands) is the Netherlands excuse for its failure to address the barbaric human rights violations inflicted not only upon Natalee’s mother and father and her family – but egregious human rights violations inflicted upon Natalee – THE VICTIM, then perhaps we need to consider our own AUTONOMY and the power we hold as INDIVIDUAL STATES who together form a UNION.

      Status aparte is being used as an excuse not to address the barbaric human rights violations that were inflicted upon Natalee and held her prisoneer to a CONFINEMENT INFLICTED UPON HER by savages.

      Now, if the Netherlands has the means by which it supports Aruba, despite claims of Aruba to status aparte and claims by the Netherlands that status aparte impedes its ability to hold Aruba accountable for these barbaric human rights violations inflicted upon an American citizen – then, perhaps the following needs to take place…

      1. Does Aruba enjoy the position of status aparte, while continuing to benefit from direct funding sources from the Netherlands that would suggest that Aruba is not as “independent” from the Netherlands as we are led to believe? In other words, do we REALLY understand the agreement between Aruba and the Netherland concerning its’ status aparte, and might there be some avenues being used that fall outside the status aparte relationship, that might suggest that Aruba is not as independent as it appears, and therefore, which warrants the Netherlands is indeed responsible for taking more serious action concerning the Netherland’s addressing the barbaric human rights violations that Aruba sanctioned against Natalee Holloway – AND HER FAMILY, particularly HER PARENTS?

      It’s just a thought, that perhaps is deserving of closer scrutiny.

      2. We each are citizens of various states across the nation. Perhaps Deetch has an excellent idea, that might find its’ expression through our own little “status aparte” initiatives – that allow us to by pass clear limitations that at this time – our State Dept. is held to, but whereby such status that allows us as individuals states to express our outrage over the human rights violations inflicted upon an American citizen: Natalee Holloway, and upon her family members. (There are multiple violations against the family, and against Natalee, I believe). Such an example of our own “status aparte” might be found in the initiation of a travel boycott to Aruba, which several states in our South signed on to support. Perhaps another project that could be instituted from state to state ( in addition to the travel boycott to Aruba and all Dutch territories), is perhaps a call for the institution of TRAVEL PROTECTION RIGHTS FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS, PARTICULARLY OUR YOUTH. As DEETCH SUGGESTS: A NATALEE’S LAW COULD BE CREATED, AND SOUGHT SUPPORT FOR, STATE BY STATE ACROSS THE NATION.

      Dan in Tx…these are just suggestions about ideas based on what I experienced as an honest assessment concerning the horrific suffering that Natalee’s family continues to be subjected to, with no end in sight, of which Deetch wrote about at his site – ( ) where he calls for the institution of a NATALEE’S LAW.

      I think his idea is profound, and given the fact that Aruba enjoys status aparte – perhaps we need to use our own “status aparte” to HONOR THIS AMERICAN CHILD, AND HER RIGHT TO COME HOME, HER FAMILY’S RIGHT TO HER TRUTH, AND THEIR RIGHTS TO HER JUSTICE BEING SERVED!

      Perhaps we need to create a state-by-state initiate ( that would by pass the restrictions that our Dept. of State faces) and thus allows Americans to be informed STATE BY STATE, by their LOCAL government that based on REPORTS of VICTIMIZATIONS OF AMERICANS to various so called “friendly territories” – that Americans have the RIGHT to BE INFORMED, of such barbaric acts of cruelty, and human rights violations as has been inflicted upon Natalee Holloway. Such initiatives could call for ALL TRAVEL INDUSTRYS OPERATING IN THE USA, MUST INFORM AMERICANS OF REPORTS FILED THRU THE STATE DEPT. BY THEIR FAMILIES, OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, AND OTHER ACTS OF SUSPICION CONCERNING HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS.

      It would indeed be powerful if such an initiative could be led by Natalee’s friends.

    187. yoyo muffintop on July 21st, 2007 6:55 pm

      #175 – why don’t you send an e-mail to Art Wood asking him if that is PVDS in the video. He’ll tell ya “no”. Seriously, ask. It’s already been determined. Hey think what ya want, but it’s just not true. It’s that “unique hairline” that’s got you still convinced?:)

    188. Pearl on July 21st, 2007 7:11 pm

      Piggy-backing off of 186 –

      Perhaps, if such an initiative were to be pursued, perhaps we could ask our friends from other countries to join us, in a spirit of unity and support for two very traumatized parents and their families, in the creation of a NATALEE’S LAW in their country. NO FAMILY SHOULD EVER GO THROUGH AGAIN, WHAT THE TWITTY-HOLLOWAY FAMILY HAS SUFFERED!

