Daily Commentary – Friday March 30th, 2007 – Why Police Pursuits Are Needed

Dana discusses why:

  • Why Police Pursuits Are Needed (even when chasing Dick Cheney, no wait, Jaclyn Smith, no really Paris Hilton’s sisters husband?

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Want to Go To The Final Four in Atlanta? Be Prepared to Pay Up!

2007AtlantaFinalFourLogoIf you are looking to go to the Final Four this  weekend in Atlanta be prepared  to spend some serious money. The prices range for  ticket sellers started at $2,500 dollars and ranged up to $12,000 for courtside seats.

A little rich for my blood but if you want to head over to the Masters in Augusta, Georgia the cost of a badge, that is the Masters ticket, is in the $5,000 territory  for all days at the most famous golf tournament.

At Stubhub, a leading online ticket reseller, a pair of floor seats for the Final Four behind one of the baskets was offered for $12,000 — apiece. At least four dozen other seats, all situated in the lower levels of the Georgia Dome, were priced no lower than $2,500 a ticket. The only silver lining: those seats would have cost more than $5,000 apiece if they had been purchased before the Sweet Sixteen was over.
A look at four of the top sports events in the United States — the NCAA Final Four, the Masters, the Kentucky Derby and the Super Bowl — reveals that the prices for the best tickets to the biggest contests are heading through the roof, sometimes reaching five figures for a few hours of entertainment. The concept of face value is almost a joke, as top-notch seats command prices easily twentyfold above the printed charge. (Premium seats at the Georgia Dome this weekend are $204.) via MSNBC.com.

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NOW Says Programs Created To Help Fathers Illegal

Ah, it must be election season. The day after NOW gave Hillary their support in the coming election, they decide to attack federal programs that are designed to help men become better fathers. There is 50 million dollars being spent by the federal government to fund programs that teach men who have had rough times to get off of drugs, find jobs, and work to support their children and wives better.

But the powers that be at the National Organization for Women have decided that this money is being spent in a sexist way and the dollars should be spent for both men and women. Of course, there may be a better explanation for this.

NOW may see these programs working and since their ability to raise money is predicated on the oppression of woman. If things are going to well for woman in the country there is no need for NOW. If the men are being supportive and loving to their families, they lose a plank in their campaign to build up the notion that women are being taken advantage of.

I think it is utterly ridiculous myself. Men have for years be stereotyped as not caring for their families and distant. Now the government is providing dollars to help the problems out there and NOW wants a piece of it? You have to be kidding.

NOW and Legal Momentum, another advocacy group, filed complaints yesterday with the Department of Health and Human Services alleging sex discrimination in the initiative that is funding about 100 programs this year.

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Boy Falls 9 Stories and Survives

God must have been looking after this young boy from the city of Hamilton in Canada. He took a fall from a 9th story patio at his apartment and survived after falling into a soft patch of grass. This picture is amazing.


A five-year-old boy has survived a nine-storey fall off a balcony in Hamilton and was talking coherently and complaining only of a hurt leg when emergency crews arrived.
Yong Jin Kim was listed in serious but stable condition at McMaster Children’s Hospital late yesterday and his survival is being hailed as a miracle by police and neighbours in the complex where he lives.
Hamilton police Staff Sergeant Mark Simchison believes the soft waterlogged turf where the boy landed cushioned his fall and saved his life. “It’s quite a miracle,” he said.
Police said the boy broke his legs and is being tested to determine the full extent of his long-term injuries via THERECORD.COM

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Daily Commentary – Thursday March 29th, 2007 – Good Grief, Woman Sick From Eating Recalled Dog Food

Dana contemplates:

  • Good Grief, Woman Sick From Eating Recalled Dog Food

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