Tom Daschle Will Not Seek Presidency in 2008 … We Can All Sleep More Comfortable Now


Last week it was Republican TN Senator Bill Frist who stated he would not seek the nomination for the presidency in 2008. Today, Tom Daschle (WHO??) has stated he will not seek a run at the Presidency. File this one under the category of no one cares and basically Daschle and his political career are in the “Where are they now Files.”

Tom Daschle taking a pointer from the play-book of … if you can’t win your own State in politics, most likely that Presidency thing is a bit of a stretch. That an no one wants to give you money for your campaign.

Posted December 4, 2006 by
Politics | 4 comments

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    4 Responses to “Tom Daschle Will Not Seek Presidency in 2008 … We Can All Sleep More Comfortable Now”

    1. Skyboxx on December 4th, 2006 6:02 pm

      Like he had a chance! Ha!

      In the interest of time, allow me, the Skyboxx prognoticator to help you cross off the following democratic hopefuls for 2008. Remember you heard it here first.

      You can also cross off the following Democratic contenders

      Hillary Clinton – Way too much baggage

      Bracka Hussein Obama or whatever, and yes his middle name is “Hussein”. Not electable in 2008, no one named Hussein is electable for the near term future.

      John Kerry, – not electable (Too much foot in his mouth)
      Dennis Kuchinich – No chance
      Al Sharpton – Forget ’bout it

      Nancy Pelosi – Yep, you can bet by 2008 she will be thinking about some role, but it will be too late and she will not be electible.

      Joe (Mr Plagerism) Biden – NOPE

      Harry Ried – NOT A CHANCE!

      Russ Feingold – Nada, Nyet

      John McCain, Opps, he’s running as a repulican, scratch that name

      Could list a couple of more names, but its only Dec 4th, 2006.

    2. Richard on December 4th, 2006 8:38 pm

      Well, just to balance the gulf between the parties … I’m not planning to seek the presidency in 2008 either.

    3. Scared Monkeys on December 5th, 2006 12:02 am

      Richard, I thought the same thing when writing the post.

      Should I say that Red will not be seeking the nomination yet? Nah ,,, I will hold off until the New Year. After seeing some of the names that Skyboxx mentioned … I believe that there may be a shot … lol.


    4. Skyboxx on December 5th, 2006 7:47 pm

      Hmmmmmm, this gives me an idea….

      the Scared Monkeys Party (SMP for short)

      Let’s not be hasty, there are a number of us who would love to be nominated, however there can only be one. Next, there are many supporting roles in the SMP.

      We also have to define our platforms, consider potential cabinet appointees, our Internet campaign platforms, etc.
      The list is endless. (They say that Howard Dean started as a grass roots campaign all on the internet.) We could also call ourselves the Common Sense Party or CSP.

      We can elect delegates, and have a Scared Monkey Convention.

      Primaries are just around the corner. (Better practice my speech writing)

      I am serious, if we get a name registered in all 50 states we can get on the ballet.

      Sure will we will take some heat for beging the Monkey party, but Clinton surveyed monkey business in the oval office.

      Don’t forget the documentaries, the screenplay and the eventual movie deal. Mr. Monkey Goes to Washington.

      How ’bout it monkeys?

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