Bill O’Reilly to Analyze “bad guy body language”


Body Language Breakdown! They’re the world’s worst villains —Tonight we expose the truth behind their masked messages!

Who are the world’s worst villains according to Bill O’Reilly:

Maybe Aruba can figure it out now why their economy continues to tank. The person you covered up a crime for, Joran Van der Sloot, is considered by many as one of the world’s worst villains. All the marketing is never going to wash away that stain. Try as you might.

Watch tonight on The Factor

 More Joran Van der Sloot body language, HERE.

UPDATE I: Partial comments from Tonya Reiman – Body Language Expert regarding Joran Van der Sloot:

Initially I see a great deal of smugness. He also looks around everywhere. His eyes are darting all over the place and usually that’s indicative of somebody who’s looking for an escape route. He is not making eye contact his eyes just seem to be going all over the place. You know when he talks about she came to me he does that little eyebrow lift and then you can see a little bit of a smile that crosses his face. So there is that little bit of pride coming through that this woman came on to him supposedly. I also notice that see now he did the inward lip roll which of course we all know that’s typically done when you’re a little bit nervous or anxious and he’s being interviewed so I’m sure that’s part of it. But the eyes moving around a lot just tell me that he’s not comfortable doing this interview. You know the constant shoulder shrug also, that’s almost a protective gesture. It can be seen as either a little bit submissive but it’s also protecting yourself. You’re bringing your shoulders all the way up and you are protecting your neck. So I think that part of this was smugness, part of this was that he appears to be hiding something what it is I don’t know. But when you just saw him look up like that usually when people look up they are visualizing something.

More can be read HERE.

(Hat Tip: San)

UPDATE II: Watch the Bill O’Reilly segment on Joran Van der Sloot Body Language

(Hat Tip: Carpe)

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    29 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly to Analyze “bad guy body language””

    1. joe bear on March 20th, 2007 9:56 pm


    2. Carpe Noctem on March 20th, 2007 10:13 pm

      I’d like to tell you sweetly…

      He’s guilty,

      OH SO COMPLETELY! -j4n


      It’ll be dragged out of him piece by piece,

      year after year, until it is fully extracted like

      a nasty wisdom tooth.

      He’ll never sleep peacefully


      that is what I hink.


      Monday, March 19, 2007

      The Aru-Bay Videos, what the heck are they really?

      In a case with tons of coincidences, twists and turns, and leaves us all grasping for the TRUTH, one area of the case is the famous ARU-BAY Videos. This deserves additional examination.

      I have been studying these videos since 6/13/2005 when I received a PM from a poster asking me to look at a certain video in the group. At first I was not sure they had anything to do with Natalee’s case. I had no idea how old the videos actually were. I also did not have access to the parent list from the ARU-BAY site at that time.

      After acquiring all of the additional info I needed to make a determination, I began to become convinced they were part of the case involving the disappearance of Natalee.

      I discovered that the videos were shot on 6/10/2005 and 6/11/2005 and were part of a larger video broken into many pieces to save server space. I contacted Ed Smith and began a roller-coaster ride dealing with a person with delusions. (I’m not going to talk to much about my dealings with Ed.)

      I discovered that Ed was not reasonable and did not wish to share the TRUTH about the videos. Whatever it is Ed is hiding about these videos, it will remain hidden. Or will it? He will not release the ‘missing video’ no matter how much money is involved. That alone makes me suspicious about what the true nature of what the videos entails.

      Internet poster extraordinaire

      Carpe Noctem

      dissected each video.


      He found many truly amazing things on those videos and did
      still-captures of the videos where you can clearly see a
      variety of things that should not be there.


      What is not real?

      It’s not a real crime scene.

      It was staged to make it look like something was happening on Aruba to get a conclusion to Natalee’s case or to lead everyone away from the Van Der Sloot house and the real crime scene. As you can tell by the Polis Officers actions, there is no urgency to get the body parts cleaned up, they just lie on the ground as they continue painting.

