Aruban Newspaper Reactions on Natalee Holloway Case


The reporting on this interview with Dompig has become almost absurd. Dompig is stating that searches will be done in the dunes on the credible information from a witness. Yet, the interview with 48 Hours took place back in February. It is now almost the end of March and the information is being reported as if it is somehow new. Does anyone really believe that CBS and 48 Hours would sit on bombshell information for one month in fear that they could be scooped by their competitors?

New witness in the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Recently, it has come out in the renowned American newspaper USA Today, as well as in other US dailies, that Aruba has a new witness in the case of Natalee Holloway.

According to the article, police have a new witness and have planned to organize a new search for the body of the American youngster.

The witness gave specific information, which made the investigators plan a search in the dunes near the North part of Aruba.

Commissioner Gerold Dompig, during an interview with the program ’48 Hours Mystery” of CBS, said that investigators will use cadaver dogs to search near the lighthouse, because they believe that there are people who took careful steps to hide the body of Natalee Holloway, and that perhaps they buried the body twice.
(rest of the translation at Aruba Get a Grip)

Amigoe: Another breakthrough in the Holloway-case
March 24, 2006

ARUBA — According to chief of police Gerold Dompig, the police start a new search for the body of the disappeared Natalee Holloway. He anticipates that this search will have positive results. He mentioned this in an interview with the American TV-channel CBS. The interview will be broadcasted this Saturday evening.

According to Dompig, a new witness had given the police reliable information about the location where the body of Holloway is buried. “The information is too specific for having been invented.” Dompig indicated that he assumes that somebody has buried the body real well and probably had even reburied it. Search dogs and ground radar will be used for this new search, which concentrates on the California sand hills. The police have searched that area several times. Dompig says in the interview that the investigation is in its last critical phase. The program 48 Hours Mystery: Natalee Holloway, New Clues in Paradise will be transmitted at 23:00 on channel 16 in Aruba and 482 in Curacao.

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