Response to the LA Times, “In Holloway case, Aruba also suffers”


The LA Times recently ran an rather one sided story and in typical fashion painted the Aruba_OneSadIslandvictim in a derogatory way using such ridiculous descriptions as the  ”missing white woman syndrome” and the  hearty-partying teen. So what does the liberal media find their agenda for a missing American teenager who’s investigation was nothing short of a crime itself, Aruba is a victim too … In Holloway case, Aruba also suffers.

News-flash to the LA Times and Aruba … one one sits back and does nothing while suffering, one has no one to blame but themselves. Are you telling us that people are not going to react adversely to what they perceive as an injustice? Are you joking? When people wrong others sometimes the only way “We the People” can fight back is with the almighty dollar. Especially to those that make it all so important. More important than human life, even.

Read the following response to the LA Times from a long time Scared Monkeys commenter, (RR)  and faithful Natalee Holloway activist. The LA Times writers may want to read this as well, you may actually learn something. This is a fantastic read, make sure and do so.

Your article on Natalee Holloway today: free speech or hatchet job?

I have followed the Natalee Holloway case closely since it began.   While free speech is to be encouraged, the tone of your article, which appeared online this morning, is so one-sided that I am forced to believe that your intention was to denigrate Natalee’s family.
You say the Holloway Twittys have cast Aruba’s “police force as inept bunglers.”   Well, let’s see … within 48 hours of Natalee’s disappearance, Beth Twitty had arrived on the island, reviewed the videotapes at the Holiday Inn where Natalee had stayed, proved conclusively that the lies of the three suspects about returning her to the hotel were just that — lies — and had shown those same tapes to Aruban police.

Who had Aruba seen fit to arrest?   The three people last seen with Natalee?   No, two security guards who had never been seen in Natalee’s company and who were singled out by the suspects themselves.
What was Aruba’s reaction to Beth Twitty’s proof?   To do nothing for another week.   Sterling proof of the quality of law enforcement on Aruba, wouldn’t you say?
(Incidentally, your comment that “investigators no longer seem to be focusing on the three named suspects” has neither attribution nor logic: a court for the Netherlands Antilles recently ruled that the three remain suspects.   The court also struck down damages that Paulus van der Sloot had claimed, saying that witnesses had placed him in Natalee’s company on two occasions on the night that she disappeared.)
You speak about “the ill fate presumed to have befallen Natalee Holloway” and sneer at the “vigilante justice seekers.”   Obviously it’s ridiculous to think that, simply because an honors high-school student with a full scholarship to medical school has been missing for two years, foul play could be responsible.   Equally ridiculous is the idea that anyone seeking justice — which the family has interpreted as simply wanting answers to their daughter’s fate — could be motivated by such things as belief that an American missing abroad is a matter of some importance.   Why see a potential threat to other tourists?   Why not do what Dennis Jacobs said to Dave Holloway (after asking how much money he had … a normal response from a dedicated law enforcement officer, I’m certain): go to the bar and have a beer?
You seem to accept as fact Aruba’s assertion that the damage from the economic boycott has ended.   Were you interested, I could direct you to article showing that the decline is both more severe than Aruba has acknowledged (assuming that you trust Aruba’s figures to begin with) and is continuing.  
My understanding is that the Aruban government gave civil servants an afternoon, not a day, to join the search.     And according to an AP article, participation was far less than Aruba put it.  
The attorney for the Kalpoes, one of whom said on the Dr. Phil show that Natalee was a “slut” and dressed “like a slut,” laments that his clients have had “this sword over their heads for two years now.”   The Holloway Twitty family has had a different sword over their heads for two years … the agony of wondering what befell their daughter.   I know which plight is more deserving of sympathy, in my eyes.
Perhaps you would care to detail the scores of lies that we have gotten from the three suspects.   Given that Joran van der Sloot has given at least four explanations of how he got home from the beach where he said he took Natalee (though he also said he took her to his house), some people might think his actions merit suspicion.   And given his father’s now-famous phrase, “No body, no crime,” those suspicions might be extended.
Your nearly page-long coverage of the “compassion for a desperate mother” that Julia Renfro is alleged to have felt omits a few facts.   Such as Joran van der Sloot’s statement that he had sex with Natalee while she was drifting in and out of consciousness.   Some people might define that as rape.
And Renfro’s speculations about what Natalee might have done conveniently try to take the focus off the three suspects … whom former Chief of Police Gerald Dompig has said are “guilty as hell.”   A drunken Natalee, left on the beach, is going to swim to one of the nearby boats?   No writer for a sixth-grade newspaper would let such an absurd claim go unquestioned.
I am not going to discuss my ideas of what happened to Natalee Holloway.   But I might suggest that you balance your pro-Aruban account with a little background.
Such as: the FBI agents sent to Aruba were outraged that they were being slighted, not allowed to do anything useful, and were kept out of the picture.
Such as: far from being sympathetic, the Aruban government lied about the support it was giving the family (Dave Holloway is on record as denying the free rooms and other benefits).
Such as:   a water search was on the verge of being launched, and all that Aruba had to do was contact the FBI.   It refused to do so.
Such as:   the Aruban government’s sympathy did not extend to Beth Twitty, whom it told would have to apologize for her statements or it would stop its investigation.
Such as:   Arubans demonstrated in the street against Beth Twitty.   (Did your self-commiserating Arubans, sad at the impact of this tragedy on their businesses, see fit to mention this?)
Such as: an unqualified, specific promise from Steve Cohen, one of the many functionaries who tried to represent the Aruban government, that the three suspects would be re-questioned.   It never happened.
I could cite dozens more issues.   But why bother?
I do not speak for the Holloway Twitty family.   But your totally one-sided article leaves me doubting that they would speak to you.
I appreciate your attention and assistance on this matter.

(Hat Tip: Richard)

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    108 Responses to “Response to the LA Times, “In Holloway case, Aruba also suffers””

    1. Miss-Underestimated on June 5th, 2007 9:20 am

      Thanks for the info

      Do we expect any less from the LA Times?

      Go look at whom the LA times choose to defend in the celebrity circuit. I would call that hypocrisy.

      Further more just as stated above a white missing girl and two black security guards wrongly accused and the LA times say NADA. Like I said, what do you expect from the LA Times.

    2. Gabriel Leo on June 5th, 2007 9:22 am

      oohhhh Noh do say it’s not so. A one sided Article by an American Media. The end of the media is sure to come nowwww!

    3. Freebrid on June 5th, 2007 9:31 am

      Richard thank you for this truth! How could any true American have written such a crappie article in the LA Times about Natalee. I’m glad you saw fit to correct this matter. Maybe someday we will find out what really happened.

    4. Freebrid on June 5th, 2007 9:34 am

      Want to make a correction to my statment, we already know what happened to Natalee.

    5. DennisAOK on June 5th, 2007 9:45 am

      Just another reason not to read the Los Angeles Times. Good response, though.

    6. Mike on June 5th, 2007 9:47 am

      Wanna bet Aruba advertises thru the LA times or their parent organization?

      This is a hachet job plan and simple…why don’t Carol and Julia ask themself’s….If Natalees disappearence is a accident then why all the lies? They never address this simple question…why?

    7. The LA Times on June 5th, 2007 9:47 am

      A letter full of “hearsay”. The same old blah blah.

    8. Pearl on June 5th, 2007 9:57 am

      Bravo, Richard! Excellent response.

      The only suggestion I’d make is: Do not send this letter to the individual who came up with this trash.

      Instead: send your letter to the editor of the newspaper, so that many will benefit from reading Richard’s response and be informed not only about the narrow, dangerous propaganda being published in an American newspaper, but by writing to the editor, many readers will be exposed to Natalee’s truth through Richards’ letter and have the FACTS of this horrific cruelty that continues to be savagely inflicted upon Natalee and her family.