      This was hard to put together and come to the correct conclusion.

      On 6/2/2005 Dave Holloway and his friends searched the area behind the California Lighthouse. They did not see any heads or any other body part. They found nothing. Yet the cops kept pretending that something was happening there and acted suspicious so Dave and his friends would continue to look there. I’m sure you remember the incident with the crooked cop Halley.

      On 6/5/2005 the group searched again and found nothing. There was no red substance on any of the rocks at that point.

      This area was searched so many times and by so many different people that if there was anything there it would have been found.

      On the night of 6/9/2005 Joran Van Der Sloot confessed that ‘Something Bad Happened’ and in the morning he was going to take the Authorities to the location of the body.

      Also on the night of 6/9/2005 someone on the orders of Dirty Hand began creating a crime scene in the rock area behind the California Lighthouse.

      Whether this was done to make it impossible for the cadaver dogs to make a HIT or to distract the media, the thread-surfers, and the Family, I can not be totally sure. I do know it was done to make it a movie.

      One problem, the right hand didn’t know what the Dirty Hand was doing. Interrogators get their confession, but how to explain the mess Dirty Hand created in the rock area if that is not where the body is located?

      They overlapped the confession and the Aru-Bay videos by accident. Now it really looked like the Polis had her body.

      Now retract that confession and get rid of those videos. Too Late. They’re on the net and not coming back. Now the real problem is coming ashore like a TSUNAMI.

      Now a massive can of worms has been opened and there are no excuses for what the Polis are doing with the Visibility Team in the rock area painting over rocks with non-removable white paint. (What the White Substance IS will be revealed at end of post.)

      Now everyone is asking questions. And the Polis are not giving answers. It’s all imploding on them. They are caught.

      Art Wood said that before they ever searched the rock area behind the California Lighthouse a Polis Officer disclosed to him that they found a 7 year old Columbian Boy there the YEAR BEFORE.

      Then they tried that story and it didn’t work. Some had already known that was a lie.

      They also never disclosed that Dinesh ‘Pitbull’ Djoegan was found tied up there the year before during Christmas.

      I have seen so many posters and bloggers ask, “How did Ed know where to go?”

      According to Ed he told me he followed the Polis while a distraction was created on the other side of the island.

      That was not true. Ed was told where to be and bring his camera. This was all an attempt to make it appear that Natalee was either being moved around, or re-buried.

      The truth was the Polis had her body on the first or second night. They had to come up with some creative ideas to make it look like the case was moving.

      Jan Van Der Straaten in his infamous quote said ‘he had seen the evidence that Natalee was dead, and you hadn’t’ -(to a reporter).

      The only evidence that Van Der Straaten could use to make a conclusion like that is the fact that he had indeed seen the body early on and that alone fuels the fire of the posters clamoring for Holland and the US Federal Government to look at this from a cover-up stand point. Police do not say there is a dead person unless there is a dead person. That’s Police 101.

      With the Polis in possession of her body and the Family searching, they couldn’t just reproduce her and put her on the beach. They would be exposed again. But this time, the Family is already convinced that a cover is in progress or that a serious case of malfeasance was on-going. Remember Aruba is only so big and a lot of the island had already been searched and if an area had been searched and cleared, the only way to re-produce the body of Natalee is to say that someone is digging her up and moving her around if you plan to have her re-appear.

      By the time word had reached Ed Smith to remove the video, it was too late, someone already had the ‘missing video’ with the men in bio-suits, and that was a problem. How do the Polis say that is NOT a crime scene? They can’t.

      So you have people claiming the Polis do in fact have the body and they do, just not recovered from the rock area behind the California Lighthouse, but from the Van Der Sloot house by the bifrons who worked for Dirty Hand.

      So what is that ‘white stuff’ the ALE and Visibility Team used to paint over the rocks?

      It was road way paint used to paint lines on the center and sides of highways and roads.

