Trenton Duckett Still Missing … Did Trenton Ever Have a Chance? Neither Parent Acted in his Best Interest


As the search continues for 2 year old Trenton Duckett, the blame game continues. Melinda Trenton Duckett 3Duckett has committed suicide apparently at the hands of media pressure, a possibly guilty conscience and personal issues that she had prior to her son gone missing. Nancy Grace continues are her crusade to vilify Melinda Duckett and elevate Josh Duckett to concerned father of the year.

We do not know what happened to 2 year old Trenton Duckett and may never know now that the police’s number one witness and suspect is dead. One thing is for certain, both Melinda and Josh Duckett should be ashamed of themselves for putting their baby in the middle of their divorce. For using Trenton as a pawn. One only needs to look at the DCF records to see that both parents did not care. In my opinion, both are to blame for the nightmare that was poor Trenton 2 years of life. If either Melinda or Josh had put Trenton Duckett number one instead of themselves and their selfish hate toward one another, maybe, just maybe Trenton would not be missing.

Shame on you as well Nancy Grace for attempting to spin this story. Both parents are equally to blame for the misery that Trenton Duckett was forced to endure. Neither Melinda or Josh are heros in this matter. You are supposed to be a victims advocate … act like one. Stop putting one parent on a pedestal while condemning the other. Neither of them are hero’s and you know it.

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Child Welfare, Missing Persons | 18 comments

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    18 Responses to “Trenton Duckett Still Missing … Did Trenton Ever Have a Chance? Neither Parent Acted in his Best Interest”

    1. Sheri in Michigan on October 1st, 2006 3:07 am

      This is such a sad case of child abuse. That little “angel” Trenton is the cutest little boy. There are so many people out there that are seeking adoption. He could have gone to a wonderful loving home. Even I would have taken him home with me rather than have him abused by his mother putting a knife against him, and dangling him over water just to try to get to the father of the child. Yes, I guess Nancy Grace has put the father up on a pedestal when, in fact, he doesn’t seem to have any sadness showing on her show. Both the mother and father seem to have been VERY IMMATURE and did not know how to be PARENTS. They are a couple that never should have had kids, at least at this point in their life. I fear the worst for Trenton. It sounds like she got the $900 from possibly selling him and if that is the case, I hope that someone spot him somewhere or the people come forward who might have him. On the other hand…..if she already threatened him many times in the past, I’m afraid his little body will show up somewhere. I couldn’t imagine harming my son (who is now 21). I would never throw out a picture at any time in his or my life…and even now still have some of his baby toys to pass on to his kids (hopefully some day). I don’t think Melinda was not in her right mind or had no concern for her child in any sense and thought of him as an inanimate object. I hope for the best for this innocent little angel and if his life was taken by his mother, I doubt they are together right now!

    2. Joe_Public on October 1st, 2006 8:53 am

      Nancy Grace’s soul purpose since the suicide of Melinda Duckett has been to justify her interview technique with the young woman. This was clearly a very precarious situation in those days and should have been addressed as such. Pushing this obviously disturbed person over the edge served no purpose and by Melinda Duckett’s own written words was the last straw.

      Little Trenton’s welfare was once again forgotten and this time it was none by an overzealous grab for ratings.

      I no longer have respect for the woman. She caused more harm than good and she has the education and the background to have known better.


      Joe P, Unfortunatly you couldn’t have been any more right. Took the words right out of my mouth.

      There is no new news in the Trenton Duckett case, yet NG is on every night in an effort to somehow justify what happened with Melinda. Hmm … think NG doesn’t think she did anything wrong.


    3. MIss-Underesitmated on October 1st, 2006 8:57 am

      Right. too bad before these kids and adults decide they are gonna have kids, they can’t have a maturity test before, kinda like a blood type test. It’s happening all over. Spoiled kids havin kids.

      I’ve seen it happen with 40 years + men and women. Remember Betty whatsherface (Broderick), the one that killed the ex-hubby and new wife in bed. Look what she did to her children. Self Centered and spoiled. Don’t have kids, spare the kids and everyone else all this misery.

    4. on October 1st, 2006 10:04 am

      Hmmm, at one minute we get upset with Greta van Sustern for not asking Joran some hardball questions and then people want to tear into Nancy Grace because she did. Can’t have it both ways. You can’t ask the media to be a psychologist and determine ahead of the interview who can and can’t handle hardball questions either.

      Melinda appeared on NG willing. Surely it’s not credible to think that by NG demanding to know where Melinda went with baby Trenton would throw a mother over the edge.

      For goodness sake, Melinda couldn’t even tell us what the kid was wearing. Yes, you and I might not remember if it were the “cowboy pjs” or the “barnyard pjs” but 1) we would remember he was in PJs and 2) we would quickly inventory his clothing to figure out which PJs he wore that night. Face it folks, Melinda couldn’t tell us because Trenton didn’t have PJs on. It’s a strong indicator to me that Melinda killed Trenton.