      If you only write to the individual who came up with this garbage, you will not reach an audience.
      Write to the EDITOR of the newspaper.
      It will be interesting to see whether the paper prints Richards’ response to these outrageous assaults on Natalee and her family.

    9. Miss-Underestimated on June 5th, 2007 10:02 am

      A letter full of “hearsay”. The same old blah blah.

      Comment by The LA Times | June 5, 2007, 9:47 am

      Yeah your articles are opinions rather than facts, as usual.

    10. Miss-Underestimated on June 5th, 2007 10:04 am
    11. Miss-Underestimated on June 5th, 2007 10:11 am

      LA Times, the fact is, that two Black security guards were fingered by the suspects (the last to be seen with Natalee Holloway) . This is a solid fact.

    12. Pearl on June 5th, 2007 10:20 am

      Hold onto Hope, Miss U.

      You are beacon of light rising up carrying Natalee with you.

      Richard, you breathe new life into the hearts of everyone with the power and passion you carry for Natalee’s truth.

      Remain steadfast, monkeys.

      Do not allow them to take YOUR HOPE FOR NATALEE – away.
      Do not give them that power.
      Instead, write letters to the editors of every newspaper across America, telling of the barbaric cruelty being inflicted upon Natalee and her family, and the callousness of Aruba in failing to provide justice and TRUTH in this criminal case of human rights violations against this child, Natalee Holloway – an American citizen, who continues to be imprisoned by a bunch of savages in Aruba and the failure on the part of Aruba’s law enforcement to hold those criminals responsible, who violated her in every way imaginable.

      Do not pick up anything – EXCEPT YOUR KEYBOARD, YOUR MOUSE, YOUR LAP TOP, OR A PEN!



    13. JusticeforNatalee on June 5th, 2007 10:46 am

      “If you only write to the individual who came up with this garbage, you will not reach an audience.
      Write to the EDITOR of the newspaper.”

      Agree Pearl.

      Also mention the foolishness
      of using Julia Renfro as a source.

    14. Carpe Noctem on June 5th, 2007 10:52 am


      Hey Gabe,

      If you think America is so one sided,

      an it sucks so… Why don’t you go

      home and leech off your

      family island side?

    15. Vicki on June 5th, 2007 10:53 am

      Oh Pearl, You bring tears to my eyes. Email or write to every newspaper, travel magazine and link on murder and crime that is inside Done by msmarple. GL, your STINKING VILE EVIL PIECE OF VOLCANIC ROCK IS GOING DOWN…BETTER GET A BOAT.Im pretty sure that is not the LA times responding.

    16. John Staton on June 5th, 2007 11:07 am

      My response to

      Begging to differ, 2 consecutive years of negative growth is not recovery, it is full blown recession. Hotel construction has been cancelled and the government has reacted in a manner which most likely will lead to further Laffer effects on the economy. The 3 involved are not “all good students” the younger Kapole flunked, the older is a nothing going no where and Joran is attending a 4th rate college. His future is greatly in doubt in that his name will forever be linked to Pimp Gang rape and murder. The lead into your story should convince anyone to Never let any child of theirs to go to Aruba. What happened to the girl in your story? A little RAPE perhaps? Would you send a daughter of yours there, that is without lots of protection. I certainly would not!

      John Staton

    17. Jennifer on June 5th, 2007 11:19 am

      I didn’t think the article was that horrific. Oh here come the slams and name-calling, I know… but wait… (remember I’m just trying to learn/understand what motivates) the article insinuates that Aruba has suffered under the Holloway case. This is true, right? both economically and socially/culturally. That is to say, the boycott attempts as well as the ‘wake up call’ that bad things can happen have hurt the ‘regular’ people of Aruba (to paraphrase from another posting somewhere on this site).

      As to the suggestion that Natalee was drunk, or the state-side issue of the ‘missing white girl syndrome,’ or even the allusion to Beth’s ugly behavior, those are all true too – are they not?

      I did think the profiling of Renfro interesting how she jumped on the Twitty bandwagon with everyone else and then took her distance… I never knew that. Is it also true? Anyone?

      I suppose, it may be insensitive to publish such an article. And, sadly, most media outlets are biased one way or the other these days. But, if the article is full of bologna then perhaps no attention should be paid to it.

    18. Pearl on June 5th, 2007 11:22 am

      Oh, yeah john Staton and Vicki, Miss U and J4N.

      For each of you …and all those brave monkeys who rise with Natalee’s truth and put on the boots of HER SPIRIT through their courageous acts to claim her right to justice!!!

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      Vice President, Interactive and General Manager Rob Barrett


      Executive Editor, and Los Angeles Times Interactive: Meredith Artley



    19. Jennifer on June 5th, 2007 11:22 am

      Oh, but I did mean to comment on the “all good students” thing – what was that?? The Dutch kid was attending the ISA (Int’l School) on the island because he couldn’t hack the regular advanced school system. That truly was a load of manure. Seriously. No one attends the ISA by choice.

    20. Donna on June 5th, 2007 11:25 am

      LA times can say what they want to, but everybody knows that Natalee was last seen with 3 “pimps” and never seen again. Lets not forget how racist Aruba is. If you are not white and Dutch in Arubam, you are NOTHING! I have seen it for myself when I used to travel there sometimes 2 times a year. Have not been back since Natalee disappeared, supporting boycott.
      Monkeys, thank you so much for keeping up with this story, telling the truth, and for your support for Natalee and her family. Keep up the good work.

    21. kayjay on June 5th, 2007 11:33 am

      I cancelled my subscription to the LeftA Times years ago..its not even fit to line the cat box with.

    22. Vicki on June 5th, 2007 11:36 am

      jennifer…are you kidding me… Natalee was not drunk…she had been drinking..Beth acting UGLY…ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND.. YOU HAVE NOT SEEN UGLY. HAD it been my child..or you would have seen HIT MEN…..
      CARPE, I know..about her eyes…thats how she told us what happened. God bless you..I KNOW HOW MUCH IT HURTS…

    23. Gabriel Leo on June 5th, 2007 11:38 am

      #14 Neh man, I prefer Florida much better where there are highways for me to speed up and down at 95 MPH! Golly Gosh Carpe or Howard what ever you name is, Youuu still believe that sh** of a story you made up? still wanting to see the sun rise at night huh!

      Come now children let’s not get mad because it’s a one sided story. Everyone can said what they want now right?

    24. SPIDERMAN on June 5th, 2007 11:38 am

      GREAT JOB !!!

    25. JusticeforNatalee on June 5th, 2007 11:40 am

      “But, if the article is full of bologna then perhaps no attention should be paid to it.”

      No, the editor in chief needs to know that Ms. Williams has written a biased and inaccurate article and has used a questionable “source. “

    26. Meee on June 5th, 2007 11:52 am

      Good job Richard. I wish i could write as well as you do. My stuff pales in comparison.

    27. Vicki on June 5th, 2007 11:57 am

      hey gab, do you ever proof read you the crap that you write???Really, we learn to do this in the USA.

    28. Carpe Noctem on June 5th, 2007 12:02 pm

      Boycott til they drop, muyn!


    29. stoney on June 5th, 2007 12:05 pm

      Is Gabriel Leo a friend of Jorans and on this website.

    30. Janet on June 5th, 2007 12:06 pm

      It is sooo obvious that the thoughts of the writer of this article were derived from a foundation … an Aruban editor named Julia Renfro.

      Julia Renfro
      LA TIMES – June 4, 2007
      “I feel guilty saying any negative thing about a mother who has lost her daughter,” Renfro said. “But her behavior was odd from the get-go.”

      Renfro has concluded that the body would have turned up by now if Holloway died on the island. She – and many Arubans – doubts the three suspects, who were all good students without criminal records, could have pulled off a perfect crime, leaving no forensic evidence behind and never caving in to the intense pressure of interrogations.

      “I’ve spoken with all of the suspects,” she said. “I don’t believe any of them did anything to her.”

    31. Jennifer on June 5th, 2007 12:11 pm

      “Let’s not forget how racist Aruba is. If you are not white and Dutch in Aruba, you are NOTHING!”