      Posted by Zoltan at 4:39 PM

      Repost @ SM

      by Carpe

      (thanks for the plug Z)

    3. Carpe Noctem on March 20th, 2007 10:19 pm

      Hi Klass,

      I just YOU-TUBED the video

      from tonight’s BOR FOXNEWS SHOW

      JVDS BODY LANGUAGE segment 3/20/2007

      @ 3 1/2 minutes.

      You all are welcome to my vid feed, if you want to post it.


    4. R-squared on March 20th, 2007 11:09 pm

      Ad GW Bush and D Chaney to the list and Bill would be a lot closer to the world’s worst villians. They are destroying America as a soverign nation. Of course, good old Bill has to spout the party line dictated to him by the Zionist management at Fox.

    5. Scared Monkeys on March 21st, 2007 1:58 am

      #4, Yeah you probably would be foolish enough to actually think that killers & terrorists are less dangerous than GWB. What party line are you spouting? CNN? Olbermann?

      But then again I think some Branch Dividians and some at Ruby Ridge might have an issue or two with your boy Clinton.

    6. Carpe Noctem on March 21st, 2007 2:10 am

      #4 – Not only are you incorrect. …but they aren’t
      even related to Bill OReilly, The Holloways,
      or the uncaptured murdering, Aruban rapists
      – The Blood Thirsty – Van der Sloots.

      Dude, you aren’t even on thread!

      Go fetch UBL his Birkenstocks,
      jug head.

    7. mayan_moons on March 21st, 2007 2:43 am

      Ha Ha Ha See Jip……you’re in the top ten on everybody’s $hit list!

    8. simeon on March 21st, 2007 3:38 am

      say what you will about JVDS…hes the scum of the earth.fine……but Bill O’Reilly?Please….BillO…….He is the worse of the worse.IMHO

    9. vicki on March 21st, 2007 9:30 am

      I get so sick looking at this pig with his STUPID face. To think he even looked at Natalee much less touched her..UGH. I cant wait until judge ment day comes for him and his.

    10. Miss-Underestimated on March 21st, 2007 10:00 am

      Did anyone with any common sense think Anita’s lil charmer was telling the truth, other than Greta?

      Just about every LE agent who watched that video smelled lies.

      Hey Paul, what art projects were on Anita’s camera. I wonder did you call the art studio in the early am to tell him you had some art you needed to sell?

    11. San on March 21st, 2007 10:36 am

      The one thing I did disagree with Tonya was when she was talking about the shrugging of the shoulders. She said:

      [i]“You know the constant shoulder shrug also, that’s almost a protective gesture. It can be seen as either a little bit submissive but it’s also protecting yourself.”[/i]

      I take shrugging of the shoulders to mean I don’t care what happened. How many times has someone told you something and you shrug your shoulders to mean so what, big deal or who cares.

      This is exactly what Joran was saying that he didn’t care. Sort of like he said she wanted to stay on the beach and what does Joran do he shrugs his shoulders like saying so I left her there. We all know this is a lie because he was never at the beach so he really didn’t care.

      Boycott Aruba.

    12. strayze on March 21st, 2007 11:34 am

      Joran looks like his pants are on fire! maybe that’s the origin of the old expression: liar liar pants on fire.

    13. tuyvnsurviror on March 21st, 2007 11:39 am

      I find Bill O’difficult to watch due to his leeps to judgements, his Paul Harveyish attitude of, ‘you don’t think like me your an idiot’, and I do feel Bill is at the worst of being rude and overpowering toward his quests…cutting them off, talking over their best points. That I think is bad for the conservative side, and like it or not Bill represents us to millions; millions judging us by his rude smuggness. I sure question the body language segment…keeps my head shaking anyway.

      Joran placed all blame, notions, and natural urges on Natalee. Not in this lifetime. I am not too old to remember desire. Joran was coached well, clearly told to keep the story simple where it can be repeated easily, leaving no fractures for deep speculation. True stories are not so simple in detail.