      Melinda killed herself because she could see from the NG questions (and apparently people’s reaction) that she was going down, caught in her web of deceit.

      Her suicide note was not addressed to NG, it was addressed to “public” – which means after the NG interview (before it even aired), some people around her must have started to ask some questions to – that, or she knew once it did air there was going to be some reactions.

      Remember, by her own words, Melinda was a very planned, prepared, methotical individual. Again, this speaks strongly to her not knowing what Trenton was wearing.

      Now we hear that Trenton’s bed was also not where Melinda said it was. We already know that a 10″ cut in a screen isn’t going to allow for an adult to get in and out of that room with a kid.

      Yes, the $900 leaves a bit of hope that Trenton is alive. But just who could she have sold him to that would allow people to search endlessly for Trenton? Couldn’t be very nice people who have Trenton’s best interest at heart. Unfortunately, too much else speaks against little Trenton being alive.

    5. Joe_Public on October 1st, 2006 10:31 am


      You are comparing apples and oranges. If NG had ripped into the mother of a missing Natalee within days of her disappearance, you would have received a similar reaction.

      It is the responsibility of a person in NG’s position to check out her potential guest. We know Melinda Duckett was a very disturbed individual with a documented past. NG, or her people should have checked the woman out by making a few phone calls prior to the interview.

      The “public” plus the last interview before suicide equals final straw.

    6. Jana on October 1st, 2006 11:13 am

      Nancy Grace made a big initial mistake and there was a negative public reaction….now she continues to prove herself “right” in this case. I have a feeling she is “never wrong” with anything…NG needs some serious anchor management courses.

    7. Skyboxx on October 1st, 2006 11:15 am

      It’s a tragedy. But I also see where there is some stereotypical behavior by “the system”

      That is that all things being equal, we somehow think the “mom” is the best choice for the child.
      Both were immature – Trenton went to mom.
      Both used the child as a pawn so say the records, Trenton went to the mom.

      Joshua complained several times to authorities about the mothers treats and abuse of Trenton, still Trenton went to the mom. The mother was institutionalized for 24 hours, still Trenton went to mom.

      Yes Joshua failed to fill out paperwork, and for that Trenton was given to “mom”

      They both went to counseling at a church, which no doubt was woefully un prepared to get to issues, and Trenton went to mom.

      Trenton was placed in Foster care at least once, but then returned to Mom.

      According to reports at least one DCF official noted the mothers bad behavior, yet Trenton went to “mom”

      My faith compels me to believe that Trenton is hopefully in a better place.

      With so many crying out in this case prior to the mom taking her life, prior to the dad now being plastered all over the news, prior to Trenton missing, why WASN’T ANYONE LISTENING?

      WHY was this gift from God so abused, now missing, probably dead not taken care of by family, church, the system, his parents? Why indeed….

      In Pennsylvania a mother gave us her two-year-old son, because she wanted to go with her new love that she met at a carnival. He was a “carny” Told her she could go with the carnival to the next town and be his girl, but the kid had to stay back. So what did she do? Being in love, she abandoned the kid with family and left town. The kid was eventually placed in foster care. Eventually we were called for possible adoption. As we moved through the process, “Grandma and the rest of the family who was too busy to take care of the kid and let the child go into foster care in the first place” thought hmmmmm, now wait just a minute, we need to set up some guide lines for you…’our rights and all is what they were really saying’.

      When I told them this was an adoption not a baby sitting service, the family seemed to find the long lost “carny daughter” who had been gone for months and months eventually came home faced a mountain of legal claims etc. But guess what? The child was taken out of foster care, the adoption process stopped and the child given back to the “MOM”. The child cried horrifically, no doubt confused and emotionally straught. Later I found out that authorities didn’t feel the original dad, who had a job and wanted the child before foster care and adoption were options, wasn’t fit. He now has a second family and doing fine. The mom continues to struggle. No one knows how much this affected the child.

      We need to fix the system and realize that in most cases the “mom” no doubt is the best choice for the child, but when it is not, we must be brave enough to say so.

    8. joe bear on October 1st, 2006 12:31 pm

      WHERE IS TRENTON.I feel there is enough blame for everyone involved,to say,WHERE IS TRENTON.At this point,the rest is less importent.I feel there are serious flaws in the child welfare system,but again WHERE IS TRENTON.Joe

    9. on October 1st, 2006 1:21 pm

      for mam to leave the small child with the divorce and then the child go missing, worse is hardley possible
      dad to leave the child with the mom and next mom and her new friend to take tigers as pets and the tiger to bite the child dead. That also happened.

