Aruba … “One Happy Island”… MEP Will Summon its Militants to Turn the Tide


These remarkable comments from the “tolerant” MEP party were posted last week. AM Digital has done an article as well and it deserves a second mention. The following comments are just unbelievable when one considered a ruling party is stating them against the opposition minority in a threat. Think the pressure is not getting to MEP on Aruba?

“If and when it comes to demonstrations and strikes, MEP will summon its militants to turn the tide and protect democracy and the constitutional state.”

Aruban Militants

(MEP Militants)

Since when does the term “militants” and democracy go in the same sentence? Weakness? These comments may be confused with complete ignorance and fear.

MEP says that they are totally aware of AVP’s strategy and also which entrepreneurs are involved. “Do not confuse our kindness and toleration with weakness, because we warn the population that it will work out differently this time.”

AM Digital MEP Tolerance

(AM Digital: Click on article to enlarge)

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    1. Scared Monkeys on July 8th, 2007 10:16 pm

      [...] understanding, and toleration.” Interesting words coming from a man who’s MEP Party stated the following democratic and tolerant comments regarding summoning militants. These certainly sound like the words of a party that has the mission [...]

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