      As to Greta interviewing Joran. Well, I am greatfull for her interviewing Joran, that is where a wealth of what we can make of Joran comes from. I feel Greta is one of the most fair interviews of our day, actually I personally think the fairest, rarely cutting off her guests better points…afterall it is the quest we want spotlighted, not for the tv personality to prove to us who owns the show. However I do take difference with Greta on her more recent ‘spatfull’ with Prince ‘Gia Gia’, as to unfaithfullness in marriage somehow rendering one fraud, destroying business ability, or in some way proving one a liar. She was only defending Bill O’ in the truer dispute. Maybe The Prince is a kook out of pocket, not neccessarily a kook out of marriage.

      Body language stuff suspecious…enough of the time to taint the barrel.

    14. Carpe Noctem on March 21st, 2007 11:40 am

      Miss U – Yes ma’am,

      Anita Van der Sloot
      was there when Deepak & Satish & Joran
      confess to the HI lie @ J’s home. – Per S. Kalpoe
      very own statements.

      The Van der Sloots new
      the HI lie at least by 6/1/2005

      I believe Paulus was the idiot that always
      told the kids to refuse to sign anything.

      Today’s comedy piece

      PALM BEACH, Aruba, Aug. 30, 2005


      “We are not hiding anything. We are telling the whole truth, nothing but the truth. And we’ve always told Joran to do tell the truth.”

      Paulus and Anita Van der sloot



      off air / real life

      JORAN 06/24/2005 STATEMENT

      The suspect J.A.P. van der SLOOT talked to us subsequently, and informed us that he did not want to go with us to the police station in Oranjestad to make a statement.

      The suspect J.A.P. van der SLOOT gave us as a reason:

      - he would only go with us, the reporting officers if is father was released;

      - that his mother and his lawyer had advised him on behalf of his father to not make any more statements and to invoke his right to not make statements;

      - that he would receive a message from his father’s lawyer when he should make statements;

      - that according to his lawyer, if he would stop making statements, his father would be released in two days;

      - that he listens to his families advise;

      - that the lawyers “Antonio CARLO” and “OOMEN” are good friends of his father

      - that these two lawyers out of friendship with is father would defend them

      - that he know that if he would make a statement he could bring his father into trouble

      - that his father suffers from bad memory and that because of that his and his fathers statements would not correspond

      - that his father even can’t remember what kind of clothes he himself wore the day before

      - that his lawyer had said that the police arrested his father because according to the police his father had picked him up in the late night hours of May 30th 2005 at McDonalds

      - that he wished the police would leave his friends and family alone/stop bothering his family and friends

      - that he would only answer new questions asked by investigators

      - that his lawyer had advised him only to make statements in his presence

      - that his lawyer had started a lawsuit so that he would only make a statement with the lawyer present

      - that he wouldn’t come with us today because his mother would be visiting him at 14.00 hours that day

      - that if he gets a visit from his mother he would discuss making another statement with her

      - that only if his father, by way of his lawyer would say he should make a statement he would do so

      - that he was waiting for the statement of his father and after that make another statement.

      Of this, we, the reporting officers, on our oath of office, have made this proces-verbaal, closed and signed in Oranjestad on June 24th 2005.

      The reporting officers,

      S.A. TROMP M.A.G. RAS


      Anita, you fat sack of “bunt cake.”

      I hope someone comes along & gives you a
      swift, KY-Less punt in the ol’ biscuit!

      You’re awful, awful human being.

    15. Susie on March 21st, 2007 12:55 pm

      I have a question :-) Do you folks really think that the Van der Sluts’ come here or go anywhere else on the internet to see what is being said about them? Just curious and I would appreciate a real nice answer…lol

      #4 aka R-squared – You are stupid! Shut the f*** up!