      Such a law could protect young people from around the world, and put an end to savage barabaric indifference to the cruelty and suffering inflicted upon victims as has been inflicted upon Natalee and upon her beautiful family.

      Such a law would be a lasting tribute to Natalee Holloway and breathe new life into OUR POWER as citizens to demand that HUMAN RIGHTS of TOURISTS BE HONORED, RESPECTED AND UPHELD.

      Yoyo, why don’t you ask Paulus why he led a HOLIDAY INN LIE MEETING, at his property, to PLOT lies to tell Beth and Dave and their family regarding WHAT HAPPENED TO NATALEE?

      In fact, yoyo – would you please ask Paulus exactly WHAT TIME he was “awakened” on May 31, as Beth arrived at his door step, and WHY he changed his “wake up” time from 3 AM to 2 AM?

      YOYO: You were not meant to be like them! Choose to be a life-giving force in this world, yoyo!


    189. Janet on July 21st, 2007 7:27 pm

      187 … 175 why don’t you send an e-mail to Art Wood asking him if that is PVDS in the video. He’ll tell ya “no”. Seriously, ask. It’s already been determined. Hey think what ya want, but it’s just not true. It’s that “unique hairline” that’s got you still convinced?:)
      Comment by yoyo muffintop | July 21, 2007, 6:55 pm

      yoyo … please send an email to Jossy Mansur and convey to him that he is outright fabricating his words to Dana Pretzer regarding Paulus van der Sloot being the person conversing with Natalee Holloway at the Black Jack table.
      yoyo … the following words of Beth Twitty were spoken months prior to the release of the casino video tapes. Could it be that one of Natalee’s friends had already revealed that Paulus van der Sloot and Natalee had an encounter on the evening of May 29, 2005. I assume that Beth derived her words from some foundation.

      Beth Twitty
      ‘Rita Cosby Live & Direct’
      September 19, 2005
      HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well, there was a phone call made. And it was just really having me refer to-you know, I’d only mentioned the fact I had gotten from prosecuting attorney as far as the open line of credit, and that Joran is in his casino gambling, and I don’t think there was ever a question that Joran and Paulus Van Der Sloot had been in that Excelsior Casino, and, PARTICULARLY, ON THE NIGHT OF THE 29TH WHERE HE AND HIS FATHER MET NATALEE.

    190. Meee on July 21st, 2007 7:31 pm

      It’s time for Beth or Dave or Both to go on O’Reilly and call him on his comments.

    191. ben on July 21st, 2007 7:35 pm

      yo yo ,you said it was proven,,, tell me where i can read it,tell all of us who are unaware of the info you have where we can read it,,,,for get art wood ,,,you give me the info. PS DAVE HOLLOWAY WILL BE ON GERALDOS SHOW TONITE

    192. Maggie on July 21st, 2007 7:42 pm

      On April 3, 2006 JOHN Q. KELLY stated to MSNBC: COSBY . John, first of all, is there a possibility that Paulus might have been talking to Natalee the night that she disappeared?

      JOHN Q. KELLY, HOLLOWAY FAMILY ATTORNEY: Well, if you look at the surveillance video footage, it appears that he’s the one sitting directly next to her and tries to engage her in conversation a couple of times. And it’s sort of ironic that it’s his father who brought his underage son to a casino and left him there after he left, with access to his line of credit, to put this unfortunate chain of events in process.

      COSBY: And did he ever say that he had talked to Natalee or not before?

      KELLY: No, it’s never even been addressed before whether or not that’s Paulus in the videotape there sitting next to her. And it certainly appears to be to me.

      September 20, 2005

      HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well, there was a phone call made. And it was just really having me refer to-you know, I’d only mentioned the fact I had gotten from prosecuting attorney as far as the open line of credit, and that Joran is in his casino gambling, and I don’t think there was ever a question that Joran and Paulus Van Der Sloot had been in that Excelsior Casino, and, particularly, on the night of the 29th where he and his father met Natalee.