      Ah, that’s not true. In fact, the opposite is true. The old-school islanders don’t want the Dutch there. At all. Hearkens back to imperialism, white man’s burden, etc. These days there is a good chunk of locals who recognize the value of support and access to resources from Holland – despite the current corrupt government demanding irrevocable independance.

      Surely, they Dutch do not racially rule the island. Curacao on the other hand – well, that’s a whole other story.

    32. minnesota dad on June 5th, 2007 12:19 pm

      Why this article was planted:

      1) Dr. Phil case is proceeding in the courts and a PR play was necessary in order to soften up the judges and the potential jurors that the Kalpoes are nice boys….

      2) Why the LA Times instead of an East Coast publication where 80% of their tourists come from. No one from CA is going to go to Aruba unless they won a free trip from The Wheel of Fortune.

      3) Yes, do check the advertising. I am sure Aruba has pledged to make a substantial advertising buy in return for the article.

      Follow the money…..who is paying for the Kalpoes attorneys in Aruba and the USA??? Who has paid for Joe Tacopino? Millions are being spent on lawyers. Whose millions are these?

      In a nutshell, reporters today are extremely lazy. The days of searching and investigating a story are pretty much gone. PR people spoon feed them the story….they make a few phone calls to get some quotes…and publish. Combine this case with advertising budgets and the ongoing trial in California and you can put everything together.

      I am pretty amazed at this juncture that Aruba would do a smear on Beth Twitty who has been very quiet for quite a while.

      The LA Times Rebuttal is simple:

      The white Dutch son of a prominent justice department official was the last person seen with Natalee Holloway.

      Two black guys were arrested within days based on “strong evidence”. Dutch son and friends were allowed to carry on a confirmed lie for 10 days despite evidence that contradicted their lie. The two black guys remain suspects today, in addition to the white Dutch son and two of his friends, despite the two black guys having full alibi’s for the evening of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance.

      Two black guys were publicly perp walked from their home and their homes were torn apart. White Dutch son and his justice department father “cooperatively” came and turned themselves in and the search warrant to search their full property was amended on site by justice department officials who were all friends of the white Dutch son. The Dutch Father, also was named a suspect at one time and jailed, however the Aruban judicial system has bent over backwards to release him as a suspect as well as distance him from the case through judicial decisions made by judges who were his friends.

      Were it not for the immediate vigilance of Beth Twitty calling out the attempted cover-up by the Aruban Justice Department in framing two black guys, the two black guys would be on trial today and would probably be going to jail for 15 years.

      White Dutch son has been released from jail (during the media rush to New Orleans over Katrina) and quickly fled to the Netherlands where Aruba and the Netherlands have refused to question him further. Though documented that “witness statements” were taken from both the white Dutch son and his father, these witness statements have appeared to have disappeared, just like Natalee Holloway.

      Chief of Police Gerald Dompig’s statements, “The three boys are guilty as hell”.

      Prior Justice/police official Jan Van Der Stratten admitted he had seen the evidence and Natalee Holloway is no longer alive. He also stated he could not do this to his “friend’s son”.

      Aruba on June 10th, 2005 had a confession from either the white Dutch son or his two compadres and were being taken to the body. Aruba reversed this on June 11th, 2005 and the stories of what happened changed again.

      Should America boycott a tourist destination that openly protects white people who are in a position of power? Should America boycott a tourist destination that would attempt to frame a couple of black guys for crimes they didn’t commit?

      America has come a long way in race relations and still has a long way to go. However, on our journey to make sure that all races are treated equally by justice and the law, we must also call out when we see a dangerous situation for our citizens in another land that would attempt to frame minorities for a crime against a tourist from America. For this one issue alone, all states in the United States should boycott Aruba until they come clean with regard to properly handling the white Dutch son and release the two Black guys as suspects.


      Folks…this is language that the people of Los Angeles would more than understand.

    33. Richard on June 5th, 2007 12:26 pm

      Thanks, folks, for the plaudits. And thanks to Mr. Gabriel Leo for the brickbats. Were any of us who support the Holloway Twittys and their quest for justice to get good words from Mr. GL, then something would be amiss.

      It’s interesting that Julia Renfro has come to the conclusion that none of the three had anything to do with Natalee’s disappearance.

      Why? Because (one of the many points I forgot to mention in the letter) his own lawyer went to Karin Janssen and told her that his client was very heavily involved.

      I guess Julia knows best … or thinks she does.

      Incidentally, I was told last night by someone of importance in this whole saga that Julia Renfro used to be a babysitter for Joran vdS.

      (Talk about helping create a Frankenstein monster….)

      And she continues to be close to Anita.

      I guess that says it all.

    34. Jennifer on June 5th, 2007 12:30 pm

      Why is no one mentioning the fact that the former chief of police was a really good friend of the Dutch boy’s failed-judge of a father???

      It’s not race. It’s nepotism or whatever you call it – ‘it’s all about who you know.’

      The guy later resigned. Why is this not being brought up?

    35. Janet on June 5th, 2007 12:30 pm

      18. For each of you …and all those brave monkeys who rise with Natalee’s truth and put on the boots of HER SPIRIT through their courageous acts to claim her right to justice!!! … Pearl

      Pearl … thank you for that great compilation of LA Times contacts.

    36. JusticeforNatalee on June 5th, 2007 12:34 pm

      Beth Twitty is the person who
      prevented two black security
      guards from being framed!

    37. Jodi on June 5th, 2007 12:35 pm

      Good morning you fine upstanding monkeys! I have been a long time reader of I usually post on the front page and lurk on the lcd. I wanted to share my response to the LA Times article with you and everyone I can to help spread the word about the injustice that Natalee and her family have suffered. As Pearl says WRITE WRITE WRITE! It is an honor posting among such fine monkeys! Keep up the good work! JUSTICE FOR NATALEE!
      Miss Williams. Perhaps you should get your facts correct before you begin penning fallacies in your articles. A little research might have been helpful before spinning your misinformation campaign to potential jurors and judges who subscribe to the LA Times newspaper. Your article was clearly an attempt to sway judgment on the Kalpoe vs. Dr Phil case which is upcoming in Los Angeles.

      An end of innocence for Aruba? PLEASE! Local boys have been preying on young American tourist girls for a long long time. Joran proudly states in his book that he has done this over 20 times. If anyone can claim a loss of innocence, it should be the victims. What about Natalee Holloway’s innocence? Or the innocence of her parents? Or the innocence of any American tourist who goes to Aruba and ends up victimized, all the while thinking they are safe on this self proclaimed happy island? Aruba is one of the least innocent places on earth! Just peruse this link to the murder and crime in Aruba: You might actually learn some truths to this case instead of the misinformation that you and the publication you write for are spreading.

      Shame on you for attempting to shift blame and subscribing to the notion that the mother of a missing child is at fault for the incompetent police investigation in Aruba. Cleary there was a cover up orchestrated to protect someone with great influence, or their offspring. Your article, instead of revealing the truth of the safety of Aruba, only impedes the American public from recognizing how unprotected we really are when traveling abroad. If we can’t count on our own fellow American journalists to speak truths to us, who can we count on. Cleary not the LA Times. I will be canceling my subscription to your publication. If I wanted to be lied to, I’d buy a National Enquirer!

    38. truthseeker2 on June 5th, 2007 12:51 pm


      I need your help. I have managed to lock myself out of the cage. Can you let me in????


      SM:   I’ve just reset your account.   When you change your email addy in your profile it automatically deactivates the account.   You should be able to get back in now.   ;)   (klaasend)

    39. Sherry on June 5th, 2007 1:05 pm

      Julia Renfro
      LA TIMES – June 4, 2007
      “I feel guilty saying any negative thing about a mother who has lost her daughter,” Renfro said. “But her behavior was odd from the get-go.”

