Two Latest Reasons Why Senator John McCain will not Win the Republican Presidential Primary


The question lately has been, where are all the conservative candidates running for Mccain_LettermanPresident in 2008 in the Republican Party? Senator John McCain’s recent actions do not add much to that list. What are the two most recent reasons why John McCain will never garner the votes necessary to win the Republican Presidential primary.

John McCain continuing to endear himself to people who question him the most. Pander to the Hollywood crowd and reject those who’s vote you need the most. McCain’s communication director stated the following to preempt the all but certain political backlash:

The senator has run, been elected and served as a conservative and looks forward to talking about his conservative record throughout the course of this campaign,” said Brian Jones, communications director for the McCain campaign.

The Ankle Biting Pundits have stated, “My opinion. It’s a mistake for McCain to skip this …” We would agree. McCain is not loved by conservatives however, to reject the invitation in a colossal error in judgement. However, Dick Morris at Town Hall seems to think that McCain’s campaign has collapsed before it ever en started.

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    One Response to “Two Latest Reasons Why Senator John McCain will not Win the Republican Presidential Primary”

    1. tuyvnsurvivor on March 1st, 2007 6:24 pm

      McCain would never make my list for hopefull Rep candidates. Two evils quick to mind on McCain to me are: he gives lipservice, with a kind nod and widened shoulders, then does nothing. Two, I think he sells out not one bit less than Hillery…sell out for votes, sell out for ideas to suit, sell out to save his own hyde.

      I think distrust of McCain is warranted. Not a thing for international reflection.

      I hope Newt runs.

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