      KIMBERLY’S SOURCES,2933,198887,00.html
      June 9, 2006

      Kimberly Guilfoyle: What we do know is that Joran and the Kalpoe brothers were the last people seen with Natalee Holloway, which is the reason why they still remain to this day the main suspects in the case. As for Paulus, sources say he is the person next to Natalie in the casino

      STEVE COHEN…. Last time anyone seen him on TV…just another coincidence..
      April 4, 2006

      COSBY: You know, Steve, have you heard these claims that, in this video-there’s this surveillance video that we saw in the casino that was showed a while back-that Paulus Van Der Sloot may be in the casino actually even talking to Natalee. And what we just heard from John, it doesn’t sound like that was asked of him before, if he actually even engaged in some conversation with her that night.

      COHEN: I have to say that, unfortunately, I have not had a chance to view that tape. I’ve been in transit in the last 24 hours. Once I get a look at it, I think I’ll be able to give you a better comment.

      Just another coincidence that Joran is playing Texas Hold ‘em with Thomas Twitty, and later that night Natalee disappears?.

      GRACE: When was it you talked to the player in this case? I thought it was that night.

      B. TWITTY: It was that night, but it took us a while to find them. We had to — there are several things that went on, Nancy.

      We reviewed video footage from the Excelsior Casino, where Joran had been playing with Jug`s nephew, Thomas Twitty (ph), at a Texas Hold `Em table, so we could lay eyes on him and see him.

      GRACE: That was before Natalee went missing, that night, that`s when the video came from.

      B. TWITTY: Yes

    193. Pearl on July 21st, 2007 7:58 pm

      Building on 186 and 188 – off an idea from Deetch at, where Deetch calls for the institution of NATALEE’S LAW, I wonder whether ALL MISSING PARENTS OF US CITIZENS, might be willing to JOIN BETH AND DAVE and their families in the calling for legislation – state by state / or if they so choose, at the federal level, that would call for the protection of human rights of American tourists traveling abroad by holding the tourism industry, travel agents HERE in the USA to be required to INFORM traveling tourists BEFORE selection of a tourist destination, of ANY reports filed with Dept. of State regarding human rights violations of tourists, and in particular – of our children.

      I wonder if Amy Bradley’s mom and dad, and other parents of victimized American citizens would be willing to stand with BETH AND DAVE for the RIGHTS OF CHILDREN, to be protected, through measure taken HERE in the USA, that include the rights of Americans to be INFORMED of all acts of violence inflicted upon American citizens abroad, that may not currently be on the travel advisory list of the Dept. of State.

      …. just a thought.

      God bless Natalee.
      God bless Tim of Equusearch, on his journey to finding Natalee, and may he be guided to finding her, so that she may finally be brought back to her homeland and to her loving family, who have suffered for two long years with not knowing what happened to her, or where she was taken to.

      God speed, Tim !

    194. ben on July 21st, 2007 8:01 pm

      I remember seeing sloot jrs Lawyer Taco on some news show he was asked about the casino video,,he said we have never claimed that paul vandersloot was not in the casino , He would not confirm or denie it was paul that says it all.

    195. serenity on July 21st, 2007 8:06 pm

      # 170 Concerning the website you mentioned.
      Look at the photo of Paulus and his 2 sons with a drink in his Left hand,looks just like the hand in the casino video. Too much to be a coincidence.