      SM:   I beleive Joran and Valentijn do, don’t know about the parents.   (klaasend)

    16. Melissa on March 21st, 2007 12:55 pm

      Almost two years later – it is absolutely incredible to comprehend the fact that Aruba allowed three men (four including father VDS) to bring down an entire island.

    17. A New Girl on March 21st, 2007 2:20 pm

      Joran was never a good liar……nothing has changed over time except that he is certainly hiding information.

      Once again, my original theory is still what haunts me as being the closest to the truth:

      He and his Scumbag friends picked up Natalee at the bar. She had been drinking, someone slipped her a type of date rape drug. The combination of everything in her system was too much….she was out of it. At some point, she was taken back to VDS residence, I think there was an accident..don’t believe she was intentionally murdered…but when she asphixiated and died—Joran & Kalpoe brothers panicked and Daddy VDS helped to get rid of the body and assisted his Son and his friends in their attempt to cover up their involvement in a crime. “No Body, No Crime”…as PVDS is quoted as saying. They need to all be prosecuted and brought to justice for taking advantage sexually of a girl who was impaired, then covering up the crime of getting rid of her body and all the ways they perjured themselves afterwards. It’s manslaughter then to aide and abet in a crime when a human being loses their life.


    18. A New Girl on March 21st, 2007 2:36 pm

      As far as Mommy Dearest Anita Van Der Sloot is concerned…I will never forget the interviews she gave about her son a few days after the incident. All I was thinking was, “Will you give me a freaking break, Lady??!” How much further up her a** could her head be? Denial is not a good quality to have when it comes to being a parent or a Mother. She is not living in the real world when it comes to being aware of what her Son was really in to. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLO ANITA! !! Kid thinks he is a big time pimp with the ladies and he prowled the clubs & casinos on the island always looking for fresh meat. If the kid was my Son, his butt would have been kicked into next week for displaying such random acts of disrespect towards the entire female sex in general. Anita is clueless, School Teacher or not. And she is not the only one guilty of such a crappy job of parenting…I see plenty of parents like that here in the States as well. We’ll see whose teenagers and young adults end up in Juvenile Hall b/c parents just looked the other way. It’s harder to be a good parent, but well worth the effort in the end. I also clearly remember one of those Satish brothers giving an interview that was degrading & again obvious he was raised the same way…disgusting !!

    19. 10061906 on March 21st, 2007 3:09 pm

      Think about this before you talk about Mr Bush. Say he gets impeached and steps down. Chaney then becomes president. But before he can have a vice president appointed, which by Federal Law he has to have a VP, something happens to his ticker. Federal Law based on the Kennedy assination when Johnson did not have a VP to finish the term.
      O my gosh.
      That would leave a woman as president and Hillary Clinton would not be the First Woman President.

      Natalee was in St. Anna Cemetery the night Beth was at the Polis Station in Noord. Maybe only 40 yards away from her: that is the sad irony. Bifron the god in charge of moving corpses>>> a funeral director had her removed and cremated supervised by dirty hand Straaten. His cops told Bensen so he had to be elimenated by Dennis Jacobs.

    20. Susie on March 21st, 2007 5:52 pm

      Thank you SM for answering my question :-) {{edit}}




      SM:   Susie – you need to tone it down a bit please or I’ll be editing all of your posts (klaasend)  

    21. tuyvnsurviror on March 21st, 2007 6:21 pm

      15, absolutely they come right to this very board checking to see what is thought of them, how their lies work on us, and what is made of each event as it unfolds. A credit to SM is they allow fairly reasonable exchange, so the cross section and brain storming stays alive. I have looked at a number of blogs following the Holloway case, I think this one by far the best. ALso, it is my opinion, after seeing verbage and unique ideas used on tv, that at least a couple of cable shows read here as well for general mood and test subjecting varrious topics. The real monkeys might not say this without proof and therefore appear wishfull, but I do feel this way.

      #19, what? St Anna, Noord, Bifron, Bensen death? Any thing you can share?