      Wow that statement cracks me up. If Aruba thinks THAT is odd I can only imagine what they call their OWN BEHAVIOR in this case…ignorant, stupid, incapable, corrupt? As for YOU Miss Renfroe I would love to see your behavoir if YOU lost a daughter..then tell me someone’s behavior is odd.

    40. Carpe Noctem on June 5th, 2007 1:05 pm



    41. on June 5th, 2007 1:08 pm

      Jennifer: In a word the problem with the LA Time article is “inaccurate”.

      No, this is not about “white girl syndrome”; this is about committing a crime of rape and murder and having the government officials that should be investigating the case, covering it up.

      No, this is not about Natalee being drunk because the truth is – we don’t know the answer. You see Deepak and Joran have a problem telling the truth about that. One minute they say she was and in another minute they say she wasn’t. Her friends didn’t say she was drunk, in fact to the contrary – they said she had been drinking but was in control. AND remember, Carlos N Charlies is well noted for people having date rape drugs put in drinks.

      Beth’s ugly behavior? Excuse me, but were you there? Just who wrote the Miss Manners rules for a mother whose daughter has been raped and murdered? Do you think she, Jug and Dave should have just done what investigators suggested and go to Carlos N Charlies for a drink? If Beth is not the poster child for “class act”, I’m not sure who is.

      It was Beth who calming sat at a table with Papa Sweat trying to find out what happened to her daughter. It was Beth who calming sat across from Anita as Anita described her daughter’s panties to her.

      No one called you any names; rather they just wonder where the heck you get your ideas of “fair” and “truth”

    42. gutfeeling on June 5th, 2007 1:09 pm

      Minnesota Dad
      You are right this article was written by a pr firm. And more interesting, it supports your theory that Paulus is the perp. Here’s why. It makes no reference to Paulus’ arrest, which is one of the more interesting elements of this story “How far will a father go to protect his son, obstruction of justice, hiding a body, murder? ”

      It also allows for someone named Julia Renfro, who is the owner of a publication in Aruba that is the equivalent of a pennysaver classified, to conclude that the boys lies are to be believed. And laughably that if a body has not been discovered, well then, duh, she must not have died on the island.

      I don’t think the Times had an agenda, I think they just got this in the mail, had a space to fill and cannot afford fact checkers.

      But you are right about one thing for sure, follow the money.

    43. Jennifer on June 5th, 2007 1:11 pm

      Sherry, why are you suggesting Renfro is a spokesperson for Aruba?? The quote is that she said she thought it was odd, she didn’t say Aruba thought it was odd.

    44. Sherry on June 5th, 2007 1:25 pm

      Jennifer…on different occasions I have heard others spokespeople from Aruba share the same sentiments that Renfro stated…that Beth coming in there frantically searching for her daughter was odd.
      But if it makes you feel better let me clarify..if Renfro thinks Beth’s behavior is ODD I can only wonder what her definition of the island’s behavior has been.

    45. minnesota dad on June 5th, 2007 1:27 pm

      Jennifer #43,

      Was Beth’s coming to the island and saving the next 15 years of two Black guys lives odd behavior??? Those guys would either be on trial or in jail right now if not for Beth’s “odd behavior”. Please explain why the two black guys remain as suspects today while Paulus has not only been released, but his judicial friends aided him with additional rulings to protect him from further scrutiny???

      Beth’s “odd behavior” saved two black guys from being framed. Renfro (and Aruba) should be ashamed of her comments.


      chirp, chirp….crickets…..yes, I mentioned Paulus’ culpability in this matter….this is usually when the Aruba shills disappear!

    46. Janet on June 5th, 2007 1:35 pm

      43. Sherry, why are you suggesting Renfro is a spokesperson for Aruba?? … Jennifer

      Jennifer … could if be that Julia Renfro’s own words in various past interviews imply that she is privy to an inside ALE connection?

      Julia Renfro – The O’Reilly Factor – June 9, 2005
      Aruba newspaper editor Julia Renfro joined The Factor with the latest information on the case and the five men in custody. “The police told us that they have solid evidence against two of the men. The other three were considered as witnesses against those two men.”

      Julia Renfro – The O’Reilly Factor – Dec. 7, 2005
      JULIA RENFRO, EDITOR, ARUBA TODAY: Well, it’s not really what I believe, but I did speak to the Commissioner Dompig earlier today, and I asked him, “What did you mean by they hurt the investigation?” And he said he’s not blaming them specifically for anything, but that their attacks via the U.S. media certainly changed the tide of the investigation, basically, pressuring the police to make what they felt, believe it or not, premature arrests of the suspect.

      Julia Renfro – On the Record w/ Greta – April 5, 2006
      RENFRO: Well, basically, Chief Dompig will remain in the position that he has always had and that commissioner of Oranjestad. Richardsonm on the other hand is the commissioner of the Noord district and the Noord residential area as well. Now, it is my understanding that while the Chief superintendant is abroad he will be replaced by Richardson, not Dompig.

    47. Brie on June 5th, 2007 1:47 pm

      The white girl syndrome, that’s on the same level of insolence as Joran referring to, that girl. The white girl and that girl happens to be Natalee. I guess Julia found it odd that a mother would search for her missing child and didn’t waste any time in doing so.

      JQK needs to take a look at that article.

    48. Vicki on June 5th, 2007 1:49 pm

      Isnt it frustrating after 2 years we still have trolls coming on here trying to figure out what is going on????Come on either you are with it or you are not.
      HOW CAN ANYONE THINK BETH ACTED ODD.Just freakin blows my mind….JENNIFER, read up on this case and thean come back.
      On another note, If julia was Urines babysitter, she could be the reason he is so STUPID!

    49. Jennifer on June 5th, 2007 1:50 pm

      Thanks katablog! True, no name-calling yet… today. I’m trying to be more careful with my questions/comments so as to elicit civilized responses. And, let’s not overlook that I am also trying to point out things like the liaison between the chief of police and the father! Where is Setar (local phone company) in all this? Why aren’t they providing the telephone records? Oh yes, that’s right – didn’t the Board of Directors of Setar resign after Nelson appointed his son in charge?? Come on people. Can anyone back this up? Is this not a prime example of corruption?? Is it not also an example of the people opposing the government’s decisions? And, what do they get? Nothing.

      I also like to point out where things are seemingly running astray, i.e. someone here said Renfro owns a publication (the Aruba Today) on Aruba. Really?? I find this unlikely since I doubt the Chemaly family would ever let go of their platform to publish in contradiction to Jossy… but, please, by all means, correct me if I am wrong here – i like to learn new things too.

      Anyway, just to be clear, I do believe these boys are this decade’s OJ Simpson so far. As for my notion of ‘fair’ and ‘truth’ – I’m trying desperately not to wear blinders – which my emotions often lead me to do (i.e. my original dismay and frustration at the boycott). On the other hand I have gone from not understanding the boycott to now seeing the other (your) side – doesn’t mean I agree with it (yet), but I certainly think there is a lot of passion and conviction here, something any rational person can respect.

    50. mayan_moons on June 5th, 2007 1:51 pm

      What jumps out to me in the article is the writer acknowledges how the ladies are perceived in Aruba and C&C’s as TARGETS. This article’s intent was to taint Natalee and Beth but it looks to me like a boomerang that is coming back to hit Aruba in the head as it highlights the goal of scoping out the TARGETS to get them drunk in order to take advantage of them.

    51. Jennifer on June 5th, 2007 1:58 pm

      Sherry – that did make me feel better, and yes, I agree. If Renfro thought Beth’s behavior was odd then I am sure she has some thoughts on the island’s behavior. Although, I should think Renfro impressions are likely simply reflections of her own behavior?

      No one should think it odd that a mother would do whatever she could imagine/fathom/execute to find out what happened to her missing daughter.

      All I was asking is why Renfro – not-to-mention a US Citizen – is suddenly the spokesperson for the island. I got my answers. Thanks.