    196. 10061906 on July 21st, 2007 8:10 pm

      Rohypnol when used as a date rape drug it is called a “roofi”.
      The drug is “banned” in the US, is manufactured in the Netherlands and is easily obtained in the Caribbean. It is used as a sleeping pill or a sedative for pre-op surgery. The drug is extremely dangerous when mixed with alcohol. (Obviously) When one is administering the roofi the exact dosage is required. If exceeded death can occur. If this were Joran’s first use of Rohynol; he may have exceeded the dosage. Also: Natalee I believe was taking a prescription drug for a sinus infection. Not knowing her prescription drug, one can only surmise that the end result was a lethal cocktail. Added to that maybe “Something Dreaming was used on her. The gay community is familiar with this technique. Thank you for telling us that Guido is gay. Now since I brought up Guido. Maybe Joran is AC/DC and a jealous lover, not necessarily a FEMALE, was responsible for her death. He may have been requested to get Natalee another cocktail but made one lethal out of jealousy. Or a fight erupted and Natalee was injured before the fighting could be stopped. Or Guido was administering “Something Dreaming” and would not stop. Remember he is the only one charged with heavy battery.
      Also let’s up the anti on “Hump the Tourist” game by the pimps. The first one in the sack with the chosen tourist wins. But what is the prize? Maybe the elders supply cash rewards for the prize. Hitting the “jackpot” was not only did they get a female tourist, but also they got the one that Paulus selected from the casino. Someone had to call Joran to get over to C and C’s. His rendition is so nonchalant. I wasn’t going to go. I did not know her name. I really liked Ruth better. (Didn’t I read that Ruth and Natalee shared the same bed.)? Yes he did and Joran was probably outvoted when they reviewed the tapes from the hidden cameras.
      Maybe that is were Joran picked up on the lesbian bit. If two guys share a bed what are they? But if two women share a bed they are lesbians?
      Maybe if my mother were home I would not have gone to C and C’s. It would have happened to someone else. That’s right because mama sloot would not let papa sloot use the main living quarters for their sex games.
      Paulus’ timeline is so screwed up because he is trying to establish an alibi and detract from his House. I picked up Joran and Natalee at 11:00PM, which we know is BS. Where was Paulus? Unknown. Where was Joran? At home? Where was Natalee at Carlos and Charlie’s. Strike one papa sloot. I picked Joran up at McDonalds at 4:00AM. Strike two. Joran was picked up by Satish. Foul ball. Joran/Deepak I walked home. Strike three.
      Even the father and son can’t agree on which lie to use.
      The other part of this game is to consistently lie so that the truth becomes so obfuscated no truth can be determined.
      That is exactly what is happening in New Jersey. A woman has lied so many times in this murder case; the prosecutor’s office is having difficulty bringing her to trial.

    197. yoyo muffintop on July 21st, 2007 8:21 pm

      #178 Pearl:
      Euphoria (BAC = 0.03 to 0.12%)
      Subject may experience an overall improvement in mood and possible euphoria.
      They may become more self-confident or daring.
      Their attention span shortens. They may look flushed.
      Their judgment is not as good – they may express the first thought that comes to mind, rather than an appropriate comment for the given situation.
      They have trouble with fine movements, such as writing or signing their name.
      Lethargy (BAC = 0.09 to 0.25%)
      Subject may become sleepy
      They have trouble understanding or remembering things, even recent events. They do not react to situations as quickly.
      Their body movements are uncoordinated; they begin to lose their balance easily, stumbling; walking is not stable.
      Their vision becomes blurry. They may have trouble sensing things (hearing, tasting, feeling, etc.).
      Confusion (BAC = 0.18 to 0.30%)
      Profound confusion – uncertain where they are or what they are doing. Dizziness and staggering occur.
      Heightened emotional state – aggressive, withdrawn, or overly affectionate. Vision, speech, and awareness are impaired.
      Poor coordination and pain response. Nausea and vomiting often occur.
      Stupor (BAC = 0.25 to 0.40%)
      Movement severely impaired; lapses in and out of consciousness.
      Subjects can slip into a coma; will become completely unaware of surroundings, time passage, and actions.
      Risk of death is very high due to alcohol poisoning and/or pulmonary aspiration of vomit while unconscious.
      Coma (BAC = 0.35 to 0.50%)
      Unconsciousness sets in.
      Reflexes are depressed (i.e., pupils do not respond appropriately to changes in light).
      Breathing is slower and more shallow. Heart rate drops. Death usually occurs at levels in this range.
      Death (BAC more than 0.50%)
      Can cause central nervous system to fail, resulting in death.

      Six 151′s (or red fires) in an hour for a 100lb person will get you to .45%. But I know it sounds better if ghb is involved.

      SM: You want to explain how Natalee was drinking red fires while she was dancing on the stage at CnC? (klaasend)

    198. yoyo muffintop on July 21st, 2007 8:45 pm

      #197 – uh…I did 6 drinks while dancing thursday night. you gotta get out more. it’s simple.

