Anna Nicole Son’s Second Autopsy Performed by Cyril Wecht Inconclusive


Seems that the second autopsy performed on Anna Nicole Smith’s son, Daniel Smith, was Cyril Wechtinconclusive and unable to determine a cause of death.

The 75-year-old pathologist said that his examination on Sunday indicated there was no sign of heart disease, stroke, cancer, systemic infection, pulmonary embolism or “congenital anomaly.” “I think that we have a tragic death of a young man, and ultimately the cause is going to be determined,” Wecht said.

Cyril Wecht did state that traces of anti-depressants were found in Daniel Smith’s system; however, the dosage was low.

Wecht told the Associated Press that Daniel had begun taking the medication to treat depression that “had to do with a girlfriend” four to six weeks prior to his passing. The pathologist stressed, however, that the dosage was “quite low” and that there was no evidence of a “suicidal overdose.” (Yahoo News)

The inconclusive results of the second autopsy provide further speculation and mystery into the death of Daniel Smith. More tests will be ordered, however, it may be months before results come back.

Anna Nicole Smith’s dead son on anti- depressants: report

A second autopsy on the son of celebrity Anna Nicole Smith did not reveal any conclusive reason for his death, but did note the presence of prescription antidepressants in his body, according to E! News on Monday. Forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht, who was hired by the family, said he did not know whether the medication played any role in the death of Daniel Smith, but stated that there was no evidence that he died from a “suicidal overdose.” (Raw Story)

Anna Nicole Smith’s Son’s Death Not Homicide or Suicide

Two autopsies — one by the Bahamas coroner’s office, another by celebrity pathologist Cyril Wecht — have ruled out suicide, foul play and several potential natural causes.

“It is possible we might be dealing with one of those tragic and cumulative and drug-related deaths where somebody inadvertently takes two or three different kinds of drugs, each of which has a central nervous system effect,” he said Monday night on CNN’s “Larry King Live.” (Fox News)

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