Al Gore III: Its Not Easy Being Green … Or, I Can’t Drive 55


Al Gore III, Who knew a Prius could be 100?

(Vanderbilt – ‘07)

Al Gore III’s attempt to smuggle illegal drugs north from the border caused him to press his Prius to100 miles per hour. An astounding feat in itself, the Prius went from being a ‘green machine’ to a giant carbon footprint maker at that speed. Perhaps the elder Gore should compare notes with Senator Ted from Massachusetts regarding the liberal upbringing of sons. Instilling good family values and spending quality time with the kids does help immensely.

Maybe Al Gore III was in a hurry to get tickets to the LIVE EARTH concerts? Because we all know that rock stars commute, never fly on private planes, never use excessive amounts of electricity. Maybe Al Gore III will get the Paris Hilton treatment and actually have to spend some time behind bars. Al III, you do realize that speeding causes global warming right?

Critics say that it lacks achievable goals, and that bringing in jet- setting rock stars in fuel-guzzling airliners to plug in to amplifier stacks and cranking up the sound may send mixed messages about energy conservation.

“The last thing the planet needs is a rock concert,” The Who’s singer Roger Daltrey recently told a British newspaper. (Breitbart)

Arctic Monkeys shiver at climate ‘hypocrisy’

BRITISH rock group Arctic Monkeys have become the latest music industry stars to question whether the performers taking part in Live Earth on Saturday are suitable climate change activists.

“Especially when we’re using enough power for 10 houses just for (stage) lighting. It’d be a bit hypocritical,” he said in an interview before a concert in Paris.

Bass player Nick O’Malley chimes in: “And we’re always jetting off on aeroplanes!”

Global_Warming _Concert

(Oh those crazy gas saving, non-limo driving, non-private jet flying hipocrits telling us how to live our meager lives. What’s next, islamo-fascists telling us how to live in peace and sing kumbaya?)

Update I: The Save the World from the evil Republicans and Global warming goes forward

Why does this entire event remind me of watching Team America, World Police? MATT DAMON!

As the Rock Stars on different planets soak up the cheers and tell us how to live our lives while, well they being more important live life in less than a Green fashion. As Madonna who once sang, “Papa Don’t Preach” seems to have forgotten her past may want to actually look at her less than Green life style. Madonna’s carbon foot print may actually be larger than that of Godzilla.

Watching the veteran star lap up the adoration, her entourage could, however, be forgiven for exchanging slightly jaded glances – having witnessed her jet in for the concert from New York.

For her 2006 World Tour, she flew by private jet, transporting a team of up to 100 technicians and dancers around the globe. Waiting in the garage at home, she has a Mercedes Maybach, two Range Rovers, an Audi A8 and a Mini Cooper S.

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  • The Corner (NRO): Before they started lecturing us about energy consumption, the music business spent most of the last century of popular music humungously expanding their carbon footprint just for the sake of it. Back when Ukulele Ike sang “I’m A Bear In A Ladies’ Boudoir” and “She’s My Sheba (I’m Her Sheik)” all he needed was a ukulele.

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    14 Responses to “Al Gore III: Its Not Easy Being Green … Or, I Can’t Drive 55”

    1. Carpe Noctem on July 6th, 2007 1:11 pm

      How did LEADFOOT ALBIE,

      get a Prius ‘all crunkled up’ to 100 miles per hour?

      Was he utilizing a canvas WIND SOCK?

      Maybe he needs to be on the front lines of helping

      to develop alternative fuels? After 90 days

      of rehab, and his court dates are complete, of course.

      AMAZING! Dang, I know that kid had 2 B HIGH!!!

    2. WTF on July 6th, 2007 3:07 pm

      This was not former vice president Albert Gore Junior (as the photo and article claim). It was 24 year old Albert Gore III.

    3. Carpe Noctem on July 6th, 2007 5:55 pm

      WTF – I think it is tongue and cheek, and not to

      be taken literally… they refer to him briefly as

      “Junior” because he’s Al Gore’s son — I think

      people are aware he is Albert Gore – The Turd. (sp?)

      Actual Booking Photo

      Al Gore III

    4. Jason on July 6th, 2007 6:13 pm

      HAHAHAHA—kick em while hes down monkeys—liberal losers….