      Maggie, I will preface this by saying I believe the geraldo/bor deal was bs. But it is proven that alcohol & nicotine are gateway drugs to cocaine:
      - Children who use marijuana are 85 times more likely to use cocaine than non-marijuana users. (Ninety percent of children who used marijuana smoked or drank first.)
      - Children who drink are 50 times more likely to use cocaine than non-drinkers.
      - Children who smoke are 19 times more likely to use cocaine than nonsmokers.
      “No matter how we looked at the numbers, whether the user was white, black, male or female, the statistical connection between smoking, drinking or using marijuana and subsequent illicit drug use is clear,” said Califano. (The Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse)

      It is possible. I am not sure why it’s so important to believe otherwise.

    199. Brie on July 21st, 2007 8:45 pm

      yoyo fried dough….Natalee’s fate was Joran.. she was fine until Joran showed up…let’s put the blames where it belongs. He was there illegally…Natalee was there legally. He’s done this 20 times before. Go flip your pancakes! Your a pain in the ass!

    200. nychic (back in tx) on July 21st, 2007 8:57 pm


      yoyo -

      How Many Times Do We Have To Bring Up Those Stupid

      Have We Not Already Established That The Holiday Inn
      Is An All Inclusive and DOES NOT USE 151 Rum In Their
      Cheap Watered Down Drinks ?

      BTW – You Are So FOS – Where Is Your Proof That Natalee
      Drank Six Drinks In That Amount of Time ?

      She Was Drinking Bottled Water In The Casino Video !!!

    201. nychic (back in tx) on July 21st, 2007 9:03 pm


      Geraldo Just Interviewed Dave Holloway On Fox

    202. John Abrams on July 21st, 2007 9:15 pm

      Actually this story seems rather plausible to me.


    203. ala_gunslinger on July 21st, 2007 9:19 pm

      I suppose I should ‘weigh In’ on this…..

      I’m gettin’ fed up with the repetitious BS!

      WE KNOW what happened, go ahead and admit it!!!!!

      Let’s fix this INJUSTICE!!!!

    204. 10061906 on July 21st, 2007 9:39 pm

      Hi Nychic: If you have followed my posts you know how I feel about Natalee and this case. However I have to differ with you slightly. Yes Natalee may have had a water bottle in front of her, but running the tape frame by frame she actually is sipping from a straw in a glass. We could assume it is water from the bottle.
      But of course my feeling about the tape is it has been altered.

      Jossy specially states there is a law that will get Joran eight years.

      Here are quite a few videos. Play the one by Jossy Mansur, it should be the first one. Then look at the casino tape.

    205. Carpe Noctem on July 21st, 2007 9:40 pm

      hiyas Nychic,

      It is all the moron has…

      He wants it to be all like “Bomb Shell Bottle Rocket”

      …but it is more “Dinky Like Slinky”

      … if you get my drift?


      Latest Nat Video…


      Geraldo At Large 7.21.2007 8p edt show

      coming up.

    206. Janet on July 21st, 2007 9:49 pm

      199 … Natalee’s fate was Joran.. she was fine until Joran showed up…let’s put the blames where it belongs. He was there illegally…Natalee was there legally. He’s done this 20 times before.
      Comment by Brie | July 21, 2007, 8:45 pm
      ‘Rita Cosby Live & Direct’
      April 3, 2006
      KELLY: Well, if you look at the surveillance video footage, it appears that he’s the one sitting directly next to her and tries to engage her in conversation a couple of times. And it’s sort of ironic that it’s his father who brought his underage son to a casino and left him there after he left, with access to his line of credit, to put this unfortunate chain of events in process. You know, if Joran had never been there, not been allowed in there, because he’s underage and wasn’t accompanied by his father, the whole rest of the night wouldn’t have happened.

    207. Richard on July 21st, 2007 10:07 pm

      1006 — My idea in Natalee being trafficked abroad was not so much that it was planned from the beginning, but that someone intervened in whatever the situation was. It became a fait accompli.

      It is possible that, if Joran and his friends were psychotic enough, it was planned. That certainly could be.

      But I’m more inclined to think that a situation arose where it became clear that they could not let Natalee go. And someone else got involved who offered … maybe at the point of a gun … to take her off their hands. And they agreed. The father could easily have been in on it.

      All sorts of possibilities, most definitely including the idea that a girlfriend of one of the Pimps might have been involved.

    208. Richard on July 21st, 2007 10:13 pm

      Pearl (#193) … I will be pleased to pass your idea on to the Bradleys if you want. Are you aware that (according to my contact at Beth’s group, Safe Travels International), there is NO ONE AGENCY in the whole U.S. government that keeps tabs on missing Americans abroad?

