NOW Says Programs Created To Help Fathers Illegal


Ah, it must be election season. The day after NOW gave Hillary their support in the coming election, they decide to attack federal programs that are designed to help men become better fathers. There is 50 million dollars being spent by the federal government to fund programs that teach men who have had rough times to get off of drugs, find jobs, and work to support their children and wives better.

But the powers that be at the National Organization for Women have decided that this money is being spent in a sexist way and the dollars should be spent for both men and women. Of course, there may be a better explanation for this.

NOW may see these programs working and since their ability to raise money is predicated on the oppression of woman. If things are going to well for woman in the country there is no need for NOW. If the men are being supportive and loving to their families, they lose a plank in their campaign to build up the notion that women are being taken advantage of.

I think it is utterly ridiculous myself. Men have for years be stereotyped as not caring for their families and distant. Now the government is providing dollars to help the problems out there and NOW wants a piece of it? You have to be kidding.

NOW and Legal Momentum, another advocacy group, filed complaints yesterday with the Department of Health and Human Services alleging sex discrimination in the initiative that is funding about 100 programs this year.

The complaints cite 34 programs, including one run by the District and two others in the Washington area, that, they say, do not offer the services to women. That, the groups say, violates Title IX, the law that prevents sex discrimination in federally funded education programs and is best known for forcing universities to offer comparable sports programs for men and women.
“What we’re asking them to do is to make sure that the grantees provide equal services to women and men,” said Kathy Rodgers, president of Legal Momentum. “It should be a parenthood initiative.”
Administration officials and grant recipients say the challenge is misguided. The programs may target men, they say, but helping men become better fathers will benefit women and children, too. Moreover, HHS officials say they have told grant recipients they must open their fatherhood programs to women.
“If a woman says she wants to apply and it’s not happening, we want to know about it,” said Tara Wall, at the Administration for Children and Families, the HHS agency that oversees the grants. “Yes, fathers are the target group, but at the same time allowing equal access is required.”
Problem solved? Not exactly, said NOW President Kim Gandy: “The proposals they received and funded clearly indicate that they only intend to serve fathers.” via

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    5 Responses to “NOW Says Programs Created To Help Fathers Illegal”

    1. Miss-Underestimated on March 29th, 2007 8:17 pm

      Women have the WICK program. What’s all the noise about?
      Give men a break. I will add this too, boys need men to teach boys to be a man

    2. Miss-Underestimated on March 29th, 2007 8:20 pm

      Is Rosie behind this?

    3. Brenda on March 30th, 2007 9:33 am

      Rosie WOULD qualify for the funds to learn to be a better father…. ;>)

      Honestly, whoever wrote that article could not have had more clear insight into the psychotic world of the “NOW” woman and her left-wing socialist agenda. Good Lord! I do NOT need an organization to make me feel complete. God created me a complete person. I love my husband too, but he isn’t what makes me complete either. It’s what is inside a person. Sadly, it appears many people are running on empty in that department.

      I believe loosing the core of this nation is happening for 2 main reasons:

      1. Forgetting what/who we are and why. This is a Christian nation founded on Christian priciples. Freedom and democracy cannot flourish any other way. If someone thinks so, please give me one example of a lasting nation without such values? A free nation by the way…

      2. Lack of the family unit mainly due to men fathering children and not taking responsibility, or the father and mother divorcing and courts give the mother all the rope she needs to destroy the father (vendictive in many cases).

      Naturally, there are miserable men with no business as fathers, but there are also men raised without fathers with burning desire to do more for their own kids than there dead-beat fathers did for them (nothing). How DARE those horrific NOW “creatures” say it’s a crime! How badly they must hate their own fathers. Sad.


    4. madmatt on March 30th, 2007 2:09 pm

      The point is that taking the funds from the dedicated mothers and abandoned children to reward slacker fathers with religious nonsense and drum circles ala promisekeepers is bull…t.

      And Brenda…your religion is based on hatred and oppression of diverse viewpoints and lifestyles, that inherantly means this nation is not a christian nation as in the US we believe ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL…not just the christocrats.

    5. Brenda on March 30th, 2007 2:22 pm

      Madmatt…your screen-name says it all…


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