    5. Maggie on July 7th, 2007 3:25 pm

      He was probably bringing in a supply to use, so he could sit through his boring father’s lectures and speeches. A concert for green and global warming, with all the big jets flying in and all the lights and electricity to run it, 5 or 6 homes using up more, limos, so they can travel around and tell lower and middle class how to live. Priceless.

    6. Nut44x4 on July 7th, 2007 4:24 pm

      AL GORE IS A WASTE OF OXYGEN…no pun intended.

    7. Scared Monkeys on July 7th, 2007 6:50 pm

      Define irony?

      Those among us in the Hollywood, singing and political elite who are the most wasteful, live in the largest homes that consume far to much energy, live life to the complete excess and then dare tell others how they should conserve.

      Rock stars, etc and Al Gore have no conception what is it to live a normal life. When was the last time any of these people took a commercial airline or car pooled?

      I am sure all the rock stars at the different venues carpooled to their respective concerts.Yea!

    8. yoyo muffintop on July 7th, 2007 11:58 pm

      hey, after listening to much of it…pretty damn good!! Hypocrisy – yes! Great bands and great tunes – yes!
      The latter is all I care about, since Gore is suuuuuuch a blowhard.

    9. Brad on July 8th, 2007 8:53 am

      At least the world had the chance to note that not all Americans are blind to what is happening to the environment,
      and not all of them “rally around the president” even if his presence is one of the most dangerous era’s in history.
      America should be proud that at least some of its citizens put out the message “we hear you rest of the world, we are not just here to dominate”
      I loved the “more trees, less Bush T shirts” :-)
      Furthermore Madonna was just brilliant, she showed that she is still the best.

      SM: Madonna is a hypocritical fool.
      She tries to make herself relevant and frankly she should just “shut up and sing”. No one cares what she thinks. She did enough damage in the 80′s.

      These people care nothing of the environment, although they talk a good game. Madonna and her ilk are the most wasteful people on the planet. Their lifestyles are nothing but excess.

      Maybe your hero Madonna would like to explain this?

      But instead of being lionised, Madonna found herself accused of hypocrisy last night after allegations that she has financial links to some of the world’s biggest polluters.

      The Ray of Light Foundation, a charitable fund established by the star to support her favourite causes and named after one of her biggest selling hits, has $4.2 million ( £2.1 million) of shares in a string of companies including Alcoa, the American aluminium giant, the Ford Motor Company and Weyerhaeuser, an international forest products company. All have been criticised by environmentalists.

      Alcoa was ranked number nine on a list of all-time toxic companies drawn up by the University of Massachusetts’ political research institute in 2002. Other companies linked to the foundation, including Northrop Grumman, the global defence and technology giant, and Kimberly-Clark, the huge health group, appear on the same list.


    10. Brad on July 8th, 2007 3:05 pm

      Haaaaaaaa ha ha ha,
      Fox news, yes wonderful, brilliant ! If Fox said it then it must be true !
      Hee hee hee.
      Anyway I did not say a thing about Madonnas comittment to the environment or charitable behavior, I just commented on how good she was, got anything to say about that a((edit))) ?

      SM: Just like a typical fool … cant string together a sentence or a thought without profanity or a personal attack. Typical indeed. Go along and play now …

      BTW, get your facts straight and read … may learn something. The quote of people questioning Madonna was not from FOX, it was from UK Telegraph. Hardly FOX News.

    11. Brad on July 8th, 2007 3:07 pm

      Ooops, I guess I am banned

      SM: I guess your not too dumb … as you would be correct sir.

    12. david r on July 8th, 2007 7:20 pm

      Little Al probably did more for the environment (by showing that a Prius can actually attain 100 mph and thus attracting protential buyers) than his daddy ever did. Back in the days leading up to the campaign, Big Al got embarrassed over a canoe trip in New England that cost farmers a lot of much needed water. What a gas bag. Bush vs Gore was kind of like the White Sox vs. the Astros in the ’05 World Series. Is this the best we can do ?

    13. MIss-Underestimated on July 8th, 2007 10:17 pm

      Hey, it’s all about them, really…just do as they say not as they do…..

      These lavish celebrations are all about them,(stars and policital royalty)

      World largest bunch of hypocrits….they really haven’t gotten the jest that they bore us.

    14. MIss-Underestimated on July 8th, 2007 10:21 pm

      Let’s see if someone published all the diva’s (male and female) back stage requests.

      took alot of balls for artic monkeys to stand up and be real. Guess they won’t be invited for any of these elites opening acts.

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