      The State Department has a list of deaths abroad, but apparently not a list of missing persons.

      That seems beyond belief to me in this day and age.

    209. on July 21st, 2007 10:14 pm

      Yo You Dear, you simply must keep up. Natalee was reportedly drinking red fires in the wee hours of the morning of the day where she later disappeared that night. Meaning, more than 12 hours has transpired. We SAW Natalee walk into the Casino, despite the wrong hours on the video tape, we know that it was somewhere after 7PM when the girls reportedly had dinner. We also know that at that time Natalee shows absolutely NO signs of intoxication. We later have a still camera picture of Natalee at CnC. We can tell that she probably has been drinking as her face is slightly flushed (difficult to know the exact lighting and operation of camera) but we also know she is not stumbling drunk because she is dancing.

      Aruba loves to play little games like this “misspeaking” the actual facts.

      We altering reports from Deepak and Joran from she was totally drunk to she had been drinking but totally knew what she was doing. So we will have to go with her friends statements which said she had been drinking but was totally coherent.

      Aruba can spin and spin and spin but unfortunately they have a big problem with their spin fitting the known facts. One thing is for sure, before you blame the victim, you should at least have your fact straight.

    210. 10061906 on July 21st, 2007 10:32 pm

      Who ever was looking for PVDS’s computer search on drugs and alcohol that night: still looking.
      However at one time I did download it. It really does not make too much sense. They googled alcohol and bear.
      Could they have meant (BEER)?
      There is mention of “drugs” but no specific one.
      References to “onderllggende int sites and gezocht- images-drugs.

    211. disgustedmom on July 21st, 2007 10:37 pm

      Does anyone recall one MBie said they saw Deepak leading Natalee out of the bar by the elbow at one point?

      Do you know who leads people by the elbow? Bouncers do (and cops of course) because they are not supposed to touch your ‘body’ for obvious reasons.

      Was Deepak playing bouncer?

      Natalee’s friends saw her also with Joran outside CC’s, but specifically stated they were not touching or talking. I think, as I recall, the Deepak sighting was later. So what was up with that, ya reckon?

      No one actually saw how Natalee got to the Kalpoe date-rape machine. No one actually saw her walk away with Joran either. Just how and when did she move toward the back lot of CCs and get into the car?

      I know it sounds like a trivial curiosity…but if Deepak did lead her out by the elbow/playing bouncer…then it seems Natalee may have almost diverted the game. Like, maybe she felt woozy from being drugged and went back inside CC’s after her friends saw her outside with Joran nearby….maybe to the bathroom? And maybe Deepak forced her out again and PUT her in a ‘taxi’….that maybe Satish had warmed up and ready. (I don’t like Deepak’s overly detailed story of who left when and who got in first second and last and by what door anyway. Too much information if you know what I mean.)

      Of course, that doesn’t explain why Natalee would voluntarily stay in the ‘taxi’ with Joran after her friends told her to get out. Unless, the drug makes you start out feeling weird, then turns to euphoria. Does anyone know? How about you, yoyo? How does that work?

      OH, and while I’m at it, yoyo….you need to stop watching Law and Order SUV. I saw that show the other night too where they had that 110 pound girl Natalee’s height ODing on booze and her blood/alcohol was .45 and they said it was a lethal amount for a girl her size and weight.

    212. 10061906 on July 21st, 2007 11:22 pm

      Does anyone know Lorenzo’s status?
      Jail? No Jail? Charges? No Charges?
      The translation of the rest of Joran’s book?
      I realize it is a lot of work but I’m more interested in that fictional translation then Henry errrr Harry Potter.

      SM: Last I heard Lorenzo is still in jail (klaasend)

    213. IndyDan on July 21st, 2007 11:23 pm

      Richard – your message to Fox was nothing short of direct and right on the money. I’ll go so far as to say that’s what drove the Geraldo apologetic segment tonite.

      As for YoYo- she’s just an unhappy person needing attention every once in a while. Best way to deal with this loser is to ignore her.

    214. Scared Monkeys on July 21st, 2007 11:35 pm

      [...] Since When Does Bill O’Reilly Report Unconfirmed FACTOR News? Natalee Holloway Died of Cardiac… [...]

    215. sparrow on July 22nd, 2007 12:09 am

      BOR is FOS. He’s a bully.

