As Voting Begins in Wisconsin Governor Recall … Republican Gov. Walker Slams Obama for Shying away from Wisconsin


President Barack Obama … even his peeps think he has no coattails …

The day has finally come … let the voting begin in Wisconsin. Today the voters of Wisconsin will finally get to vote in the recall election. The results of today’s vote will echo throughout the 2012 election cycle.

According to RCP, Scott Brown is currently ahead of  Democrat challenger Tom Barrett by an average of 6.7%.

However, what is more intriguing leading up to the Wisconsin Governor recall election is the lack of presence of President Barack Obama. In 2008 Barack Obama won Wisconsin by double digits over John McCain, 56% to 43%. But suddenly Obama is AWOL when it comes to going to Wisconsin to support labor and Tom Barrett. Leading Republican Gov. Scott Walker to knock Obama for shying away from Wisconsin recall. Why is Obama so scared to go campaign for Barret? Does Obama and his peeps have so little confidence in Obama’s coattails that they are afraid that “The One” will have no impact in the vote and will have the loss attached to him? This may not be even considered “lost in smallness” for Obama, it might be just plain lost.

GOP Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Monday that President Obama’s decision to shy away from campaigning on behalf of Democratic challenger Tom Barrett before Tuesday’s election in the state shows “there is a real concern” on the left that the effort to recall the incumbent governor would fail.

“It is interesting. For all the hype, it’s kind of confusing for all the voters here. It’s a sign there is a real concern,” Walker told Fox Business Network. “What I have seen is voters who tell me they voted for my opponent or they are Democrats, but in each case they are telling me they are voting for me.”

What has been deemed as a precursor to the 2012 elections, how does a President just sit on the sidelines? Obama did not make one visit to WI to aid Barret. Hey cheese head Dems, how does it feel to be abandoned by Obama?

Oh wait Obama has finally got engaged in the all important WI recall. Here is Obama’s endorsement from The Pirate’s Cove … he pathetically tweeted it. Good grief could a President be any more lame?

 No matter how one looks at this, it is a loss for Obama. He provided no leadership, no visible sign of presence in this recall election that was supposed to be so important for unions. How could one ever want this dude in their fox hole?

The polls are open in WI … let the voting begin.

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    1. Greg the Great on June 5th, 2012 12:26 pm

      Correction needed? Scott Brown?

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