Grandparents of Melinda Duckett believe grilling by CNN’s Nancy Grace contributed to Suicide


The grandparents have publically stated that they believe the grilling that Melinda Duckett received on CNN’s Nancy Grace contributed to her suicide. This does bring into play what is the role of the media when interviewing a parent of a missing child. Also, when is enough, enough and it becomes more about “shock journalism” and ratings vs. the news and journalism. Guests do not go on shows to be ambushed.

The sad reality is now we will never know what Melinda Duckett knew regarding the disappearance of Trenton Duckett, if anything. Trenton Duckett remains missing. Anyone with any information needs to contact the

Read the full story regarding the grandparents allegations regarding Melinda Duckett’s suicide at Missing & Exploited.

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    2 Responses to “Grandparents of Melinda Duckett believe grilling by CNN’s Nancy Grace contributed to Suicide”

    1. Danny on September 15th, 2006 1:34 pm

      I live about 10 miles from Leesburg, a town of about 30k people which is about the same size as the town I’m in. If I go to one of the local grocery stores there’s a 95% chance I’ll run into someone I know (the bag boys even know me by name). No one has reported seeing Melinda at all for the 36 hours before Trenton was reported missing. I find this hard to believe unless she did not want to be seen. I really wanted to believe Melinda and that she was not involved in her son’s disappearance, but I know she must be the one responsible.
      1) The answers she gave NG are about what the police have gotten out of her– if she were to lie about being somewhere she wasn’t there’s an excellent chance someone would say they were at that location and Melinda wasn’t
      2) She’s still married to Josh (although going through a divorce), she has a boyfriend serving in Iraq, and she’s entertaining two unidentified gentlemen. Seems a little shady but I will say the boyfriends parents and friends we’re defending her and did not believe she could hurt Trenton. I don’t know if that’s a sign of her good character or that she’s an excellent manipulator, I’d guess the latter.
      3) Melinda’s interest and study in forensic science could be the reason she’s been tight lipped, knowing she’s the only one that could “hang herself” because her tracks we’re well covered.
      4) She has not been the portrait of a grieving mother, she’s seems to be more of an attention hound than anything else. I would also like to think that someone who has lost their child (and knows that pain) would not so selfishly put their own grandparents through the trauma of finding her in that gruesome fashion.
      5) Look at Melinda’s actions since the “kidnapping” compared to that of the Kessey’s (Jennifer, still missing), Holloway-Twitty (Natalee, still missing), or the Lunsfords (Jessica, found deceased). There are NO similarities.

      For the record I really wanted to believe in Melinda, but my common sense just won’t allow it. I do have friends that knew her personally that do stand by her. My guess is that living in a county with hundreds of lakes and being 20 minutes from thousands of acres of national forrest, we’ll probably never know for sure.

    2. mISSING mELINDA on September 22nd, 2006 11:53 am

      Nancy Grace is a DISGRACE. She is no better than the back woods country bumkins investigating the case. The cops suck, now Mindys dead they have an easy way out, point the fingers at Melinda. Stupid cops.

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