    216. Maggie on July 22nd, 2007 12:28 am

      Give it a rest, Natalee wasn’t a crackhead, because she had some alcohol. She was on vacation celebrating her graduation with her friends and legally drinking. Everyone in the group made it back just fine except the one who was whisked off to the side bar in a rush of people to serve her up rum151 straight. She had every right to party and enjoy what she achieved without some bozo sitting around for hours planning how to get there underage and get one of them. I’ve drank on vacations before and I’m not an alcoholic and have never used cocaine. Natalee wasn’t a crackhead, no matter how many times a few try to say it.

      Here’s a guy who lied about who he was, his age, was gambling underage, drinking underage in a casino, lied to Natalee,supposedly sneaked out of the house, was in CnC underage and drinking and all at once he became mr. morally correct and said im going home i have no condom.. right.

    217. nychic (back in tx) on July 22nd, 2007 1:12 am

      Thanks For The Casino Drink Clarification

      I Never Tried To Insinuate That Natalee Was Not Drinking
      Everyone Was Drinking –

      Natalee Certainly Did Not Act Wild & Drunk –
      Matter of Fact – None of The Girls Appeared That Way
      She Did Not Seem Drunk At C&C’s Either –
      Just Hot From Dancing – Not Much AC In There -

      BTW – yoyo
      This “Cook” you mention – they wouldn’t happen
      to work for Angela would they ?
      Another Renfro-ism at best !

    218. Pearl on July 22nd, 2007 1:22 am

      208 = Richard…

      Richard, I hope that all Natalee’s friends will unite together to advocate for NATLAEE’S LAW, as suggested by DEETCH, a man with more courage and integrity, with a passion for Natalee’s justice, than the entire ALE in ARUBA. This is not to discredit any good cops they may have there, but simply to raise awareness of the good ONE PERSON CAN DO, with something as simple as integrity in their back pocket.

      Deetch proposed the idea of NATALEE’S LAW, and I have simply tried to offer some suggestions on how it might get off the ground and flying high over all the states throughout America. If our international friends feel passionately about the human rights of a child DESERVING of protection, and the right for NATALEE to COME HOME, then perhaps they too would consider joining us in instituting such a proposal.

      Natalee Holloway’s human rights were violated.
      Her family’s human rights were violated and Americans deserve the RIGHT to be INFORMED about the dangers that lurk in places like ARUBA, due to corruption and collusion within the very infrastructures that are supposed to HELP TOURISTS in times of danger and need. No such help was ever afforded to Natalee nor to her family. Americans deserve the RIGHT TO BE INFORMED OF THE TRUTH.

      NATALEE’S LAW could offer such informed choices so that parents could be aware of WHERE these egregious violations of human rights inflicted upon our American children – are taking place.

      I truly do believe that numerous entities would join in support of such legislation that would incorporate American’s right to know about any acts of criminal assaults on our children that go unreported by countries like Aruba ( who are quite happy to keep Natalee as one of the “missing”, and therefore, they do not have to “COUNT HER” as one of the MURDERED AMERICANS victimized in Aruba.

      It’s time for Natalee Holloway TO BE COUNTED, Richard!
      It’s time for her voice to be heard.

      If family members, and friends unite together in this child’s name, I do believe awareness can and would be raised throughout America concerning THE TRUTH of WHAT happened to Natalee Holloway on the last night of her vacation in Aruba ( amidst all the OTHER EVENTS that happened prior to her being taken away from all her loved ones, before “CONTAINMENT WITH THE DEAD” was INFLICTED upon her by the predators who took her life away – forever.

      Richard, I do believe that if parents of other missing children ( both domestic cases, and those with missing children abducted abroad) were to STAND TOGETHER WITH BETH AND DAVE, that NATALEE’S LAW COULD BECOME VERY POWERFUL LEGISLATION FOR CHILDREN EVERWHERE, AND PERHAPS BEYOND OUR OWN BORDERS.

      I also believe that numerous organizations would most likely support such legislation:

      - Sherrifs associations
      - Police officers organizations
      - teachers organizations
      - parents pta’s in schools across America
      - lawers organizations
      - judges associations
      - college sororities and fraternities
      - parents across America

      Such legislation could provide tremendous support for BETH AND DAVE – IN AN UPCOMING ELECTION YEAR…AND, GIVE GREAT HONOR TO NATALEE HOLLOWAY!