    52. Brie on June 5th, 2007 1:59 pm

      Odd vs Remarkable….Beth organized vigil’s…Beth went door to door meeting people and passing out prayer cards…Beth organized and printed posters of her missing daughter…Beth went door to door introducing herself to businesses and asking for permission to display her posters…Beth had the ALE standing on their toes, looking for justice…Beth on her own produced evidence…that is remarkable…anyone else that would think differently is odd.

    53. Miss-Underestimated on June 5th, 2007 2:08 pm

      LA Times I know you are here

      You may want to start with the statements from the men that were wrongly accused by the three suspects and detained by the Aruban LE. Let me also add that, for it not been for Beth Twitty, surely, given the undetones of Aruba to rush to judgement , these two men would have been railroaded for a crime they did not committ.

      Start Here

      I invite you to check all the statements, including the ones made by the suspects and Paulus Vandersloot.

      Then make a fair accessment of the case.

    54. JusticeforNatalee on June 5th, 2007 2:17 pm


      ooooh, ahhhhhhh…
      Is that all you’ve got?

      How about answering some of the questions
      posed to you?

    55. Meee on June 5th, 2007 2:25 pm

      I do hope everyone is taking advantage of the links here on this page to the LA times. And e-mailing them.

    56. Jennifer on June 5th, 2007 2:29 pm

      Okay, another thought occured to me.

      Everyone knows what the article meant when is suggested the Aruban people were referring to the case as a result (or typical behavior?) of the ‘white girl syndrome,’ right? The fact that missing white girls create/demand/get a tremendous amount of media attention versus minority missing persons. Right? This didn’t seem like a stab at the insignificance of the plight – but rather that the plight is able to gain momentum because of what is referred to as the ‘white girl syndrome.’

      Link to Michelle’s blog on here (cuz she said so) – lots more missing girls. None with the media coverage of Natalee. For example the 18 year-old who went missing in Ghana (Phylicia). No coverage. She is also a victim of the ‘white girl syndrome.’

    57. Miss-Underestimated on June 5th, 2007 2:31 pm

      Can you imagine if Madeleine McCann’s parents, when telling authorities that their daughter is missing, being asked “How much money do you have?”

    58. Kat_Gram on June 5th, 2007 2:38 pm

      The author must have missed translations of Joran’s book , his Panorama article and Freddy Zedan’s PV’s.
      Freddy’s PV made me sick. Natalee leaves C & C’s, she is ok by all accounts. Within 1 1/2 hours in the company of three, she is not conscious and they panicked. This is the
      last account we have of her. Except, now, we have these stupid people blaming her family / friends / loved ones for her disappearance. I watched this case as it unfolded and it was ODD from the get go. So is almost everyone from Aruba who would align themselves with persons who have been detained as suspects in a girl’s possible demise. Why would they want to lie and provide good reports about how nice and good and smart suspects are ? The suspects are low lifes and I guess Julia is too.

    59. JusticeforNatalee on June 5th, 2007 2:45 pm

      Renfro is a spokesperson for Aruba
      because she is so willing to lie and spin.

    60. 10061906 on June 5th, 2007 3:12 pm

      The new chief of police must be a mute:
      I don’t recall him saying or doing anything concerning Natalee.

    61. mayan_moons on June 5th, 2007 3:13 pm

      Phylicia IS getting coverage from Nancy Grace and Greta Jennifer and no victim of missing white women. Its so insulting to associate Phylicia or any woman of color with this racist term.

      I cried when Latoya Figaroo (sp) was killed and now her little girl has to grow up without a mother.

      I’m outraged that a 16 year old black girl (can’t think of her name at the moment) was leaving her home in NY to apply for a job and was found in plastic garbage bag right on the street in front of her home. There are NO clues and its gutwrenching for her family.

      People who want to drag race into it are only detracting from the real facts and finding the solutions to the heartbreaking circumstances of their fate.

    62. Mike on June 5th, 2007 3:19 pm

      Remember Jennifer….Julia is the editor of a Arubian travel magazine. No tourism no need for the magazine and no need for a editor…hence Julia is unemployed.

      It all comes down to the mighty dollar…if the truth ever came out Aruba is completely finished…thats why the lies and the coverup. IMO

    63. Miss-Underestimated on June 5th, 2007 3:31 pm

      Julia has the best interest of herself and Aruba, plain and simple.

      BUT, Julia there was a crime committed on your beautiful island and the statements read loud and clear rape, (suspect statements) and murder… (your own ALE, suspect confessed to the murder and is leading ALE to the body) Vanderstraaten… how could he do this to his best buddys son?

      Burning bridges is fine, if you have no future of coming back here to the US.

      Maybe Greta and Julia could set up a POW WOW to set the record straight. Ya think?

    64. Jennifer on June 5th, 2007 3:57 pm

      But, I don’t care if Julia is unemployed. I was just pointing out that she is the editor – not the owner – of the newspaper owned by the family widely known to support the current government and oppose Jossy’s Diario. For all I care that entire lot can lose their shirts. She simply should not be taken for the spokesperson of the island.

      Has anyone read the editorials written by Jossy? Where he appeals to the people to help Beth? Where he appeals to the government to sue these boys and their families for defamation of reputation so significant to the livlihood of the island?

      Mayan_Moons, I think you misunderstood me – or I misunderstood you. My understanding is that the ‘white girl syndrome’ term is actually pointing out the fact that missing minorities do not get the coverage white girls do. It connotes racism, yes, but not necessarily in a derrogatory way. Anyway, I hadn’t seen mainstream coverage of Phylicia and so it was an example of how the ‘syndrome’ works. I am gald to know someone is covering it.

    65. Janet on June 5th, 2007 4:20 pm

      By Carol J. Williams, Times Staff Writer
      June 4, 2007

      Heavily intoxicated, according to accounts later given by her classmates to the FBI, Holloway could have staggered into the sea and drowned after the local men left her, Renfro speculates.

      Julia, if you are lurking, according to Joran’s own words …

      March 1, 2006

      VAN SUSTEREN: What was her condition?

      VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, to me she seemed like she had – she had something to drink but she seemed fine. You know she knew – she knew what she was doing.

      VAN SUSTEREN: So, besides walking north in the direction away from her hotel what else were you doing?

      VAN DER SLOOT: Nothing really just holding hands and talking about, yes, everything.

      VAN SUSTEREN: Is there a way to describe her, I mean, and whether she seemed or appeared to be, you know, drinking? Did she seem to be drunk?

      VAN DER SLOOT: Oh… she’d been drinking, but SHE WASN’T DRUNK. I mean, she knew what she was doing.

    66. Gabriel Leo on June 5th, 2007 4:21 pm

      owwww my Jennifer another frustrated JOSSY Lover!!
      Please do me a favour and shut up! Even I an Aruban is sick of you SH**t!

    67. Miss-Underestimated on June 5th, 2007 4:25 pm

      New name

      L.Ame. Times

    68. Richard on June 5th, 2007 4:41 pm

      Yes, Jossy did write such editorials. And then?

      Arubans protested Beth Twitty in the streets.

      Lying spokesmen for Aruba like Rupert von Trappenburg talked to the TV about all the freebies that Arubans gave out … except Dave Holloway is on record as saying that they didn’t get freebies.

      And the judge who issued his findings about the detention of the three suspects reversed them once he got safely back to Curacao, out of the media’s way, and let them out of jail. The next day, Joran and Daddy took off for Holland.

    69. Donna on June 5th, 2007 4:45 pm

      Janet, talk about odd behavior: Julia Renfro (wannabe journalist), a bit premiscuous, I’ve heard there are different fathers to her children, used to be Joran’s babysitter. Naturally she is biased. She befriended Beth and Dave to put herself into the story, to get her 15 second of fame and thriving on any attention anybody will pay to her. She is thoughtless, heartless, and does not tell the whole story. She has no credibility whatsoever. She is the one who started the rumor about Natalee running away with a Dutch boy, she started the rumor Natalee’s body was found (this was very early on) and was at the court house, throwing herself into the mini van with the family, and she is the one who wanted to have Jug arrested, said he pushed her. She is a royal MESS and perhaps needs a little counseling.

