White House Upbeat About Upcoming Midterm Elections for Republicans


Among the panic within the Republican Party regarding the upcoming midterm elections, the White House and Karl Rove appear more optimistic.

Some Republicans on Capitol Hill are bracing for losses of 25 House seats or more. But party operatives say Rove is predicting that, at worst, Republicans will lose only 8 to 10 seats — shy of the 15-seat threshold that would cede control to Democrats for the first time since the 1994 elections and probably hobble the balance of Bush’s second term.

In the Senate, Rove and associates believe, a Democratic victory would require the opposition to “run the table,” as one official put it, to pick up the necessary six seats — a prospect the White House seems to regard as nearly inconceivable. (Washington Post)

One thing is for certain, I am not buying the polls that state that Allen and Webb are in a virtual tie for the Virginia Senate race. I am more apt to go with the Rasmussen Polls that have been proven time in and time out as the more accurate polling source, Allen 49% Webb 43%.

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    1. Jon on October 21st, 2006 3:08 pm

      Are POLLS that accurate?

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