Global Cooling Killing Baby Otters


Global_coolingThe anecdotal evidence that global cooling is occuring this past week has led to the death of cute baby otters. The otters are endangered species that are dying due to the unseasonal cold weather that Alaska has been experiencing.

While the media has been obsessing about polar bears on naturally forming ice flows they have missed the stories of unusual cold weather killing the adorable otters. But if it does not fit into the coventional wisdom blue print of the mainstream media, it is not a story. Right?

Partially enclosed by spits of land, the bay hardened into a solid surface of ice this winter after a cold spell — beginning in January and lasting through March — dropped temperatures to zero and below, he said.
Average winter temperatures usually hover in the 20s, producing only ice floes, he said. Spring temperatures have recently melted snow off tundra and opened cracks in the frozen bay miles from shore, but the sea otters are still coming on land.
Kosbruk shot one on land Thursday that was about 200 yards from the sea.
Three weeks ago, he watched with binoculars as about 35 gathered in a small sea-ice hole several hundred yards off shore, he said. They took turns diving for food. Eagles fed on about seven carcasses lying around the hole.
Sea otters dive for several minutes at a time, and they’re voracious eaters. They rely on their super-dense fur for warmth instead of the blubber that protects other marine mammals. They normally eat the equivalent of 25 percent of their body weight daily. via

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    6 Responses to “Global Cooling Killing Baby Otters”

    1. katablog on April 9th, 2007 8:29 pm

      Yep that global warming got us in KS too. In the last week we’ve experienced a record low which has killed flowers, trees and some of the birds eggs.

      Worse yet, I understand Ohio got over a foot of snow this week -end, again due to global warming

    2. Bodo on April 9th, 2007 9:05 pm

      Strange isn’t it, the unseasonable changes in weather of recent years? Just a couple weeks ago in March, everyone in the central states from Canada to the Gulf Coast was basking in record high temperatures, and it was about this time in early April last year when killer tornadoes cut a swath of destruction through the southern and central states, some of the same states hit the previous fall by the powerful unseasonable November 2005 killer tornadoes. And while we complained of record-setting low temps over the Easter weekend, folks in Vancouver, Canada boasted about their record-breaking warm temperatures on Good Friday and folks in Britain boasted about their warmest Easter since the early 1980s. Figure that!

    3. petefrt on April 9th, 2007 11:37 pm

      Al Gore may have invented the internet and started the global warming craze, but I would trust his weather forecasts any more than I’d call him to repair my computer.

    4. Scrapiron on April 10th, 2007 12:53 am

      Now we have Turbin Durbin and Chuckie Hagel joining Algor-abge and Dimmy Carter. Have the Islamist already poisoned the water in D.C. with something called a stupid pill? Making the hyped Global warming a National Security issue. WOW, them boys have fell out of the stupid tree and hit every limb on the way down.

    5. Miss-Underestimated on April 10th, 2007 9:28 am

      Does anyone ever give it thought that this weather is the natural path of nature. Say like in 300 years the deserts will be lush with vegetation and water and North America will be the deserts? Has anyone visited the Grand Canyon or Badlands? The remainders of what nature once was?
      Things happen and you can’t always blame humans, it just happens.
      However, my theory on the earth quakes and tidal waves, earths plates shifting from pulling up the fossil fuel. That’s the only thing I think humans can do is provide any alternate fuel, from vegetation, electric, nuclear, whatever. Besides, why not create a fuel that our farmers can reap the rewards.

      But you can fool mother nature.

    6. Richard on April 10th, 2007 1:54 pm

      That little fellow in the photo really IS cute! At least, unless you’re up close and he tries to bite you….

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