    70. Janet on June 5th, 2007 4:48 pm

      64. Has anyone read the editorials written by Jossy? Where he appeals to the people to help Beth? Where he appeals to the government to sue these boys and their families for defamation of reputation so significant to the livlihood of the island? … Jennifer

      Jennifer … Yes, Jossy Mansur has been the ONLY Aruban who from the day one has dared to openly support the family’s contention that a corrupt investigation is denying Natalee justice and … is distancing Paulus and Joran from implication in regards to the events of that fateful morning when an eighteen year old American citizen went missing. However … the “powers that be” in Aruba are not at all pleased.

      Amigoe – April 4, 2007

      ORANJESTAD – In an open letter, staff and management of the morning paper Diario have asked the Queen’s attention for the commercial boycott called by the MEP and her leader, Prime Minister Nelson Oduber.

      MEP demanded the owner and also director and chief editor Jossy Mansur to publicly apologize to MEP and premier Oduber for all the articles he has published with the intention to damage the reputation of the government and MEP. Mansur has till last Monday to do this, otherwise, the MEP will announce a boycott against Diario.

      Since Mansur ignored MEP’s ultimatum, the party decided on a total boycott of the newspaper. No information must be given to Diario. MEP-member had to cancel their subscription as per immediate.. They are also not allowed to buy the paper separately. They cannot place ads in the Diario.

    71. Mike on June 5th, 2007 4:49 pm


      I was just referring to why Julia Renfro makes the statement she does….their in her best interests.

      While she is unoffical she is the talking head thats out there putting Aruba’s views of Natalee and her Mom out there.

      She is biased IMO and the LA Times should have done their homework on her.

    72. Jennifer on June 5th, 2007 4:49 pm

      Gabriel Leo – Your response doesn’t make any sense to me. I am not a frustrated Jossy lover, I was just asking whether anyone had read the editorials…

    73. Katablog on June 5th, 2007 5:02 pm

      Jennifer: it’s admirable that you try being open minded; but if you keep repeating the liberal mantra “white girl syndrome” you’ve already closed your mind.

      First – guess you didn’t follow the KC news for several years about Precious Doe. For over 4 years people dogged this investigation to find out who killed a little girl (yes, she was black – but her color really makes no difference) until they found out who killed this precious girl. Persistent people named her “Precious Doe” until it was finally determined who she was.

      Another thing you might miss is that the truth of the matter is that unfortunately there are certain areas where crime is not news. It’s not because people don’t value human life but rather it would be more newsworthy if someone hadn’t been killed.

      Natalee was news, not because of her color, but rather because of the outrageous things that happened in Aruba such as investigators asking her dad how much money he had, parents being told to go have a drink and she’d show up, the chief inspector needed his frosted flakes before he could talk to parents of a missing girl, the 3 prime suspects last seen with Natalee walking around free as birds for 10 days after fingering two innocent men, a search warrant being changed at the door of a suspect’s house where a judge just happened to be visiting, the outlandish reactions of the #1 prime suspect and his father when being asked to help the family find their daughter.

      After that, things went even further down hill and simply put got totally bizarre. Aruba was news because no one in the USA had ever witnessed such lies and corruption. We couldn’t believe our FBI was standing there in dive suits and refused the opportunity to participate in actually searching for Natalee. We couldn’t believe evidence was being located by Art Wood and Aruba was doing its best to throw it away! We watched all of this in horror because it wasn’t a science fiction or thriller movie but rather the lives of real people, parents in total anguish!

      We were in a state of shock to see an announcement from Aruba that Natalee was dead and one of the three suspects had confessed and was leading investigators to the body – only to have this international media announcement retracted by Rudy Croes with an explanation that it was “mis-information”. We’ve simply never seen such cruelty to parents as they desperately search for their daughter.

      We were mesmerized when Jossy Mansur provided equipment to search Aruba’s garbage dump (based on a witness’ testimony that Aruba couldn’t bother to interview for weeks) while Aruba stood by and didn’t lift a finger, but rather made excuses that their equipment was busy.

      We couldn’t believe how the parents’ efforts were constantly stopped, thwarted or not allowed by a government that professed to being doing all they could.

      We were stunned when we heard that Joran admitted to having sex with Natalee whom he identified as passing in and out of consciousness, his mother describing Natalee’s panties to Beth – and yet Aruba did nothing!

      It was astounding to Americans that Paulus could admit talking to the 3 prime suspects and saying “no corpse no case” and yet walk free.

      We were shocked to see Joran giving international interviews, telling a different story each time and NO ONE in Aruba called him on it, brought him in for more questioning or arrested him for the things he admitted doing.

      We were fascinated to hear that Joran had many previous problems with lying and yet his daddy and the chief investigator were able to shield Joran from arrest for 10 days.

      We were royally ticked when Dompig came on American TV and claimed Natalee took drugs and he had proof only to learn that his “proof” was his own brother-in-law who lived in the bushes on the beach outside Natalee’s hotel. Yet no evidence besides this every surfaced that Natalee, a well educated girl, who understood her own medical problems and was intent on being a doctor ever touched a drug on purpose.

      It is Aruba who gives new life to Natalee’s story each and every time one of their officials opens their mouth, bad mouthing Natalee and Beth and coming up with some of the most incredible unsupported statements we’ve ever heard.

      It was not Natalee’s color that gave life to this story. It was in incredible lies out of Aruban officials and hateful things (including Janssen’s letter to our government asking if Beth was related to Hitler) that came out of the very people who should have been helping Natalee’s parents and protecting Natalee’s rights.

    74. Katablog on June 5th, 2007 5:08 pm

      Oh yeah and the LA Times and Julia RUFFRO forgot to mention that Natalee’s body would have washed right back to shore if she’d “wandered into the sea” because of the tides on the “one crappy little Island”.

    75. 10061906 on June 5th, 2007 5:36 pm

      Did my eyes really see what I thought I read….
      The word BOYCOTT coming from the MEP.
      Boycott where have I heard that word before???
      Boy Cot,, Bouy Cot,, Boycote ,,,,

    76. Jennifer on June 5th, 2007 5:38 pm

      Katablog, this may not mean much to you coming from me right now – but I really think you’re awesome. Thank-you!!! I am behind, and I am trying to catch up (which I presume is apparent from not only my fascnation but my questions), and so I do appreciate any and all clarifications.

      I also realize I have varying opinions from most here – but in my heart I also think that is one of the great features of this country: our freedom to debate, be heard, and agree to disagree. Or something like that. And, this is an excellent forum to ask questions (sometimes seemingly to ‘ask a stupid question’). Anyway, thanks.

    77. Janet on June 5th, 2007 5:39 pm

      By Carol J. Williams, Times Staff Writer
      June 4, 2007

      She might have died of alcohol poisoning or a drug overdose and washed out to sea, as Deputy Police Chief Gerold Dompig surmised in a CBS interview last year.


      Julie, if you are still lurking, I have a question. Why did you fail to quote Gerold Dompig words from that same CBS 48 Hours Interview that pertained to other issues … issues where he implicates Joran, Deepak, Satish and Paulus in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway? Then there are the other quotes of Gerold Dompig from his various interviews on American talk shows … quotes where he also implicates the three suspects?

    78. Sharon Chicago on June 5th, 2007 5:46 pm

      Fox news just stated that Beth and John Ramsey were seen holding hands and kissing…

      I pray she is happy and this is true!

      God’s best to you Beth…

    79. mayan_moons on June 5th, 2007 6:24 pm

      Miss-U i’m just sick over little Maddy, just 3 years old when kidnapped & turning 4 while in the hands of these monsters! While the parents should never have left the children alone, i cannot be to harsh with them for they are suffering and being punished enough.