      Richard, my hope is that perhaps we should allow Natalee’s friends and family members to take the lead on this as it would have great power coming from them, and my hope is that they do read here. Out of respect for Natalee, and for her family, I think we should defer to them, concerning this idea that came from a beloved friend to Natalee, who has never left her side – DEETCH.

      I think such a law as NATALEE’S LAW would be a fitting tribute to Natalee, would raise her beloved spirit for all to see, and the horrific suffering she endured as something that everyone can be informed of, in any future decisions people make about TRAVEL.

      The legislation could call for the travel industry across America ( internally) to NOTIFY Americans of advisories concerning human rights violations inflicted upon American’s abroad, that could be kept in a data base, nationally. Natalee’s name could be the FIRST NAME put on the LIST. The list could encompass the COUNTRY from which each victim was abducted ( alphabetized for easy access thru computers), and made available to the public.
      Travel agents would have to INFORM their customers of this data base, so that PRIOR to making any arrangements to travel, Americans can be informed and KNOW of places that are of considerable DANGER TO OUR CHILDREN due to such issues as beloved Natalee encountered that comprise CORRUPTION in police departments, rampant gangs running on the island that are permitted to DRUG, KIDNAP AND RAPE OUR CHILDREN, and then, MURDER THEM, DESECRATE THEIR BODY, AND STEAL THEIR REMAINS FROM THEIR BELOVED FAMILIES.


      Let her suffering and her truths rise up and be told!
      I pray that someone in her family / or FRIENDS OF THE FAMILY, will take the lead on this initiative.

      It is the very LEAST we can do to give HONOR to this child, to her story, to her truths.

      Keep lighting the torch, Richard!
      You too Maggie!!! You are so on target, Maggie!

    219. nychic (back in tx) on July 22nd, 2007 1:28 am


      I’m With Viet Vet & Carpe

      That Day Cannot Come Soon Enough

      All I Hope Is That Video Is Taken For All To See !

    220. Richard on July 22nd, 2007 6:57 am

      I urge that everyone consider the possibility (can’t even remember if I’ve said this before) that one or more girlfriends of some of the “Pimps” might have been involved in whatever happened to Natalee.

      There might have been a situation where these girls, possibly high on drugs and possibly not sterling examples of humanity to begin with, saw Natalee being assaulted, captive, etc. … in other words, in the position of a victim, someone whom it was safe to abuse.

      We know that users of methamphetamines or ‘crack’ cocaine (and I am not talking about Natalee!) often demonstrate sudden violence. Whether some perverted concept of jealousy might have played a role too is more than I can say.

      My point being … in some manner, perhaps this could explain the universal silence that has prevailed among the “Pimps.” Some kind of interpersonal bonds that go beyond the three scumbags might be involved; i.e., some of the “Pimps” protecting their girlfriends, and vice versa.

      It sounds psychotic. And that is precisely the point.

      Obviously I don’t have any evidence to support this, but psychologically it could be a reason that the reward offers have not prompted anyone to speak out.

    221. A New Girl on July 26th, 2007 1:07 pm

      Once again, the tragedy of this story never ceases to amaze me. Nor, does the stupidity of some of the mass media or the suspects to date involved in this case.

      From the very beginning, I think many of us assumed that there was foul play involved. When a teenager on vacation mixes alcohol with anything (and I have always believed she did not ingest any illegal substances willingly or knowingly)—-this is a dangerous thing to get involved in and then be niave (or under the influence enough) to get into a car with 3 young men alone.

      Poor, poor Natalee. I do believe she was raped when she was out of it- and I always believed that both Joran VDS, the Father and the Kalpoe brothers got rid of her body to cover up any evidence or to take any suspicion off of themselves. Also, one of the Kalpoe brothers was innocent. The one who appeared in the media after her disappearance and claimed she dress like a slut, is the one with anger management problems who took part in a crime. The moment that kid opened his mouth, I could see he was evil. Joran is a huge liar and loser- they are all pond scum. The corrupt Aruban officials who covered this up for over 2 years now should be sentenced for their involvment in interfering with justice and serve time behind bars.

      As for the actual criminals themselves…I still believe their day is coming! Not soon enough, though.


    222. john schoendorf on August 1st, 2007 11:20 am

      I wish the black commuity was as out spoken for the duke case as they are for Vic

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