All is not well in Apprenticeland … Donald Trump to Carolyn Kepcher: ‘You’re fired!’


Donald Trump has once again stated those two words that he has become most famous forDonald Trump kepcher“You’re Fired”. However, this time it was not even during an airing of the Apprentice. Donald Trump has fired Carolyn Kepcher, the blonde 36 year old co-star of Donald Trump’s ‘The Apprentice.’

This will most likely be the kiss of death for The Apprentice. Donald Trump has decided on nepotism vs. quality for the Apprentice. Donald, so much for sticking with the success plan that made “The Apprentice” one of the most popular shows rather than just making in a play toy vehicle for your children.


Trump’s daughter Ivanka has replaced Kepcher in the role, while Trump’s son Don Jr. is the successor to the 78-year old real estate lawyer George Ross on the show.

Donald trump

Personally, I believe “The Apprentice” has all but lost its luster from the first two seasons when the potential apprentices were actually hirable rather than the “made for TV” nonsense that the show has put forth in the last couple of years. Also, who was it that came up with the brilliant idea to have Martha Stewart do The Apprentice II? Mr. Trump, would a successful business man really think that his business would flourish if capable and responsible people were replaced by family members? If the show or ideas gets any worse or any more of a joke (if possible) …  I would say … Donald Trump … YOU’RE FIRED.

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