      I do wonder and maybe Greta could ask…..if the parents had seen or heard much coverage of Natalee. My reasoning for asking is i bet they didn’t get much coverage of Natalee for if they did i feel they may not have left the kids alone…..even though they were only 120 yards away from the villa. Watching the way Aruba government handled Natalee’s case is enough to want to tie your children to your hip if ya know what i mean.

      Well that was a roundabout way of me saying that what we are doing keeping Natalee and Aruba in the forefront is very very important as i’m positive millions of people don’t know the facts WE know and if they did they could be more vigilant.

    80. Janet on June 5th, 2007 6:34 pm

      John Ramsey has released a statement to the media implying that there is no truth to the rumors that Beth and he are romantically involved.

      Entire article can be accessed at:,2933,277718,00.html
      John Ramsey and Beth Holloway Twitty Are Dating
      June 04, 2007

      HOWEVER …

      The entire article can be accessed at:
      John Ramsey and mother of missing teen girl have special friendship
      June 4, 2007

    81. mayan_moons on June 5th, 2007 6:38 pm

      Katablog…..YOU SAID IT FRIEND! And very well i might add!

      Everyone Cut and Copy that post!

      Aruba brought this BOYCOTT on themselves by the like of that witch looking Julia Renfro, Dompig, Arlene…..can’t forget that wench who NEVER told us her cousin Guido was a part of the pimps involved with Natalee & arrested in Holland for it!~

    82. wreck on June 5th, 2007 6:47 pm

      At least you are TRYING to understand! Gabriel Leo is EXACTLY the problem we perceive of Aruba. The Aruban Government has done their best to obfuscate the truth and try to protect tourism. I truly believe this happend clear back on June 10th, 2005 when it was highly reported they had a confession and were being led to the body. The government decided then and there that it was better if they simply pretended she “ran away” than to admit that grisly murders happen on their island. They never bargained for the persistence of the “odd acting mother.”
      (They mis-calculated — BADLY!!!!!)

    83. Janet on June 5th, 2007 6:50 pm

      81. mayan_moons

      Arlene Ellis-Schipper’s cousin is Guido Wever. Arlene is the attorney who prior to Steve Cohen the spokesperson for the investigation. She was a member of Aruban delegation who met with Senator Bachus. The conflicts of interest that abound in the Natalee Holloway case just goes on and on.

      Arlene Ellis-Schipper
      On the Record w/ Greta
      May 25, 2006
      VAN SUSTEREN: As most of you know, Guido Wever, age 19, was arrested in Holland last week in connection with Natalee Holloway’s disappearance. He has been released. Here is a small news item: He is related to a frequent guest on our show – Arlene Ellis-Schipper. I was told they are cousins, but I don’t know if that is first, second

    84. Sharon Chicago on June 5th, 2007 6:53 pm

      Interesting …the tabloid/FOX News with reporting that John Ramsey and Beth have been seen holding hands and kissing…wow… John is saying no romance…hmmmmmmm

      I wish Beth the best…

    85. disgustedmom on June 5th, 2007 7:03 pm

      Chiming in with my 2 Cents….I agree with whoever said it that this LA Times article is a PR move plain and simple.

      As for Julia R? I agree she was in this for her 15 minutes of fame and she turned on Beth when Beth would not kiss her fame-wanting arrse and befriend her (which she only wanted so she could get some cool gossip from the family inside track). When Beth was seriously wanting answers, not attention from boredom (like Julia was) that’s when Julia sided against Beth. There’s an article out there somewhere where Julia says effectively says as much.

    86. mayan_moons on June 5th, 2007 7:18 pm

      I know Janet…..just think back on all the BS Arlene was telling us when you know that she knew her cousin Guido had been in the presence of Natalee in the casino that night and rumoured to be seen with scratches all over his face by friends hours after Natalee missed her flight home.

    87. sirensong on June 5th, 2007 7:19 pm

      “according to accounts by her classmate, later given to the FBI”

      The FBI has not released that information, have they?

    88. Maggie on June 5th, 2007 7:26 pm

      I could care less who Beth dates.. or’s very sad what families go through when they lose a child.

      Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer.. noone cares if they protest environment issues or choller problems. People are outraged they wouldn’t go out and protest against how Natalee’s case was handled right from the beginning and yet went out and protested against her mother to go home the last time she went to Aruba. Her first police statement she made was all bungled and left out parts of what she said. Beth was asked to come back and give a new police statement.

      When Beth arrived, people protested for her to go home. Shortly after arriving back in the USA , Beth said she had requested to meet with Karin Janssen, but Karin was too busy, so she didn’t get to meet with her. Out comes Arlene Shippers on the news to say Beth did indeed meet with Karin and she saw her. Beth’s attorney came on and said Beth did NOT meet with Karin. They had requested it, but she said she was too busy.

      Arlene was a spokesman for AHATA.. who purposely went out to put out false information and slander Natalee and her family. She sure got quiet, when her cousin Guido was arrested.

      If this were my local police force and govt. everyone in the town I am in would be filing complaints and protesting to get rid of them.

      Start with Straten, Jacobs and Paulus. Paulus was out on the town helping his son break the law on the night he met Natalee. Now he’s a lawyer. give me a break. Jacobs complaining he hasn’t had his coffee or frosted flakes, using a foreign word for bitch around Jug and Beth, and Jug said he had to tell Beth what it meant, asking Dave how much money he had and to go have a beer, but watch his drink at CnCharlies, they might drug it. 2 days later after Natalee’s missing 2 of the 3 police stations on the island Dave went to didn’t know anything about a missing girl. Straten who Paulus claims was a long time family friend, Paulus worked with him and rumors of him being Joran’s godfather, Oduber saying Straten wasn’t capable of handling this type of case. even after he was removed from the case, he was still going back in Jacobs office meeting with him.

      People are outraged that Arubans wouldn’t protest that and act like it’s the norm. Why should any other parent who might send a daughter to Aruba, believe they would get nothing but the same next time.

      Joran, Deepak and Satish are an accident waiting to happen IMO..

      Gab Leo sarcastic remarks is a prime example why tourists are coming in fewer numbers. No matter what they do, they can’t ignore the elephant in the middle of the room. When you see Aruba, you see Natalee Holloway..

    89. Maggie on June 5th, 2007 8:01 pm

      Does this sound like someone who just drank too much and wandered in the ocean and drowned? A body any less than 2 miles from the shore would wash back up..

      One of the most persistent theories clouding the case is the notion that her body was dumped out at sea.

      But Dr. Ruben Cruz, the head of the island’s search and rescue team showed 48 Hours that an unweighted body thrown overboard near the shore would wash up on the beach.

      Cruz says he and his team have tossed a dummy overboard many times, but that in every case, it drifted back to shore. The only way that wouldn’t happen is if a boat sailed more than two miles offshore – a trip that would have turned up on police radar and been captured on tape.

      Wherever she was, police now think that while Natalee was with Joran, she died suddenly from an overdose of intoxicants.

      “We feel strongly that she probably went into shock or something happened to her system with all this alcohol maybe on top of that other drugs which either she took or they gave her and that she just collapsed,” says Dompig.

      But Dompig is optimistic that answers will be found. “We are that much closer to knowing what really happened to Natalee,” he says. “A crime like this cannot go unsolved.”

      Dompig acknowledges Joran was afforded some special legal protections because he was 17 years old at the time of his arrest. Dompig says that did complicate matters. “Yes, that complicated matters seriously because he had more visiting rights with his father – his father being a judge in training was a problem for us because he could give his son certain advice.”

      Joran’s father discussed the family’s ordeal with CBS’ The Early Show.

      “We are telling the whole truth, nothing but the truth. And we spoke all this to Joran to tell the truth,” Paulus van der Sloot said.

      Police say they could not listen in on the conversations between Paulus and his son, citing that they were “privileged conversations.”

      Dompig says he believes Paulus van der Sloot does know more than he has been telling about the circumstances surrounding Holloway’s disappearance.

