Own A Prius? 1 in 4 Also Own a SUV


While it probably feels good to drive your Prius to show your environmental chops to your neighbors and co-workers, it may also be a bit of a front. A study found that one out of every four Prius owners also own an Sports Utility Vehicle.

That’s right: the megawatt popularity of hybrids is dimming and Americans are rediscovering their favorite automotive guilty pleasure, gas-guzzling SUVs. And here’s something even more shocking: a surprising number of Americans have it both ways. They own a hybrid and an SUV. According to an analysis for NEWSWEEK by researcher GfK Automotive, 24.2 percent of hybrid owners also have an SUV in their garage. Oh sure, plenty of hybrid owners like small cars, too. One in five of them has a diminutive gas sipper in the family fleet. But SUVs, from large to little to luxurious, are hybrid owners’ No. 1 stablemate, according to GfK, an affiliate of the Roper research organization.

So when your co-worker looks down their nose at your gas guzzling sedan, they may have a guilty secret in their garage back at home.

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    One Response to “Own A Prius? 1 in 4 Also Own a SUV”

    1. Mortella on November 13th, 2006 11:17 am

      This sounds right to me. My son drives a hybrid, Interga I think it is called, and I drive an SUV because I have to drive on icy mountain roads at times. I actually need 4 wheel drive but am a low mileage driver so do not feel so guilty over use of more gasoline as I do not do the needless driving that so many seem to enjoy.

      Those hybrids are not the safest of cars we have come to understand as in the event of an accident, rescue workers can receive a nasty if not fatal electrical shock. They need to send them back to the drawing board to address this and other issues with them.

      But yes, we do have this situation in our family with one hybrid and one SUV. And even at that I would bet the hybrid driver consumes much more gasoline needlessly than his more sedate SUV-driving mother.

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