Paulus Van der Sloot Gets his Payoff. Aruba to Paulus, “No Sweat”


“Da Judge”

Vanderbilt nosweat

(Vanderbilt -‘06)

Paulus entering the event on a beautiful living carpet formed by the ordinary Aruban people. He graciously accepts the ‘payoff’ for his inconvenience and embarrassment from official sources. This exchange of wealth is certain grounds to affirm his complete and total innocence in connection with the ‘unfortunate disappearance’ of Natalee.

No problem at all.

Paulus Van der Sloot has been rewarded for his materful job at gaming the Dutch legal system. Paulus has played this situation as if it were an Aruban fiddle.

 Not only have the actions of the the Paulus, Joran and the three suspects cost Aruba its tourism, it has cost Aruba another 50,000 Aruban Guilders in compensation. Trust me, this Afl. 50.000 is little compared the the millions that this will cost Aruba in an American tourism further backlash.

He won a civil action for unjust detention against the Aruban authorities in November of that year and has now been awarded damages. He is no longer a suspect. The judge in the civil case stressed his ruling related solely to Paul van der Sloot.

Both father and his son deny any wrongdoing.

The police handling of the case, coupled with the failure to find any trace of Holloway, has generated a lot of criticism in the US. There have been calls for American tourists to boycott the island.


One really wonders just how much more actual Aruban people are going to take. People do not just disappear when they are on vacation. Use your heads Aruba, who was with her last?

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