Osama bin Laden Reported Dead … We have heard this before … Dead, Ill or a Flesh Wound?


It is being reported that Osama bin Laden died of of typhoid in Pakistan on August 23, according to a Saudi intelligence source. However, there has been no confirmation and we have certainly heard this story before. So is he dead, ill or just have a flesh wound. It may be wishful thinking to believe the initial reports. VIDEO

The Saudi intelligence source told CNN‘s Nic Robertson that there have been credible Osamabinladenreports for the past several weeks that bin Laden is ill, but there has been no word of his death. The questions came in response to the publication of a report in the French regional newspaper L’Est Republicain on Saturday. The article cited a French foreign intelligence document dated September 21 in which a source said the Saudis had received confirmation that bin Laden died of typhoid in Pakistan on August 23. (CNN)

However, more credible and fantastic news is reported by Rusty at My Pet Jawa, the leader of Ansar al Sunnah, Muntasir al-Jibouri, has been captured! Get the full story there.

We should be shouting for joy that the leader of Ansar al Sunnah has been captured. This should just as big as when we got Zarqawi. It is that important.

The Gateway Pundit also reporting Osama bin Laden Is Dead, Typhoid Got Him! Doctors were not able to reach his cave in time!

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    19 Responses to “Osama bin Laden Reported Dead … We have heard this before … Dead, Ill or a Flesh Wound?”

    1. Mortella on September 23rd, 2006 12:54 pm


    2. Scared Monkeys on September 23rd, 2006 1:56 pm

      Well one of these times it has to be right … even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day … ;)

    3. Molly on September 23rd, 2006 2:01 pm

      This is more media frenzy. When I see the
      body wrapped in his filthy skirt, I may then

    4. Carpe Noctem on September 23rd, 2006 2:15 pm


      The Island of Hollow Men.

      Men ( if you wanted to call them that, I wouldn’t )

      LIKE -




      DENNIS ” BUFFALO BUTT ” JACOBS who never saw a Krispy Kreme he didn’t LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      & Who could forgeth the Kalpoes and Joran, huh???


      Here ya go you lousy corrupted SOBs. Here is a new
      crop of the BODY IN THE BASIN PICTURES
      NEAR MARRIOTT Palm Beach.

      Check it out people. Go to Aruba, this
      lost soul in the basin JUST MIGHT BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      This is part your handi-work guys. You let those
      little raping serial lying murdering psychotics

      You are already paying through the effin nose for the
      Mountain of bad calls that were
      made. ( the size of Mt. Hooiberg even )

      …and THE BEAT GOES ON – The Whispers

      We are going to dismantle you piece by piece
      until you get Justice 4 Natalee!!!








    5. Carpe Noctem on September 23rd, 2006 2:19 pm

      #2 MISFIRE



    6. Mortella on September 23rd, 2006 2:34 pm

      Dead, again, huh? Well then let’s just mark him off our list, right? And if the French and Saudis, two of our best friends, say so it must be true. After all, they would never lie to us, noooo!

      So no more looking for OBL and if anyone claims to have seen him we can just tell them no, impossible because he’s dead!

      I thought he was on a dialysis machine for years and in a cave no less. Normally those things require the utmost in sanitary conditions but guess not always. So excuse me if I am just being cynical but I think we should hold our for some positive forensic proof of the death of OBL before we call off the search. I wonder just how far back in history the faking of one’s death goes. Very, I am sure.

      So if this is true, somewhere in some condition there is proof of his demise and I vote we don’t slow down the search without seeing this proof.

    7. Jacqueline on September 23rd, 2006 2:41 pm

      Time will tell…

      But it will only be a matter of time before another takes his place…

    8. KELMAL on September 23rd, 2006 3:00 pm

      jacqueline, Yea another one will take his place but how long will he last ??? Not long !!

    9. Kate on September 23rd, 2006 10:12 pm

      Another political ploy, just before November elections!

    10. Jacqueline on September 23rd, 2006 10:44 pm


      I’m with ya there. Only tried to point out that if he is gone, we still have terrorism issue….

    11. Steven on September 23rd, 2006 10:48 pm

      Never trust the frogs!

    12. para2legal on September 24th, 2006 12:14 am

      Seeing is believing…a little DNA testing goes a long, long way. I do hope the story is true but it sounds like a rumor created by stoned terrorist camel jockeys after passing the hashish hookah around once too often.

    13. realtruth on September 24th, 2006 3:47 pm

      i doubt it, he’s probably getting plastic surgery and he’s going to enter the US on a dutch cruise line boat.

    14. KELMAL on September 24th, 2006 4:48 pm

      jaqueline, AGREED !!!!!!!!
      realtruth, He would NEVER get on a crise ship, They are to dangerous for him !!

    15. Maggie on September 24th, 2006 6:11 pm

      Last I heard he has bad kidneys and needs dialysis.. Great life a millionaire living in a cave or a tent. He has or did have a 25 million bounty on him.

    16. punkingale on September 25th, 2006 12:30 am

      Of course, he isn’t dead. Rove’s October Surprise just came a little bit early. Since there’s doubt, he’ll have to come up with something else.

    17. Jon on September 25th, 2006 1:08 am

      This may all be a plan. If Bin L is not dead, Bin may want to confirm that on an audio tape or video tape…if he did, we would all know that he’s still alive.

    18. Richard on September 26th, 2006 1:38 pm

      Don’t know if it’s true or not, but if so … typhoid?

      What do mad (i.e., rabid) dogs usually die of?

      And if al-Qaida is reading this, please note that my use of the term MAD DOG was deliberate.

    19. stumpwater on September 26th, 2006 8:52 pm

      Well, the MSM is now saying that Bin Laden’s still alive.

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