    10. Sheri in Michigan on October 1st, 2006 1:31 pm

      To Joe Public: I disagree with you. I think Nancy Grace isn’t airing the Trenton Duckett case just for ratings. I think Nancy Grace really does care about these missing childen and teenagers and adults! She was just interviewing the mother (Melinda) as she would any guest that has a missing child. What was making Nancy Grace inflamed with anger is when Melinda would not answer simple questions like……If you were shopping all day, what stores did you go to? Why couldn’t she answer such a simple question as to what stores she went to?? If you were sincere and the child REALLY was taken from his bed while sleeping, wouldn’t you give out any minute piece of information you could think of so as to help the search and whereabouts of your child??? I applaud Nancy Grace for helping in these cases. Melinda Duckett had tried previously to commit suicide, and now that she apparently was involved in the disappearance of Trenton, she couldn’t stand the pressure of all the authorities asking her simple questions and her not being able to answer them because she would have to tell exactly where she was and what she did with Trenton. This doesn’t have anything to do with Nancy Grace. This has to do with an insane unloving mother who threw out Trenton’s pictures, along with his ultrasound views from before birth, threw out his toys……..knowing he was not coming back and she was ridding him away like she never had anything to do with him at all in her life! She was insane!

      Yes, Joe Bear>>>>>>WHERE IS TRENTON is the main focus now. Hopefully they will have someone come forward with that answer. I am wondering about the 2 guys she said she was watching the movie with that night. Why are they never mentioned? The only time I heard about it was at the beginning of this case and at that time one was in the Service and was going back to Iraq or something. Does anyone know what ever came of these 2 guys? And if they were with her, why aren’t they being investigated more? You never hear of them at all. (Of course, unless Melinda made that up, too)

    11. GRETAMAL on October 1st, 2006 2:00 pm

      Natalee = LOW RATINGS

      That is why she has Trenton on there. Sure she cares about him but she also cares about Natalee. It is a business decision which one to put on. The one that makes the MOST MONEY wins. Hence Trenton WINS !!!!!

    12. Sheri in Michigan on October 1st, 2006 2:17 pm

      Gretamal #11: Yes, NG cares about Natalee too and we all do, but right now we are focusing on finding this little 2 year old missing boy! It’s not like we have forgotten about Natalee and we never will. I think about Natalee probably every single day and I don’t personally know her. It is just such a tragic loss to a family and to Natalee herself with such a bright future. We want to find out more about Trenton and any new information comes up and the best would be if he were found ALIVE! That is why she has his story on. Yes, of course, her ratings would go up with stories about him, because people are interested in this story……people want Trenton found and I hope she continues airing what is appropriate with current, up-to-date information for the viewers….that’s why she has a show and that is why we watch!!

    13. GRETAMAL on October 1st, 2006 2:24 pm

      sheri. AGREED 100%. She cares about EVERY missing child and she will air what is most popular with her viewers. Which ONLY makes sense. The MORE viewers the HIGHER the ratings. Hence she puts on Trenton !!!Beautiful day here in Brighton. It is SUNNY and 65.

    14. Joe_Public on October 1st, 2006 2:44 pm


      I don’t know what NG’s personal feelings are toward all the missing person’s cases that seem to be at an epidemic stage. My point was that she decided to play the tough prosecutor in her interview with Melinda Duckett and that drama was for ratings. The tactic did not work and ultimately damaged the investigation. Now, she is all over the case night after night, because she is trying to convince her audience that she was right about Melinda, so the means justifies the end. It is a transparent effort in my opinion.

      If she had truly been interested in bringing resolution to the plight of little Trenton, she would have backed off. I’m sure it would make great TV, but there is not going to be a Perry Mason moment during a telephone interview on a talk show. Professionals could have worked with Melinda and got some answers.

    15. Kat_Gram on October 1st, 2006 6:33 pm

      Skybox, what a story. How heartbreaking.
      It seems everywhere that these types of mistakes are made. Here, we have a thing called ” In the Best Interests of the Child ” that is to govern all custody and visitation.
      It does not work all the time either. If the child is young ( under school age )it is assumed that the Mom is the best. You and I know that is not so all the time. Proving the bad behaviour of the Mom is not easy.
      In this case, Melinda had her grandparents for support, but it seems to me as if she was a troubled girl all her life with some serious mental health issues that were not going to be resolved by a 24 hour stay in a hospital.
      It is unfortunate that no one recognized how very ill she was. By that I mean the system of child protective services in Florida.
      I am not going to criticize NGrace, I don’t know what facts were presented to her before the interview.

    16. Heather on October 2nd, 2006 9:49 am

      All, too much stuff. I just want Trenton to be foung…ALIVE!!

    17. Leo on October 2nd, 2006 7:22 pm

      All you have to do to figure this one out is see Trenton’s mom or dad on TV one time(OK, you can’t see Melinda anymore). They got married too young and had a kid too young. Neither was ready to quit partying and settle down – they were too immature to have a child. It happens far too often these days.

    18. Lois on October 5th, 2006 6:58 pm

      Where was Trenton when mom was at grandparents house before she shot herself? Why didn’t the grandparents find out and get him? Seeings how mom must have trusted them they apparently didn’t care about lil’ Trenton either. There seem’s to be no information out there about mom having friends, boyfriends, neighbors a job where people new her. Someone!

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