Florida Amber Alert Issued for Trenton Duckett, age 2.

An AMBER ALERT has been issued for 2 year old Trenton Duckett since Sunday. TrentonTrenton Duckett Duckett was discovered missing from his bedroom at about 9:00pm. Authorities found evidence at the scene of a forced entry through his bedroom window.

VIDEOÂ  for missing Trenton Ducket

Read more at Missing & Exploited where the case has been covered since Trenton’s disappearance. Also read some of the bizarre past situations related to the family and the more recent restraining order filed by Trenton Duckett’s mother against her estranged husband, Joshua Duckett.

Search Continues for Trenton Duckett, Local Sex Offenders Questioned.

Aruba: Minister Booshi Wever: ‘If I lose the case, I will step down’ … “Minister Wever denies having been in a strip-club that night”

This sounds  rather  familiar to a former  American politician  … “I did not go to that strip club … not a single time, not once”. The political fur seems to be flying in Aruba these days. Now we have a political strip club scandal.

Minister Wever denies having been in a strip-club that night.   He declared before the judge that ministers are not supposed to visit such establishments.   He said that he was indeed in Punto Fijo for a baseball tournament.   He indicated that the article bothers him a lot.   “My kids are being teased with this article.   This situation is very unpleasant for my family, because people keep talking about it.”  

I think the larger issue is that the Aruban government has no concept of what freedom of speech is. The MEP party has made it abundantly clear in past news articles what they plan on doing to individuals who dare speak against them.

They may have other more pending issues though, like finding Natalee Holloway.

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All is not well in Apprenticeland … Donald Trump to Carolyn Kepcher: ‘You’re fired!’

Donald Trump has once again stated those two words that he has become most famous forDonald Trump kepcher“You’re Fired”. However, this time it was not even during an airing of the Apprentice. Donald Trump has fired Carolyn Kepcher, the blonde 36 year old co-star of Donald Trump’s ‘The Apprentice.’

This will most likely be the kiss of death for The Apprentice. Donald Trump has decided on nepotism vs. quality for the Apprentice. Donald, so much for sticking with the success plan that made “The Apprentice” one of the most popular shows rather than just making in a play toy vehicle for your children.

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Natalee Holloway Investigation: Sander Gottenbos June 17, 2005 Statements

What is amazing is that there are statements to the police from 15 year old Sander Gottenbus, but not from his older brother Koen. Both Dave Holloway and Beth Twitty had begged Gerold Dompig to interview Koen, one of Joran Van der Sloots very good friends and fellow PIMP. A PIMP who’s dad owned a boat.   It is rather peculiar that Sander would submit to questioning, but not Koen.

From Sanders questioning it is rather convenient that he not only lost his phone, but can manage to remember not having any contact with Joran Van der Sloot on the 31. However, he cannot remember having contact on the 30th or computer contact on the 29th.

Sander spoke to Joran Van der Sloot at 11:00am on May 29, 2005 and invited him to go on the boat. Joran stated no as he was going to play poker at the Holiday Inn. Joran has also never been on their boat? That is almost impossible to believe. Interestingly enough though, since Joran was invited on the boat … Joran knew the boat would be in the water the night of May 29, 2005.


Sander Gottenbos June 17, 2005 Statement

SanderG 061705 T1

(page 1, click on documet to enlarge)

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Aruba: Social workplace needed for drug addicts … Like what, the Aruban Hotels?

So the PC crowd in Aruba think that drug addicts of Aruba should not be in prison, but instead in a social work place. Do they wish to main stream them with the tourists? Don’t they have enough bad elements walking around Aruba? One thing is for certain and that is Aruba has a real issue with drug addicts. They are walking a thin line with the chance that a desperate drug addict in search of money to buy drugs may act accordingly against a tourist. If that ever happens with the present climate that exists, Aruba will become a ghost town.

ARUBA – Prison term is not the solution for the problem of drug addicts.  It will be better for the society if the drug addicts can get out of this vicious circle by means of a structural approach.   A social workplace would be a solution, said lawyer Jacobo Petrocthi in his defence of a client that is addicted to drugs.

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