Faneuil Hall Bell Tolls Again, Thank You WD-40!


Faneuil-hall-belltowerFaneuil Hall is the epicenter of tourism in historic Boston, but the bell that graces it’s steeple has not worked for decades. The bell’s striker had rusted shut and experts have never been able to get it working. So when historic moments occurred and bells rang across the city of Boston, Faneuil Hall remained silent.

But once you removed the eggheads trying to fix the bell, a logical guy came around and sprayed the rusted over striker with WD-40 for a week. And for anyone who has used this miracle lubricant can guess, the striker loosened up and now the bell is working.

But fellow readers, I know you are not surprised by this.

Wd40-thumbTired of sitting out solemn and happy occasions when bells are called for, Boston has finally restored the ringing mechanism of the 1866 British-forged bell. The fix: a can of WD-40. Officials said they repeatedly sprayed the lubricant on the rusted striker over the course of a week. Now, it works like a charm.
A new rope was affixed to the striker. And, with an expectation of sounding the bell on a wide variety of occasions, officials also installed an electronic striker that is activated by a hand-held device similar to a garage door opener.  via  The Boston Globe.

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    4 Responses to “Faneuil Hall Bell Tolls Again, Thank You WD-40!”

    1. GreatOwl on May 5th, 2007 6:46 am

      Interesting article since as a tourist I can visualize this beautiful piece of history. We recently stayed in a suite at the top of the Custom House over looking all of North Boston. It was an experience we shall never forget and we enjoy looking back on our visit as we go through all our photos. I have many of Fanueil Hall since our room gave us an excellent view as we looked down on it.

    2. Richard on May 5th, 2007 7:39 am

      I’m sure that the federal government would have been glad to dole out, say, $20 million in grant money to research the problem and what to do about it.

      To the benefit of us all, someone who knew what to do just went ahead and did it. THANK YOU!

    3. kitty on May 5th, 2007 8:27 am

      Tom Bulfinch would be jumping for joy! that the ole bell is chiming ~ (he was the architect)… whoo hoo! What a little can of WD 40 can do~

      When you go visit Boston again ~ you have to see inside Fanuel Hall to really appreciate it… hidden upstairs, is the great hall, where so many historical debates and history was made inside this building! There is also a museum ~ From walking through where the shops are ~ toward the back of the building ~ take the little elevator upstairs (it is almost hidden)… or ask someone how to get upstairs, they don’t really advertise it… you step back in history up inside the great hall ~ the original chairs are lined up as if a session will begin ~ the paintings are massive and surround the front stage of the hall ~ the balconeys that surround you ~ you can imagine sitting there, hearing the great historical men of Boston ~

      The MDC parks, gives free tours inside and will share the history with you ~ they are very informed and enthusiastic about it too~ My friend from Latvia and I went there and he loved it~ (they even share how they changed the architecture, later to accommodate)… it’s a beautiful gem in the heart of Boston ~ I love going there, when I’m in town. You should tour the Old State House and go up Beacon Hill ~ one of the best treasures, is Ft. Warren in Boston Harbor ~ a Citidel Fortress, that was a Civil War Prison ~ my Mom & Dad were caretakers there for 3 months all by themselves between WWII & Korean War… they loved it there and their friend, Ed Rowe Snow, a famous Author ~ used to take tourists there for fun.. he’s written some great books on the history of Boston and the Islands… For a present, I had Mom & Dad, with our entire family back on Ft. Warren for their 50th ~ (they honeymooned out there,as Dad was in the Army and my Mom cooked for Capt. Krier) ~ the MDC Parks system in Boston, does a great job with Boston’s History~

      The Duck tours are a hoot ~ (beginning from the Musuem of Science)… Boston is the BEST place~!


    4. joe bear on May 5th, 2007 10:23 am

      i am happy that the bell can toll again

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