      Dompig says it almost worked. “There were several moments where Joran almost broke. Several moments,” he says.

      Authorities now believe that the teenager’s body may be buried somewhere among some dunes, but not because it washed ashore. The Aruban authorities’ new theory is that someone, someone possibly very close to the young suspects, took the time to carefully hide the body, not once but maybe twice, literally re-burying her.

    90. Janet on June 5th, 2007 8:08 pm

      Jennifer … the boycott was called because Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway were left with no choice. The Aruban people were not supporting them in mass … openly … in their perception that a corrupt investigation was denying their daughter justice … that a corrupt investigation was protecting their own from implication. Jennifer … when you read the words of Dave and Beth … does your heart not break … can you not feel their utter frustration?

      Senator French
      Alabama News – Nov. 9, 2005
      The Senate-passed resolution said a boycott is needed because the investigation into Holloway’s disappearance “has been plagued with an unacceptable amount of missteps, miscommunications and inconsistencies.”

      “It’s my hope this will cause the Aruban people to be more demanding that their officials conduct a thorough investigation,” French said

      Beth Twitty
      CBS NEWS – Mar. 25, 2005
      “The only leverage that we have in getting any traction in the investigation is when they feel the effects of a boycott,” says Twitty.
      Dave Holloway
      On the Record /w Greta – Nov. 17, 2005
      HOLLOWAY: ……. I made sure that the prime minister understood our position. You know, I had been holding off on this boycott as long as I could, and I told him, I said, you know, The big wave is coming, and if you guys are not going to listen, I can’t help you anymore.

    91. Brie on June 5th, 2007 9:14 pm

      Haven’t heard any new news on Koen. Supposedly he is in the US. An article stated that if he came to the US the FBI would arrest him. He doesn’t seem like a fugitive that runs from the law. Remember he slept in bed with his mother in Aruba because he was afraid of being arrested. He has always wanted to come to the US, perhaps he has something to say. Unlike Aruba, he could find protection here and couldn’t think of a better time to leave.

    92. 10061906 on June 5th, 2007 9:41 pm

      brie 91: I felt that also but why are we still waiting to hear anything?

    93. sparrow on June 5th, 2007 9:44 pm

      Renfro said,”Her behavior was odd from the get-go,” I watched Beth Holloway everyday for months. I didn’t miss anything that pertained to Natalee. Beth Holloway maintained poise, and courage, and I know it took everything she had to stay strong. So Ren-ho let me say this to you-if my daughter was missing, murderered, killed, kidnapped, if my daughter was harmed in anyway- then you would see a different woman, because I can promise aruba, and all that I would not be able to contain myself as well as Beth has. I can promise you I would raise some kind of hell, and I would haunt the killers forever. Who knows I might end up in prison for something odd. Bunch of dumb-asses in aruba can’t bring the killers to justice. Good-god what does it take to arrest the 4 that murderered Natalee Holloway?

    94. linda on June 5th, 2007 10:57 pm

      Hey there was a full page ad today in the diario with Nats pics and a reward of Afl 450.000..for tips etc..
      Just wanted to mention this..

    95. linda on June 5th, 2007 10:59 pm

      Brie..Koen is studying in Holland..his parents and little brother are still in the US..

    96. Brie on June 5th, 2007 11:16 pm

      10061906: Hopefully our FBI will do their own investigating…just maybe things are underway.

    97. Brie on June 5th, 2007 11:38 pm

      #95: I heard he was in Georgia, not terribly,terribly far from the Twitty’s. Do you know if he was there at one time?

    98. Brie on June 6th, 2007 12:00 am

      #93: Good-God what does it take to arrest the 4 that murdered Natalee, seems to me in Aruba, according to Dennis Jacobs, how much money you got? Or someone with a conscience and a promise for new ID and relocation. Someone wanting to get away and wants a plea-bargain. An IV drop. Or and Act of God!!!

    99. Carpe Noctem on June 6th, 2007 1:06 am

      Thanks for the info Linda.
      Haven’t seen you posting in
      awhile. Good to see you!


      In other news:


      Beth could be bangin’ Bugs Bunny… As long
      as she is happy, and he treats her well…
      STFU, drink up!

      Life is too short for all of us! Never forget that.

      Hope you are happy Beth, you deserve it.

      Justice 4 Nat!

    100. Tazman on June 6th, 2007 1:37 am

      Thanks Richard for your response to the article by the LA Times. You could have written that article way more thoroughly, efficiently and accurately.

      And, the part Julia Renfro claims that she helped the Holloway Twittys out. Wasn’t she the one that drove them all around the island on a wild goose chase?

      If Beth and gang hadn’t discovered who the 3 criminals were at the get go, then the Aruba police would still be looking for the criminals!!!

      I still find it odd that friends of Joran’s made a mad exodus off Aruba once this case was growing, not to mention several government officials following them all back to Holland. And, what about Joran’s half brother? Where is he? Is he still in Holland? And, who is his mother anyway? The Queen?? Maybe he is the son that Paulos said that he would “do anything to protect his son”!! THINK ABOUT IT GUYS!!!

    101. bookemdano50 on June 6th, 2007 5:17 am

      I’m new on board here but there is one possible major complication to solving Natalee’s murder and bringing all responsible to justice. The fact that Aruba is a transit point for the drug trade and a site for other activities related to the drug cartels (and including the mafia). Hotels and casinos are great tools for money laundering, and there is no question that the corruption in Aruba related to drug extends to every area of Aruba’s existence, incuding law enforcement, the media, even everyday “average” islanders( lawyers, media types, etc.) Unfortunately, those responsible for Natalee’s demise may also be part of ongoing investigations/cases by U.S./Dutch authorites. They will not compromise such cases to solve a murder. They may very know who/what/when/where/why but cannot/will not bring them to justice till other cases are wrapped up, could be years.

    102. linda on June 6th, 2007 10:18 am

      #97 Brie
      The whole family went to the states together..not sure it was Georgia.
      Koen came back after a few Aruba and now left to Holland..
      This is what I heard..I did see him in Aruba a few weeks ago..

    103. nishika on June 6th, 2007 12:09 pm

      #100 It doesn’t seem that strange to me that many of Joran’s friends went to Holland. How many universities do you think they have in Aruba? Lots of Arubans come to Holland after college.

    104. Jackie on June 6th, 2007 12:46 pm

      Give me a break, some conceited reporter went to Aruba got all juiced up, fell for the we love tourists routine and especially american ones, felt like the Aruban people were so great because they brought them a drink with a little umbrella and catered to their every whim (and loved the tips) so that the reporter is defending anything they do. Kissing a little booty on a reporter will go a long way. The reporter returns to the states writes about their experience and the whining about the economy over their and does an about face on their american victim. Is it surprising? Just be glad it wasn’t your loved one that disapearred LA reporter, because you would be singing a much different tune.

    105. super dave on June 6th, 2007 5:12 pm

      #103 most of them probably don’t go peeing their pajamas and sleeping with mama. sounds like they were running scared to me !

    106. Tazman on June 6th, 2007 7:23 pm

      Nishika #103.

      Come on, they and/or their families split immediately after they are identified as being Joran’s friends!! HELLO!!!

    107. letfreedomring on June 7th, 2007 9:05 am

      Seems to me that the LA Times is digging for some publicity with this article. As for Dario running full page ads – check to see who paid for that ad before crediting Dario. Remember that the almighty $$ can buy you almost anything on that island. I say almost because it hasn’t been able to buy Justice for Natalee and her family.

      Beth ODD?? I admire her for dropping everything to get over there and try to find Natalee. Some say she hindered the process, I don’t see how that could possibly be true. Had she not gone over there the black guards may still be in prison.

      I pray that we will find the answers to this horrible crime. I have honored and will continue to honor the boycott. There are plenty of places in my own country as well as other countries that I would much rather visit than to spend one cent in Aruba.

    108. Carpe Noctem on June 11th, 2007 4:59 pm

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