Let the Election Games Begin … Why is it so difficult to Vote these Days?



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Why does it seem like after the Al Gore contested Presidential election of 2000 that all we hear about on election day is lawyers present at voting stations, people unable to vote and just plain voting foolishness?  Thank you Al Gore for the farce that you have made election day. Thank you to those that proclaim voter fraud before one ballot is cast.

Why is it that after 2000, people became unable to vote? Those that use PC’s and are on the internet 24–7 some how are unable to use electronic voting. What ever happened to an individual simply just waiting in line, going into a voting booth and casting their ballot like had been done over the past 100 years?

Its not a pop quiz nor a trick question. One really begin to wonder, do people know how to vote? And why are not poll workers better educated? Enough of the complaints of waiting in line and the weather. Why do Democrat attorney constantly need poll hours to be extended?   

One gets to the point of having to say … “shut up and vote or stay home”. Voting is a privilege. People in Iraq braved standing in line to vote at the risk of being blown up. Standing in a line is not asking to much. Sorry to inconvenience your right to voice a political vote. It is hard to fathom that in the year 2006 voting has become so difficult. Instead we get the following:


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    One Response to “Let the Election Games Begin … Why is it so difficult to Vote these Days?”

    1. LilPuma on November 8th, 2006 8:06 pm

      I was annoyed that one of our election judges was a little “spaced out”, wasn’t sure what number she was on, lost the paper the last voter signed. I was told by someone who voted an hour later that she hadn’t gotten any better as the day progressed. But then I remembered the people in Iraq and Afghanistan, some of whom have never voted until the last few years. I remember them carrying their sick and elderly to the polls, standing in line for hours, knowing that a car bomb or grenade could take their life. There are so many freedoms we take for granted. So much we have to be thankful for. We must work together to solve the problems in our country, we must speak out. But we should always be thankful for the liberties and rights we have and remember, as we go through airline security, that there are people who can’t travel at will, can’t leave their country, and CAN have their bags searched while simply walking down the street.

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