University of Miami Hurricanes Football player Bryan Pata shot and Killed


Bryan Pata, a defensive lineman for the University of Miami Hurricane’s was shot and killed Bryan PataTuesday night at his apartment complex. The death is being considered a homicide. This was not been the first incident involving tragedy with the University of Miami. They are a lightening rod when it comes to trouble.

“We’re targets because we play for the University of Miami. … These guys, they know who we are,” Miami linebacker Jon Beason said shortly after the Cooper shooting.

What a tragic loss to a life so young and talented. Rest in peace and God bless.


Rutland said police were called at 7:30 p.m. to the scene and found Pata’s body in the parking lot. The 22-year-old senior who grew up in Miami was pronounced dead at the scene.

“Tonight the University of Miami tragically lost a member of our football family, Bryan Pata,” the university athletic department said in a release. “Bryan was a fine person and a great competitor. He will be forever missed by his coaches and teammates. We offer our thoughts and prayers to his family.”

Several Miami players, including Pata, said that incident was a robbery attempt, and cautioned other teammates to always be aware of their surroundings. (FOX News)


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    11 Responses to “University of Miami Hurricanes Football player Bryan Pata shot and Killed”

    1. Gunslinger on November 8th, 2006 1:56 am

      What a shame.

      God bless his family and friends.

    2. Patti on November 8th, 2006 2:52 am

      I’m shocked!!!!! What a sad, sad story. How could anyone
      do this? There are no words to say how upset I am to know
      that someone would do this to such a nice guy… and for
      MONEY??? What is going on with these people that they would
      do such a thing?

      My thoughts and prayers are with his family and many
      friends. May God bless you all and ease you of your pain
      and sorrow.

      Miami owes you an apology and honor, may you rest in peace.

    3. molly on November 8th, 2006 2:49 pm

      This is sad for a promising career to end this way,
      but you can be assured it can be traced to drugs. They
      never learn.

    4. Patti on November 8th, 2006 4:47 pm


      What you have said is completely out of whack. I can’t
      believe that you are going to come here and post something
      as unfounded and inconsiderate as that!!!

      And who are “they”?????????

      I certainly hope that you don’t think that every athlete
      that plays ball is a drug addict… how sad that you could
      be so ignorant and totally biased. Maybe you need to take
      a look at the number of players that DON’T USE DRUGS.
      Please note that their names are NOT going to be in your

      You need to apologize… you know nothing of him or his
      family; and until there is proof of something awry, I
      suggest you button your trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hoooooow RUDE!!!

    5. Kris on November 8th, 2006 5:30 pm

      This is ridiculous. Someone’s child is dead and the first things out of people’s mouths are “thug” and “gangland”. They throw out explanations “look at his car” and “he had a marijuana leaf on his myspace comments”. Like there aren’t 100,000 of young privileged white kids with that and more on their myspace pages. The family can’t even grieve because “football fans”, who don’t even know him are speculating on his character. We say this is a reflection on Miami, well I think many of the responses are an even more glaring reflection on U.S. culture.

    6. Patti on November 8th, 2006 6:00 pm

      I agree!!! This man is not the perpetrator of any crime.
      He is the victim of crime; and, while Miami needs to get
      their criminals off the streets, we need to support our
      kids that have to live in such a violent culture. To
      blame the innocent, the ones that are going to college
      and trying to make something of their lives, is absolutely
      unacceptable in my book. And, for those that think that
      blacks are the only ones that do drugs, drive waaay out
      cars or live the gangster life, you are wrong… that has
      NEVER been the case – so get over it!!!!!

    7. molly on November 8th, 2006 9:02 pm

      I didn’t mean the Athlete was on drugs, I mean
      that those that killed him were druggies. No where
      in my post did I say HE was on drugs. Read more

    8. Patti on November 8th, 2006 9:15 pm

      Oakey Doakey….. I was wondering who they were… now
      it makes perfect sense AND I agree with you….. sorry

    9. Patti on November 8th, 2006 11:30 pm

      I know Miami has to be sad tonight. I hope you guys all
      hang in there. I know this is tragic… but time will
      heal everything. Besides, he wouldn’t want you to feel
      down. So, just hang in there, okay?

    10. Mortella on November 9th, 2006 4:26 pm

      I am so sorry for his death and the loss to his family. His mother on TV was just heartbroken. Possibly a robbery was the motive maybe if it was known he owned legally guns and used them only for legal target practive. Maybe someone wanted his guns but these days it can be someone after your shoes or just wanting to see what you might have to steal.

      Sad commentary on out society’s total lack of regard for human life. It has become disposable as a kleenex tissue.

    11. Patti on November 9th, 2006 11:24 pm

      Too bad he didn’t have one of those guns on him.

      I read that when the other guy from the team got shot, the
      team thought that it was robbery; and Bryan suggested that
      they be on their p’s and q’s. But perhaps it is someone
      like he said, that knows who they are.

      It’s sick to imagine that someone would do this as revenge
      or jealousy, but stranger things have happened. He had a
      lot to be admired for. I just hope they catch whoever is
      responsible. Then, perhaps his family can go on.

      My thoughts are with you at this very difficult time.
      May God Keep You as One of his Children, and Bring You

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