    22. Susie on March 21st, 2007 7:10 pm

      Well, well, tsk, tsk…I’ve seen and read it all now. I’ve read comments made here on SM that were as bad as mine, but I am edited? There goes my right to free speech right out the freaking window, even though this blog isn’t mine to spit out my venom against the perps. I’ve got to hand it to SM though, at least the comments are monitored here to prevent things from getting out of hand like they have on other blogs and/or message boards.

      I’ve kept a close eye on any and everything pertaining to the disappearance of Natalee Ann Holloway and shown nothing but major support for the Holloway’s. I can only hope and pray that someday soon there will be justice for Natalee and her family.

      No need to worry about editing my comments anymore. I’ll refrain from making anymore comments here…

    23. mayan_moons on March 21st, 2007 8:23 pm

      The fact that the 3 stoodges offered up Natalee having a head injury negates any accident scenerio imo.

    24. mayan_moons on March 21st, 2007 8:26 pm

      Why is that you say……if it were a real accident and everything was all *innocent* said stoodges would’ve taken her to the hospital or a Dr.

    25. mayan_moons on March 21st, 2007 8:40 pm

      At the time of the 3 stating she had a head injury it shows they thought there was an expectation or at the least a possibility in their minds that Natalee would be found. And since they ARE SPEAKING FOR NATALEE in explaining the injury and how she got it could lead one to infer that they knew she wouldn’t be able to explain the injury, how and where she got it herself. They KNEW she couldn’t explain it coz they KNEW she was dead.

    26. Carpe Noctem on March 21st, 2007 8:56 pm

      Right, Mayan!

      They consistently point to Natalee’s cranial injury!

      “de girl fall down and go boom, at the Holiday Inn.”

      At that time they thought she may be discovered. Point taken.


      Joran consistently is telling different people
      she may have drowned. He is always trying to
      paint a picture that she was left
      (or threw herself down- lol)
      just feet from the water.

      Water/Suffocation in some form was definitely involved. IMO

      Nat’s Family didn’t get a body back for a REASON!

      -Any Accident Is Highly Unlikely.

      …like J-BO says – Who wants all this fuss,
      OVER A GIRL? pffffffft

      An Accident – Natalee would have been retrieved
      and returned that night, or the next day. NO “PAPA” SWEAT!

      The only word that we have that she was fine when he left her, is the word of Joran Van der Sloot.

      Trying to discuss policies of honesty with JVDS -

      Is like discussing Quantam Physics and Nano-technology Theories with your effin cat.

      It makes for a dry evening.

      -J4N- Natalee, We Still Remember.

    27. mayan_moons on March 21st, 2007 9:49 pm

      If water….drowning did happen it was after the head injury. I have doubts about drowning but if that happened its possible it could’ve been the Sloot swimming pool. The type of water if any in her lungs (ocean or chlorinated) could be determined at autopsy.

      Maybe Jipshit has a history of blaming drowning when family pets or chollars annoyed him.

    28. Carpe Noctem on March 21st, 2007 11:26 pm

      “Maybe Jipshit has a history of blaming drowning when family pets or chollars annoyed him.”

      Bingo, boingo mayan!

      He seemed to talk about

      peeps “getting drowned”

      a bunch! He even

      threw someone off a bridge

      into the ocean before.

      Now of course,
      It was everyone else’s fault,
      he didn’t do anything wrong,
      ya see…

      “DA DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!” -Geraldine (Flip Wilson Show)

      Do you remember when
      Joran threw a boy
      through a plate
      glass window?

      He fell in to the boy,

      who fell through the window.

      Dag nabbit, that is the TROOF.




      -Justice for Natalee

      (where is jfn and nychic? they are missed.)

    29. mayan_moons on March 22nd, 2007 12:05 am

      I wonder just how long is the list of people & animals Jipshit has harmed. BTW i checked to see how many shrinks Aruba-ss has and only found 1.

      (i miss em too)

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